Presentation Upload

Speaker Presentations
We ask those who would like to speak at our April 9th Virtual Expo to make the following arrangements. If you are one of our regular speakers, you will have priority to speak at our Expo. If you are a new speaker please contact Rian Nelson at or cell and text 801-931-9031 to verify we have room for your video.

You can either send us your own produced video tape or we will have filming for you in Utah on Friday March 19th or Saturday March 20th between 8 am and 7 pm at Kimber Academy 46 N 300 W Lehi, UT 84043. Call to set up a video time. We MUST have your video in our possession by Monday April 5th, 2021 or it will not be included in our conference. Please plan now. You may upload your video directly to us if you have dropbox. If you don’t just email either here or and we will email you the link to upload your video.

Please visit here to see if we have your picture and correct biographical information. Please email me any updates including new background, picture, title of your new presentation and a brief description of your presentation(s). Keep your presentation to 45 to 55 minutes. Please feel free to advertise your business or product within your video tape sharing your website and a way for customers to purchase your product(s)..

Your presentation should be a topic about one of the following subjects:
Book of Mormon Research
Signs of the Times
Science and Religion
Health and Wellness
Emergency Preparedness
United States Constitutional Studies
World News and Events
Church History and Gospel Subjects

(We don’t want any near-death experiences, dreams or visions, unless approved previously by Rod Meldrum or Rian Nelson)