Event Location, Dates & Schedule
Where: Utah Valley University UCCU Event Center, 800 West University Parkway, Orem Utah 84058
Wednesday April 5th, Vendor Move In – beginning 5:00 pm
Thursday April 6th, Vendor Setup Opens 6:00am, Registration Opens at 8:00am Speakers begin at 9:00am
Friday April 7th, 9:00am to 9:00pm
Saturday April 8th, 9:00am to 9:00pm – Vendors Must Be Out by 11:00pm

Loading & Unloading:
Please enter the UVU main parking lot  on the frontage road nearest I-15 Intersate. Drive through the parking lot East bound, and go straight past the Security booth. You will be on the lower North side of the UCCU Center. There is parking for 20 or so vehicles including larger trucks and trailers. (This is only temporary parking for you to load and unload). The large garage doors you can drive through or nearby to load and unload at the Main Arena area. You can begin unloading to set up at 5 pm on Wed. April 5th, and again on Thursday April 6th by 6 am. You must be set up and ready to host guests by 8 am Thursday morning. You can begin loading to leave Sat April 8th no earlier than 6 pm. We must be out of the building by 11 pm on Sat April 8th.

Parking: Free parking IN DESIGNATED AREAS ONLY. UVU will be out of session so parking should not be an issue.
Advertising: Like past years we will advertise on radio, in newspapers and with online marketing. This all begins about 3 weeks before the Expo begins.
**Last April 2016 our Firm Foundation Expo brought over 5,500 people. We had people fly/drive in from across the country to attend, many from outside of the United States. We expect between 6,000-8,000 at this event! Many indicated that they sold more at our event than other events where booths cost $1000 or more.
Essential Vendor Information:
** There are Main Floor 10’x10′ booths, and Upper Floor 8′ table spaces.
** Booth/Table Spaces Are Reserved ONLY When Paid in Full by online payment process.
** Early Bird Discounts Will Apply If Paid In Full By Feb 28th, 2017. Extended only through Fri. Mar 3, 2017


1. MAIN HALL LOWER FLOOR 10’x10′ Booth spaces are $600 for the entire 3-day event.
Booth includes 1- 8ft table, 2 chairs, and electricity. Pipe & Drape (if wanted) is available but not included. All tables must be covered with a suitable tablecloth. Bring your own or our tablecloth rental is $10/table.
We encourage you to bring your own tables and chairs if possible. If you need any of the following, you will need to purchase it at the time of reservation/payment.
Additional 8′ Table $10 each — 10′ Pipe/Drape Section $20 each — Tablecloth $10 each — Endcap or corner add $100 (per booth) See separate payment area below the  YELLOW BANNER at very bottom.
Discounts: A. Save $25 if paid by Early Bird Deadline 02/28/17
B. Save $25 if you help us promote the expo with a link on your website, an e-blast or newsletter.
Your booth is ONLY $550 if you qualify for both discounts. Example Pricing Below:
2nd Booth add $300 (example 2 Booths = $850 (w discounts $550 + $300)
3rd Booth or more add $250 ea. (examples 3 Booths = $1100 ($550 +$300 +$250) / 4 Booths = $1350

Vendor 10′ x 10′ Booths Early Discount

2. UPPER FLOOR Vendor Tables are $300 for entire 3-day event.
Space includes 8 ft. table,1 chair and electricity. Tables provided are bare and tablecloths are required, so please don’t forget to bring your own. If you need the following, you must purchase it at reservation/payment. There will not be any pipe and drape available for the upper floor. UVU will not allow tape or nails on any walls upstairs.
Tablecloth $10 ea — Endcap or corner add $25 (per table) See separate payment area below the  YELLOW BANNER at very bottom.
Discounts: A. Save $30 if paid by Early Bird Deadline 02/28/17
B. Save $20 if you help us promote the expo with a link on your website, an e-blast or newsletter. Your table is ONLY $250 if you qualify for both discounts.
Additional 8′ tables add $150 (example 2 Tables = $400 (w discounts is $250 + $150)
3 Tables = $550, 4 Tables = $700)

Vendor Spaces-Early Bird Special

All Vendors Notice:

Please email the following information even if you purchase online to This will validate my receipt of your payment and open the lines of communication with me. Please be sure to include ALL required information. We need this for tax purposes. Incomplete applications cannot be processed.
Vendor Business Name –
Owner Name –
Contact Person –
Business Phone # –
Contact Cell Phone # –
Website Address (I want to put your link on our website)
Email Address–
Mailing Address (Street, City, State, Zip) –
Federal Tax ID# or Business EIN# –
General Description of products/services you wish to sell at Expo –
Please send me a link on your website showing our Expo link or send me a newsletter.
Fill out one of the two lines below:
1. Booth Number(s) Desired Lower Floor First Choice_________Second Choice ________
2. Table Space(s) Desired Upper Floor First Choice ________ Second Choice ________
You can copy and paste the above information and email it to:

FOR ANY QUESTIONS CONTACT: Rian Nelson at 801-931-9031
PLEASE DO NOT LEAVE VOICE MESSAGES, ONLY TEXT MESSAGES WITH THE WORD “EXPO”. IF I DON’T ANSWER JUST CALL BACK OR I WILL RESPOND TO YOUR TEXT AS SOON AS POSSIBLE. This is very efficient for me. I appreciate your support. Be sure to complete your payment online to reserve your space and receive your Early Bird Discount. Deadline is 02/28/17. Please No Checks unless you contact me personally. Checks may delay reservations. Payment must be made online to reserve spaces.

Endcaps and Corners

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