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Virtual Conference

Because of the continued covid 19 restrictions we will again have our event virtually… with some important improvements! Because of the challenges of live streaming, we are going to pre-record every presentation and release them on opening morning! (Sept 25, 2020 at 9 AM). You will have 70-80 videos to choose from right away. You can watch from anywhere in the world on your smartphone, computer, or similar device with internet access.

Our previous Virtual Expo in April 2020, touted over 90 presentations by 75 experts in many fields. This event will be just as big with brand new presentations from many of your favorite presenters as well as many new speakers we’ve never had before.

No Vendors

We are sorry to say that our wonderful vendors will again not be able to participate at this event. This is unfortunate because they have such important educational and useful materials and it’s harder to choose things that may interest you without being able to see it. Please be aware that most all the products can be purchased online from our various vendors or at the Book of Mormon Evidence Bookstore HERE. 

We are anticipating an April 2021 event like usual with live participation, but we cannot confirm the dates yet.

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We ask those who would like to speak at our Sept 25-26 Virtual Event to please contact Rian Nelson at riannelson@aol.com or cell and text  801-931-9031 ASAP to make arrangements.

See the Bonuses below that offset your complete subscription cost!

1- “Destruction at Christ’s Death” 2-Hour Streaming Video by Rod Meldrum from his Volume II Series. (One 2- Hour video only.

$20 Value FREE
Was the destruction at the time of Christ’s death caused by a volcanic eruption as has been speculated by some Book of Mormon geography scholars, or is there another explanation? Amazing new research has uncovered incredible parallels between the eye-witness accounts of the Book of Mormon prophets and the eye-witness observations of those who suffered through a sequence of earthquakes in the heartland of America in 1811 and 1812. Together we will compare the scriptural account with the History Channels Earthquake in the Heartland documentary and authoritative accounts by those who were there! It is nothing short of amazing.
  • What textual evidence exists that the destruction was volcanic in nature?
  • How was the destruction described by the ancient prophets?
  • What caused the three days of darkness?
  • When did the Nephites gather at the temple in Bountiful?
  • Why couldn’t some Nephites light fires, while other Nephite cities were entirely burned?
  • Did an event similar to that witnessed in 1811-1812 occur near the time of Christ?

No Disc nor actual CD. This is a streaming version you can watch from the Categories menu of your Book of Mormon Evidence Streaming Site. No Disc will be sent to you.

2- New 40 Page E-Book by Rod Meldrum

$15 Value FREE

*E-Book: One 45 page E-book exerted from a chapter in the book, Prophecies and Promises Titled “What Did Joseph Know?” Includes new charts, graphs, art and information that was not included in his original chapter of Prophecies and Promises. No book will be mailed to you. You will be able to read the entire book from your computer, i-pad, or Smart Phone, right after your payment.

No refunds after Sept 10, 2020