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Virtual Expo

Because of the continued covid 19 restrictions we will again have our event virtually… with some important improvements! Because of the challenges of live streaming, we are going to pre-record every presentation and release them on opening morning! (Sept 25, 2020 at 9 AM). You will have 70-80 videos to choose from right away. You can watch from anywhere in the world on your smartphone, computer, or similar device with internet access.

Our previous Virtual Expo in April 2020, touted over 90 presentations by 75 experts in many fields. This event will be just as big with brand new presentations from many of your favorite presenters as well as many new speakers we’ve never had before.

No Vendors

We are sorry to say that our wonderful vendors will again not be able to participate at this event. This is unfortunate because they have such important educational and useful materials and it’s harder to choose things that may interest you without being able to see it. Please be aware that most all the products can be purchased online from our various vendors or at the Book of Mormon Evidence Bookstore HERE. 

We are anticipating an April 2021 event like usual with live participation, but we cannot confirm the dates yet.

Speaker Presentations

We ask those who would like to speak at our Sept 25-26 Virtual Event to make the following arrangements. If you are one of our regular speakers you will have priority to speak at the Event. If you are a new speaker please contact Rian Nelson at riannelson@aol.com or cell and text  801-931-9031 ASAP to make arrangements. 

You can either send us your own produced video tape or we will have filming for you in Utah on August 28th and 29th at a location to be determined. We MUST have your video in our possession by Monday August 31, 2020 or it will not be included in our conference. Please plan now. You may upload your video directly to us at XXXXXXXXXXX

Please visit here to see if we have your picture and correct biographical information. Please email me any updates including new background, picture, title of your new presentation and a brief description of your presentation(s). Keep your presentation between 45 and 75 minutes. Please feel free to advertise your business or product within your video, sharing your website and contact info for your audience.


Your presentation should be a topic about one of the following subjects:

Book of Mormon Research
Signs of the Times
Science and Religion
Health and Wellness
Emergency Preparedness
United States Constitutional Studies
World News and Events
Church History and Gospel Subjects

Sept 2020 2nd Virtual Expo Tickets

Whether you have access to our streaming site or not, you will need to purchase a ticket to participate in the 2nd Virtual Expo. Ticket prices are as follows:

Individual Tickets: Available Soon! Today’s Date July 2, 2020
Current Streaming Members $30
New Streaming Members

Price includes access for adults and children living in the same home.
Access: Access to all new Sept 2020 Virtual Videos beginning Sept 25, 2020 at 9 am along with all prior conference videos (500+)

*Videos: 9 Hours of Book of Mormon Evidence Series ONE videos by Rod Meldrum (2013)

5-DVD Series One

DVD 1; Prophecies and Promises; Promised Land Correlations with the United States of America
DVD 2; Joseph Smith; Joseph Smith and Book of Mormon Geography
DVD 3; DNA and the Book of Mormon; Rediscovering the Book of Mormon Remnant through DNA
DVD 4; Book of Mormon Correlations; Correlations between the Nephites and the Hopewell Civilization
DVD 5; The Heartland Geography; Mapping the Book of Mormon using the Heartland Geography

40 Page E-Book

The definitive 5 DVD disk series by Rod L. Meldrum, Book of Mormon Evidence,  includes 9+ hours of presentations, interviews and on location video. Many years of intensive research, filming and editing brings you the most compelling evidence in support of the Book of Mormon in North America ever assembled. Click thumbnail for more info.

*E-Book: One 40 page E-book excerpted from the book, Prophecies and Promises Titled “What Did Joseph Know?”

Current Streaming Site Member

Option 1:
If you already have access to our streaming site at bookofmormonevidencestreaming.com

You pay just $30 for full access to the 2nd Virtual Expo as it becomes part of your streaming service including over 500 previous expo videos. In other words your streaming service remains as is, and the new Virtual Expo Videos are immediately accessible on Sept 25, 2020

*You will also receive the 9 hours of Book of Mormon Evidence Series #1 videos by Rod Meldrum and the 40 page E-book from Prophecies and Promises Titled “What Did Joseph Know?”

New Streaming Site Member

Option 2:
If you don’t have access to our streaming site at bookofmormonevidencestreaming.com

Pay just $40 for full access to the 2nd Virtual Expo! You will then be signed up to our streaming service which includes over 500 previously released Expo videos. The extra $10 becomes payment for your first month of streaming access. The new Virtual Expo Videos will be accessible on Sept 25, 2020. You will be billed at $9.97 per month thereafter or you can choose an annual membership of $95.67 for the next 12 months of streaming. You may cancel at any time.

*You will also receive the 9 hours of Book of Mormon Evidence Series #1 videos by Rod Meldrum and the 40 page E-book excerpt from Prophecies and Promises titled “What Did Joseph Know?”