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Dean Sessions Universal Model

Dean W. Sessions is the author of the Universal Model (UM) and founder of the Millennial Science Foundation. In 1990, study began in both archaeology and geology where a number of important new discoveries in these fields were made over the next few years. From this initial research and experimentation, a number of errors were found in these areas of science and other areas of study where theoretical science was employed. These findings led to the realization that major errors exist throughout all of modern science, and a complete revolution in science needs to take place.

As the director of scientific research and discovery for the UM, Dean continued investigations in the 1990s with the aid of several research assistants. Thousands of scientific journal articles were gathered from all the general fields of science, as well as in-depth experimentation was conducted both in the field and in the laboratory, howbeit, on a modest scale so that duplication would be comparatively simple. Various scientists from a number of different fields were contacted in order to ascertain whether or not particular discoveries were important or previously known. As a result of these discussions, we generally found the scientific community to be unaware and unconcerned with the evidences presented. This is because the paradigm shift suggested was too large to contemplate. The new discoveries would create an entirely new science.

By 2000, the official writing and documenting of the Universal Model began. On 15 October 2016, Volume I of the UM was released to the to the public. Volume I, II and III will contain a total of 32 chapters with a total of about 2,000 pages. In addition, thousands of journal article references and photos from around the world were also obtained for the thousands of images and diagrams used to explain the concepts in the book.

As a result of the research and experimentation performed through the Universal Model, private UM Conferences and UM Science Classes were conducted. These conferences and classes helped further the accuracy of UM findings as well as starting the educational process needed to teach the UM. During this same time period, the Millennial Science Foundation was created as the organization which will help apply the discoveries and conduct ongoing research and education needed for “A New Millennial Science”.

Dean and his wife Danette, are the parents of five children and ten grandchildren, all of whom have participated in this wonderful journey discovering how Nature works and why we are such an important part of all the beauty that surrounds us.