Speakers Ap 2018

Previous April 2018 Conference Speakers

Last April’s Conference Speakers are listed below for reference only. Most of these speakers won’t speak in Sept. 2018. However our next Big Expo will be April 11-13th, 2019  again at the Davis County Conference Center in Layton, Utah. Many of these listed speakers will be speaking again then. 
All speaker bio’s below are listed alphabetically by last name, including this Sept conference.

David W. Allan  World Renowned Physicist, Author, Instructor

2018 Presentation:
Sat April 7, 6:40 pm #1 Main Stage:
 “Understanding Time and where we are in it – knowing that we live in the most exciting time in the history of the planet as the Lord brings in harmony, science and religion, — that which has “not been revealed since the world was until now.”

David W. Allan has spent 57 years researching time and related topics. He helped develop the nation’s official atomic-clock timing system during his 32 years in Boulder, CO, at the National Bureau of Standards (now National Institute of Standards and Technology). For 25 of those years, his research group was responsible for generating official time for the United States and helping with official time for the world. During that time he spent several man years helping in the development of GPS.

His 1965 master’s thesis became the international standard for how to characterize and use atomic clocks, and his work is as well known in the time and frequency, navigation, telecommunication communities as any other when it comes to how to best use precise timing devices. In 2016, he was given the highest award given by the Institute of Electronics and Electrical Engineers with the citation: “For seminal work… regarding time determination, time prediction, time dissemination and timekeeping through contributions to atomic frequency standards, space-based navigation, time and frequency stability analysis, time-scale algorithms, and timekeeping devices.” The IEEE publishes more scientific papers than any other organization. His algorithm is still being used to generate time for the United States.

As a faithful Latter-day Saint, he has served as a bishop, stake president, and in the Denver Mission Presidency, and his recent book, www.ItsAboutTimeBook.com , gives a grand harmony between science and religion. LDS Living has carried an excerpt from it, http://www.ldsliving.com/The-Powerful-Book-of-Mormon-Phrase-We-Always-See-but-Never-Think-About/s/81070 , and his Amazon reviews are excellent. He is pleased that the book’s web site is receiving international interest, as it is his gospel outreach.

Jennifer Anderson Career Coach, Motivational Speaker

2018 Presentations:
Thurs April 5, 6:40 pm #6 Room H “How To Allow Inspiration to Guide You – Even at 3am”
Sat April 7, 1:15 pm #4 Twilight Room “How To Allow Inspiration to Guide You – Even at 3am”

Jennifer Anderson is the Chief Inspiration Officer and creator of the 3am With God journal. She seeks to help people with leveraging inspiration from God to make a difference in their homes, communities and at work.

She has addressed groups such as BYU, Women in Business, Chamber of Commerce, Public Relations Society of America, American Marketing Association, American Women’s Society of CPAs, the Structural Engineering Association and more. She speaks on a wide variety of topics including:

· You’re Awaken at 3am? God has a message for you…
· Personal Brand: The Foundation to YOUR Successful Career
· Networking Strategies: Building Relationships of Trust with your Network

Jennifer is a regular contributor to media with guest appearances on KSL News, The Matt Townsend Show, various podcasts and Deseret News. Jennifer is published in Forbes and is ranked as a “Top 40 to Follow” on Twitter. For more information and to get in touch with Jennifer, you can find her at: www.CareerCoachJen.com or www.3amWithGod.com.

Val Chadwick Bagley Author, Artist, The Cartoonist Guy Website: worksofjoseph.com/humor

2018 Presentations:
Thurs April 5, 3:35 pm #1 Main Stage “It STILL Makes Sense!” A Cartoonist’s Journey to the Heartland.
Fri April 6, at 10:10 am #1 main Stage “It Came to Pass WHERE?” A Cartoonist Perspective of Book of Mormon Geography.

Val Chadwick Bagley is an American cartoonist and illustrator. He has illustrated many Latter-day Saint childrens books as well as regularly contributed cartoons to LDS magazines The New Era and The Friend. Although he is sometimes confused with Pat Bagley, editorial cartoonist for the Salt Lake Tribune, the two are not related.
Although he was raised in Southern California, Val Chadwick Bagley loves to tell people he’s from Wyoming, which is true….. Val was born in Afton, Wyoming where he lived with his parents until he was just 6 weeks old. His father then moved his family to Southern California where Val grew up. Growing up in California, near Disneyland and Knott’s Berry Farm, was the perfect environment for Val to develop his artistic skills. With encouragement from his mother, he decorated a bulletin board at home each month. He’s been decorating, drawing, coloring and entertaining people ever since. The opportunity to share his testimony, love of the Book of Mormon, and his engaging sense of humor has enabled him to use his talents to create several books and card games for the LDS market. Val’s had many nicknames throughout his life but the one his wife loves the most is Valiant. He loves our Father in Heaven and our Savior, Jesus Christ; has a strong testimony of the Book of Mormon; a deep love and respect or the Prophet Joseph Smith and is grateful for the church and the solid foundation it is in his life. He is valiant in always giving his best and trying to do his best every day. Sharing his testimony through art has blessed Val and his family as well as Latter-day Saint people worldwide.

New this year is the “Zelph Zone”. A wonderful Family Fun Center of games, puzzles, ring toss, coloring. and featuring, “Hole in One Cumorah” putting green. Val has created life-size cureloms, bison, Laman the Lamanite, and a full size skeleton of Zelph. Children, teens, and parents will love this creative and amazing display of new creations by Val Chadwick Bagley. It’s free with paid admission to the Expo. Click here for more information.

Michele Baer Professional Singer, Entertainer, Educator, Speaker

If you want to hear the voice of an angel, you would need look no farther than that of Michele Baer’s voice. Truly her voice is a recipe of honey, sun, and warmth. Heaven could not hold much better than that!

Her latest CD is called Never Give Up: Songs of Faith and Family. It is not like many of the other current CDs of vocalists, which until recently maintained similar sounding styles. This CD is mature and seasoned, with Michele’s voice “speaking” to the soul. Words of comfort and faith wrap themselves around you, leaving you to feel as if you’re in the embrace of a mother who loves you and wants to make your world a little bit better.

With a B.A. from BYU, Michele has performed for over 40 years as a soloist from Calif. to Conn. A Recording Artist with 4 CD’s, she’s performed live before the Glenn Beck Radio show. An EFY instructor for 12 years and BYUI Ed week, Michele and husband Sterling have 6 children, 7 grandchildren and reside in Mesa, AZ.

Tiffany and Giada Barney Singers, Songwriters, Musicians, and Performers


2018 Performances: Tiffany and Giada will perform all during our Expo on Thursday and Friday. They will sing the opening song, “The Star Spangled Banner”. and will perform with our speakers, Lori Henderson. and Betty LaFontaine. They will also sing during breaks and during lunch and dinner. We may even hear them amongst the vendors as they fiddle and entertain us.

Although born and raised in Las Vegas, Tiffany Barney swears she has never put a coin into a “working” slot machine and only learned the card games on her Intellivision growing up (if you know this game system, then you can definitely guess her age). She has been a practicing attorney in Las Vegas for over twelve years and welcomes lawyer jokes (since most are true). While teaching seminary, she was introduced to the wealth of knowledge that the FIRM Foundation brings and she gladly shares it with others. In her spare time, Tiffany enjoys playing the piano, writing music, arranging music and accompanying her beautiful and talented daughter, Giada Barney, while she sings or plays instruments. The two of them wreak havoc in Las Vegas (good havoc, if there’s such a thing) and are grateful for the opportunity to do the same at the FIRM Foundation conference!

Giada Barney is in her first year of college at the University of Nevada – Las Vegas and loves being a college girl! For all those wondering – yes, she did get accepted to BYU Provo but the Lord called her elsewhere (plus a full ride scholarship is hard to pass up). She was valedictorian of her high school and sang the Star Spangled Banner at her high school graduation in the Thomas & Mack Center, where she now enjoys UNLV’s sporting events. Giada loves to sing and is currently studying opera performance and music education at UNLV. In the past, she has performed with the Sin City Opera community group. She also is an accomplished violinist having been the concert master of Zion’s Youth Symphony and Chorus during her senior year of high school, which gave her the opportunity to perform in the prestigious Smith Center. Her claim to fame is that she played the violin for President Russell M. Nelson on February 17, 2018, during a YSA event in Las Vegas, and was able to shake his and his wife’s hand. She now considers her hand a celebrity (many people shake it just to share the prophet’s DNA). She is excited to be able to share her talents at the FIRM Foundation conference! (They are really sisters, ask Rian)

Dr. Aaron V. Barson  Physician and Surgeon, physicist, Author and Educator

2018 Presentation:
Fri April 6 at 6:40 pm #4 Twilight Room “The Parable of the Ten Virgins and the Mark of the Beast in Last Days Prophecy”

Fri April 6, at 7:50 pm #4 Twilight Room “Nuclear War in the Middle East- What the Bible Says”

Being raised in Clarkston, Utah, the final resting place of Martin Harris, Dr. Barson developed a testimony of the significance of the Book of Mormon and early church history. His love of the gospel started at an early age and continues undiminished.
Dr. Barson received his bachelor’s degree in physics and math from Utah State University and a master’s degree in public health (MPH) from the University of Texas, along with his medical degree from the Kansas City University of Medicine and Bioscience. His extensive research experience includes: Gas dynamic laser development at Thiokol Chemical Corp, , spinal injury analysis of ejection hazards in F-111 aircraft and parachute opening shock at the Armstrong Aeromedical Research Lab, space adaption syndrome (space sickness) and cerebral oxygen flow at the Johnson Space Center, Space Shuttle Systems Course evaluation at NASA, drug studies for hypercholesterolemia and many others. He has lectured in the USA, Europe and South America. His career in the USAF terminated with his retirement as a Colonel after 23 years of active service in 1994. After retiring from the military, he founded Surface Medical Spas in Layton and Park City and has spent the years since performing cosmetic surgery.
Dr. Barson’s passion for eschatology (the theological study of death, judgment and the final destiny of the soul, i.e., the “end of the world”) started over 30 years ago and has been his passion and motivation since that time. His evaluation of contemporary writings on the subject led him to conclude that many theories of the end times were contrived and not believable. He believed most of these interpretations required a great deal of faith to believe in them because of their convoluted and artificial explanations. Dr. Barson believes that God did not leave us His holy scriptures pertaining the end times to confuse man but to guide him in his quest for truth and preparation. When the scriptures are studied with the idea that God wants us to comprehend them, we are guided to a deeper knowledge of the end times prophecy found in God’s word.
Dr. Barson has currently published two books; “How to Prepare to Meet Christ at His Second Coming” and “How the World Really Ends, from Abraham to Armageddon” available on Amazon here.

Russell H. Barlow Universal Model Editor in Chief Website: universalmodel.com

2018 Presentations:
Thurs April 5, 2:25 pm #6 Room H ”Why the Universal Science Model Matters”
Thurs April 5, 4:45 pm #1 Main Stage w/Dean Sessions “The Universal Model Science Connection to the Gospel” How the Hydroplanet Earth and Universal Flood are proven by Millennial Science which disproves geological time.
Fri April 6, 6:40 pm #2 Zephyr Room The True Age of the Earth and Man”
Sat April 7, 2:25 pm #2 Zephyr Room “The World History and Clovis Models of the UM”
Evidence For The Universal Flood and the Universal Model. Voracious reader, avid armchair historian, and committed UMer, he enjoys connecting world history events with science and the recent explosion of light and knowledge. He lives in Las Vegas with his best friend and mother of their 15 children, where they own a window and door company. After first experiencing a remarkable moment of serendipity while among the sandstone monoliths of Red Rock Canyon, where he learned that geologists did not know how the banded sandstone formed, he became acquainted with the UM. It has been his privilege to craft world-changing UM principles and laws into enjoyable prose for lay and learned alike as the UM Editor in Chief.

Michael Bedard Professional Artist

2018 Presentations:
Fri April 6, 11:20 am #4 Twilight Room “Hope of the World- 85 Lamanite Chiefs, a Remnant of the House of Israel”
Sat April 7, 4:45  #4 Twilight Room “Hope of the World- Founding Fathers and other Eminent  Men and Women in the St George Temple, Aug 21-23 1877”

Michael Bedard has created countless pieces of fine art, built three art studios, and raised a family of seven kids. He is a man who is confident in his abilities and always looking to improve them. He worked several jobs and served in the national guard while obtaining his BFA at Brigham Young University and MFA at Washington State University, all while raising a growing family. Michael is now living in Nauvoo, Illinois, with his wife and youngest son and has two children currently serving on LDS missions.

He has focused a great amount of time on LDS art. A commissioned painting, “Hope of The World”, is of Wilford Woodruff, when he was president of the St George Temple; with the signers of the Declaration of Independence who appeared to him requesting their temple work be done. It also includes fifty other eminent men, many Presidents of the United States, Martha Washington and her family and seventy other eminent women (over 200 people) whose temple work was done at that time.

Through information discovered by Rod Meldrum; Michael’s current —special project— is a painting, Hope of the World II – A Remnant of The House of Israel. It depicts 85 prominent Indian Chiefs, many from the Eastern U.S. (from the Mohawk, Oneida, Onondaga, Cayuga, Seneca, and Iroquois tribes), that were members of the “The Great Law of Peace” -from the Great Peace Maker (some names dating back to Pre-Pilgrim days of the U.S.). These were the same tribes that Joseph Smith sent the first missionaries to (D&C 32). Eleven of the chiefs were from other diverse tribes. Their Temple work was started eight days after the previous founding fathers work was initiated.

Michael hopes to have both pictures on display at the expo.

Scott N. Bradley Founder, The Constitutional Commemoration Foundation

2018 Presentations:
Thurs April 5, 1:15 pm #3 Twilight Room “The Constitution and The Restoration of the Gospel
Fri April 6, 6:40 pm #3 Twilight “The Book of Mormon: Today’s News Today”
Sat April 7, 6:40 pm  #3 Twilight Room“The LDS Constitutionalist: An Endangered Species”

Scott Bradley and his wife Tamara have five children and eleven grandchildren.For thirteen years Scott worked as an executive at AT&T managing cutting-edge telecommunications projects and all facets of corporate projects; including strategic planning, and a leadership assignment responsible for delivery of secured communications for the U.S. Department of Defense (North American Air Defense Command—NORAD). A candidate for the United States Senate in 2006 and 2010, Scott holds a Bachelor of Science, a Masters of Public Administration, and a PhD in Constitutional Law.  For 16 years Scott served as an administrator at Utah State University as a Department Head and Director.  He is Founder and Chairman of The Constitution Commemoration Foundation, Inc., an educational organization which fosters increased understanding of the U.S. Constitution in the tradition of the Founding Fathers, and also encourages a return to the original intent of proper government as understood and practiced at the time of America’s founding.He is the author of a book and DVD/CD lecture series titled “To Preserve the Nation” in which he reviews the foundation principles upon which this great nation was established, and which he hopes will foster a renewed dedication to those principles.

Douglas E. Brinley Former Professor of Church History and Doctrine, BYU

2018 Presentation: Sat April 7, at 9:00 am #1 Main Stage “Is America in Peril?”

Douglas E. Brinley is a retired professor of Church history and doctrine at Brigham Young University. He holds B.S. and M.S. degrees from Utah State University and a Ph.D. from BYU. The author or coauthor of 15 books, including “Between Husband and Wife: Gospel Perspectives on Marital Intimacy,” he has been a popular speaker at BYU Education Week. He has served as the president of the Texas Dallas Mission of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints and he and his wife, Geri, are the parents of six children.

Doug speaks of his book, “America in Peril; Ten Stages in the Destruction of a Promised Land.” Four civilizations have inhabited this promised land from its beginning. The first three were destroyed by the Lord because of wickedness. They all began well, only to disintegrate and violate covenants with Deity. His presentation follows their rise and demise through ten stages so that those of us now living on this land can see what Mormon and Moroni, who saw our day, felt we needed to know in order to avoid the same fate. What Latter-day Saints can do to prevent the same ending as the former civilizations will become clear.

Carter Brown Universal Model Instructor

2018 Presentation:
Sat April 7, 1:15 pm #2 Zephyr Room “Scripture, Prophecy, and Ushering in Millennial Science”
Thurs April 5, 7:50 pm #2 Zephyr Room “America, Thous Shalt be Saved”

Carter Brown is a Universal Model Millennial Teacher – A New Science For Millennials. Carter is a university student and UM enthusiast. He has helped for some time in the UM as an intern with research and experiments. He has been a UM presenter and teacher for various Universal Model classes. This year he teamed up to form Millennial Science clubs on campuses to bring the Universal Model to students at colleges and universities, where he is finding great interest among the millennial generation.

Ammon Bundy Citizen, Patriot

2018 Presentation: Sat April 7, 10:10 am #3 Twilight Room “Modern Day Robbers”

Bio; Raised on a cattle ranch in southern Nevada, virgin valley high, state football -most 17 QB sacks in 1992, student body president, LDS mission to Minnesota, assistant to the president, started fleet maintenance business Valet Fleet in 1998 20 years ago and became the leading private fleet service in Phoenix Arizona. Married Lisa Marie Sundloff in 2001 and now have 6 children 3 girls and 3 boys.Came to help defend father’s ranch in 2015 with many others. Went to help and bring light to the plight of the Hammond’s and people of Harney coun”ty in 2016 by taking back land stolen from the people by federal government. Was arrested and spent nearly two years in federal holding facilities much of the time spent in the “hole” solitary confinement. While a prisoner, lost 50 lbs, chipped my hip by two guards kneeing me at the same time.

Broke my eardrum from shoving their finger in the back of my ear. Chipped my two front teeth and damaged nerves in my left hand from leaving me too long with hand cuff too tight, not allowing any contact with family for the entire time as prisoner, was acquitted on all charges after exposing mass corruption among federal land agencies and the US Attorneys offices. Plan to run the unconstitutional federal bureaucrats off of the peoples land in the west so the people can prosper and live more free.

Ryan Bundy Citizen, Patriot

2018 Presentation: Sat April 7, 9:00 am #3 Twilight Room
“State Sovereignty and Individual Freedom”

I am a Nevadan. I live upon its land and have prided myself that I was born on a Nevada day in 1972 , that is October 31, Nevada’s 108th anniversary. I was raised on our family ranch and I loved it. We worked hard in the heat of the deserts summer sun, and the winters cold, much of the time in dangerous circumstances. We learned how to accomplish much with very little. We were tough ranch boys. We also raised melons. The sweetest there is. Casabi melons of various types are our specialty.

Just after my 7th birthday while loading melons out of the field I was run over by a car. This cracked my skull and did nerve damage to the motor nerves to the left side of my face , causing permanent paralysis.

My life’s goal when I was young was to own a million acres and 4,000 head of cattle. But life happens to often move us in other directions. I instead built a construction company and built many things for several years, all the while not forgetting my goal and keeping ties with my father’s ranch working there as occasion was needed.

Throughout the years we learned about freedom and experienced much and witnessed it’s decline. We watched government grow and freedom shrink. We experienced our rights being violated until we could take not more. My dad saw that the bureau of land management had every intention to “manage” our ranch right out of business. So my father fired the BLM. Saying thank you for your management services, but they are not longer needed. I will manage my own ranch, stand upon my own rights and pay for my own improvements. I stood by him in this decision and know that it is right. We have never backed down from it.

In April 2014 the government attacked our family ranch with 200 plus heavily armed agent’s with the intent to reduce us under absolute despotism or kill us. I was told by one of them prior to their attack that “this will be the next Waco or Ruby Ridge” and that, “we will kill you” .

They came, we stood.

In January of 2016 I once again witnessed the government operating tyranny against two good men, Dwight and Steven Hammond, and I could not stand idly by and let it happen. This led to the Oregon  standoff,  and since then I have been unlawfully incarcerated for nearly two years, enduring much abuse from prison guards, unjustly treating me as a slave. Not guilty of any crime but a political prisoner.

I was finally able to return to my wife and my eight children on November 13th 2017. The case against me was dismissed with prejudice on January 8th, 2018 as the government was never able to prove guilt upon me neither in Oregon, nor in Nevada. I am now back on the ranch working, improving it, building it up, and increasing the herd, while simply trying to make a living for my family and to accomplish my goals.

Dr. Arlan Cage Naturopathic Physician and Acupuncturist

2018 Presentation:
Fri April 6, 9:00 am #4 Twilight Room “The Toltecs, Nephites and Mayans – Who were they and what is the difference?”

Description: The Toltec culture and Nephite culture existed at almost exactly the same time in possibly the same places. They share similarities in many aspects of their culture, which has naturally led to speculation that there is a relationship between them. The Mayans are a later people and one of the descendants of the Toltecs, but there is no universal agreement between scholars on when the Toltec culture ended, and when the Mayans began. We do, however, have the advantage that there is still a living tradition of the Toltec lineage, and there is much we can learn about these historical links between these cultures that can be of benefit to the future of humanity. Toltec artwork, and the subtle energy system they used in art and for healing is now available publicly, and can be used to unlock some of the ancient secrets of these interwoven historical
mysteries. The Toltec form of energy, known in modern times as the Aka Dua, may hold a key for tapping in to information stored in ancient artifacts, in much the same way that information is stored in magnetic media.
Bio: Dr. Arlan Cage is a retired Naturopathic physician and acupuncturist. He is also formally initiated as a Shaman in a Toltec lineage. He specializes in researching the modern-physics explanation of energetic & shamanic healing. Along with his wife, he is researching and visiting key historical sites in the American West and Mexico exploring the historical links between the Toltecs, Nephites and Mayans.

Angie Christensen Certified Neurofeedback and Energy Healer, Nutritionist

2018 Presentations: 
Fri April 6, 2:25 pm #5 Room G “The Anti-Diet”
Sat April 7, :45 pm #5 Room G  “Store It Alive”
Sat April 7, 7:50 pm “Healthy Food Storage”

Angie is a passionate truth-seeker. Her own health challenges and the needs of her two amazing adopted boys launched her search for avenues of true healing. She has overcome fibromyalgia, endometriosis, allergies, anxiety and more through holistic methods. Angie is certified in neurofeedback and energy healing, and her greatest passion is teaching others how to support and reclaim their health through food. Angie has studied and taught nutrition for 15 years, using her background in chemistry, her analytical approach, and her experience with numerous special diets to find the simple, universal patterns for healthy eating. Her Simply Divine Eating program makes it easy for others to use these principles to discover exactly what their unique body wants them to eat.
Angie loves to think, and she thrives on (very limited) quiet time where she can read and study. During the rest of the time while juggling the needs of home and family, she loves music, old movies, cooking shows, visiting the beach and wearing warm fuzzy socks.

Stuart and Carlin Clarke Clarke Essential Oils,  MCA Author, Professor, Wellness Advocate, & Autism Mom

Carlin is a Professor of Aviation Science at Utah Valley University, dōTERRA Wellness Advocate, and Founder Partner of Clarke Essentials, LLC, under which she is able to operate two of her passions: Aviation Career Preparation, and Wellness Education & Business Leadership Development.
After just 2.5 years, her business is producing over 1 million a year in revenue. She now travels globally lecturing on topics such as: Wellness, Behavioral Disorders, Business Ownership Best Practices, Brand Establishment & Representation, and Emotional Health & Self-Care.
In addition to her passion for aviation and teaching, she is foremost and “Autism Mom”. After her son was diagnosed with severe spectrum autism several years ago, Carlin found this “bump” in the road and it’s daily challenges has brought many unexpected blessings and inspired ways to explore problems differently, perhaps innovatively. Much of Carlin’s success, determination, and accomplishments she feels she owes to the unique approach to life that autism requires.

Jill & Mark Clifford Owners of Legacy Tours and Travel Website: legacytoursandtravel.com

2018 Presentations:
Thurs April 5, 2:50 to 3:20 pm#1 Main Stage “Educational, Recreational and Spiritual Tours”
Fri April 6, 3:35 pm to 4:40 pm #3
Twilight Room   “Educational, Recreational and Spiritual Tours”

Legacy Tours has been conducting tours with Rod Meldrum since 2010. Owners Mark and Jill Clifford and Kris Kimball enjoy helping guests explore the amazing sites introduced in Rod’s book: Discovering the Book of Mormon in America’s Heartland. Mark, Jill and Kris love to travel! They realize there is no better way to understand a subject than to visit the sites, see the places and walk the paths of history. They believe you can have an incredible tour that educates you, inspires you and also lets you have unique and fun experiences.
Mark and Jill graduated from Brigham Young University. Mark has a degree in psychology and Jill has her degree in Humanities. Mark studied abroad in Russia and has traveled throughout Europe and Great Britain. Jill studied abroad in Israel, Austria and Prague. Mark has also been involved in real estate and hotels. Jill taught high school English. Mark and Jill have four children.
Kris Kimball is married with 3 children and 4 beautiful grandchildren. Kris loves to travel and has an unquenchable desire to seek after knowledge and truth. She traveled in 2009 and 2010 on humanitarian expeditions to Kenya which included building a school in Mygunami, a small village outside of Mombasa. Out of all of her travels around the world, Israel is her most favorite. She loves visiting the homeland of Jesus Christ, it always increases her love and testimony of her Savior.

Dave S. Collingridge PhD Author, Educator

2018 Presentations:
Fri April 6, at 6:40 pm #2 Zephyr Room “Uncovering Darwinian Deceptions”.
Sat April 7, at 6:40 pm #2 Zephyr Room “Uncovering Darwinian Deceptions”.

The purpose of this presentation is to expose the falsehoods in evolution and their impact on the LDS community. Drawing on my experience as an instructor at BYU and my study of history, science, and philosophy, I make the case that while evolution gets some things right, it gets some things wrong. The things it “gets wrong” can be an existential threat to people’s faith and spiritual well-being.

Dave S. Collingridge (PhD) earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in psychology from the University of Lethbridge, Alberta. He earned a master’s degree and PhD from Brigham Young University’s Department of Psychology, Theory and Philosophy program during which he studied the philosophy and history of science, research design, and data analysis. He taught statistics and research methods as an adjunct faculty member for ten years at BYU. He is currently a senior research statistician for Intermountain Healthcare where he works with clinicians researching ways to improve patient outcomes. He has published several peer-reviewed articles in social science and medical journals, and is the author of Truth and Science: An LDS Perspective, a book detailing how the Light of Christ has inspired scientific discovery.

Shawna Cox & Cliven & Carol Bundy Freedom Loving Patriots
2018 Presentations:
Thurs April 5, 3:35 pm #3 Twilight Room. “Ambushed in Harney County”
Fri April 6, 1:15 pm #3 Twilight Room. “Miracles, Great and Small”
at. April 7, 9:00 am #3 Twilight Room.(Speaker Ammon Bundy, Cliven’s son)
Sat. April 7, 10:10 am #3 Twilight Room. (Speaker Ryan Bundy, Cliven’s son)

Cliven Bundy is an old west style Nevada cattle rancher who won the hearts of freedom-loving patriots across the world when hundreds flocked to Bunkerville, Nevada to stand with the Bundy family as they courageously stood to oppose tyrannical federal government overreach, physically attacking family members and killing cattle and calves.  His courage and strength of conviction are a monument to those who love liberty and eschew servitude.

Shawna Cox is a personal friend of Cliven Bundy, the Nevada cattle rancher that stood off a takeover of his family ranch by overzealous government officials in the BLM, who literally lived inside the Bundy Ranch House for over two months as she helped to answer questions and schedule the media.  She wrote the book, Last Rancher Standing, as an eye witness to the truth of what happened and the Miracles that took place there.

Bryan Crockett Owner- Palmyra Collector’s Edition Book of Mormon
Visit Table #2

The Book of Mormon replica that looks and feels like the original. This newly-released replica is a beautiful re-creation of the original 1830 Book of Mormon printed in Palmyra, New York. Families now can experience the Book of Mormon just as early converts such as Brigham Young, Parley P. Pratt and Emma Smith would have.

10 Key Features
Aqua-blue speckled edges
7 gold tooling lines match thickness and varied spacing
Typesetting is retained, including errors
Accurate reproduction of 100% calfskin leather
Weight closely matches the 1830 edition (18.5 ounces)
Page size is 4-1/2″ x 7-1/4″
Book thickness is 1-5/8″
Cover boards are 0.080″ thick
Gold foil “BOOK OF MORMON” matches two unique originals
Off-white paper (not cream) matches the original prior to its yellowing with

2211 W. Printers Row Salt Lake City, UT 84119 801-541-7677

Lonnie Crockett PhD Professor, Author, Lover of the Constitution- Facebook Here:

2018 Presentations:
Thurs April 5, 7:50 pm #3 Twilight Room “Why The Constitution Matters in the First Place”
Fri April 6, 1:15 pm #6 Room H “The Founding Fathers, a Resolute Generation of Americans
Sat April 7, 1:15 pm #3 Twilight Room “Signs of the Weakening of Our Constitutional Republic”

Lonnie Crockett was raised in the great state of Alaska for the first 30 years of his life. As a boy, he hunted, fished, played baseball and was very active in Boy Scouting, earning his Eagle and Silver Palm awards. He even delivered news papers by dog team. He attended BYU for two years before serving an LDS Mission in Switzerland for 2 ½ years, then returned; married his wife Pam and today enjoys his ten children and 30 grandchildren. Lonnie moved to Utah to continue his education, acquiring a BS in Accounting and a BA in Business Administration and a BA American History. He went on to earn a Masters Degree in Taxation and his Ph.D. in Tax Law. “Dr. Crockett” as his students called him, has taught at Stevens Henager, Eagle Gate, Utah Career Colleges and Weber State University, teaching Accounting, English, English Composition, Business Communication, Auditing, and Pension and Estate Planning, Business Law and Individual and Corporate Taxation; and his favorite subject, American History. He has lectured extensively on the United States Constitution to many and varied groups including the Daughters of the American Revolution, Utah Youth Council, schools and other respected organizations. Today Lonnie owns and operates, with his wife Pam, an accounting, tax /business consulting and estate planning/asset protection practice which is nestled along with his home in the picturesque town of Huntsville, Utah, up in Ogden Valley. An avid reader of American History and Religious topic he also loves riding horses, skiing and our GREAT country .He is the author of two books: Emergency Preparedness Made Easy & The United States Constitution Made Easy…To Understand. And yes, Lonnie is a descendant of Davy Crockett’s brother, being Davy’s great, great, great, great, nephew.

Dennis Cox Lifetime Scouter, Universal Model Educator

2018 Presentation: April 5, 3:35 pm #6 Room H “Empowering Children with Truth through the Universal Model”
Dennis works for the LDS Church in Cedar City Utah with his wife Debra who also works for the Church as a longtime Institute Instructor by SUU.
Dennis is a lifetime Scouter and Silver Beaver Award recipient. He has dedicated his life to specializing in long term outdoor leadership training for 14-18 year old Young men, in an effort to build a better and brighter future.
Dennis and his wife have 9 children and 39 Grandchildren. Dennis has always been a truth-seeker and when he was exposed in 2017 to the Universal Model at the Orem Expo this event lit him on fire!
He and his wife organized a Grandchildren’s weekend on Cedar Mountain and shared the great truths revealed by Dean Sessions founder of UM. His Grandchildren were quick to recognize the truths taught and were so excited to carry out many of the experiments within the UM.
Dennis has shared nearly 100 presentations with family and friends since that time. All with the objective of having the next generation go into education asking questions, understanding that all the facts are not always taught there; that the Universal Flood is not only a real event but everything we see around us is the actual result of it.
Dennis never imagined in his lifetime that religion and science would come together as one. One hundred years of the Dark Ages of Science are finally over! He is one of the newest UMer’s and Crusader for Truth.

David Doane
Master’s Degree Middle Eastern Studies; Master’s Degree Agricultural Economics
Website: bookofmormonremnants.com

2018 Presentations:
Thurs. April 5, 1:15 pm #4 Twilight Room “Israelites in the Promised Land” 
Fri April 6, 10:10 am #4 Twilight Room “Israelites in the Promised Land”
Sat April 7, 10:10 am #1 Main Stage  “The Joseph Smith Cipher”

David Doane holds a Master’s Degree in Middle Eastern Studies and a Master’s Degree in Agricultural Economics from Brigham Young University. He has traveled extensively in North America, Europe, the Middle East and India during his 35 years in the information technology (IT) industry.
His lifelong passion for the history, cultures and religions of the Middle East springs from his Jewish heritage and subsequent conversion to the gospel of Jesus Christ when he was 22 years old. His unique abilities to understand the meanings of scriptures spring from his Jewish heritage, extensive Book of Mormon research, educational experiences, and world travels.
Have you ever wondered who the Remnant are? What do the scriptures and Joseph Smith say, and what do the native Americans say about themselves? And, what is the role of the Remnant in the future?
Learn about how the Lord will personally gather His covenant people, the Remnant, fulfilling the Abrahamic covenant in part, as promised nearly 4000 years ago, and foretold in a number of native American histories.

Shawna Draper Author of 3 Books to Facilitate Healing from Sexual Abuse

2018 Presentations:
Thurs April 5, 3:35 pm #2 Zephyr Room “The Healing Power of Love”
Sat April 7, 11:20 am #2 Zephyr Room “The Gift of Dissociative Identity Disorder”

Shawna Draper is the author of three books; My Tears Fall Inside, The Silent Cries, and Hear My Cry: Writings From My Soul in which she shares her miraculous journey from a childhood of horrific abuse to one of healing. Although she suffered from sexual and satanic ritual abuse, her story is filled with the Spirit of God as she does not share details of that horror but rather how God directed her healing. Her uplifting message blends with the mantra of “To the Rescue” as her story focuses on the wonderful Christian neighbors and friends who reached out to her and helped her to learn that it was possible for others to actually love her. Her message gives hope to victims of abuse that no matter how bleak their life may seem now, or how traumatic their past has been, it is possible to heal and find joy and happiness. Her story also gives hope to those who are trying to support people in pain.
Shawna has presented to a wide variety of different groups including business groups, high schools, healing groups, luncheon groups, book clubs, church groups and various expos. She has also been interviewed on K-TALK Radio as well as Blog Talk Radio. In addition, she shared her story in an hour program on a Spanish Radio station. She has presented in several different states including: California, Hawaii, Idaho, Texas and Utah.
Although she has both bachelor’s and master’s degrees in accounting, and worked in that industry for many years, she currently spends her time speaking to as many different groups as her schedule permits where she shares her inspirational story of hope and healing. To learn more visit her website at www.ShawnaDraper.com

Ali Cannon Eisenach Kimber Academy Educator/Homeschooler

2018 Presentation:
Sat April 7, 7:50 pm #3 Twilight Room
“The Coming Exodus from Public Schools” What the future holds for education among the Saints.

Ali Cannon Eisenach is the great-great-great granddaughter of George Q. Cannon and is passionate about carrying on his vision for education in Zion. Ali has been homeschooling her children for ten years and is currently teaching the senior class at Kimber Academy, in Cedar City, Utah.

Ali is a self-taught food photographer and graphic designer and has printed and published over 10 recipe books. In 2016 Ali launched her publishing company– Millennial Standard Press and published A Meeting with the Principle- An Education to Usher in The Millennium. She is also the creator/editor of an LDS-based, educational children’s magazine called, The Millennial Instructor.

Anthony & Lorraine George – Mound Builder Researchers

2018 Presentation:

Tony and Lorraine have been researching the Mound Builder culture most of their lives. Tony was born and raised in southern Ohio, otherwise known as Hopewell Central, and follows in the footsteps of his father’s passion. Lorraine, his high school sweetheart, joined with him on an early date to Hopewell Culture National Historic Park, and the rest is history, literally. Having been surrounded by countless earthworks during their life and working closely with current archaeologists, they share enthusiasm and excitement and their love of history with countless visitors to Ohio.
Parents to six boys, they have been active in the Church in Ohio, and Tony was recently released as Bishop of the Chillicothe Ward.

Avraham Gileadi  Hebrew Scholar PhD Ancient Studies

2018 Presentations:
Fri April 6, 9:00 am #1 Main Stage “Isaiah’s Endtime Prophecies in the Book of Mormon” Part One
Sat April 7, 9:00 am #2 Zephyr Room “Isaiah’s Endtime Prophecies in the Book of Mormon” Part Two

Avraham Gileadi was born in the Netherlands and grew up in New Zealand. He spent five years in Israel and was the first Israeli citizen to be baptized there in the Pool of Siloam. He studied for a year in rabbinic school and learned Jewish analytical methods. He obtained his Ph.D. in Hebrew Bible and Ancient Near Eastern Literature from BYU, with Hugh Nibley as chair. He has spent an entire career analyzing the Book of Isaiah and has published a dozen books. He is the father of nine children and he recently married Kendel Milburn from Washington State. “ Dr. Gileadi is the only LDS scholar I know of who is thoroughly competent to teach the words of Isaiah.” Hugh Nibley
“Avraham Gileadi takes one by the hand to explain nuances of language, setting, and Jewish modes of thought. Suddenly Isaiah a book foreign and opaque, becomes a book of light.” Truman Madsen “It is my testimony that this man has been brought forward and trained in a time to help those inside the Church into Isaiah and those outside the Church, Jew and Gentile, through Isaiah into the Church.” Arthur Henry King

Kels Goodman Film Producer Hidden in the HeartlandWebsite: hiddenintheheartland.com

2018 Presentation:
Fri April 6, at 11:20 am#5 Room G, “Hidden in the Heartland”

Kels has been in the film business for 25 years, best known for the creation of “Will it Blend”, one of the most successful viral ad campaigns of all time, garnering over a half a billion views on YouTube. He has also produced a number of feature films such as “Handcart”, “The Latter-Days of Elvis Presley”, “Wayward” and “The Last Eagle Scout”. His current project “Hidden in the Heartland” is a new series that follows the research providing evidence of the Book of Mormon locations in North America. Look of his new film titled “Season 2 of Hidden in the Heartland” to be released in 2017.

Stephen Graham Co-Founders of Standard of Liberty

2018 Presentation: Stephen & Janice-Sat April 7, 10:10 am #4 Twilight Room, “Speaking the Gospel Truth about Homosexual Sin While We Still Can: Our Family’s Story”

Stephen is a CPA and has been a leader and member of many professional and community organizations. He has degrees from Brigham Young University in Business Management and Accounting. Over the years he has worked for IBM, run his own manufacturing and accounting businesses, served as CFO of a major construction company, served as General Manager and then owner of a payroll services company, and continues private practice in financial advisement and tax preparation.

Steve was a founding member of, and continues to be active in, FACT, Family Action Counsel Team, a coalition of conservative groups established a decade ago which seeks to influence legislation in Utah. With his wife Janice, Steve also founded Standard of Liberty in 2005, a Christ-centered outreach organization promoting God’s truth about sexual morality. He co-owns Tidal Wave Books, established 2002, and is publisher of books co-authored by Merrill Osmond and Janice Barrett Graham, Let the Reason Be Love and The Plan Revealed, and books authored by Janice Barrett Graham, My Darling from the Lions, Chased by an Elephant, Me Tarzan, You Jane, along with Captain of My Soul, the true story of overcoming homosexuality by Aaron S. Grant. He is responsible for obtaining glowing professional endorsements supporting these publications. He enjoys meeting people and speaking to groups and associations. He and Janice recently helped produce and participated in the Stand 4 Truth Conference, October 2015, a public presentation of professional experiences and personal testimonials exposing often suppressed but important information about homosexuality, that can be accessed on YouTube Stand4Truth channel.

Stephen Graham is married to Janice Barrett Graham and is the father of 7, all of which support and help with Standard of Liberty and Tidal Wave Books. He is an active grandfather of 25. Other interests include bicycling, tennis, hiking, road trips, camping, and most recently the Universal Model.

Janice Graham Co-Founder of Standard of Liberty, author and blogger

2018 Presentation: Fri April 6, 3:35 pm #4 Twilight Room,
“I Learned to Swim in the Ocean: Leaving a Personal History of Spiritual Growth and Knowledge?”

Janice is an award-winning writer. She worked for the Newtah News Group for several years as reporter, feature article writer, and columnist. As a freelance writer, her work has been published in LDS magazines, The Friend and the Ensign, various national magazines, and the top national children’s magazines, some of which have been purchased for use in national standardized testing. She has received numerous writing awards, spoken at schools, and served as a judge for the Society of Children’s Book Writers and Illustrators 2001 National Magazine Merit Awards.

Janice is the author of hundreds of articles and blog posts on standardofliberty.org and standardofliberty.blogspot.com. She is editorial Director of Tidal Wave Books and has authored several highly endorsed works, including Let the Reason Be Love and The Plan Revealed, co-authored with Merrill Osmond, My Darling from the Lions, Chased by an Elephant, and Me Tarzan, You Jane. Coming soon is her newest book, I Learned to Swim in the Ocean, a literary
memoir of spiritual growth and faith in Christ, set metaphorically against the author’s Pacific island childhood.

Janice Graham, married to Stephen Graham, is the mother of seven children, including a set of twins, and active grandmother of 25, including twins and triplets. Several years ago she embarked on a plan to chronologically read a good representation of the world’s greatest literature and is now in the nineteenth century. She plays the organ in church and enjoys swimming, tennis, bicycling, hiking, running, road trips, old books and old movies, and learning terribly lovely things.
henis a CPA and has been a leader and member of many professional and community organizations. He has degrees from Brigham Young University in Business Management and Accounting. Over the years he has worked for IBM, run his own manufacturing and accounting businesses, served as CFO of a major construction company, served as General Manager and then owner of a payroll services company, and continues private practice in financial advisement and tax preparation.

Heartland Institute of Financial Education- Rocky Pavone

Rocky Pavone is a  CFEd®, a CFE Certified Financial Educator® Instructor, with Heartland Institute of Financial Education, a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization, teaching Financial Literacy all across North America.

Today there are many financial challenges facing individuals, families, and businesses. Such as the rising cost of living, inflation, taxation, & debt. Now, more than ever before there’s a great need for families and their loved ones to receive a solid Financial Education. April is Financial Literacy month and we would like to offer all the Expo attendees an opportunity to attend our Self-Reliance Financial Education Workshops. The 5 Financial classes are designed to enlighten, empower, and implement a wealth of knowledge, & information about the following:
• Basic Financial Concepts & Tools
• Increase Cash Flow, & Budgeting
* Debt Management & Elimination Strategy
• Prepare for Emergencies, Disability, Job Lay-offs
• Proper Life Insurance Protection for Your Family
• Long-Term Care, & Medicare Supplements
• Maximizing Retirement Options & Tax Strategies
• College Education Planning
• Preserve Your Estate with Living Trusts & Wills

Rocky Pavone, CFEd®, is a CFE Certified Financial Educator®, with more than 24+ years of experience in the Financial Services Industry. As a highly trusted Financial Educator, he has taught thousands of adults, powerful Financial Literacy Concepts through Financial Health, and Wellness workshops. In addition, he has personally consulted many individuals, families, and businesses providing them with the necessary steps to achieve their financial goals and dreams. His philosophy is to keep it simple, sincere, honest, and always do the right thing for those you serve.

Lori Bean Henderson Documentary Producer, Internet Radio Host, Energy Healing Practitioner

2018 Presentations:
April 5, Thursday, 10:10 am #1 Main Stage

“Three Witnesses of the BofM in America’s Heartland”
The Book of Mormon, Evidence from Non-LDS Research, and Willard Bean’s Research in the Great Lakes Region
April 6, Friday, 3:35 pm #5 Room G
Conspiring, Inspiring, Aspiring – Part 1
Creating Health for Body/Mind/Spirit using the Scriptures as a foundation of Truth: What the Creation teaches us; The Word of Wisdom and Conspiring Men; Developing Awareness
April 7, Saturday, 3:35 pm #5 Room G
Conspiring, Inspiring, Aspiring – Part 2
Creating Health for Body/Mind/Spirit using the Scriptures and Inspired Men and Women:
Inspiring a Healthy Lifestyle; Aspiring to Abundant Life Energy, Glowing Health and Joy of Living

Lori Bean Henderson is the granddaughter of Willard & Rebecca Bean, the first missionaries called to Palmyra in 1915. She enjoys telling the extraordinary stories of their 24-year mission living in the Joseph Smith home, and Willard’s research of Book of Mormon lands in upstate New York. To keep this significant piece of Church history alive, and to celebrate the 100-year anniversary of their mission call in 2015, Lori wrote and produced the DVD documentary “Love Unfeigned”.
Following in the footsteps of her grandfather Willard, who studied Naturopathy in the late 1800s and lived an exemplary life of physical fitness, Lori advocates a holistic and sensible approach to health and happiness. She is a certified energy healing practitioner and nutrition specialist. (Learn more at www.TurningHeartsTogether.com) She enjoys Yoga and Tai Chi, being in nature, gardening, earthing, traveling, tea parties and entertaining, and especially spending time with her children and grandchildren.
Lori and her husband Matt, a retired broadcast producer for the LDS Church, have created a network of websites promoting LDS beliefs and values, and Book of Mormon research and evidence in the Heartland of America. They recently left the big city to pursue self-reliant living in a small farming community in central Utah. (Learn more at www.MormonMediaNetwork.com; www.MormonHippie.com; and www.JosephKnew.com)

David R. Hocking  President, BeaconLight Books, LLC.

2018 Presentation:
Thurs April 5, 9:00 am #1 Main Stage “Introduction to the Annotated Book of Mormon”

Thurs April 5, 10:10 am #2 Zephyr Room “The 2018 Annotated Edition of the Book of Mormon: Preview to a Breakthrough”
Sat April 7, 11:20 am #1 Main Stage w/Rod Meldrum “New Heartland Edition Book of Mormon”

David and his wife Teresa are parents to 3 children and “Grammy and Grampy” to 9 grandchildren. Born in Hyannis, Massachusetts, he has a rich New England heritage. As a young Deacon, he helped clear the Joseph Smith Memorial in Sharon, VT for camp grounds. Now living in Raleigh, NC, he enjoys being close to the “land of Lehi.” He loves gardening and is an accomplished guitarist, a talent he was able to use in the England South Mission in 1971-1973 as a member of the Family Portrait Singers, at BYU in the Young Ambassadors (1969-1970) and in several dance bands.

David received an A.S. degree in Electronics Engineering in 1971 and a B.S. in Microbiology in 1975 from BYU. He has worked for 43 years in Sales and Marketing in the Biotechnology industry. He has authored a book on hemoglobin disorders as part of the newborn screening programs utilized in State Health Laboratories. He has invented a 5-minute test to detect the various forms of Sickle Cell Disease in newborns, children and adults. The test requires no equipment and is being used in over 30 low-resource countries to help save lives.

BeaconLight Books, LLC, was formed to illuminate sacred texts. He has been reformatting scripture to help readers better understand them with increased comprehension. He is the Managing Editor of The Annotated Book of Mormon which has been created to help readers understand the everlasting gospel as explained in the text, together with what the modern prophets and apostles have taught about it. The text has been formatted so readers can identify natural conversations, poetic speech patterns, prophecies, and the words of God. The annotations include prophetic commentaries on quoted scripture and the use of colored text. These elements bear witness to the divinity of this ancient text by drawing upon Hebrew tradition—much different from the nineteenth century rural America known to Joseph Smith.

Clayton Holbrook – School of Hard Labor and Lifelong Study

2018 Presentation:

Thurs April 5, 4:45 pm #5 Room G “Whole Body Vibration”

Presentation and demonstration of whole body vibration. Discussion for maintaining health as you consider your preparations for the future. Know the numbers. Your body literally takes a beating and your health is determined in large measure by the choices you make.

Jacob Householder Universal Model Teacher

2018 Presentations: 
Thu April 5, 2:25 pm #3 Twilight Room “America, Where Goest Thou? – The Prophesied Healing of America”
Fri April 6, 2:25 pm #2 Zephyr Room “Universal  Flood Evidences; The Fountains of the Great Deep”

Jacob Householder is a university student majoring in Financial Economics. He is an advocate of free markets and conservative politics. Jacob works for the Columbus Center for Constitutional Studies and organizes millennials to get involved in Constitutional studies and teaching programs. He is a UM enthusiast and recently spent a year helping launch the Universal Model, performing research and experiments, presenting at various UM events, and working to spread the message of “The New Millennial Science.”

Colleen Huston CMT Website solesfromheaven.com

Master BEST Practitioner (Bio Energetic Synchronization Technique). Reflexologist & Bodyworker. Graduate of Massage School of Santa Monica & Utah College of Massage Therapy. Providing services to her clients in both CA & Utah . Spanning a 26 year career in this field of Holistic Wellness & Alternative Health Care. Currently practicing in Monterey, CA. Colleen is a Wife, Mother, Heartlander, UMer & Homeschooler

VoxxLife website http://voxxlife.com

Utahna Jessop- AHRF Trustee, Field Researcher, History Teacher, Library Administrator, Field Representative

2018 Presentations:
Fri April  6, #3 Twilight Room “Giants, Ancient Records and the Brewer Cave Saga”
Sat April 7, #5 Room G “Book of Mormon Howlers: Evidence to Dispel the Anachronisms”

Utahna has 25 years of experience in field research and ancient studies with a particular interest in historical archaeology and ancient inscriptions. She is a field representative for Ancient American Magazine, has participated in archaeological digs and given firesides on Native American history and prophecy, ancient cultures, and petroglyphs. Utahna loves the outdoors, especially hiking and exploring with her husband Shem and their ten children. She teaches ancient American history and is the administrator of the local library.

Dr. Patrick Jones Veterinarian, Clinical Herbalist, Author and Lecturer

2018 Presentations:
Fri April 5, 2:25 pm #6 Room H “Herbal Wound Management” 
Clinical herbalist and practicing veterinarian Dr. Patrick Jones discusses the management of wounds and infections using medicinal plants. You will be astounded at the sorts of wounds he has healed using only plants readily available in your own backyard. You’ll be even more astounded to learn how easy it is for you to do it yourself should the need ever arise!
Sat April 6, 11:20 am #6 Room H Five Plants That Can Change Your Life: Herbal Medicines In Your Own Backyard!”  
Clinical herbalist and practicing veterinarian Dr. Patrick Jones discusses how to become a self-reliant herbalist. His focus is on being plant-based rather than product-based. This lecture will be a deep discussion of five amazing plants that are readily available in your own yards and gardens. You’ll leave this lecture feeling empowered to recognize and use these plants growing to work true medical miracles. You can be an herbalist!

Dr. Patrick Jones is a practicing veterinarian, clinical herbalist and sought-after author and lecturer. He is the founder of the HomeGrown Herbalist School of Botanical Medicine. His lecture style has been described as a cross between John Christopher and Steve Martin. When you leave his class, your brain will be full and your sides will be sore from laughing. His engaging and down-to-Earth style will leave you feeling truly excited and empowered to use these wonderful plants. Because of his veterinary credentials, Dr. Jones has had the opportunity to use herbs on all sorts of cases that would not typically be addressed by herbalists. Rattlesnake bites, gunshot wounds, serious infections and systemic illnesses of all kinds make up his daily herbal practice for man and beast. Because of the miracles he’s seen over the years, Dr. Jones has an evangelical disease to teach others about herbal medicine. His book The HomeGrown Herbalist and his school emphasize self-reliant herbalism and being plant-based rather than product based. Dr. Jones and his wife LoriAnn are the parents of 15 (mostly adopted) children. They live in Buhl, Idaho. More info at HomeGrownHerbalist.net.

Cindy Jorgensen Executive Isagenix International Health & Life Coach

2018 Presentations:
Thurs April 5, 6:40 pm #5 Room G “Can I FINALLY reach my optimum weight and regain my energy, mental clarity and vitality? “Guaranteed Weight Loss by NUTRITION”
Fri April 6, 4:45 pm #5 Room G “Is there a “fountain of youth”? …a way we can turn back our biological clock—regain our youthful energy? “Healthy Aging by NUTRITION
Sat April 7, 7:50 pm #4 Twilight Room“Financial Self Reliance”

Cindy’s family left Salt Lake City when she was an infant. Due to her family’s job transfers,
She had moved fourteen times by Junior High School. With each move, she easily made new friends
until the first grade when the stress of so many moves and making and losing friendships allowed her to
turn to food for comfort.
An extra twenty pounds of weight——on her young body targeted Cindy for the nasty barbs, taunts and
teasings of the “in-crowd” girls “We don’t want you, —you’re too fat” left an indelible impression on
Cindy’s young psyche. She needed to find healthy alternatives to her hand-to-mouth responses to her
childhood problems. She needed the enabling power of Jesus Christ to restore her self worth and have
the “true friends” she craved. These longings lead her to develop spiritual gifts.
With help from her father, Cindy shed the unwanted pounds and turned to a more positive and healthful
lifestyle-one grounded in our Savior. She began sharing her insights at the age of 17 yrs. Debate
Winner, Summa Cum Laude Graduate in Public Relations, led Cindy to her adult years as a successful
entrepreneur, Corporate Wellness Consultant.
Cindy and her husband, Bryce, now reside in West Bountiful, Utah with their son, Spencer Cannon (18
yrs). Their son, Clayton (22 yrs). The Jorgensen’s active lifestyle includes a major remodel of their
historic Victorian home, courtesy of the producers of Touched by an Angel, where in 2002, filmed an
episode on their property.
”While CBS was filming the story Touched by an Angel filming in her home, forty-year-old Cindy received a phone call from her doctor to come to his office immediately. Her tests were in…cancer
…with the cancer came obesity, depression, hopelessness and fear.
Isaiah: 58:11 The Lord will guide you continually…
Knowing that nutrition would improve her health, she did extensive research and found a program that
encompasses all the nutritional components giving her energy, mental clarity, stamina in addition to
balancing her weight. Which is absolutely thrilling to Cindy. (And her husband is a fan too!)
Cindy’s rock solid faith, her experiences of obesity, cancer and depression
is the story of hope and change inspiring youth and parents alike to
“Put on the full armor of God, utilizing spiritual gifts to thrive physically, mentally and spiritually”
All is Well! All is Well!

Delores Kahkonen Iroquois Educator and Temple Specialist

2018 Presentations:
Fri April 6, 4:45 pm #3 Twilight Room “My Miraculous Son,The Soul Within: Eleven Years in a Coma”
Sat April 7, 3:35 pm #6 Room H “The Full Story of the Lord: The 85 St. George Temple Indian Chiefs”

I am originally from Ontario, Canada and am Upper Cayuga of the Six Nations/ Iroquois; also known as the Haudenosaunee. And I belong to the Bear Clan. My family lived with my Grandmother, Marie (Webster) Jamieson, until I was about six years old. She took over the responsibility of looking after me while we lived with her. Grandmother was a well known Iroquoian/First Nations historian. It was she that taught me of the Six Nations’ legends and traditions, as well as our history. In addition, my mother, Charlotte (Jamieson) Taylor, was a traditional storyteller. My husband, Allan, and I currently live in St. George, Utah. We are members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. I reared four sons and am a grandmother to nine grandchildren and one great grandson. My Bachelor of Science, a Masters in Secondary Education, and my teaching certification were obtained at Southern Utah University. My goal is to help Native American Indians with the knowledge I am able to obtain from furthering my education. To be the wind beneath their wings; thus, enabling them to soar like an eagle. Most of my work was at Dixie State University in the Career Center, the GED Adult Education Program, and I was the Coordinator and a teacher of English as Second Language (ESL) for Washington County School District’s ESL Adult Program housed at Dixie State University. Additionally, I tutored Native American Indian students with their writing classes, on a voluntary basis, for many years while at Dixie State University and served as their Advisor for the Native American Indian students’ club for two years. During the winter semester of 2010, I was an instructor for Brock University teaching a Master of Education class on the Six Nations Reserve in Ontario, Canada. Furthermore, I have written six culturally relevant books for grades four to six. Presently I am the midst of writing and have decided to incorporate two books into one with three sections to be titled ““Gaoyahdeo – Where the Heavens Meet the Earth.” The new goal is to have it completed by the fall.

Robert Kay MBA Hebrew Language & Culture

2018 Presentations: 
Thurs April 5, 11:20 am #4 Twilight Room “The Covenant Structure of the Book of Mormon”
Fri April 6, 4:45 pm #4 Twilight Room “The Hidden Science of the Book of Mormon”

Robert Jacob Kay is a Jewish convert to Mormonism. Robert is an avid researcher of the Hebrew Roots of the Book of Mormon. Besides having a degree in Mathematics and an MBA he has spent many years studying the Hebrew language and culture. He was schooled in the Talmud and several esoteric disciplines of the Jewish people.

Patricia Kent American Antiquities Researcher, Lecturer and Treasurer of Land Hill Research & Preservation Foundation
2018 Presentations:
Thursday  Room G 3:35 – 4:30 “Anasazi Ridge Petroglyphs Testify of Jesus Christ”
Friday       Room G 1:15 – 2:10 “Anasazi Ridge Petroglyphs Testify of Jesus Christ”
Saturday   Room H 4:45 – 5:40 “Anasazi Ridge Petroglyphs Testify of Jesus Christ”

Patricia Kent is a down home country girl born and raised in Malad, Idaho.  Patricia’s interest in the Native American culture began early in life as she would stumble upon arrowheads and  other artifacts while walking through the plowed fields of her father’s farm in Southeastern Idaho.  Her study of the Book of Mormon and her love of Native American history has led her to many wonderful adventures.  Patricia worked at Mesa Verde National Park for five summers as an interpretive ranger and learning all she could about the Anasazi Indians that lived there. She has worked with the Forest Service on numerous archeological digs throughout the United States. Although she is not an archeologist by degree her desire to learn has given her the knowledge and experience to understand the importance of preserving our past. Patricia began working with Paul Taylor doing research on Land Hill about five years ago.  It is a new learning experience each time she ventures up the hill to study the petroglyphs .For the past 4 years she has studied the solstice and equinox interactions at Land Hill, also known as Anasazi Valley near St. George, Utah. Paul and Patricia have done extensive study in archeoastronomy (the interaction of light and shadow on equinox and solstices on ancient petroglyph panels). They are American Antiquities researchers, lecturers and volunteer site researchers for the BLM.

David Kjar Front Sight/Lifetime Vibe

2018 Presentation:
Thurs April 5, 11:20 am #5 Room G “Increase Shooting Efficiency with Front Sight and Lifetime Vibe”

David has been a trade show presenter for over ten years and is currently a Front Sight membership broker. He is a Lifetime Vibe representative and a Public Speaker.
He served as an Army officer—Ft. Bliss, Texas. He is a retired corporate tax accountant. David is available to speak to groups on: Lifetime membership for Front Sight training, Preparedness Considerations, and body improvement thru exercise with Lifetime Vibe. David Kjar and wife Carroll have given Preparedness presentations to church and other groups.

Marcus Ladd Speaker, Author

2018 Presentation: Thurs April 5, 11:20 am #6 Room H “The Temple Pattern, An Ancient Celebration of the Plan of Salvation”

Marcus M. Ladd lives in Lindon, Utah. He was born in Sheridan, Wyoming, and is 62 years old. From 1974-76 he served in the Bolivia La Paz mission. In 1981 he graduated from BYU with a BA in Russian. He has been married to his wife Chrissy for 21 years, and they have four wonderful children. Marcus serves as the temple prep instructor in his ward. He has authored two books. His first is, “And He Spake Unto Me,” which charts the overarching chiastic structure of 1st Nephi. His second is “The Temple Pattern,” which explores the repeated endowment pattern found in all of scripture. In his spare time Marcus enjoys music, sport, and studying ancient Hebrew and Greek.

Betty “Red Ant” LaFontaine Native American “Navajo” Educator and Teacher
Website: redantspeaks.com

2018 Presentations:
Thurs April 5, 11:20 am #1 Main Stage “A Chosen People of the Land of Liberty”
Fri April 6, 9:00 am #6 Room H “Fulfillment of Lamanite Prophecy”
Sat April 7, 1:15 #6 Room H “A Chosen People of the Land of Liberty”

Betty “Red Ant” LaFontaine is a full blooded Diné (Navajo) born of the Red Clay Bottom Clan, for the Salt Clan. Raised on the Navajo Reservation, she lived most of her youth in New Mexico in the traditional ways of the Diné. Betty is the middle child of eleven children, most of whom continue to live on the Reservation. Her father is Charlie (Man in the White Meadow) White, and her mother is Helen Yazzie White. Her ties to her family and homeland remain strong. Her family was taught by missionaries of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, and in about 1967 her mother was baptized by LeGrande Richards. Her mother later took out her endowments in the Mesa Arizona Temple. Helen served as a Relief Society President in her hometown of Crownpoint, New Mexico, and has always been very sensitive to the Spirit, despite her lack of a formal education. Betty did the Temple work for her father Charlie, after he passed away.
At age five, Betty began her formal education. While attending school she was taught English as a second language. She was not permitted to speak her native tongue during the school day. Betty’s mother Helen chose to have Betty attend the LDS Indian Student Placement Program, giving her access to a better education and an introduction to the modern world. During her seven years in the program, Betty met her husband of 38 years, Mike LaFontaine originally from Florida, and is of Chippewa heritage. Mike’s parents are Melvin J. and Dellene M. Peterson LaFontaine. Mike and Betty were sealed in the Salt Lake Temple in 1982 and they currently live in Orange Park, Florida where they have been for 25 years, spending time with their beautiful 5 children and 18 grandchildren.
As a modern urban Indian, Betty’s passion is to educate others about the realities of reservation life, and the history and culture of her people. Betty loves helping others become outstanding members of their communities, and especially loves strengthening her brothers and sisters in the LDS Church. As an Indian educator, Betty makes presentations about her native culture, life-ways, heritage to school assemblies, clubs, groups, organizations, and business employees. Betty has served in Relief Society, Young Women, and as a teacher in Sunday School, and Primary. She is from the tribe of Manasseh. Her testimony of the veracity of the Book of Mormon has engendered in her an interest in recent archaeological and DNA evidences and the ties she has to her heritage and native culture. Her Native American brothers and sisters are a chosen yet scattered people and her passion is to bring them home to the Savior where they may lead in building the New Jerusalem.

Tamara Laing MRET Author, Master Rapid Eye Technician

2018 Presentations:
Thurs April 5, 1:15 pm #5 Room G  “Scriptural Principles of Emotional Release”
Are there scriptures or LDS quotes on topics such as: a universal life force energy, emotions affecting health, energy centers in the body, generational issues, long distance healing or “darkness” affecting health? This class might surprise you
Sat April 7, 6:40 pm #5 Room G Deep Emotion Release in the Eyes”  
Basic premises of releasing through the eyes to clear trapped emotions, trauma, hidden darkness and generational issues.  “The light of the body is the eye.” (Matt. 6:22) Stories will be shared on DER assisting suicidal loved ones and others – even at a distance. Discover new perceptions to better health and relationships.

Tamara Laing is the author of Healing Arts – A Gift from God (LDS Insight on the Light of Christ & Energy Medicine). She is a Master Rapid Eye Technician and gifted facilitator certified in several modalities. She credits God with leading her to Energy Healing to help a daughter with bipolar. She is passionate about researching how Energy Healing fits with the gospel of Jesus Christ and knows He is the source of all healing. Tamara is the mother of 5 children and 6 grandchildren. She was raised in Phoenix, AZ and now resides in Roy, UT. She enjoys being a facilitator to help people make peace with their past, release unresolved emotions and bring light to dark places. Her book and DVD are available at www.tamarasbook.blogspot.com.

LeAnn Larson LDS Fiction Writer, Publisher, Speaker

2018 Presentations:
Thurs April 5, #2 Zephyr Room 2:25 pm “The Nephite Wife”

Fri April 6, #2 Zephyr Room 9:00 am “The Master Healer, Healing Christ’s Way”
Sat April 7, 3:35 pm #4 Twilight Room “The Story Behind The Nephite Wife”

LeAnn Larson has been speaking from her heart through writing her entire adult life. With only a high school education, LeAnn’s professional debut in writing started as a newspaper publisher and journalist for her own set of publications for small communities in Northern Arizona for eight years. Now LeAnn is turning her attention to a subject she truly loves; writing from the heart the stories from the Book of Mormon from the female perspective and from the North American theory of where Zarahemla may have been, as she sees play out in her mind. This is her first attempt at writing any kind fiction. Her first book titled “The Nephite Wife” will be published September 2017.

John C. Lefgren, PhD Author, Scientist, Speaker

2018 Presentations:
Fri April 6, 6:40 pm #1 Main Stage “Christ in America, As Witnessed by the Earthworks of Ohio”
Sat April 7, 7:50 pm #2 Zephyr Room “The Sign of the Birth of Christ, As Prophesied by Samuel, The Lamanite”

Dr. John C. Lefgren lives in Pennsylvania and owns his own business. He has a PhD in economics, served as a Foreign Service Officer with the US Department of State and was an officer with a major bank in New York. In 1980 his book April Sixth was published by Deseret Book. Since his youth he has had an active interest in Church History. He has developed a property in Vermont near the Joseph Smith Birthplace Memorial and has a business producing maple syrup.

In his book, April Sixth, John Lefgren said that “On Tuesday, April 6, 1830, The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints was organized according to the commandment of the Lord. Why was that date chosen? What was special about the sixth of April?

“For the last century and a half,” the author wrote, “Latter-day Saints have continued to believe that the timing of the restoration of the Church of Christ has an association with the birth of Christ.” April Sixth shows justification for this belief as it links three historic events: the birth of Christ, the death and resurrection of Christ, and the nineteenth-century restoration of the Church of Christ. His friend Dr. John P. Pratt said the following about the book. “Lefgren states that his intent is “to show how the modern revelation concerning the significance of April 6th is in perfect harmony with other sacred writings” (p. 12). That is, he proposes that the belief that Jesus was born on 6 April 1 B.C. is consistent with all LDS scripture, but not necessarily with all secular sources. (All dates refer to our Gregorian calendar.) The reviewers claim that Lefgren also believes the “resurrection of Jesus fell on April sixth. He does not; his date for the Resurrection is 3 April A.D. 33 (p. 61).”

Thirty-eight years after the publication of his first book, Dr. Lefgren again looks to the Mosaic Law for the ordering of days and how this calendar connects to the birth of Christ as synchronized by the world’s largest geometric clock. He examines the very minute for the numeric harmony of the sign for the birth of Christ — a sign which ancient people witnessed in the Heartland of America. The identification of this moment is found in a time line from more than 2000 years ago and relies on 6 primary sources: (1) the exact movements of the earth around its axis; (2) the exact movements of the earth around the sun; (3) the exact movements of the moon around the earth; (4) the exact physical alignment of 3,000 acres of ancient earthworks in Newark, Ohio; (5) the exact 5-year prophecy of the coming of Christ by Samuel, the Lamanite; and (6) the exact eyewitness testimony of the fulfillment of the prophecy by Nephi, the Son of Nephi. All these sources point to the same moment in time and place.

Lefgren will present his new book which is entitled The Sign Before the Birth of Jesus Christ; As Witnessed in Newark, Ohio, 6:29 P.M., Tuesday April 6th, 1 B.C.; The 5-Year Prophecy of Samuel, the Lamanite; The Sun and the Moon Keeping Ancient Time at the Newark Earthworks.

Dr. Lefgren will gladly take questions from the audience concerning his original research at The 21st International Book of Mormon Evidence Conference in Layton, Utah on April 6, 2018. Come and hear about the latest evidence of the time and the place which exactly conform to the sign of Christ’s birth as found in the Book of Mormon.

Ernest Lehenbauer Entrepreneur, Photo-journalist, and Author of The Seal of Melchizedek

2018 Presentation:
Thurs April 5, 10:10 am #4 Twilight Room
“The Seal of Melchizedek: History, Meanings, and Mysteries”

Ernest has 3 certificates of graduation from the Utah State University Institute of Religion, as well as a Bachelor of Arts in Political Science from USU. While in school Ernest started several businesses, including one of the original Mobile Mechanic services in Utah.

After moving to San Diego, he went on to become a Field Service Representative and certified Instructor/Mechanic for the largest MRAP armored-vehicle company in the Middle East, living and working in countries such as Afghanistan, Kuwait, and Iraq for most of the next 10 years. Simultaneously, Ernest blogged as a photo-journalist, sharing views of the Iraq War from an LDS contractor’s perspective. While living in San Diego, Ernest attended a fireside by an architect of the San Diego Temple on the symbol known as the Seal of Melchizedek. After noticing the ancient symbol in almost every country he visited, he started gathering history and research on the symbol. Now Ernest runs Seal of Melchizedek.com, and with his wife Peggy founded Seal of Melchizedek™ Jewelry & Art to celebrate and share the powerful messages of inspirational symbolism. Ernest has released his new book, Seal of Melchizedek: The Modern Rebirth of an Ancient Symbol.

Kari & Chad Lewis
Owners and Operators of Cylinder Stoves, a Manufacturer of Stoves and Wall Tents

2018 Presentation:
Thurs April 5, 1:15 pm #6 Room H “Living Comfortably with Wall Tents & Stoves”

Chad & Kari Lewis and their family enjoy living in Mount Pleasant, Utah where the air is clean and there is only one stop light! They love being involved in the community, where Chad is part of the local water district and Kari works with the ambulance service. They have eight children and ten grandchildren that are the joy of their life. Chad is the inventor and designer of the Cylinder Stove, and Kari runs the office. Cylinder Stoves was established in 1989 and manufactures tent stoves, canvas wall tents, and tent frames. Chad is an avid camper and hunter, and originally designed the stoves for that purpose. Kari loves working with the customer service aspect of the business. Chad & Kari have found a huge demand for his product in the emergency preparedness market. They understand preparedness, and are willing to help people learn and figure out their personal needs.

Dale Lewis President Fortress Clothing

2018 Presentations:
Thurs April 5, 10:10 am #5 Room G “Cold Weather Survival: Made EASY”
Fri April 6, 6:40 pm #5 Room G “Cold Weather Survival: Made EASY”

Business Experience: Manufacturers Rep within the Grocery Channel, Nabisco, Frito-Lay. Founded WRLD Alliance, a telecommunications enterprise in 1997 and exited that business in 2007.
Dale has a passion for preparedness, he enjoys ranching (150 head of Black Angus cattle) gardening, and enjoys a honeybee hobby. Married for 30 Years to Karen Lewis, they are the parents of 8 children and several grandchildren.
Fortress is happy to offer THE solution to cold: FORTRESS- cold weather clothing, your “Heat Storage” solution. Renewable /Free Heat
Title: Preparing for the Cold… Tapping into your FREE / RENEWABLE Heat Source. Comfort in the Cold, Enjoy the Cold like a Polar Bear!!
Summary: Being Self Reliant isn’t just food and water! Come and learn How to Prepare for the Cold, Discover the FREE/RENEWABLE Heat Source that is untapped! Come and procure knowledge regarding “How to be COMFORTABLE in the Cold”

Shawn Terry Littlebear LDS Cheyenne Medicine Man

2018 Presentation:
Sat April 7, 7:50 pm #1 Main Stage “Native American Mormons & the Times We Live In”

Shawn Terry Littlebear was born Terry Lynn Scabby in Hammon Oklahoma in 1963 to Cheyenne Indian Parents Robert and Mary Hamilton Scabby. At the age of 2 he was taken from his parents and placed into an Orphanage in Tipton, Oklahoma. Along with his siblings he stayed there until December 1976. Then he was placed into the LDS Church Indian Placement Program out of Kansas City, Missouri, where he was placed into a home in the countryside in Jackson County. Four months later he was moved to Utah. He Joined the church in 1977 and graduated from Provo High School in 1981. He joined the U.S. Navy in 1982 and received an Honorable Medical Discharge in 1983. After his service changed his name to Shawn Terry Littlebear. He moved to Oklahoma to be near his mother and attend school at the local junior college, graduating with a two year Associates Degree in Commercial Arts. He also began to be involved in his tribes culture and traditions and became one of its leaders. He has three girls and is now teaching the ways of his people. In 2009 he was taken through the Provo Temple by his foster dad and was called to serve a mission in Oklahoma. After his mission he began to gather genealogy and history and piece together the history of his people… and he continues today…

Wayne May President Ancient American Magazine
Websites: ancientamerican.com ldsarchaeology.com

2018 Presentations:
Thurs. April 5, 1:15 pm #1 Main Stage “An Archaeological Parallel in the Book of Mormon: Hopewell North America”  
Fri. April 6, 1:15 pm #1 Main Stage  “Searching for Maya Ancestors”
Sat. April 7, 1:15 pm #1 Main Stage “The Migration History of the Lenni Lenapi into Eastern North America: A Parallel Account to; Book of Mormon War: 321 AD to 385 AD”

Wayne N. May was born and raised in Wisconsin. He is a 46 year convert to the LDS Church and has served in four Branch Presidencies, three Elder Quorum Presidencies, Seminary Instructor, Gospel Doctrine Instructor, Veil worker at the St. Paul Minnesota Temple, and currently is serving as Gospel Doctrine Teacher of the Menomonie Wisconsin Branch, Oakdale, Minnesota Stake. His wife Kristine is active with Wayne in the archaeological discoveries of the Midwest. Together they publish the quarterly magazine Ancient American which has been in continuous print for 26 years and covers the pre-Columbian Americas. Wayne and Kristine are the parents of seven children, and grandparents to sixteen.
Wayne is author of five books on the subject of Book of Mormon Archaeology in North America. They are titled; This Land: Zarahemla and the Nephite Nation; This Land: Only One Cumorah; This Land: They Came from the EAST; book four is This Land: America 2,000 B.C. to 500 A.D and book five is This Land: Willard’s Cumorah Land. Wayne gives firesides to members and non-members alike, wherever he is invited to present. He has been presenting information on the topic of North America’s archaeological data from New York to California since 1994 which demonstrates how it applies to the Book of Mormon timeline.

Rod L. Meldrum President The FIRM Foundation
Websites: bookofmormonevidence.org  firmfoundationexpo.org  heartlandevents.org

2018 Presentations:
Thurs. April 5, 9:00 am #1 Main Stage. “Welcome, An Introduction to the Conference”
Fri April 6, 11:20 am #2 Zephyr Room “DNA & Dating Dinosaurs”
Sat April 7, 11:20 am #1 Main Stage “New Heartland Edition Book of Mormon”

Rodney L. Meldrum is a researcher, author, and national lecturer on the truthfulness of the Book of Mormon, with an emphasis on the scriptural and physical evidences recently discovered indicating North America as the most likely location where its epic history played out.

He served for seven years as senior scientific researcher on a natural sciences book, was President and CEO of High Country Gourmet, Inc., Orem, Utah, and more recently was Director of Business Development for Interact Medical, a leading LMS (Learning Management System) developer for surgeons and patients in the medical device industry.

He and his wife, Tonya, are the parents of four children. He is a fifth-generation member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, served a mission in Milan, Italy, and has served faithfully in many church leadership callings, most recently Young Men’s President, High Priest Group Instructor, and currently Sunday School President of his Provo, Utah, Ward.

Jeff Midgley  Emergency Medical Expert, Owner of TNT First-Aid Inc.

2018 Presentations:
Thur April 5, 2:25 pm #5 Room G “Advanced First-Aid for Families”
Sat April 7, 1:15 pm #5 Room G “Advanced First-Aid for Families”

Jeff Midgley has over 24 years in Emergency Management and Emergency Medical Services. He has worked in Hospital Emergency rooms, ambulance, motorsports safety and Fire Department. Jeff is an American Heart Association Training Center faculty member and instructor for basic life support. Jeff is one of 8 national SFI incident response instructors. He has had training articles published on spinal immobilization in the field and head trauma in the field. Jeff teaches all aspects of emergency medical preparedness including Mass Casualty disaster training and triage. He has also served as a city wide emergency preparedness coordinator. He loves teaching and helping families and businesses prepare for when disaster strikes.
Jeff is Also the creator of the new Virtual Medic App. At a cost of only $2.95 you can have our app cached on your phone with realistic injuries and videos walking you through the treatment process step by step, giving you the confidence you need to properly care for the sick and injured. Jeff has also developed a new 40 hour survival medicine training course open to all skill levels and catering to those individuals that want to be able to do more in an emergency situation and be able to save lives of the ones they love.

Richard D. Moats, Avocational Archaeologist, Archaeoastronomer

Richard D. Moats is a twenty-four-year veteran of the United States Air Force. In his career he received the Joint Service Commendation Medal, Two Meritorious Service Medals, and the Defense Meritorious Medal. His skill sets include aircraft accident, criminal, and forensic investigations, remote sensing imagery analysis, and instructor. With these skills, as applied to Native American Archaeology, Rich has investigated many Native American sites in Ohio. He has discovered a site unknown to Archaeology and another site which added significant understanding into the Archaeoastronomy and Religion of a people living 2000 years ago. He has authored many archaeology papers and articles published in the Ohio Archaeologist and Ancient American magazines. He is a member of the Midwestern Epigraphic Society, and the Archaeology Society of Ohio where he was the 2015 Converse Award winner for outstanding contributions to Ohio Archaeology. Rev. Richard D. Moats is an Ordained Evangelist in the Church of Jesus Christ International.

Jason Mow Author and Public speaker Website: thewarchapters.com

2018 Presentations:
Fri April 6, 3:35 pm #1 Main Stage “The Warrior Ethos”
Sat April 7, 2:25 pm #3 Twilight Room “The Heroes of the War Chapters” 

After serving a mission for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, Jason joined the U.S. Army and served as a Paratrooper. He advanced through the ranks to the position of Team Sergeant for the Army’s elite Special Reactions Team (SRT). He has experience and training in joint counter narcotics operations, protective services, counter terrorism, weapons and tactics training, and deployments to hostile areas.

After the Army, Jason began work as a civilian Police Officer. Jason has worked as a patrol officer, gang detective, narcotics detective, street crimes detective, and spent several years on SWAT as an operator and instructor. He is a certified police instructor in firearms, defensive tactics, tactical driving, and patrol rifle operations. Jason has twice been awarded the Law Enforcement Metal of Honor for gallant bravery in the line of duty and was recognized as the Community Services Officer of the Year for his department.

In addition to the military and police training, he has a Bachelor’s Degree in Education from Northern Arizona University and has graduated from the Arizona Law Enforcement Academy, the U.S. State Department International Narcotics and Law Enforcement program, and the United States Army Military Police Academy. He is also POST certified police instructor.

In 2006, Jason took time off from his Law Enforcement career and worked as a Civilian Contractor for the U.S. Government in Afghanistan. He worked at the National Police Academy in Herat as the lead Instructor. Jason also worked as the personal mentor for law enforcement operations to several regional Afghan government officials. He embedded with the US Army and traveled with small specialized teams of soldiers to remote locations throughout Afghanistan.

It was in Afghanistan that the first ideas for what would become the War Chapters series began to form. After a rocket attack on his base in Herat, he turned to the scriptures and found comfort in reading about the experiences of Captain Moroni. He wrote these scenes as they played out in his mind all throughout his time there.

Jason volunteers his time and skills doing humanitarian work, conducting personal recovery operations, medical aid, and security, in response to natural disasters around the world. He has deployed to assist during Hurricane Katrina and the earthquake in Haiti.

Amberli Nelson, MBA Ancient Sacred Jewish Symbology Expert

2018 Presentation:
Fri April 7, 4:45 pm #1 Main Stage “Wolves in Sheep’s Clothing”

Amberli Gustin Nelson received a B.S. in Sociology from Brigham Young University (’94) and recently completed her Master’s Degree in Athletic Administration from CUI (2014). A busy wife and mother of seven, Amberli has a deep and abiding love of truth, knowledge and greater understanding and therefore she thoroughly enjoys reading about and researching subjects she is most passionate about which include: sacred symbology, The Book of Mormon, early LDS church history, and Jewish religious customs, beliefs and traditions. She has become an expert on ancient Jewish practices, especially those involving the Laws of Moses. She delights in sharing this knowledge with others and does so with energy and enthusiasm. Amberli has discovered compelling new evidence that the ancient Hopewell Mound Builders may have been living the laws of Moses based on archaeological findings of the essential materials required for obedience to those laws. Her incredibly powerful new presentation was a tremendous hit at our Spring 2012 National Conference and she has some incredible new information to share. Her presentation was titled – Connections Between Jewish Family, Cultural and Religious Practises and Those of the Ancient Hopewell Civilization. Amberli has a life-long passion for researching ancient scriptures, customs and symbols – especially in connection with the Law of Moses. She delights in traveling, learning and in sharing her knowledge with others and does so with great enthusiasm and passion. Amberli and her family reside in Salem, Utah.

Dr. Bradley Nelson Best Selling Author of The Emotion Code

2018 Presentation:
Fri April 6, 7:50 pm #1 Main Stage “The Emotion Code: How to Release Your Trapped Emotions for Abundant Health, Love and Happiness”

Dr. Bradley Nelson’s bestselling book, “The Emotion Code,” is the simplest method of ‘energy psychology’ ever devised. Easily learned by anyone, even children, The Emotion Code allows people to improve their lives by ridding themselves of their emotional baggage, a major underlying cause of addictions, depression, anxiety, phobias, panic attacks, eating disorders and PTSD, as well as physical problems including fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue syndrome, digestive disorders, asthma, arthritis and even life-threatening diseases.

Dr. Bradley Nelson is the developer of the most advanced form of energy medicine on the planet. A holistic Chiropractic Physician and Medical Intuitive, Dr. Nelson is one of the world’s foremost experts in the emerging fields of Bioenergetic Medicine and Energy Psychology. As an author and international lecturer in bio-energetic medicine and energy psychology, Dr. Brad has successfully used The Emotion Code with thousands of patients around the globe to relieve symptoms and often affect cures in conditions ranging from depression to cancer. His best-selling book, The Emotion Code, offers step-by-step instructions for working with the body’s own healing power. Learn more atwww.DrBradleyNelson.com and www.TheEmotionCode.com. In college, Dr. Brad studied computer programming and decided to pursue a career in business. But just six months before entering the MBA program at Brigham Young University, he had an epiphany. “I had asked God for guidance about my future. One night, I woke up and my mind was overflowing with thoughts of service to mankind and to humanity. The feelings were absolutely overwhelming, and as my head was filled with thoughts of healing and helping the world, a voice that was crystal clear spoke to me saying, ‘This is a sacred calling. ‘“In response to this calling, Dr. Brad entered Life Chiropractic College West, in San Lorenzo, California in 1988. After graduating with honors, he began his practice as a holistic chiropractic physician and saw a wide variety of patients, many of whom had seemingly incurable conditions. Father to seven children, Dr. Brad lives in St. George, Utah with his wife Jean and their two youngest children. “I feel this is my calling: to help people use their own intrinsic genius to find trapped emotions and release them so that their pain goes away, their diseases improve and sometimes disappear, and they no longer have depression, anxiety, panic attacks, or phobias. They stop sabotaging themselves, improve their health, and often improve their love life by getting rid of their emotional baggage through The Emotion Code.”

Rian Nelson  Book of Mormon Researcher, Author, Editor, Speaker
Website: worksofjoseph.com

2018 Presentations:

Thurs April 5, 10:10 am #6 Room H ”Nephite Geology, Geography, and Archaeology” Heartland 101

Fri April 6, 10:10 am #6 Room H ”Nephite Geology, Geography, and Archaeology”Heartland 201

Sat April 7, 9:00 am #6 Room H ”Nephite Geology, Geography, and Archaeology” Heartland 301

Whether you think you understand the Heartland Model of the Book of Mormon or not, this presentation is for you. Rian will share with you the basics of geography and why the Nephites could have lived in the Heartland of North America. Each of the three presentations will dig deeper into the geography of the Book of Mormon. However, any of the three presentations will be understood as stand alone presentations, for those who want to only hear one or two talks.
Both veterans and new enthusiasts to the Heartland Model, will understand how it is possible for Lehi to land in Florida, Nephi to have built the first Nephite temple in Tennessee, and how Mosiah met the Mulekites in Iowa. Rian will share his findings with dozens of maps, supporting archaeology, and information that follows the text of the Book of Mormon.

Rian has always loved the Book of Mormon and its heroes, and after 40 years of searching for the location where Nephi and Moroni lived, served, and fought for their freedom has finally been realized. They lived right where the Prophet Joseph Smith said they did, in the United Stated of America. Rian loves the Lamanites. He served a mission to Fiji and Kiribati, his parents met each other while each serving the Navajos, Apaches, and Hopis in New Mexico and Arizona, and his son served his mission among the Lamanites of Alaska. Finding new heroes, Zelph and Onandagus has inspired him. New found secondary evidences (Archaeology and Geology) has added to his previous testimony and inspired him to create art, maps, and hand made relics, to inspire others.

His passion for truth has been ignited by the description of a “mound” from Rod, the location of the “narrow neck of land” from Jonathan, the amazing “finds” from Wayne, the inspiration of the Stoddard family, and the testimony from the “Prophets Sword” through Jolene and Howard Smith. Rian thanks his friends Val Chadwick Bagley, Ken Corbett, and Kendra Burton for creating art, and cartoons of Rian’s favorite heroes, and a special thanks to Steve Blake who taught Rian a new talent, creating “cool relics.” He has a new book titled “Moroni’s America-Map Edition, edited by Jonathan Neville.

Rian is married to his eternal companion Stacy, has two children, Kinley and Caden, and a brand new grandchild named Brooklyn. He currently serves as High Priest Group Leader in Bountiful, Utah.

Jonathan Neville Author, Lawyer, Educator lettervii.com – moronisamerica.com – bookofmormonwars.com

2018 Presentations: 
Thurs April 5, 6:40 pm #1 Main Stage “Cumorah: Prophets vs. Scholars”
Fri April 6, 2:25 pm #1 Main Stage “Cumorah: A New Exhibit in Palmyra”
Sat April 7, 4:45 pm #1 Main Stage “April 7 and the Translation of the Plates”
Jonathan Neville is a lawyer, businessman, educator and author who has written over forty books, including both nonfiction and fiction. He has studied Church history and the Book of Mormon for decades, but didn’t begin publishing in the field until 2015. As of July 2017, he has published ten books on these topics. He also writes for several blogs, including
Brother Neville approaches these issues like the criminal prosecutor he once was. He pursues the evidence wherever it leads and doesn’t simply “assume” anything or take anyone’s word at face value. When it comes to Church history, he follows the adage: “trust, but verify.” That process of verifying has led to some important new discoveries that he finds to be faith-affirming and corroborate what Joseph Smith said and what the Book of Mormon teaches.
For the last twenty-five years, Jonathan has lived in Utah, but he has lived in Europe for 8 years, in the Philippines, in California, Arizona, New Mexico, Nevada, Washington, Tennessee, and Illinois. He has visited over 60 countries on every continent—including a Chilean base in Antarctica. He travels frequently with his wife Beverly, a PhD and Division Director for the Salt Lake County Health Department who is also a college professor and author, a popular speaker at BYU Education Week, and the author of an article in the Ensign in 2015. They have eight children, seven grandchildren, and no pets.
Tim Ballard, author of the Lincoln Hypothesis among other books, says Brother Neville’s book titled Moroni’s America is “a definite game changer… finally a complete, honest, and faithful look at Book of Mormon geography that deals with all the tough questions.”
Brother Neville’s book, Whatever Happened to the Golden Plates?, explains how Joseph Smith actually translated two separate sets of plates—only one of which came from Moroni’s box in the Hill Cumorah. This new understanding of Church history helps explain details that have puzzled historians for decades.
Brother Neville has spoken at firesides and conferences throughout the United States and in Europe.

Vince Newmeyer  Electrical Engineer, Scientific Researcher

2018 Presentation:
Thurs April 5, 1:15 pm #2 Zephyr Room “Adam the First Flesh on the Earth and Dinosaurs – Is there harmony
between the fossils we observe and scripture?”
Fri April 6, 1:15 pm #2 Zephyr Room
“Dating Dinosaurs & Other Ancient Fossils – Does radio metric dating
prove many millions of years of life and death on this Earth before the scriptural recognition of death entering because of the Fall of Adam?”

Vincent Newmeyer has had a life long love of science. He attended BYU studying Engineering, and even when he was younger he often dabbled with various experiments and inventions. Vince ran his own computer consulting company, has designed and built solar power installations, and engaged in electronic technical work. Vince took an intense interest in evolutionary thought in 1998 and has studied it deeply since that time. As an amateur geologist and science buff, he has done extensive reading and researching on topics in geology, biology, physics, astronomy, and earth sciences, sharing data which fundamentally challenges a number of current popularly held views on our origins.

Pamela Romney Openshaw Author of Promises of the Constitution Website: promisesoftheconstitution.com

2018 Presentations:
Thurs April 5, 4:45 pm #3 Twilight Room “George Washington’s American Freedom: Our Modern Moroni”
Fri April 6, 11:20 am #1 Main Stage “US Constitution’s Lamanite Origin: How They Aided Freedom
Sat April 7, 3:35 pm #3 Twilight Room “America’s Government, Ancient, Modern: God’s Liberty in Action” 

Pamela Romney Openshaw found her passion for the Constitution and yearning for the politics of good, moral government while serving as an elected delegate from Nebraska to President Carter’s 1980 White House Conference on Families. She saw how political forces can distort procedures and policies so that they appear to represent the will of the American people, but it became obvious that powerful forces for both good and evil operate in the hearts of those who lead.
Her love of country, family, and life itself led her to begin speaking publicly for the Right to Life movement and into a private study of the morality of public policy. This fascinating journey left her concerned, yet hopeful, for the future of our country. She remains optimistic about the strength, integrity and willingness to act with her fellow Americans in the conservative Christian cause.
A college degree in education opened the door to teaching: in elementary school, high school, and public school special education. Those endeavors have been shelved as she currently invests her efforts in teaching about our inspired, dynamic and currently embattled United States Constitution. Her greatest love, other than God, family, and country, is teaching—and she loves teaching the truth.

W. Dennis Parker
W. Dennis Parker CHT – Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist – Board Approved: Instructor, Examiner, and School Operator – Owns and Operates a Utah State Approved Postsecondary Proprietary School of Hypnotherapy, registered and bonded with the Department of Commerce, Author, Father of 11 Children and Grandfather to 40 Grandchildren. He understands families and current needs.

2018 Presentations:
Friday – April 6 – 10: 10 AM to 11:05 AM – #5  G room
“Overcome Pornography – The Imagination and Adversarial Influences Mis-Identified As the Addiction”
Saturday – April 7 – 10: 10 AM to 11:05 AM – #6 in the H room
“Part One – “Overcome Anxieties that are Affecting Your Mental and Physical Health?”
Saturday – April 7 – 2:25 PM to 3:20 PM – #6 H room
“Part Two – Overcoming Anxieties – Enjoy Learning Emotional Control Skills and Tools”

Over the past years, Dennis has assisted hundreds of young people to be free of pornography and self-abuse issues to qualify for their missions. He has worked with clergy to assist many others, singles, and married couples, to work through these same issues. The Positive Mind Management Skills and Tools that he has developed over 30 years of doing clinical hypnotherapy are most effective, and really work! He understands the imagination and how it turns up inappropriate emotional arousal, and this understanding is what is different in his behavioral model.
He also understands the adversarial spiritual roots to the problems of pornography, and teaches a protocol of resistance that has people conquering their demons of curiosity and lust, as well as other entities, whose influence in normally identified as the addiction. This knowledge is the kind of knowledge that is power, and the truths that set people Free. It brings affected persons into self-control of their emotions, and inappropriate arousals, and has them controlling their out-of-control deviant behaviors, quickly.
Dennis teaches that when accomplished correctly pondering and meditation as spoken of in the scriptures is hypnosis and hypnotherapy in in his hypnotherapy clinic, Positive Mind Management Services. Trance, pondering, and hypnosis are all synonymous to him when accomplished as he teaches it at Certified Hypnotherapy Training School.
Overcoming negative emotions and desensitizing from anxieties, stresses, worries, fears, and past traumatic abuse and PTSD, at a subconscious level, are just some of the emotional issues that are addressed well with Positive Mind Management skills and tools. You will learn some of these in these Firm Foundation Classes. You will leave the classes feeling better and enjoy more emotional control, learning to be happier.
Dennis is a noted Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist registered with the American Council of Hypnotist Examiners since 1991. (CHT 191-219). He is a Board Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist, Examiner, Instructor, and Approved School Operator. Dennis owns and operates “Certified Hypnotherapy Training School” in Farr West, Utah. CHTS trains students in hypnosis, self-hypnosis, hypnotherapy, and unique, proprietary, “Spiritual Mind Management” protocols, (SMM is now being re-branded as Positive Mind Management.) to be Certified Hypnotherapists and Certified Clinical Hypnotherapists through the American Council of Hypnotist Examiners, (A.C.H.E.). CHTS is a Postsecondary Proprietary School of Hypnotherapy in the State of Utah, registered and bonded with the Department of Commerce.
A.C.H.E Hypnotherapist Certificates are recognized and accepted throughout the United States, and in over 20 countries. Hypnotherapy is a non-licensed, certifying profession as we are considered to be non-medical. We do not diagnose, treat, or prescribe, but work with the conscious and subconscious minds to overcome maladaptive predominant thought beliefs (thinking errors) which generate negative emotions and subsequent inappropriate behaviors. We view emotionally induced pain and illnesses as behaviors and teach clients to overcome the emotional aspects of dis-ease.
Dennis has worked in several health and mental health clinics as a Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist for many years before starting his own therapy clinic, ‘Positive Mind Management Services’. This has given him vast experience in working with clients in real clinical settings. This real world experience is what he gives to his students in the trainings and protocols he has developed at CHTS. He promises students that they will receive the best Clinical Hypnotherapist trainings available anywhere, and be prepared to work in a variety of specialties with clients. He makes it all about hypnotherapist competency!

Alexander T. Paulos Personality Psychologist

2018 Presentation: Fri April 6, 1:15 pm #4 Twilight Room “Joseph of Egypt’s Descendants”

Alexander T Paulos is a cognitive pattern recognition expert, author, and consultant. He has a passion for Personality Psychology and Native Americans. Paulos received his Bachelor of Science degree in the social sciences from Brigham Young University (Provo) and is the author of two books: Recognizing People (a book about Personality Psychology principles) and Native Israelites: The Search for Joseph of Egypt’s Genetics Among the Native Americans.

Elayne Pearson
Special Needs Preparedness Specialist/ Author/Life Coach/Motivational Speaker/Special Needs Newspaper Columnist/ International Family Advocate  www.hiddentreasuresofhealth.com

2018 Presentation:
Fri April 6, at 4:45 pm #6 Room H
“Puzzled About Special-Needs Emergency Preparedness? – We’ll Help You Keep it UP!”
Sat April 7, at 6:40 pm #6 Room H “A-Z Resiliency Techniques for Families and Special-Needs”

BIO: For 30 years, Elayne has been an advocate in the Disability/Special-needs Community, sharing insight and information as a parent of a beautiful daughter with Down syndrome and autism. As an award-winning writer, poet, actress and singer, Elayne crafts creative and uplifting messages that inform and inspire audiences. The 2001 Mrs. Utah United States crown and title opened opportunities to present stress management/life balance techniques which strengthened countless groups. Elayne wrote Learning to Dance in the Rain ~ A Mother’s Holistic Approach to Helping her Child with Down Syndrome and Autism – and is publishing a new series on Special-needs Emergency Preparedness for Families. Elayne currently has a Special-needs newspaper column, plus an International Autism Credentialing blog ̶ called “Hand in Hand with Elayne.” With her lifelong commitment to help fragile families be more prepared, Elayne loves presenting at various conferences. In her spare time, she adores scrapbooking, spending time with her 12 grandchildren, and participating in musical theater productions.
Email: hiddentreasuresofhealth@yahoo.com
Instagram: hiddentreasuresofhealth

Farrell & Rhonda Pickering  Jewish Culture and Astronomical Signs Experts

2018 Presentations:
Thurs April 5, 11:20 am #3 Twilight Room “Signs of Our Time—Why are the Iconic Symbols of the Hopewell, a Hand and a Bird?”
Sat April 7, 4:45 pm #3 Twilight Room “Appointed End times: The conversion of King Lamoni is an incredible type and shadow of the great Latter-day Lamanite conversion”

Farrell Pickering attended SUSC in the field of Engineering and excels in spacial skills and the logic of the building. He has combined a love of the scriptures, numbers, and science to explore fascinating relationships about the treasures left for us in the heavens, in the earth, and in His Word.
Rhonda Pickering has taught and administrated private school for the past 30 years and is a passionate student of Isaiah, the ancient Feasts of Israel, and Biblical Astronomy.
Through our studies we have developed a profound love and appreciation for the perfection of God’s Plan of Salvation. It is our dream to share our on-going discoveries with others, and to shine the light of hope for future generations. Join us on our journey
Presentation Title: The Daniel Code pt 1 & pt 2
We will walk you through the most astounding fulfillments of Daniel’s prophecies to date, and how they apply to the prophetic last week—“the Time of Jacob’s Trouble.” Learn about the role of Michael the Archangel and the connections between Daniel, Revelation, and the climactic “Trumpets” of Revelation in the Fall Festivals of the Lord.
Oct. 2015 Presentation: Prophetically Appointed Times
Understanding the mystery of God’s three measures of time and His seven prophetic appointments makes scripture take on a whole new dimension. Even familiar stories such as “The Woman at the Well” explode with end time prophetic significance…


Richard Proctor Economist, Financial Expert

2018 Presentations:
Thurs April 5, 10:10 am #3 Twilight Room “An Economic and Banking System for a Theocratic Government”
Fri April 6, 2:25 pm #3 Twilight Room “An Economic and Banking System for a Theocratic Government”
Sat April 7, 11:20 am #3 Twilight Room “An Economic and Banking System for a Theocratic Government”

Richard Proctor has been actively engaged in Economics for nearly 60 years, with a PHD in Political Economics. In the late 1960s and early 1970s he observed the creation of the two-tiered international gold standard resulting in the abolishment of our gold standard in 1971. He then observed the follow-on interest rate and inflation explosion of the 1970s.  He can and will, upon request, explain the reasons behind the inflation of the 1970s.
He has followed the political shadow government since the 1960’s and has studied hundreds of books covering political economics and the effects of this shadow government on our lives.  Some of these books were written in the 1700s and 1800s.  He began writing in 2005 and produced an internet political newsletter every Tuesday for 6 years, from 2006 to 2012.
He has 7 books currently published with the 8th in process.  These books help individuals grasp what is happening in our society.  One is strictly economics in an easy to understand style.  It is written so even high school students and adults can finally easily understand the concepts of economics.
He has formed The Institute of Political Economics to help people gain graduate degrees in practical economics and political economics at an affordable price.  The institute awards degrees up to and including doctorate degrees at annual tuition fees beginning as low as $350 per year.  See the website at Sulmega.com.

James T. Prout Author: The “Last Days” Timeline

2018 Presentations:

Thurs April 5, at 6:40 pm #3 Twilight Room What The Scriptures Say About Donald Trump – How Long Will He Last? 
Fri April 6, at 11:20 am #6 Room H What The Scriptures Say About Donald Trump – How Long Will He Last?”
Fri April 6, at 3:35 pm #6 Room H Who Is The AntiChrist – When Does He Appear?
Sat April 7, at 11:20 am #3 Twilight Room What The Scriptures Say About Donald Trump – How Long Will He Last? 

James T. Prout is the author the book: The “Last Days” Timeline and is an expert on the specific last-days events. James is the founder of www.LastDaysTimeline.com

Find out how you can prepare your family for the next event in the sequence. Prophecy is simply the future, shown to Prophets of God in advance. Why not help your family by knowing the signs-of-the-times before they happen?

James has spent 20 years studying the scriptures, and other authors. He pulls out the nuggets of truth and cuts through the clutter that has been recorded surrounding prophecy of the end-times leading to the 2nd coming of Jesus Christ. Let him help you discover the next domino to fall; so you can prepare your family for the next event in the sequence.

“What the Scriptures Say about Donald Trump – How Long Will He Last?”

Lenet Hadley Read Author & Lecturer

2018 Presentation:
Thurs. April 5, 3:35 pm #4 Twilight Room “The Final Days of Awe”
Sat April 7, 10:10 am #5 Room G “Going Back to Egypt? Be Wary of Worldly Wisdom”

Lenet Read will show highlights from 3 professionally made videos, all showing how the Lord prophesied from the beginning the things you see happening in our times.

She will show how the Golden Plates came on a major Jewish Holy Day and will tell how she was led to that discovery, and how the Book of Mormon coming on that day fulfilled many ancient prophecies.
She will also show that the Bible prophesied repeatedly that the Book of Mormon would come out of Israelite bones left at Hill Cumorah.
She will show how God’s image of Himself as Bridegroom gives the Bible an amazing unity and shape.
Her previous research has had significant impact on both Biblical and Book of Mormon studies. She has been a primary mover in making saints more aware of the Bible’s symbolic and prophetic messages through many articles and books which have influenced BYU professors and CES teachers. She is the author of the popular and impactful eight- part Ensign series, “How the Bible Came to Be.” She is currently a temple ordinance worker, but has served both as Stake and Ward Relief Society Presidents, Institute instructor, and many years as Gospel Doctrine teacher in several areas of the country.
She is currently sharing new inspirational background to the Old Testament through posts featured on www.ldsgospeldoctrine.net.
The three new videos she will be introducing will soon appear on YouTube and on her new website www.thefinaldaysofawe. Come for a preview of these videos to help you feel total trust in the scriptures and to help yourself and your family know that the Lord has foretold all things. And that in the end, those who obey Him will have enormous blessings.

Lenet Read has published over twenty articles in the Ensign, Meridian Magazine, Journal of Book of Mormon Studies and Encyclopedia of Mormonism. She has published four books (one by Deseret Book), and has lectured at Education Week, CES Symposiums, and many conferences. Her Gospel Doctrine Blog, which includes Book of Mormon Geography, is posted on www.ldsgospeldoctrine.net.

Graduating from BYU with a B.A., she did post-graduate studies in religion at the University of Florida. Her major research has been on how Jewish Holy Days prophesied all of Christ’s major works, including the beginning of the Days of Awe at Hill Cumorah. They also hold significant prophecy for the future.

Leslie Rees Author, Speaker

2018 Presentation: April 5, at 4:45 pm #2 Zephyr Room
“Ye Have Been Hid: Finding the Lost Tribes of Israel” 

I was born in Moab, UT but have lived all over this country. I have been married for 56 years to my wonderful husband Jerry Rees. I am the mother of 10, grandmother of 37, and great-grandmother of 11. With help from my husband, who began as an F.B.I agent and then went into corporate security, I raised our children while moving very often and living in many different areas of the U.S. After retirement, my husband and I served a mission in Ghana, Africa, where he served in the Presidency of the Accra Temple and I was privileged to be an Assistant to the Matron. I have spent nearly 40 years as a Gospel Doctrine teacher, and have served in 4 Relief Society Presidencies. At present I am serving with my husband teaching the Temple Preparation classes and working in Relief Society.. After a life-time of frequent moves, while caring for a large family, I finally got around to pursuing my life-long desire of attempting to sculpt and am enjoying that. The scriptures are my passion, and a few years ago I completed and had published a book, “Ye Have Been Hid: Finding the Lost Tribes of Israel.” This was the result of 40 years of study, and I have been asked to give presentations on that subject in a number of states and stakes. And I love the gospel of Jesus Christ.

Lynn Ridenhour, PhD Baptist Minister Building Bridges Ministries lynnsbridgebuilding.com

2018 Presentations:
Thurs April 5, 7:50 pm #1 Main Stage “How to Share the Book of Mormon with a Baptist”
Fri April 6, 3:35 pm #2 Zephyr Room “What I Have Discovered about the Restoration Movement as a Baptist Minister”
Sat April 7, 4:45 pm #2 Zephyr Room “Why as a Southern Baptist Minister was I Attracted to the Restoration Gospel.”

Lynn Ridenhour is a Southern Baptist minister who for these past thirty-plus years has been preaching out of the Bible and the Book of Mormon. Dr. Ridenhour has a Master’s degree in writing from the University of Iowa, with a PhD in literature. He is the founder of “Building Bridges Ministries,” an organization dedicated to bringing together restoration and reformation Christians. “It’s my firm belief Bible-believing Christians and Book of Mormon Christians have far more in common than all our differences. Are there differences? Of course. But it’s time we began celebrating our commonalities rather than continuing to magnify our differences,” says Brother Lynn.

Marilyn Sams Educator, Author, Speaker

2018 Presentations:
Thurs April 5, 6:40 pm #4 Twilight Room “The Jerusalem Temple Mount Myth”
Sat April 7, 2:25 pm #4 Twilight Room “The Jerusalem Temple Mount Myth”
Sat April 7, 7:50 pm #6 Room H “The Jerusalem Temple Mount Myth”

Marilyn Sams acquired degrees in English and American Literature from the U. of U. and B.Y.U., teaching Freshman English part-time at several universities. After raising four children as a stay-at-home mother, diverse employment positions, and creating her own business, she has written The Jerusalem Temple Mount Myth and a derivation, The Jerusalem Temple Mount: A Compendium of Ancient Descriptions. These books amass about 400 ancient descriptions showing the temple stood in the City of David, not at the Dome of the Rock, as currently speculated. Margaret Barker, a UK scholar well-known to LDS scholars because of her extensive publications on temple theology, has endorsed her book and added it her Temple Studies Group bibliography. Marilyn has posted six papers on Academia.edu, all based on her book. Most recently, the History Channel, which will be airing a 2-part series on Mysteries of the Bible, will be flying Marilyn to New York for an interview regarding her work.


Dean W. Sessions Author of the Universal Model and founder of the New Millennial Science Website: universalmodel.com

2018 Presentations:
Thurs April 5, 4:45 pm #1 Main Stage w/Russ Barlow The Universal Model Science Connection to the Gospel” How the Hydroplanet Earth and Universal Flood are proven by Millennial Science which disproves geological time.
Fri April 6, 7:50 pm #2 Zephyr Room “New Scientific Evidence Proves Evolution False”
Sat April 7, 3:35 pm #2 Zephyr Room “Time: What It Is and What It Is Not”

Dean W. Sessions is the author of the Universal Model (UM) and founder of the Millennial Science Foundation. Sessions has a B.S. Degree in Science from Brigham Young University and in 1990, Sessions began studying in both archeology and geology where a number of important new discoveries in these fields were made over the next few years. From this initial research and experimentation, a number of inaccuracies in theoretical aspects of modern science was found leading to the realization that a complete revolution in science needed to take place.

As the director of scientific research and discovery for the Universal Model, A New Millennial Science, Sessions continued investigations in the 1990s with the aid of several research assistants. Thousands of peer reviewed scientific journal articles were gathered from all the general fields of science, as well as in-depth experimentation was conducted both in the field and in the laboratory. By 2000, the official writing and documenting of the Universal Model began. On 15 October 2016, Volume I of the UM was released to UniversalModel.com to the public. Volume I, II and III will contain a total of 32 chapters with a total of about 2,000 pages when completed. Mr. Sessions has spoken to thousands of individuals sharing the hundreds of new scientific discoveries found in the UM and explaining why we are such an important part of the wonderful Creation that surrounds us.

Laureen Simper & Stacie Thornton PRINCIPLES OF LIBERTY Libertymoms.com

Come find out what the prophets have to say about the Constitution

2018 Presentation:
Thurs April 5, 7:50 pm #6 Room H “Introduction to Principles of Liberty”

Outlines the principles embedded within the Constitution – the Founders’ “success formula” – based on their thorough study & knowledge of history, past civilizations, and especially human nature. Learn the principles behind what George Washington called the “science of government” – which, when applied, yields results that can be predicted and replicated. Watching the news can leave us feeling helpless and hopeless. Studying eternal principles of agency will leave you feeling empowered, joyful and hopeful!

Laureen Simper taught junior high English and reading before raising her two children. She has run a private Suzuki piano studio for much of 35 years.

Stacie Thornton was the financial administrator for the U.S. District Court in Utah, before marrying and raising five children. She began home schooling her children nearly 20 years ago, which she continues to do with her two youngest.

Stacie and Laureen live in Murray. After several years of personal study on their own, they began attending classes on the constitution in the spring of 2011. J. David Gowdy, graduate of the J. Reuben Clark Law School and founder of the Washington Jefferson Madison Institute, was one of their foremost teachers. Inspired by his own experience of praying what HE could do to further the cause of liberty, Stacie and Laureen decided to do the same. They were surprised by their answer: to teach these principles to others. Since preparing this presentation in the spring of 2013, they have presented this material in many other private cottage meetings, as well as church and public settings. They presented a shortened version at the Utah Farm Bureau’s state convention in November. They have also taught an extended 6-week course of these principles in both private, church, and civic settings.

Both Stacie and Laureen love studying and sharing these principles of liberty, and firmly believe that just as Heavenly Father’s children needed to make a stand for agency in their first estate, so must those of us here in this day make another stand for agency in the flesh before the Savior returns to reign over free men who choose to govern themselves by correct, eternal principles.

Tom Smokoff  Water Treatment Research Scientist

2018 Presentations: 
Fri April 6, 7:50 pm #6 Room H “The Danger of Tap Water and Bottled Water”
Sat April 7, 11:20 am #5 Room G “The Truth about Water Filters, Fluoride, R.O. Filters, & Micron Size”

We are pleased to introduce Tom Smokoff, co-founder of Water Pure Technologies, Inc. The company is based in Salt Lake City, Utah with emphasis in Chemical Engineering, Research, & Manufacturing.
Tom’s primary focus has been in the development of safe, healthy and effective solutions for health and infectious diseases related to water. The Company’s mission: To create the most scientifically beneficial and advanced water treatment products in the world
Tom is a research Scientist whose focus has been in the fields of drinking water, swimming pool, hot tub sanitation and swimming pool engineering. His expertise and research have been focused towards the development of safer, long term, alternative solutions for water treatment.
Recent studies have been in the field of biofilm bacteria with an emphasis on controlling and deactivating biofilms in drinking water, stored water, hot tubs and swimming pools. 80% of all human illnesses have been attributed to Biofilm related bacteria in water.

Steven E. Smoot Author, Historian, Film Producer, Commercial Developer
Websites: lostcivilizationsdvd.com  familyfirstfoundation.org demographicbomb.com

2018 Presentations:
Fri April 6, 2:25 pm #4 Twilight Room “Demographic Winter-The Fate and Future of Society”
Sat April 7, 3:35 pm #1 Main Stage  
“Silencing America’s
Ancient Civilizations and “The North-South Connection”

Steven Edgar Smoot is President of the Family First Foundation and President of Excel Investment Corporation and Watchman Properties. He is Author of the book, Lost American Antiquities a Hidden History and co-producer of many documentaries, the two most known documentaries are The Lost Civilizations of North America and Demographic Winter the Decline of the Human Family. He has been an invited speaker on the Decline of the Human Family and Demographics at the European Union and at many World Congress of Families events worldwide. Steven has also spoken at many ancient origin conference’s on the silence and science surrounding America’s ancient civilizations. Answering the why, how and who questions as to why we haven’t heard more about these ancient mound building cultures. Steven will also be sharing findings showing how migration patterns and the trading of precious metals, tobacco and Indian slaves can answer an age old question as to how religious teachings and practices became common to ancient cultures on many continents. Inter-twined through each of his documentaries is a common thread that shows that society cannot always rely on today’s scientific and academic communities for scholarly truths. One would think that by using scientific methods that scientists would be encouraged to follow the evidences wherever they may lead and in time come to a truthful conclusion. But since the mid 1800’s as these documentaries reveal, Social Engineers have learned that they can use the sciences and their influential political positions as a powerful tool to crush dissent on the origin and evolution of man and a myriad of other social and political issues.

Darin Southam Actor, Writer,  and Movie Producer

2018 Presentations:
 Thurs April 5, 2:25 pm  #1 Main Stage “10 Minute Introduction of a New Epic Book of Mormon Movie”
Fri April 6, 6:40 pm #6 Room H. New Film Short Debut. “Reign of Judges: Title of Liberty”

What if I told you one of the greatest struggles for liberty in America happened before the revolutionary war? What if I told you this great struggle was one of the most far-reaching war epics ever known? And what if this war epic features a hero 2000 years ago— A “strong and… mighty man” who rallied his country to the call of freedom and healed a fractured nation?

My name is Darin Southam. I’m the writer and creator of Reign of Judges: Title of Liberty. This is a period-action film, like Braveheart, but set in the 73 BC pre-Columbian New World. A humble soldier rises unexpectedly as the protector of a young republic. Now Chief Captain of a war-weary nation, Moroni defends his country with revolutionary prowess, but his greatest struggle will be uniting a beleaguered people.

Would you buy a ticket to this movie? So what is this book? Our film is based on the Reign of the Judges in The Book of Mormon.

As unbelievable as it may seem, Reign of Judges: Title of Liberty stands to be the FIRST Book of Mormon war epic EVER made. This film is also the first of a planned trilogy. Like Star Wars, our story starts in the middle of the saga. Based on a controversial book with over 200M copies in circulation, Reign of Judges: Title of Liberty is most definitely a film for everyone. Here’s what an Atheist had to say on our Facebook:

On July 4th 2014 we launched and released the first 19 pages of our script publicly. Those 19 pages have been downloaded 7,000 times. Hundreds of supporters have asked for crowdfunding. But… after three years, some may ask is there really a market for our film? Absolutely.

We have over 24,000 Facebook followers. Our latest video update had over 100,000 combined views and over 1500 shares. Imagine what our audience will be by the time we release our full film at the box office.

We’ve contracted the renown FBFX Studio who made Wonder Woman’s armor, Achilles armor in Troy, Gladiator, and more to make Captain Moroni’s incredible armor. Some war films today are made with 90% visual effects.

As stated before, this is the first Kickstarter for a major motion picture. Your pledge today isn’t just for our concept short; your pledge is an affirmation of your support for our full feature. We have just 30 days to prove there’s an audience for Reign of Judges: Title of Liberty. We have 30 days to make a statement. . We have 30 days to make a statement. The more pledges we receive PAST our minimum goal, the louder the statement becomes.

This is a clarion call, far and wide, to all who have waited so many years for the first Book of Mormon war epic ever made. BUY YOUR TICKET TODAY.

James F. Stoddard III President – Joseph Smith Foundation Website: josephsmithfoundation.org

2018 Presentations:
Thurs April 5, 4:45 pm #6 Room H
 “Understanding Last Days & Isaiah Using Joseph Smith’s Patriarchal Blessing”
Fri April 6, 10:10 am #3 Twilight Room “Nephites in Europe, New Zealand & Japan”
Fri April 6, 11:20 am #3 Twilight Room “Joseph Smith Fulfillment of End Time Prophecies in Revelation”
Sat April 7, 2:25 pm #1 Main Stage “Hidden Bloodlines: The Grail & the Lost Tribes”

James F. Stoddard III is the husband of Leslie Sarah Stoddard and father of 9 children. He is a direct descendant of Asael and Mary Duty Smith, the Prophet Joseph Smith’s grandparents, and other LDS Church history figures. He is the founder of the Joseph Smith Foundation with its divisions Joseph Smith Academy, Joseph Smith Forum, and ZionVision.
He and his family are the producers of several professional documentaries including: Joseph Smith: More than You Know, For Our Day: Divinely Sanctioned Governments, For Our Day: Covenant on the Land and Creation and Evolution: A Witness of Prophets. James has worked in private, public, religious, corporate and home education as well as Web development, software engineering, videography and natural health. He also serves on the Firm Foundation Executive Advisory and Strategic Planning Board and authors many papers and articles on the Web. His research supports the writings and teachings of ancient and latter-day prophets.

L. Hannah Stoddard Director – For Our Day Film Series Website: josephsmithfoundation.org

2018 Presentations:
Thurs April 5, 4:45 pm #6 Room H “Understanding Last Days & Isaiah Using Joseph Smith’s Patriarchal Blessing”
Thurs April 5, 7:50 pm #4 Twilight Room “Unlocking Isaiah: The Latter-day Servant & Sons”
Fri April 6, 10:10 am #3 Twilight Room “Nephites in Europe, New Zealand & Japan”
Fri April 6, 11:20 am #3 Twilight Room “Joseph Smith Fulfillment
of End Time Prophecies in Revelation”
Sat April 7, 9:00 am #4 Twilight Room “Answers to Faith Crisis Questions in Church History”
Sat April 7, 2:25 pm #1 Main Stage “Hidden Bloodlines: The Grail & the Lost Tribes”

L. Hannah Stoddard is the producer of the documentary video, For Our Day: Divinely Sanctioned Governments and the director of the videos Unlocking the Mystery of the Two Prophets: Revelation 11, For Our Day: Covenant on the Land and Statesmen & Symbols: Prelude to the Restoration. In 2015, she worked as producer in the release of the new doculecture series The Prophet Joseph: More Than We Know. Hannah directs Joseph Smith Foundation projects including Joseph Smith Forum, Joseph Smith Academy, Guardians of an Altar, Foundations and ZionVision. Hannah was home and privately educated. She has worked as a graphic design artist, software developer, videographer, project manager and research assistant. She currently serves on the advisory board for Kimber Academy – Lehi and has authored and edited hundreds of articles on the Web. Hannah’s research supports the writings and teachings of ancient and latter-day prophets.

Brian Stubbs MA, PhD Linguist, Semitist

2018 Presentation:
Thurs April 5, 4:45 pm #4 Twilight Room “Lehite Language Evidence in Native American Languages”
Sat April 7, 2:25 pm #5 Room G “Changes in Languages from Nephi to Now”

We will look at evidence in 3 language families in North America that contain Lehite language infused / mixed into those 3 groups.

Bio: Brian Stubbs is a linguist (M.A.), a Semitist (PhD, ABD) knowledgeable in Hebrew, Aramaic, Arabic, and Egyptian, and is an established authority in the Uto-Aztecan Native American language family. He has published several articles in peer-reviewed journals and has published several books, including the favorably reviewed reference work Uto-Aztecan Comparative Vocabulary and Exploring the Explanatory Power of Semitic and Egyptian in Uto-Aztecan (both for linguists) and Changes in Languages from Nephi to Now (for lay-readers). He has also examined most of the other 170 Native American language families and finds a few having similar potential for showing Lehite language infusions.

Abstract: Among the many kinds of evidence for the Book of Mormon, valid Lehite language evidence in Native American languages has been late to materialize, but is now emerging. First we review the established linguistic evidence of Hebrew, Aramaic, and Egyptian in the Uto-Aztecan language family. Then numerous data of similar hints and potential in two eastern United States language families will be considered, though all such Lehite language infusions are heavily mixed with other unrelated languages. The descendant languages answer many Book of Mormon questions. For example, debated for nearly a century, the question of whether the Nephites knew only Hebrew and wrote it in an Egyptian script (most LDS Hebraists’ view) or whether they knew both the Hebrew and Egyptian languages (Hugh Nibley’s view) is clarified in the descendant languages, as well as other issues.

Book to sell: “Changes in Languages from Nephi to Now” (210 pages, $15) explains how the Lehite language evidence sheds light on many previous unknowns in Book of Mormon matters.

Marcello Surjopolos Pur7 Hemp CBD Oil, 7PrepSteps, Puravai, and Emergency Water

2018 Presentations:
Thurs April 5, 2:25 pm #4 Twilight Room “Will Your Food Storage REALLY Last 25 Years?”
Sat April 7, 6:40 pm #4 Twilight Room “Will Your Food Storage REALLY Last 25 Years?”

Having packaged and supplied emergency food for the Navy Seals, celebrities, and well-known retailers in the industry, Marcello is a popular speaker at top preparedness conferences as one of the world’s leading authorities in emergency food and water.  He is also the author of “The 7 Prep Steps” (www.7PrepSteps.com). Learn how to do emergency food and water the right way! Whether you’re just starting your food storage or have been doing it for 20-30 years, you’ll learn something new!  Come discover the 5 (not 4) food killers and how to judge which companies (the ones you buy from every day) can live up to their 25-year shelf-life claims and which cannot.  Save yourself months, if not years, of research and avoid $Thousands of Dollars in the common food storage mistakes most people make.  Show up early, be ready to take notes, and maybe even win a free prize or two for participating!

Bio: Marcello Surjopolos is the Former Director of Entrepreneur Development for the State of Utah under Governor Huntsman and is a seasoned entrepreneur.  He has a passion not only for helping business owners succeed, but also for helping families and individuals be prepared for emergencies.  Starting as early as the 1990s, Marcello gained an appreciation for preparedness and since has started or partnered up with several companies in the preparedness arena.  Some of his companies include www.FoodStorageDepot.comwww.Puravai.com (20-year shelf life Emergency Water), www.TryPur7.com, and others.  He is also the author of “The 7 Prep Steps” course (www.7PrepSteps.com) which took over 2000 hours to create and helps companies, families, and individuals follow a systematic 7-Step process to go from unprepared to completely prepared for emergencies.

Boyd J. Tuttle MBA President, Digital Legend Press & Publishing

2018 Presentations:
Thurs April 5, 10:10 am #2 Zephyr Room Two 30-minute mini-classes:
A) “Institutional Censorship – How the North American model has been written OUT of LDS history by scholars and intellectuals”
B) “The Annotated Edition of the Book of Mormon: Preview to a Breakthrough!”
Friday April 6, 10:10 am #2 Zephyr Room Two 30-minute mini-classes:
A) “Review of all the New Titles from Digital Legend and how to get them for 50% off list”
B) “Three Books by A Baptist Minister that Mormons and Protestants will love!”
Sat April 7, 10:10 am #2 Zephyr Room Two 30-minute mini-classes:
A) “Teaching the Universal Model to Children – A Primer”
B) “UM Intro and Q&A for beginners”

Boyd graduated from BYU with a degree in Engineering in 1986 and then earned his MBA from Lehigh University in Bethlehem, PA in 1991. After twenty plus years of working for Xerox Corporation in New York and Japan, Boyd retired early to start a publishing venture called Digital Legend Publishing, Inc. Ten years later, Digital Legend has over 150 titles in print, many of which have become regional bestsellers with some receiving national attention. Among the authors published by Legends are many of the presenters at this conference: Timothy Ballard, Val Brinkerhoff, Rod Meldrum, Steve Smoot, Jonathan Neville, Bruce Porter, Gary Wright, David Allen, Stephen Spykerman, Doug Brinley, Richard Proctor, Paul Rimmasch, Leslie Rees, Lori Henderson, Dave Collingridge. Others include, Sherman L. Fleek, M. Catherine Thomas, Richard Eyre, Herschel Pedersen, Ed J. Pinegar, and many others.

Boyd currently serves as Executive Vice-President of the FIRM Foundation and Education Liaison for the Universal Model. Digital Legend has been named “Official Publisher” of the FIRM Foundation. In that capacity Digital Legend has published no less than 40 individual titles (books, DVDs , etc.) that specifically support the goals and objectives of the FIRM Foundation. Tens of thousands of these titles have sold across the country and today they serve as the literary backbone and educational showcase of the Heartland library. For more information visit: www.digitalegend.com (LDS & national titles). Some of you may remember Boyd’s father, Elder A. Theodore Tuttle of the First Quorum of Seventy who passed away in 1986. Boyd and his family recently relocated from New York and now reside in Cottonwood Heights, UT where he and his wife Holly are the parents of nine children and 5 grandchildren.

Karen Urbanek Holistic Healthcare Practitioner, International Educator

2018 Presentations:
Thurs April 5, 7:50 pm #5 Room G The “Do’s” Of The Wow (Words Of Wisdom) Make You Feel “Wow!”

Fri April 6, 7:50 Pm #6 Room H “How To Keep That Amazing Body, Created In The Image Of A God – In Celestial Health”

Karen Urbanek is an extremely entertaining, science based educator who is on fire to help the world get back to the basics of health! Having grown up on medications for her epilepsy, Karen was motivated to remove all pharmaceuticals from her life.  She quickly became epileptic free and further studied to become a Holistic Healthcare Practitioner.  An accomplished author, speaker, motivator and mother to eleven, Karen’s passion for the human body and the science of life is felt by all who meet her. Karen and her family ran two wellness centers, grocery stores and organic cafes before Karen became the President of the International Institute of Holistic Health and Education (I2H2E.com). She doesn’t know who loves your cells more, you, or HER! Learn more at Karen’s I2H2E.com or KarensHolisticHealth.com

Allan Wade Education Instructor

2018 Presentation:
Fri April 6, 4:45 pm #2 Zephyr Room “A Universal Flood of Truth-Millennial Science Education”

Allan Wade – Universal Model Education Instructor – Allan has been teaching the Universal Model – A New Millennial Science for many years and is currently a teacher at American Family Education. As a former Biology teacher, Allan’s knowledge of the UM and its principles are far reaching. He is uniquely prepared in the learning and teaching of science to students of all ages. He loves the experimental, hands-on approach of personal discovery and as seen in his Facebook page, Do True Science, wants everyone to experience discovery for themselves.

Kevin Wade LDS Mission App Developer

2018 Presentation:
Fri April 6, 7:50 pm #3 Twilight Room “Missionary App to Manage any Mission”

All speakers and presenters represent and express their own individual opinions, and not necessarily the opinions of FIRM Foundation or it’s employees. No speaker represents the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.