The New Sept Conference Videos will be online soon at your streaming site here: bookofmormonevidence.org/streaming

Explanation about Streaming Subscriptions and Expo Tickets


If you are a subscriber and either paying the $9 per month or you have paid the 1 year of $95, you are just paying for subscription service. If however you are paying $45 per month you are paying for subscription service and you are paying $60 per year to attend our live events.

Free Pass:

If you are paying $45 per quarter, you receive one full day pass FREE to our Expo and each additional attendee will have to pay $30 each.


You are paying for the monthly streaming of 700 videos which is $120 per year and in addition are paying for the Expo we have every 6 months which is $60 per year.

The $45 per quarter is the most you will ever pay. The $30 for each of the bi-yearly expos is included. In other words, don’t pay more than the $45 per quarter. ($15.00 per month) $180 Total per year.

Our second option you can pay $30 twice per year for each conference and then pay 95.64 per year for the mo. to mo. fee. This is the cheapest option, and you can convert to it before your next payment by paying $30 pus $95.64. This is more money up front, but it will save you over the year. ($12.97 per month) 155.64 total per year.

Managing Your Account:

When logged in to our streaming site, https://www.bookofmormonevidence.org/streaming/you can control your account by hovering with your mouse over your login name on the front of the main page in the top right corner and click on account. You can change subscriptions, change cards, stop payment, change billing, and switch memberships.

 Tickets Now Available Here

Newly Booked! It’s Back-

FIRM Foundation’s 28th International Book of Mormon Evidence Conference Featuring LIVE Expo
Thurs, Fri, Sat- Sept 23-25, 2021 9 AM to 9 PM

Mountain America Expo Center 9575 South State Street. Sandy, UT 84070
Prepare Now. More Info to Come! Put it on your Calendar.
No Family Pass but Children under 18 are FREE!

Welcome Back Vendors

Great news to our wonderful vendors. Booths and Vendor tables will be available, first come first served by payment. Limited number available.

Speaker Presentations

We ask those who would like to speak at our April 7-9th Live Expo to make the following arrangements. If you are one of our regular speakers, you will have priority to speak at our Expo. If you are a new speaker, please contact Rian Nelson at riannelson@aol.com or cell and text 801-931-9031 to verify we have availability.

We have a limited number of speaker options this year. We normally have over 80 but this year we can only accommodate 50-55

Expo and Video Streaming

If you have signed up for our video streaming and paid $95.64 per year, or if you are on a monthly payment of $8-$10 per month, you will need to purchase a ticket for each person who attends our Live 28th Expo. HERE. If you have signed up for the $45 per quarter video streaming payment, this Live 28th Expo is free and just choose the free option when you register. You can change from your monthly service of $8-$10 per month and pay for the $45 per quarter at https://www.bookofmormonevidence.org/streaming/ and then register for free.

Speaker presentations will be a topic about one of the following subjects:
Book of Mormon Research
Signs of the Times
Science and Religion
Health and Wellness
Emergency Preparedness
United States Constitutional Studies
World News and Events
Church History and Gospel Subjects

No Family Pass but Children under 18 are FREE!