Coronavirus Update

Today’s date 3/27/20. 

Dear Expo Attendees:

We are certainly living in interesting times, aren’t we?  I once read that many times the roughest roads lead to the grandest vistas. If we face the challenges in our lives with eternal perspective the road ahead looks less ominous and more like the path set to enable us to reach our greatest potential – to become more like our Savior and prepare for His coming.

With this in mind, we have considered many options and ideas, from postponing the event to cancelling it and everything in between. This week we received word that the venue has been ordered closed until May 15th, officially cancelling our Expo event. As outlined in a previous email, we are implementing our Plan B, with a few clarifications.

We are now finalizing “Plan B” to bring you the most amazing FIRM Foundation Expo ever… by internet! Our first ever Virtual Expo!

We have been in contact with many of our speakers who assure us that they are ready and excited to share their latest findings with all of you. You will be hearing from tremendous speakers with critically important and relevant messages for times like this!

Each of us realize that dramatic events are unfolding before us almost daily. Our families, nation, church and world are changing before our eyes as last-day events, signs and symbols play out in the daily news. Many expect things to remain the same and have difficulty with transition while others do their best to adjust to the changes. We realize that the Expo will not be like those of the past, much like our beloved General Conference of the church, but the brethren leading the church have adjusted to accommodate the needs of its members and so must we. We ask for your patience and prayers and consideration as we make this transition together. We can’t expect this Expo to be like the ones before….we are expecting it to be EVEN BETTER!

Even better, you question?  How?  Please allow us to explain.

For the past 24 conferences over 12 years, wonderful folks have traveled and taken time off work and sat for hours on end on oft-times less than comfortable chairs in order to hear the inspirational and informative messages from our amazing speakers. Many have expressed their feelings of friendship and camaraderie with other event goers and our helpful vendors. Unfortunately, the current pandemic has made the later untenable…but the good news is this…

You are going to be able, for the first time ever at the Expo, to:

– listen to EVERY speaker – on your own terms, when you want to, where you are, on any internet enabled device from your cell phone to your laptop, tablet or desktop!  Previously you had to choose between speakers, missing some great presentations in the process. This has been the primary complaint of our Expo events if the past. Now…no problem! Watch them all!

– pause, replay, or even fast-forward your favorite speakers to get the most from their materials.

– watch or listen from the comfort of your own home, anywhere in the world, in your favorite easy chair, at times convenient for you! Past Expo’s have required travel, housing, food and time off work expenses to attend, and those desiring to join from different time zones and other countries have had to watch at inconvenient times of the day or night to participate in our live events. That is now a thing of the past! Watch anytime from anywhere!

Some of you have expressed concern that some of our speakers live outside of Utah and cannot attend. While true, many of those from outside of Utah have committed to filming their new presentations and they will be made available to you. There have been a few speakers who simply cannot attend or don’t have the equipment or experience to make a video. We understand and hope they will be able to join us at our next scheduled event on September 11-12 at the Mountain America Expo Center in Sandy Utah.  But in all honesty, we have far more speakers who would like to participate than we have speaking slots available, so we are extending invitations for some of these additional speakers to fill slots vacated.

Plan B will now give you time to see every Expo presentation…along with our previously recorded conferences! In order to do this, this “Virtual Expo” will not be streamed “live”, but each will be recorded and made available to you to watch during the 3-day Expo event…or AFTER… as YOUR time allows.

Here’s how:

Streaming Service: As many of you know, last year we felt that we needed to make the inspirational and educational presentations from our many recorded conferences available online. To this end we embarked on a massive project to edit, upload and organize the most extensive video repository on these topics ever assembled!  It has been a monumental task – to say the least – but we feel we are finally getting all the kinks worked out and are ready for the official launch of the new streaming video site!

The new video streaming site is incredible, with over 250 hours of intensive research and info on the topics addressed in our events. We are adding more as fast as we can.

Please take a moment to watch my personal invitation and introduction to the streaming video website here.

You can watch free trailers for many of the presentations on the website simply by clicking on the link below and filling in your email address and creating your own personal password.

Many of you are already signed up for and are enjoying the Streaming Service and have also purchased a ticket for the Expo. Some of you have paid for Expo tickets only. As the deadline for cancellation has past (March 15th), we would like to provide you some options:


– If you paid $35 (early-bird) or $40 for an individual pass to the Expo, you will be given a FREE 3 month subscription to the ENTIRE video library where, beginning on April 9th, the current Expo presentations will be made “live” on the site for you to watch – at will.

– If you are already a current subscriber to the Streaming Service, your subscription will be extended for 3 additional months. To view the content of the new “Virtual Expo” video presentations, beginning April 9th, you will use the same password you are currently using for the Streaming Service.

– If you have not yet purchased your tickets for the expo, we highly encourage you to do so now and take advantage of this special opportunity! Only $40 Here!


– If you paid $70 (early-bird) or $80 for a Family Pass to the Expo, you will also be given a FREE 3 month subscription to the video Streaming Service, AND you will be given additional passwords for your other family members (up to 6 subscriptions) as requested in your sign up.

– If you are already a current subscriber of the video Streaming Service, your subscription will be extended for 3 additional months AND additional passwords (up to 6) provided to allow your family members access to the content. You will use the same password(s) you are currently using for the Streaming Service.

Those who have not purchased event tickets yet, should do so by April 7, 2020 in order to receive the streaming service along with the access to this Expo.

For additional updates or questions please visit,

May the Lord bless you all.

Rod Meldrum, Rian Nelson and the FIRM Foundation team.