Vendors 2020

We are sorry to our Vendors as we had to cancel your tables because of the Virus. We can however film you to speak about your product. See information below:

Dear Vendors and Speakers:

We are now finalizing the method for you to be recorded as part of the “Virtual Expo.” We understand that because of the current pandemic, some of you are not able to travel to Utah. We hope that you take the opportunity to record your 50-60 minute presentation (by using your phone, video camera etc.) and send it to

Video must be shot in horizontal (landscape/panorama) position. Not vertical (portrait) position. Video should be no less than 720p (1280×920) or no more than Full High Definition 1080p (1920×1080). We don’t need 4k but may be able to convert it if necessary.

We will not be “live streaming” the Expo, but rather Virtual Streaming. This means conference ticket holders and streaming video subscribers will be able to watch your presentation either as a pre-recorded video or your “live” presentation at the Kimber Academy. This means that all speakers will technically be pre-recorded and then quickly uploaded to the Streaming video website for availability throughout the conference. 

The Kimber Academy is located at 46 N. 300 W. Lehi, UT 84073. It’s near the corner of Main Street and 300 W in downtown Lehi, in a neighborhood. We are keeping interaction and people at the school to a minimum to protect our cherished presenters from the current pandemic. With that in mind, please do NOT invite friends, family members or fans not directly involved with your presentation. We will have separate rooms set up with camera, projector, microphones and screens (large white boards in each classroom) just as if you were presenting at the physical Expo, but there will be no audience there. Hopefully several hundred – if not thousands – of eager watchers across the globe will be awaiting your thoughts. Please be sure to bring your computer and PowerPoint presentation with HDMI connection capability to connect to the projector/video editing board. If you feel sick or have a fever or in any way think you might infect others, please let us know immediately and stay home and get better!  There will be other opportunities; we all hope, right?

Speakers will not have to be recorded as per the previous speaking schedule, as you won’t be seen live as we had originally planned. We can record you on April 9th or 10th based on a new schedule that may be more convenient for you. We will have three or four rooms available at Kimber Academy and you can pick the time that will be best for you to come by and be recorded. If you have two or three presentations, you can record them at the same time on Thurs. or Fri. anytime from 9 am until 8 pm.

Remember the times you were scheduled previously during the scheduled Live Expo are no longer in effect. Please email or call me to pick your time to film your presentation at the Kimber School in Lehi on April 9th or 10th. I will confirm our agreed upon time with you by text or email.

Vendors: We can either refund your booth/table space or we will give you a credit toward our next event (Sept 11-12, 2020 at MAEC) which will include 10% off your reserved space for our next event in Sept or 10% off any of our products. We recommend that if you are a vendor and are speaking that you take the opportunity to offer specials or free shipping for your customers. Please email me on which option you prefer.

We are very excited to share with you the messages of so many wonderful people.  Again, we want to reiterate that your health and safety is our highest priority. We also have a huge desire to share our messages of hope, health, happiness and the love of our Savior during this conference.

Those who have not purchased event tickets yet, should do so by April 7, 2020 in order to receive the streaming service for one year along with the access to this Expo.

For additional updates or questions please visit,

May the Lord bless you all.

Each paid vendor will receive free admission for you and two additional employees. You may use the front West doors to set up. Take down will be no earlier than 7:30 pm on Sat April 11. Chose available space below, pay at ANY yellow button and then email Rian to reserve your table or booth number.

Vendor Table Details
Please email Rian Nelson at or call 801-931-9031 for questions.

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Name: FIRM Foundation Expo featuring the 25th International Book of Mormon Evidence Conference
Dates: Thurs April 9, Friday April 10, and Sat. April 11th, 2020- From 9 am to 9 pm each day.
Location: Mountain America Exposition Center- Mountain Hall 5 (Most Northern Hall)
Address: 9575 S. State Street Sandy, UT 84070 Directions
Vendor Set-up- We are more limited on tables this year, so please reserve early. Table set-up will be Wed April 8th from 2 to 9 pm and also on Thurs April 9, 6 am to 8:30 am. You must be set up by 8:30 am Thurs April 9,  as this is when customers begin to arrive. The first speaker will be Thurs April 9th at 9 am . Vendors can use the main entrance which faces west towards State Street for loading and unloading. There are larger doors at the east rear entrance if needed.

Dear FIRM Foundation Vendors:
The date of our FIRM Foundation Expo featuring the 25th Book of Mormon International Conference is arriving soon. We are looking forward to your participation. We are expecting the same size crowd each day of this three day event as we had last April 2019.  This event will have one main stage and 5 additional smaller stages. This year we will be giving selected vendors an opportunity to speak on the MAIN STAGE. (First Time Ever) The registration link is here to share with your guests. Early-Bird discount only applies until Feb 24th 2020.

Dates: Thurs Apr 9, Fri Apr 10, Sat Apr 11, 2020. 9 am to 9 pm each day.
Place: Mountain America Exposition Center  Directions here:
Here are a few reminders:
1- You will see our brand new online Expo Video website this year. All of our past videos from our previous Expos will be available on a pay per year site similar to Netflix. HERE. You will have the opportunity to drive traffic to view your own videos and you will be able to earn money as customers watch your video. (Details to come later) We will be videotaping all presentations at this event which will also be uploaded to the same website within a few months or so of our April 2020 event.
2- Vendor setup: You can set up on Wed April 8th from 2-9 pm and also on Thurs morning April 9th from 6:00 am until 8:30 am. Customers arrive by 8:30 am on Thursday. Take down is Sat April 11th  no earlier than 7 pm.
3- The Conference Center will have a concession stand all day Thurs, Fri, and Sat for our event. There are over 10 places to eat about 1 mile from the center as well. 
4- Some vendors will pay $65 extra for electricity for their booth or table. If you are a vendor who didn’t purchase electricity, please respect that and understand the Convention Center charges us individually for power. You can’t split the cost.
5- Internet access is available for free. 
6- Vendors are  near the main stage where each vendor will have a packet on your appropriate table with your name on it. Inside the packet will be your event program and 2 vendor name tags. Ask Rian if you may need any more.
7- Please send email to all of your friends and guests to encourage their attendance. If you need a flyer or logo to send them please contact me. 
8- You must have a tablecloth so please bring your own. We have some available for an extra $10 cost. 
9- Our Next Conference will be Sept 11-12, 2020 at the same location, the Mountain America Expo Center at 9575 S State St. in Sandy, UT. We will again have our two day event with one main stage so only about 20 will be able to speak.
10- We will sell out of vendor tables so please reserve yours early. They are just $150 to $500. See details here. You can pay for the vendor tables here: Email Rian with the table/booth number you are requesting.
11- We have secured special prices with three hotels. Check here for rates.
We sure appreciate your support. Please contact me if we can help you in any way.
Rian Nelson FIRM Foundation

Click the button to purchase any size table or booth  

1- VENDOR TABLE – 8 foot by 3 foot table & 2 chairs
Reg Price $325 each. Table for the entire 3-day event.

Space includes 8 ft. x 3 ft. table, 2 chairs but NO electricity. Table provided bare and tablecloths are required, so please bring your own. If you need the following you must purchase it at the time of reservation.
Additional Cost  (If Needed)  Electricity $65- Tablecloth rental $10 each. Extra Table $10 (Booths Only. 1 Table is included)
Discounts: A. Save $30 if you pay in full at time of reservation
B. Save $20 helping us promote with a link on your website, e-blast or newsletter.
Your Individual Table is ONLY $275 total if you qualify for both discounts!
2nd 8’ Table $225 (example 2 tables w/discounts is $275 + $225 = $500)
3rd 8’ Table $175 (example 3 tables w/discount is $275 + $225 + 125 = $625)
4th 8′ Table $125 (example 4 tables w/discount is $275 + $225 + 125+ 100 = 725)

2- ½ VENDOR TABLE – 4 foot by 3 foot table space & chair. Share with another vendor. $150 each for the entire 3-day event and you qualify for the discount above. $175 after Feb 24, 2020

3- BOOTH – 10’x 10′ space, 1 or two tables, 2 chairs
$550 each. Booth for the entire 3-day event.

Space includes 10 ft. x 10 ft. space, including  1 table, 2 chairs and pipe and drape is furnished at no extra cost. NO electricity unless paid separately. Tables provided are bare and tablecloths are required, so please bring your own.  If you need and extra table for your booth they are $10 each. If you need the following you must purchase it at the time of reservation.
Additional Cost  (If Needed) Electricity $65- Tablecloth rental $10 each. Extra Table $10 (Booths Only. 1 Table is included)
Discounts: A. Save $30 if you pay in full at time of reservation
B. Save $20 helping us promote with a link on your website, e-blast or newsletter.
Your Individual Booth space is ONLY $500 total if you qualify for both discounts!
2nd Booth Spaces $350 (example 2 booths w/discounts is $500 + $350 = $850)
3rd Booth Spaces $250 (example 3 booths w/discount is $500 + $350 + 250 = $1100)

4- ½ BOOTH SPACE – 5 foot x 10 foot space and chair. You share the front table with another vendor and you have an 8′ side table of your own in your space as well. $300 each for the entire 2-day event and you qualify for the discount above. 

Click the button to purchase any size table or booth

Please call Rian Nelson for current updates. 801-931-9031 or email:

Table availability is below. Yellow is reserved for a vendor table. Blue is reserved for a Booth. Available spaces are white or no color. Last update Feb 18, 2020


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