The next FIRM Foundation event will be held Fri and Sat Sept. 27-28, 2019 at the Utah County Convention Center at 288 W. Center St Provo, Utah 84610 from 9 am to 9 pm each day. Registration and vendor tables will be available about the middle of June, 2019. Check back then.

Summary of April 2019 Event

To our Great Sponsors, Speakers and Guests:

The FIRM Foundation Expo featuring The 23rd International Book of Mormon Evidence Conference was a huge success. According to our estimated numbers we had over 7,300 guests over the three days of April 11-13, 2019. That is over 700 more that we have ever had attend in our 23rd event. We base our results on ticket sales up 9% over last April, our KNRS Radio Ads reaching 10’s of thousands, Deseret News ads, LDS Living full page ad with a reach of over 250,000 worldwide and, Facebook reaching over 80,000 views and over 4,000 click throughs. We thank you all for your support.

We featured 92 different speakers, 161 one-hour presentations, and 90 vendors and sponsors. We occupied 85% of the entire Davis County Conference Center in Layton Utah. We featured the 2nd ever Zelph-Zone fun center artistically created by the Cartoonist Guy, Val Chadwick Bagley. He has written cartoons for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints magazines for over 40 years and has sold over 1,000,000 products with Covenant Books as one of only two to ever hit that mark. Hist 12 brand-new cartoons were a huge hit for our guests.

Most vendors recorded above average or record sales from their vendor booths. Jeff Midgley of TNT Medical said, “We crushed it, and next time I will need a third booth space.” Arto Pihlajisto with Elevated Camping/Survival/Preparedness said, “We usually sell a lot of $25 products and not as many high-priced items. We sold out of all our products that sold for over $250 each.” Pamela and Bob Openshaw said, “Wonderful show.” Wayne May told us he had an “Exceptional experience” at this Expo. James Prout of “The Last Days Timeline” said, “The conference was a success.” W. Dennis Parker, Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist said, “as usual I was very happy to have participated.” Shannon Brooks of Monticello College said he had a very successful show and received many fantastic leads. Patti Rokus of “Rocks Tell Stories”, shared wonderful books and videos that showed how rocks correctly utilized, will bring the Joy of the Savior into our lives. Troy Forsberg who spoke about Christianity: Is it Worth it? had a wonderful time sharing his message. Chad Lewis of “Cylinder Stoves” said he had a fantastic location and received a lot of great referrals. Cindy Jorgensen of Isagenix spoke about “Overcoming Health Challenges” and had a very successful show. Eva Mayor our wonderful 14 yr. old singer and her parents Jenny and Ryan added so much joy of song to our show. Jason Mow rocked the stage with his energetic presentation about being a warrior and just “Mormon Up.” Jonathan Neville said, “This was the best conference so far. I learned a lot, but also thought the quality and content of the presentations was better than ever. Hearty congratulations to everyone!” James and Hannah Stoddard released a new and wonderful book called “Seer Stone vs. Urim & Thummim” and gave four amazing presentations.

We filled the room with almost 1,000 guests to hear our Keynote speaker, Tim Ballard of Operation Underground Railroad,”  who shared an inspiring presentation about Abraham Lincoln reading the Book of Mormon as a help to his understanding that the War must happen to humble the people. He also spoke about his upcoming Hollywood movie called “The Sound of Freedom” to be released Nov 2019. It is a true account of Tim Ballard and his undercover team saving many young children that have been used as sex slaves.  Actor Jim Caviezel says, “the greatest role of his life was portraying Jesus Christ in Mel Gibson’s 2004 film, “The Passion of the Christ.” Caviezel’s second most significant role is one he has yet to play as Tim Ballard.

After over a year away from the Provo area, FIRM Foundation Expo will return to the Utah County area.

Our next event will be The 24th International Book of Mormon Evidence Conference on Fri and Sat. Sept 27-28, 2019. It will be held at the Utah Valley Conference Center. (Their Website Here) Remember this will be our 2-Day event and will be only one main stage for all speakers. Most of our speakers will be presentations about Book of Mormon research and Church history. We welcome any vendors who would like to be there regardless of whether you have Book of Mormon products. We welcome vendors from Health and Preparedness, United States Constitution, Church History, Science, End Times, Prophesy and Gospel Subjects and any other vendors that have an appropriate product or service.

Our first 2020 event will be April 9, 10, and 11th at the Mountain America Exposition Center at 9575 S State St in Sandy, UT 84070. This will be the FIRM Foundation Expo featuring the 25th International Book of Mormon Evidence Conference which again will have six stages so we can have over 85 speakers, just like in Layton this year.

If you would like to reserve a vendor table for September, please let me know early. We have over 60 regular vendors that participate all the time, so tables will be limited.

We will be reporting information about the conference on our Facebook page here, and blog here, if you would like to stay in touch with us.

We would appreciate your feedback about the event. The good news and the challenges. There are many things we can improve on and it is important that you share some of those things with us. What did we do wrong? How can we improve? Would you return to our Expo, yes or no and why?

Once again we thank each of you very much for your support as we know we can’t do these Expo’s without it. Our best to each of you and we hope to see you in September.

Full-House Audience at Wayne May’s Presentation. April 12, 2019 Layton Utah