Past Speakers

Firm Foundation Expo in conjunction with the 19th International Book of Mormon Evidence Conference will be held April 6-8, 2017 at the Utah Valley University UCCU Event Center in Orem, Utah. We have heard from hundreds of speakers in the last 10 years and we are continually adding new ones. The links below take you to more detailed bio’s of each speaker. This complete list reflects the speakers for all of the Expo’s in the past.

The flyer below shares with you the featured speakers of our April 2017 Expo. The specific list of all speakers for our April 2017 Expo will be displayed approximately March 15, 2017 here on this page and other places on this web site.

1. Keynote Speakers

2. Heartland Special Supporters
3. Special Guests
4. Artists, Authors, Performers, Film
5. Book of Mormon Research
6. Emergency Preparedness
7. Holistic Health & Wellness
8. Constitution & Daily Issues
9. Camping, Gardening & Food
10. Signs of Our Times & Science

Speaker Profiles By Category

Below is a list of ALL speakers in the past. To see who is speaking at our 19th Expo this year, please wait until about March 15th, 2017 or so, before this list is complete. Most of the keynote speakers will speak at every conference. To see profiles on each speaker please click the 1-10 links above or see the tab on the website and hover over the “Speakers” tab.

Keynote Speakers
Timothy Ballard
Best-Selling Author, Speaker and TV Host
David Doane
Master’s Degree/Middle Eastern Studies, Master’s Degree/Agricultural Economics
Kels Goodman
Film Producer – Hidden in the Heartland
Lori Bean Henderson
Documentary Producer, Executive Assistant – KSL News, Radio Host
Wayne N. May
Publisher – Ancient American Magazine
Rod L. Meldrum
President – The FIRM Foundation
Amberli Nelson, MA
Ancient Sacred Jewish Symbology Expert
Dr. Bradley Nelson
Best Selling Author of The Emotion Code- Healers Library
Jonathan Neville
JAG Attorney, Author, Novelist, Church History Researcher, World Traveler
Bruce H. Porter
Middle Eastern Linguistics Scholar, Institute Director/ CES Instructor
Steven E. Smoot
Author, Historian, Film Producer, Commercial Developer
James F. Stoddard III
President – Joseph Smith Foundation
L. Hannah Stoddard
Director – For Our Day Film Series
Boyd J. Tuttle
President, Digital Legend Press & Publishing

Heartland Special Supporters
Keith Merrill

Renowned Filmmaker, Academy Award Recipient
Alan & Suzanne Osmond
Entertainer, Musician, Song Writer, Husband, Wife
Elder Hartman Rector Jr.
Emeritus General Authority, Former Navy Pilot

Special Guests
Ron L. Andersen
Founder, Lincoln Leadership Society; Young Men General Board of LDS Church
Vicki Jo Andersen
Author, The Other Eminent Men of Wilford Woodruff
Andrew (Andy) Biggs
Constitutional Attorney, AZ Legislator, Co-author of Arizona’s HB1070
J.C. Bollers
Reseacher and Geographer (In Memorial)
Alex Boye’
Superstar Singer/Songwriter – Mormon Tabernacle Choir Member – New American!
David L. Buckner
Economist, contributor to The Glenn Beck program on Fox News
Mark & Jill Clifford
Owners of Legacy Tours and Travel
Jack R. Christianson, PhD
Inspirational Speaker, Author, Educator
Ryan Fisher
Investigative Journalist, Producer of Nephite Explorer Television Series
Avraham Gileadi Ph.D.
Renown Scholar, Author and Lecturer on the Book of Isaiah
Kay Godfrey
Joseph Smith Epoch Historian, Archaeology/Anthropology
Calvin J. Hamilton
Open Source Geospatial Software Advocate and Developer
Senator Orrin Hatch
United States Senator from Utah
Dr. Steven E. Jones
Professor of Physics, Brigham Young University – Retired
Delores Kahkonen
Native American Indian Upper Cayuga of the Six Nations
Dr. Clovis Karam
Faculty of Humanities at Notre Dame University (NDU), Lebanon
Pastor Tom Kerry
Founder of the Television Ministry, Gods Unchanging Word, New Orleans, LA
Ken Krogue
Founder, President, and Chief Strategy Officer of
Dr. Robert Fuller
Dental Practitioner, Owner of the Zermatt Resort & Conference Center
Shawn Terry Littlebear
Cheyenne Medicine Man, LDS Member
Alan Rudd
President, Beit Lehi Foundation (Israel)
Howard J. Ruff
Financial Advisor, Author of biggest-selling financial book in history
Mary Ellen Smoot
Former General President of the Relief Society of the LDS Church
Chris Stewart
Best-selling author, world-record setting pilot, U.S. House of Representatives for Utah
Lynn R. Stratford
Manager, Hilltop Ventures
Vicki Bean Topliff
Author and Historian Focusing on Willard Bean, the Fighting Parson

“I Nephi, did build a temple” by Ken Corbett

Book of Mormon Research
Tim Adams
Author, Speaker on Pattern of the Heavens
Douglas E. Brinley
Former Professor of Church History and Doctrine, BYU
Kathy Alissa Burris
Palmyra & Hill Cumorah Expert Witness
Alex Koritz
PR Executive, Book of Mormon Researcher
Dan LaPray
Senior Film & Video Producer for LDS Church
Anita Meyer
Author of Beyond The Bible Code
Ran W. Nelson
Book of Mormon Researcher/
Rick Osmon
Author & Researcher of Ancient Monuments of the Ohio Valley
Lenet Read
Author & Lecturer
David Read
Researcher, Patent Attorney
Stephen Spykerman
International Speaker and Author
R Paul Taylor
American Antiquities Researcher, Chairman of Land Hill Research & Preservation Foundation
James E. Vieira
Author & Researcher of Ancient Stone Structures in Northeast America
Fritz Zimmerman
Author and Historian
Paul Rimmasch
Crime Scene Investigator for Weber-Metro CSI, Utah
Howard Carlos Smith
Author – Keeper of the Prophets Sword

Authors, Artists, and Performers
Michele Baer
Extraordinary Singer and Musical Composer
Jaden Bliss
Patriotic Song Writer, Composer, and Vocalist
Val Chadwick Bagley
LDS Artist and Cartoonist for the “Friend Magazine” & other Church Publications
Clark R. Burbidge
Author of Giants in the Land Best Selling Book Series
Kendra Burton
Professional Artist of “Christ Visits the Nephites in America’s Heartland”
Ken Corbett
Professional Artist of Patriotic, Religious, and Heartland Art
Kerri Guthrie
Professional Artist
The Fab Five
Extreme Power Clogging / Tap-Dancing Troup
Kaye Starr Heninger
Book of Mormon Musician
Ron Lawson
Professional Artist
David Lindsley
Renown LDS Painter – Joseph Smith, Children of Light, Lincoln
Jason P. Millward
Renowned Sculptor – Visions of the Past
Jon McNaughton
Renowned LDS Painter – One Nation Under God
Nathan Osmond
Professional Singer/Songwriter and Motivational Speaker
Kimberly Smith
Great-great-granddaughter of Joseph Smith Jr. and Musician

1. Keynote Speakers
2. Heartland Special Supporters
3. Special Guests
4. Artists, Authors, Performers, Film
5. Book of Mormon Research
6. Emergency Preparedness
7. Holistic Health & Wellness
8. Constitution & Daily Issues
9. Camping, Gardening & Food
10. Signs of Our Times & Science

Emergency Preparedness
John Arbon
Textiles & Cold Weather Gear Professional
Ben Gillmore
EMP (Electromagnetic Pulse) Expert, Mil-Spec EMP Protection
Jonathan & Kylene Jones
Alternative Energy Experts
Peggy Layton
Home Economist, Licenced Nutritionist and Author
Dale Lewis
President, Fortress Clothing
Amy Loveless
Preparedness and First Responder Expert & Instructor
Dan Neville
Author, Scientist, Food Preservation Expert
Shari Nevitt
Disaster Preparedness Expert
John Pugliano
Financial Advisor
Jim Phillips
Cold Weather Survival Expert
Gavin Rich
Owner, Safety Shield, First Aid Expert
Tom Smokoff
Water Treatment Research Scientist
Beuna Tomalino
Garden Coach, Owner of Garden Inspire, Author

Holistic Health & Wellness
Elizabeth Allen
Certified Body Talk Practitioner and Instructor
Ali Bell
Spiritual Counselor for 7 Elevations of Wholeness
Diane Bjarnson
Midwifery, Herbalist Expert
Eric Bjarnson
Herbalist, Alternative Healthcare Expert
Thomas Butler
CEO and Co Founder of
Angie Christensen
Certified Neurofeedback and Energy Healer, Nutritionist
Dr. Kyle Christensen
Chiropractic Physician
Carlin Clarke, MCA
Author, Professor, Wellness Advocate, & Autism Mom
Bob Clayton
Founder of Valley Food Storage
Christine Dixon
Addiction Recovery Educator
Shawna Draper
Author of 3 Books to Facilitate Healing from Sexual Abuse
Steven Fountaine
Health Altruist
David L. Hardy, MBA
Nutritional Expert on Vitamins and Minerals
Patty Jake
Healthy Life Coach
Dr. Patrick Jones
Veterinarian, Clinical Herbalist, Author and Lecturer
Karyn Grant
LMT, Songwriter, Singer and Joy Coach
Tamara Laing, MRET
Author, Master Rapid Eye Technician
Shelle McDermott
Author and Presenter
Jeff Midgley
Emergency Medical Expert, Owner of TNT First-Aid Inc.
Cindy Miller
Author, Certified Foot Zone Therapist
Jessica Mockett
Director/Producer of the film, The Heart of the Matter
Sharon Moran
Nutitionist, Essential Oils Expert

Dr. Bradley Nelson
Best Selling Author of The Emotion Code- Healers Library

Tatia Nelson
Health Mentor, Director of School of Health Freedom
Beverly Neville, PhD
Registered Dietitian & Nutritionist
Emily Shakespeare Nielsen
Energy Coach
Sharik & Cheryl Peck
Pain Relief Therapy Specialists
Tam Pendleton
LMT, CECP, CBCP, CHBP, CRT Mentor & Trainer
Cyndy Parkinson
Natural Healthcare Advocate, Cancer Survivor
Karen Prier LMT
Licensed Massage Therapist, 7 Elevations of Wholeness
Dr. Whit Roberts
Chiropractic Physician
Sharon Slater
President of Family Watch International
Misti Stevenson
Author of He Delivered Even Me, He Will Deliver Even You
Karen Urbanek
Holistic Health Practitioner, TNC, Keynote, Author and Mom
Tara Weaver
Essential Oils Expert, Foot Zone Therapist
LaRee Westover
Herbalist, Essential Oils Expert
Mark White
Chief Operating Officer – Nexalin Technology
Dr. Larry Ziegler
Chiropractic Physician

Constitution & Daily Issues 
Hans Andersen
Citizen Constitutionalist, Accountant
John Yves Bizimana
Author, Rwanda genocide survivor
Scott N. Bradley
Founder, The Constitutional Commemoration Foundation
Shawna Cox & Cliven Bundy
Freedom Loving Patriots
Michael Buster
LDS Film Producer and Director
Lonnie Crockett Ph.D.
Professor, Author, Lover of the Constitution
Gregg Hardy
Founder, Colonial Heritage Foundation, Benjamin Franklin double
Robert Hatch
LDS Film Director, Producer, Writer and Founder of Direction Films, Inc.
Dr. Jerome Horowitz
Lawyer, Author, Constitutional Speaker
Franklin Keel
Specialist in Contemporary Indian Policy
Dr. Glenn J. Kimber
President – Thomas Jefferson Center for Constitutional Studies
Jared Law
Regional Coordinator, 9.12 Project
Becky Lewis
Ojibwa Native American and Tribal Leader
G. Kent Mangelson
Nationally Acclaimed Educator and Constitutional Speaker
Ben McClintock
Investigative Reporter for
Dr. Jack Monnett
Best-Selling LDS Author on Preparedness, Government and Education
Cal Nez
President, Utah Native America Chamber of Commerce, Cal Nez Design
Bill Norton
Founder, Constitution Week USA, Arizona
Pamela Romney Openshaw
Author of Promises of the Constitution
Richard Proctor
Economist, Financial Expert
Chief Charles L. Rogers, M.D.
Cherokee Medicine Person, Oncologist
Joel Skousen
Publisher of World Affairs Brief
Paul B. Skousen
Former CIA officer, Journalist, Communications Specialist
Scott Swain
Founder, Roots of Freedom and the Freedom Gallery
Earl Taylor, Jr.
President – National Center for Constitutional Studies
Donald N. Yates
President – DNA Consultants

1. Keynote Speakers
2. Heartland Special Supporters
3. Special Guests
4. Artists, Authors, Performers, Film
5. Book of Mormon Research
6. Emergency Preparedness
7. Holistic Health & Wellness
8. Constitution & Daily Issues
9. Camping, Gardening & Food
10. Signs of Our Times & Science

Camping, Gardening & Food
Todd Albi
SilverFire General Manager
David Gillmore
aka LDS Prepper, Videographer, Master Mittleider Gardener
Dr. Ron Greene
Herbal Expert
Chad Lewis
Owner, Cylinder Stoves, a Manufacturer of Stoves and Wall Tents
Connie Nielsen
Master Sprouter
Michael Robertson
Experienced Scouter, Long Term Camping Expert

Signs of Our Times & Science
David W. Allan
World Renowned Physicist, Author, Instructor
David McKay Barker
Author, retired CPA and Bank Examiner
Val Brinkerhoff
Author, Artist, Professor and Researcher
Nancy Phippen Browne
Journalist, Investigative Reporter and Editor
Lawrence W. Cerenzie
Engineering Consultant, Author
Ed Hendershot
Emergency Medical Expert
Larry Hilton
General Consul of United Precious Metals Association
Patricia Kent
American Antiquities Researcher, Lecturer and Treasurer of Land Hill Research & Preservation Foundation
Ernest Lehenbauer
Entrepreneur, Photo-journalist, and Author of The Seal of Melchizedek
Vince Newmeyer
Electrical Engineer, Scientific Researcher 

James T. Prout
Author: The “Last Days” Timeline

Farrell & Rhonda Pickering
Jewish Culture and Astronomical Signs Experts
Thara Finicum Tenney

Daughter of Slain Rancher and Patriot LaVoy Finicum
Kenneth A. Skeem
Father, Farmer, Desert Rat, Writer, Theoretical Physicist, Hebrew Scholar, Teacher
Gary T. Wright
Author of Standing the Test of Time, Science Proving Scripture
Roger K. Young
Best Selling Author & Lecturer of Last Days Signs

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1. Keynote Speakers
2. Heartland Special Supporters
3. Special Guests
4. Artists, Authors, Performers, Film
5. Book of Mormon Research
6. Emergency Preparedness
7. Holistic Health & Wellness
8. Constitution & Daily Issues
9. Camping, Gardening & Food
10. Signs of Our Times & Science

Keynote Speakers