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Our first 2020 event will be April 9, 10, and 11th at the Mountain America Exposition Center at 9575 S State St in Sandy, UT 84070 This will be the FIRM Foundation Expo featuring the 25th International Book of Mormon Evidence Conference. Download the flyer below.

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Mountain America Exposition Center. 9575 S State St. Sandy, UT 84070

It will feature over 80 speakers and over 150 informative classes on the following subjects.

1- Book of Mormon Research
2- Science and Religion
3- Politics of Liberty
4- Signs of the Times
5- Truths of the Gospel
6- Self-Reliance & Health

The classes will be about every hour on 6 different stages. In other words, we will have 54 classes per day for our visitors to choose from. No refunds after May 1, 2020

“If the Book of Mormon is true, then America is a choice land, but if it is to remain such the inhabitants of the land must worship the God of the land, the Lord Jesus Christ. The histories of two great nations, told with warning in this sacred volume, indicate that while we must have science, while we must have education, while we must have arms, we also must have righteousness if we are to merit the protection of God.” Gordon B. Hinckley The Power of the Book of Mormon Ensign June 1988

FIRM Foundation Event Coordinator: Rian Nelson
Email: riannelson@aol.com Cell/Text: 801-931-9031

Over 1,000 guests saw Tim Ballard in April 2019!
A full house of over 1,000 guests saw Tim Ballard in April 2019!

NEW! You will see our brand new online video website this year. All of our past videos will be available on a pay per year site similar to Netflix. You will have the opportunity to drive traffic to view your own videos and you will be able to earn money as customers watch your video. (Details to come later) We will be videotaping all presentations at this event which will also be uploaded to the same website within a month or so of our Sept event. With our new subscription site you will be able to access hundreds of hours of videos, articles, and other resources. Gospel Topics, Book of Mormon, Constitution, Signs of the Times, World Events, Health and fitness, Camping and Self-Reliance. JOIN NOW

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Sept 11-12, 2020 Future Event
Our additional 2020 event will be Sept 11-12th the same Mountain America Exposition Center at 9575 S State St in Sandy, UT 84070. This will be the two day 26th International Book of Mormon Evidence Conference which will have just one major stage with over 20 fantastic speakers.

Full-House Audience at Wayne May’s Presentation. April 12, 2019 Layton Utah