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FIRM Foundation EXPO 28th International Book of Mormon Evidence Conference- A Live Event Thurs, Fri, Sat- Sept 23-25, 2021 9 AM to 9 PM

Mountain America Expo Center 9575 South State Street. Sandy, UT 84070

Each speaker represent their own opinions and do not represent the opinions of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints or the opinions of FIRM Foundation or any if its members.

Possible Speakers Below:
Listed Alphabetically by Last Name. Speakers may change at any time.

Tim Adams Husband, Father, Author, Iconology Expert

Tim Adams is first and foremost a father of six children and married to the love of his life Katy Ann MacArthur.  Raised and lived around the US spending middle and High school years in Upstate New York.  I remember well camping as a boy scout on the backside of the Hill Cumorah.  Sneaking out at night as our leaders slept, digging with sticks looking for that stone box that held the plates.  Professors hadn’t taught me yet that New York’s Hill was the wrong one.  Nonetheless we moved there when I was 13; and I identified strongly with the boy prophet.  My Father became a professor of Art History working on organizing an iconografical index for the Cathedral of Chartres.  Having read a few of my Fathers papers and having him as a Seminary teacher trained me to “see” what the scriptures looked like in stone. Latter served a mission in the Netherlands Amsterdam mission, where I had fun with my companions seeing if they could identify the apostles and prophets in the large Catholic churches.

Tim attended Ricks College as it was then known; and found his girlfriend Katy MacAurthur (and yes; she is related to that famous General), and married her in the Washington DC Temple.

Tim attended a meeting in Portland Oregon where he lives; where a Christian man gave a presentation on the constellations, and how they testified of Christ.  Having an acute interest in Greek mythology, I thought how strange that he fears using the icons that are Greek to testify of Christ’s godliness.  Someone should write a book about it that understands iconology.  So “Pattern of the Heavens” became my first book written in 2009.  This year in March I completed a second book called “Similitude’s”.  One could call it the iconology of Old Testament stories.  This new book is a twist on a topic about typology, taking it to new places it has yet to go.

Tim graduated from Ricks College earning an associate degree in general education.  He has not gone on to further his studies in any direction.  No masters degree, no PHD, preferring instead to be a self made man; husband, Father, follower of Christ, and yes a dreamer.

Purchase Tim’s new book today: Similitudes: Typology of our Day

David W. Allan  Ambassador for God’s LIGHT and TRUTH

Presentation: April 2021
“Ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free.”

David W. Allan has spent 61 years researching time and related topics. He helped develop the nation’s official atomic-clock timing system during his 32 years in Boulder, CO, at the National Bureau of Standards (now National Institute of Standards and Technology). For 25 of those years, his research group was responsible for generating official time for the United States and helping with official time for the world. He wrote the algorithm for optimally combining the readings of an ensemble of atomic clocks, and with improvements by colleagues it is still being used to generate time for the United States.  During that time, he spent several man years helping in the development of GPS.  Atomic clocks are the heart of GPS, and the folks developing GPS came to Boulder to learn how to best use them being taught by Allan and his colleagues at NBS.

His 1965 master’s thesis became the international standard for how to characterize and use atomic clocks, and his work is as well known in the time and frequency, navigation, telecommunication communities as any other when it comes to how to best use precise timing devices. In 2016, he was given the highest award given by the Institute of Electronics and Electrical Engineers with the citation: “For seminal work… regarding time determination, time prediction, time-dissemination and timekeeping through contributions to atomic frequency standards, space-based navigation, time and frequency stability analysis, time-scale algorithms, and timekeeping devices.”  In 2018 he was given the coveted the IEEE Keithley Award with the citation, “For leadership in time determination and precise timing instruments.”  The IEEE publishes more scientific papers than any other organization. During November 2018, the IEEE came to his home and spent two days documenting his life’s history because of the many significant contributions he has made to the world timing community; his ORAL HISTORY may be viewed on line with video clips and lots of pictures:

In his lifetime he has seen a billion-fold increase in timing accuracy thanks to the rapid advancements in atomic clock technology.  Because of his significant contributions, fellow colleagues nominated him to be an IEEE FELLOW.  The IEEE selection committee announced the approval of his nomination fothe year 2021 for “outstanding and unusual professional achievement”.  The IEEE is the world’s largest technical professional organization for the advancement of technology.

As a faithful Latter-day Saint, he has served as a bishop, stake president, and in the Denver Mission Presidency, and his recent book, , gives a grand harmony between science and religion. LDS Living has carried an excerpt from it, , and his Amazon reviews are excellent. He is pleased that the book’s web site is receiving international and growing interest, with now more than 100 nations visiting his book’s website as it is his gospel outreach.  Several of his talks are on youtube and on his book’s website:, as well as on and covering a broad range of topics.

Alicia Allen Owner of Emergency Survivor, Preparedness, Food Storage

Frequency is our fuel – Food Storage and Hydration the only real way to prepare properly. 

Is your food and body EMF protected. Learn how to prepare yourself with Special Guest: Jos Daniels -owner and formulator of Celluvation
Alicia Allen has been involved in food storage and survival skills for 20+ years as an owner of Emergency Survivor.  She and her husband Clay Allen live in Boise, Idaho and have been teaching preparedness classes and Last Days subjects alongside the very best scholars experts in the Book of Mormon and Preparedness field for over a decade.
Chris Allen Business Development and Strategy

Presentation: Adding Life to your Years

Chris is a former Army Medic, BYU Graduate, Permaculture Farmer, Business Coach, Entrepreneur and Philosopher.  He served a mission in Dallas, Texas, and he and his wife RaNae are parents to 7 children.

We live, and die, at the cellular level.   Healthy cells –  Healthy body.  In this message, Chris shares what he’s found to leverage the body’s best defense systems and help us each achieve our genetic potential…naturally

Proper blood flow assures that our body’s 11 separate, but interdependent systems are fed, hydrated, and nourished.  Our circulatory system also serves as the trashman to carry out metabolic waste.  Chris’ message points out how disturbances in small vessels can create big problems.  His message is aimed at illustrating how, even in our advanced years, we can promote and improve the flow of our own “river of life”.    Chris also shows how a scriptural principle of wellness has been proven scientifically over, and over again.  

Are you aiding biology with the best technology?  Learn how something as old as the earth can be leveraged to:  increase mental acuity, speed the body’s recovery, enhance metabolic disposal, boost performance, improve and aid sleep function, promote endurance, and reduce stress?

You’ve heard of pharmaceuticals, perhaps even nutraceuticals.  Now there’s a whole new category of care using natural methods that assist our bodyelectroceuticals.  By mobilizing all the good things we put in our body, or on it, this simple 8-minute relaxing routine may be one way that you will decide to add life to your years.  

Ron Andersen Consultant, Speaker, Author

Ron L Andersen has been a noted career management consultant for thousands of clients throughout the United States and Latin America.

Along with his writing, Mr. Andersen has been a dynamic and compelling public speaker throughout the country including twelve years at BYU Education Week. His topics are on the remarkable similarities and contributions of Joseph Smith and Abraham Lincoln.  In these presentations he draws his audiences into the life and world of these great American patriots, revealing their incomparable leadership, unwavering faith in God and their enduring legacies.

He maintains a following of thousands of loyal Abraham Lincoln admirers through his books and lectures.  Defenders of Religious Freedom (2018) is Andersen’s most recent book on the monumental and lasting influence of Joseph Smith and Abraham Lincoln upon the entire world. His previous books are:

Abraham Lincoln–God’s Humble Instrument 2009
Abraham Lincoln and Joseph Smith-How Two Contemporaries Changed the Face of American History 2014
Ingenious Abe 2016

Ron served on the Young Men General Board for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints from 2009-2015, promoting integrity and faith in the lives of over 600,000 youth in nearly every country in the world. He also served in two stake presidencies and as a bishop.  He and his wife, Kathleen just returned from a full time mission teaching a leadership course at BYU-Hawaii.  They reside in Bountiful, Utah

Dr. Brooks Bahr Dermatologist, Professor of Medicine, Cool-sculpting
Brooks Bahr - DirectDerm

Dr. Brooks Bahr is a Board Certified Dermatologist. He is the Assistant Professor of Medicine at The University of Utah School of Medicine and former Assistant Professor of Medicine at Stanford University . He’s certified Cool-sculpting which is a non-evasive contouring solution for weightloss.
He served a mission for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints and is a former University of Utah football player.  His practice is in Bountiful Utah and University of Utah. 

Michele BaerInspirational Singer and Speaker

Since making her stage debut at age 6 in a production of “The Sound of Music”, Michele Baer has continued to sing in musicals such as Fairy Godmother in Cinderella, Good Witch in Wizard of Oz, and Elizabeth in Because of Elizabeth.  After receiving her Bachelor of Arts from Brigham Young University and touring with their top choir to Italy and Israel, she has gone on to perform as a soloist with collegiate, community choirs and symphonies throughout California, Connecticut and Arizona.

Michele has enjoyed her work as a music teacher, leading children’s choirs in 2 states and voice lessons for over 25 years. She helped found the touring entertainment group, ‘LIGHT’ in 2002 and also directed the Heritage Academy Choral program in Mesa, Arizona for 4 years.

A 2-time winner of the National Teachers of Singing competition, she was also honored as the American Mothers National Vocal Winner in 2003 and performed at their Nat’l convention in Washington D.C.  In 2009, she was honored as one of the Deseret Book 6 finalists out of 500 who auditioned to sing the National Anthem at the L.A. Dodgers game for LDS night.

As a recording artist, Michele has composed and produced the following albums: Out of the Dust- 2000, Never Give Up: Songs of Faith and Family- 2004  —You’re Worth It All- 2009,  and To God and Country-2012.  These have touched thousands with their powerful messages of hope and inspiration. She is a favorite of AZ state officials with her patriotic standards and performed in 2012 before the Live Glenn Beck Radio Show in Dallas, Texas.

Her true passion, however lies in sharing inspirational messages through word and song. She has been a public speaker for over 25 years at Women’s and Youth Conferences throughout the United States, Singapore and Malaysia. Michele has also taught at ‘Especially for Youth’ for 15 years and 4 years at BYU Idaho Education week.

In the last decade, she enjoyed producing and performing in benefit concerts with her musical friends to help various causes in the community. Some of the groups they have helped are the Banner Alzheimer’s Institute, Banner Gateway Medical Center, United Families Int’l., Stephanie and Christian Nielsen, and other cancer patients. She has recently been involved in the Just Serve organization and hopes to help find solutions for the homeless in her community.

Michele and her husband Sterling have 6 children & 10 grandchildren and serve in the Young Single Adult Stake of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints in Mesa, AZ. They both enjoy cycling, pickleball, eating fish tacos and currently perform with the East Valley Millennial Choirs and Orchestra. To visit her website or download music, go to:

Timothy Ballard Founder and CEO of Operation Underground Railroad (O.U.R.).

 Presentation :
Restoring the Covenant On the Sacred Ground of Gettysburg

Tim Ballard spent over a decade working as a Special Agent for the Department of Homeland Security where he was assigned to the Internet Crimes Against Children Task Force and deployed as an undercover operative for the U.S. Child Sex Tourism Jump Team. He has worked every type of case imaginable in the fight to dismantle child trafficking rings. Ballard has worked undercover in the United States and in multiple foreign countries to infiltrate child trafficking organizations. In this effort, he has successfully dismantled dozens of these organizations and rescued countless children from sex slavery. He is an expert at managing Internet investigations, particularly those dealing with file-share networks where pedophiles and traffickers go to trade in child pornography. He has trained hundreds of law enforcement officers and has testified before the United States Congress on best practices to liberate children from sex slavery.

Ballard has been featured on many national news outlets to discuss his efforts to combat child trafficking. He has appeared on Fox & Friends, Fox News Sunday with Chris Wallace, The Meredith Vieira Show, CBS Nightly News, ABC Nightline, and CNN Headline News, MSNBC, The Glenn Beck Program, as well as many local news shows.

Ballard is the best-selling author of “The Covenant: One Nation Under God,” and is the author of the sequel to that work, “The Covenant, Lincoln, and The War.” He has taught American and International Politics courses at Imperial Valley College, San Diego State University, and American Heritage School. He has been featured regularly on both local and national TV and radio programs to discuss American history and politics and the role America has played in defending liberty at home and abroad. He has often commented on how his academic work in American history has provided him the inspiration and motivation to rescue children–to carry on the American tradition of liberating the captive. He recently received the distinguished George Washington Honor Medal from the Freedoms Foundation at Valley Forge.

After serving a church mission to Chile, Ballard graduated Cum Laude with a BA in Spanish and Political Science from Brigham Young University. He went on to graduate Summa Cum Laude with an MA in International Politics from the Monterey Institute of International Studies. He resides in California with his wife and children.

The Lincoln Hypothesis by Timothy Ballard

Abraham Lincoln became the sixteenth US president during a very dark time in America’s history. Author Timothy Ballard explores the crucial role that President Lincoln played to bring this nation closer to heaven. Readers will see Lincoln as a man inspired of God who invoked a covenant relationship between America and its maker — not unlike the national covenants invoked by righteous leaders in the Book of Mormon. In addition, The Lincoln Hypothesis reveals documented evidence that Abraham Lincoln did, in fact, check out the Book of Mormon as he struggled with making some of the most critical decisions of his presidency. Did he read it? Did it influence him? Was the Book of Mormon a key factor in Lincoln’s success and the healing of a nation?

The author states, “As you read, you will, like a prosecutor reviewing a case, or like a jury determining a verdict, identify valuable pieces of evidence that can be fully substantiated. You will also identify pieces of evidence that cannot. I ask you to consider all the evidence and weight it accordingly. Through this study, many questions regarding the interplay between the restored gospel and the Civil War will be answered. New questions may emerge that will not be so easily answered. Either way, in the end you will find yourself on a most exhilarating investigative journey.”

DVD – Abraham Lincoln became the sixteenth President of the United States during a very dark time in America’s history. In this fascinating DVD, author Timothy Ballard explores the crucial role that President Lincoln played to bring this nation closer to heaven. You will see Lincoln as a man inspired of God who invoked a covenant relationship between America and its maker—not unlike the national covenants invoked by righteous leaders in the Book of Mormon. In addition, The Lincoln Hypothesis Documentary DVD reveals documented evidence that Abraham Lincoln did, in fact, check out the Book of Mormon from the Library of Congress as he struggled with making some of the most critical decisions of his presidency. Did he read it? Did it influence him? Was the Book of Mormon a key factor in Lincoln’s success and the healing of a nation?

The Washington Hypothesis by Timothy Ballard

We know that George Washington was a moral man and an inspiring leader, but did he possibly know more than we suppose? Was he a national covenant maker like Moses, Abraham, Lehi, or Captain Moroni? did he understand that he was fighting for the liberty of a promised land protected by God, a place where the Lord’s holy temples could be built?

The Washington Hypothesis explores the intriguing evidence that Washington and the other Founding Fathers knew the Lord had a greater purpose for America. It takes us on a fascinating historical journey through the miracles of the Revolutionary War to the foundational documents of this great nation to the symbolism evident in every corner of the nation’s capital. Exploring how Washington’s beliefs framed his every action, author Timothy Ballard draws compelling conclusions about the divinity of that great leader’s calling. As we see the evidence of the Lord’s hand in Washington’s life, we may discover a much grander design at work in the founding of our nation—and thus a greater desire to strive to preserve those promised blessings.

Ballard is the best-selling author of “The Covenant: One Nation Under God,” and is the author of the sequel to that work, “The Covenant, Lincoln, and The War.” He has taught American and International Politics courses at Imperial Valley College, San Diego State University, and American Heritage School.

Purchase Tim Ballard’s books here or at Deseret Book

Heidi Barlow Advocate for Special Needs Children,  Homeschooler, Author, Family Herbalist and Mother of 15!

Life and the Human Body—Truthseekers Workbook II

Heidi P. S. Barlow currently resides in Las Vegas, Nevada with her husband, Russell H. Barlow. They are the parents of 10 sons and 5 daughters, including a daughter who is deaf and two severely autistic children. Heidi worked with her profoundly deaf daughter using an auditory/oral program, successfully integrating her into the hearing world. As past president of the Nevada chapter of the Alexander Graham Bell Association for the Deaf, she mentored parents and advocated for special needs children in the Clark County School District for over eight years. She recently received state approval for a parent-infant program to assist and educate parents of deaf and hard-of-hearing infants in auditory/oral training programs. Heidi has homeschooled for over 20 years, developing a successful hands-on, project-based curriculum for her children, including her autistic children. Heidi has been an essential oils consultant and a certified family herbalist for over 24 years. She co-founded Hy-Bar Windows & Doors with her husband, where she developed company-wide policies and procedures. In addition to developing the Universal Model TruthSeekers workbook & curriculum, Heidi manages UM shipping activities. Her three-fold passion is the Gospel of Jesus Christ, helping children reach their full potential regardless of challenges, and loving her grandchildren.

Russell H. Barlow Universal Model Editor in Chief Website:

How to Use the UM Workbooks in a Classroom Setting

Understanding the Importance of the Family with the Human Model
Teaching Our Children Light and Truth with the UM Workbooks and GeoTours

Evidence For The Universal Flood and the Universal Model. Voracious reader, avid armchair historian, and committed UMer, he enjoys connecting world history events with science and the recent explosion of light and knowledge. He lives in Las Vegas with his best friend and mother of their 15 children, where they own a window and door company. After first experiencing a remarkable moment of serendipity while among the sandstone monoliths of Red Rock Canyon, where he learned that geologists did not know how the banded sandstone formed, he became acquainted with the UM. It has been his privilege to craft world-changing UM principles and laws into enjoyable prose for lay and learned alike as the UM Editor in Chief.

Jeff Barnes Professional Cadastral Mapper, Book of Mormon and New Jerusalem Researcher
Presentation: “Book of Mormon / New Jerusalem Boundary Coordinates“
My name is Jeff Barnes.  By trade I am a Cadastral Mapper for Utah County Government… which is to say that for a living I determine precise boundary coordinates of tracts of land for tax assessments

I am also an avid researcher of Book of Mormon & New Jerusalem geography.  Over the past few years, I have identified multiple “geographic” revelations of the Lord, which when joined together describe precise boundary coordinates for the sacred “land of promise” as revealed in the Book of Mormon and Doctrine & Covenants.  Once applied, the results are both stunning and undeniable.

The coordinates point directly to one specific nation… a nation founded upon the covenant land of father Adam; upon the land promised to Joseph who was sold into Egypt; upon the prophetic land of the Book of Mormon and the holy land of the New Jerusalem.  

This same land was considered sacred to my ancestors.  From my Powhatan, Abenaki, Shawnee & Cherokee ancestry… to my Jewish, European and Royal Family Lines, this nation was viewed as “a shining beacon on a hill for all the world to see.”  Many of my ancestors participated directly in the founding of this nation… as well as in the founding of this church   

I owe it to my beloved ancestors… to speak on their behalf, if I may … to remind us all of the covenant land upon which we now live… upon which we have taken oaths, pledged our allegiance, called “our home” and buried our dead     

From my great first cousin, “The Father of our Country” President George Washington… to my great grandmother and grandfather Pocahontas and father Chief Powhatan who helped save the new American colony at Jamestown, Virginia… to my great grandfather Chief Samoset who helped save the new American colony at Plymouth, Massachusetts… to the list of great grandfathers, grandmothers, aunts, uncles and cousins who arrived on the Mayflower and were present at “The First Thanksgiving” … to my great frontiersman uncle Daniel Boone who fought in the “Battle of Blue Licks” in the Revolutionary War and helped establish colonies throughout Kentucky… to my great uncle Sam Houston who fought under Andrew Jackson in “The War of 1812” & at “The Battle of the Alamo”, who also became the First President of the Republic of Texas… and to my great grandfather Reynolds Cahoonmissionary companion to Hyrum and Samuel Smith (brothers of the Prophet Joseph) and who helped construct the Kirtland and Nauvoo Temples.

(This research is dedicated to our loving Heavenly Father and His Son Jesus Christ, to all those who lived, fought and died to protect this sacred “land of promise”, to my stalwart ancestors, my parents Rick & Lyne Barnes, my Uncle Wayne & Auntie Anne Boucher, my wife Laura Barnes Quevedo, our children and our loving extended family). 

Eldon Barrowes MS, DDS, Historian, Author 

Presentation: Zelph Mound:  Did Zelph live at the time of the Nephites?


I think my interest in Book of Mormon archaeology and Church history started with my father, Thayer C. Barrowes.  He always had an interest in artifacts and where the Book of Mormon took place.   I grew up in South Salt Lake City, Utah and went on a mission to the Philippines and next graduated from the University of Utah with a Bachelor’s Degree in Medical Biology.  Next it was Dental school in Seattle Washington.  Shortly afterwards, I moved to Nauvoo, Illinois to be the town dentist.  I love to read about Joseph Smith and other early church leaders.  

 After specializing in Endodontics, I moved to Quincy, Illinois, and thanks to my Bishop, Clark Boulton, I learned about the Zion’s Camp route through Illinois.  Bishop Boulton took us on a father’s and son’s outing and we tried, in vain, to find the location of Zelph Mound.  I met up a few years later with some good member friends, Melvin Martin, Richard Mudd to discuss the Zion’s Camp Trail.  Melvin Martin, showed use the location of Zelph Mound and we formed a Zion’s Camp Trail Committee of Illinois.  Knowing that Zelph Mound was sacred ground, and preferring cornfields to urban sprawl, I moved my family from the Chicago Suburbs to Jacksonville, Illinois, on the Zion’s Camp route.

Our committee started giving youth activities and tours at historic sites along the Zion’s Camp Trail.  By and by, we met with James Bradley, the author of the Book “The Eternal Perspective of Zions Camp”, Wayne May, the Author of Books on Archaeology and the Book of Mormon peoples and Rod Meldrum, the author of “Exploring the Book of Mormon in America’s Heartland”.   We enjoyed sharing common interests with these men.   For ten years, members of our committee and I enjoyed meeting with Rod Meldrum and many guests he brought on bus tours to Zelph Mound each year. 

We discovered that artifacts were excavated from Zelph Mound by the University of Illinois archaeologists in 1990 and we photographed them.  To correct some misinformation about the mound, I finished writing a book, “Joseph Smith’s Revelation about Zelph Mound” in 2017.  The book is available on Rod Meldrum’s website here.  After 38 years in Illinois, to be closer to my children, my wife, Terese and I moved back to Utah in 2019.  I regretted leaving Zion’s Camp historical sites and Zelph Mound, but I brought my Zelph Mound art exhibit pieces with me and set them up in American Fork.  Besides Church history I enjoy my children, grandchildren, camping, hiking and photography.

Philip Beale FRGS, Expedition Leader, Phoenicians Before Columbus Expedition. The project can be found at:

“Phoenicians Before Columbus Expedition – Mission Accomplished”

Philip Beale is a British sailor, adventurer, expedition leader and entrepreneur. He led the Borobudur Ship Expedition and the 2008-10 Phoenician Expedition.

Beale has a BA Honours degree in Politics from the University of Hull. and began his career in the Royal Navy. He is a qualified MCA RYA Yachtmaster, a member of the Naval and Military Club and The Royal Yachting Association.

The Phoenicia, a replica Phoenician ship built in 2008, will set sail from Carthage (Tunisia) in August/September 2019, endeavouring to reach the shores of the Americas in December 2019. The exact end point and date cannot be foreseen due to the vagaries of the Atlantic winds. 

Philip and crew with our own Boyd Tuttle finished another expedition from Tunisia arriving in Ft. Lauderdale Florida Feb 4, 2020 which shows the possible route of the Mulekites to the New World.

Expedition objectives:

To prove that the Phoenicians were capable of crossing the Atlantic to the Americas
To inspire interest in Phoenician culture and archaeology
To provide participation opportunities for young people from Mediterranean countries with a Phoenician heritage
To conduct research on plastic pollution levels in the Mediterranean and Atlantic
To compare computer model predictions with the actual route

“It is one of the greatest voyages of mankind and if anyone could have done it before Columbus, it was the Phoenicians. Of all the ancient civilizations, they were the greatest seafarers – Lebanon had cedar trees perfect for building strong boats, they were the first to use iron nails and they had knowledge of astrology and currents.” Philip Beale, Expedition Leader See Video Here: His book, Sailing Close to the Wind can be purchased here

Phoenicians Before Columbus Expedition Two- Sept to Feb 2020
After sailing from Carthage Tunisia to Cadiz, Spain, Essaouira, Morocco and Tenerife in the Canary Islands, the ship left the Old World on Nov 23rd and safely reached port in the Dominican Republic on Dec 31st, 2019 having crossed the Atlantic Ocean using nothing but wind, current, sail and compass. The main objective was to prove that the ancient Phoenicians had the technology and knowledge to have reached the Americas no less than 2000 years before Christopher Columbus. The theory is no longer just a theory. With the successful completion of this voyage it may no longer be said that “some historians have suggested…” now it must be said, “in 2020 a 600 BC wooden sailing replica vessel actually crossed the Atlantic ocean without incident. Essentially rewriting maritime history as we know it. The Phoenicia is a faithfully reconstructed replica of a Phoenician merchant ship based upon a 600 BC wreck (Jules Vern 7) found off the coast of France. With an international crew led by British explorer Philip Beale, the expedition started in started in Carthage, Tunisia, on Sept 28, 2019. The ship arrived in the Dominican Rep on Dec 31st. Then started for Florida on Jan 21st and arrived into the USA on Feb 4th at the Coral Ridge Yacht Club in Fort Lauderdale, Florida where the ship and crew were welcomed by a Coast Guard escort and a “high water salute” provided by the Broward County Marine Fire Dept. while a band played “God Bless America.” Once docked the ship and crew were welcomed by the mayor of Ft. Lauderdale and other dignitaries, where the captain was also awarded “Historic Marine Expedition of the Century.”

Glenn Beck American conservative political commentator, radio host, television producer

Glenn Lee Beck (born February 10, 1964) is an American conservative political commentator, radio host, television and producer. He is the CEO, founder, and owner of Mercury Radio Arts, the parent company of his television and radio network TheBlaze. He hosts the Glenn Beck Radio Program, a popular talk-radio show nationally syndicated on Premiere Radio Networks. Beck also hosts the Glenn Beck television program, which ran from January 2006 to October 2008 on HLN, from January 2009 to June 2011 on the Fox News Channel and currently airs on TheBlaze. Beck has authored six New York Times–bestselling books.

In April 2011, Beck announced that he would “transition off of his daily program” on Fox News, but would continue to team with Fox. Beck’s last daily show on the network was June 30, 2011 In 2012, The Hollywood Reporter named Beck on its Digital Power Fifty lis Beck launched TheBlaze in 2011 after leaving Fox News. He currently hosts an hour-long afternoon program, The Glenn Beck Program, on weekdays, and a three-hour morning radio show; both are broadcast on TheBlaze. Beck is also the producer of For the Record on TheBlaze

York Bennett BS Plant & Soil, Missionary, Father & Husband, Whole Lifestyle Enthusiast

Presentation: Sharing the Gospel is a Joy!
York Bennett is a small business owner and whole lifestyle enthusiast.  His deep connection to his faith and spirituality influences every area of his life.  Whether it is using his business to bless and serve others, assisting the missionaries with discussions and introductions, or using the inspired Words of Wisdom to promote a healthy diet and life balance;  York keeps his life firmly rooted in the gospel.
York’s profession allows him to remain in contact with the earth and the wonder of Heavenly Father’s creation.  He uses his knowledge to help farmers raise crops organically without a negative impact on the environment.  He has brought this philosophy into the suburbs and also offers landscaping that promotes organic and low impact solutions.
York is originally from Tennessee but currently lives in the state of Missouri with his wife and four children.   
Christopher James Blythe PhD, Author, Speaker 
Presentation: “A Folklorist’s Approach to Book of Mormon Geography.”
Christopher James Blythe is a research associate at the Neal A. Maxwell Institute for Religious Scholarship at Brigham Young University. He is the co-editor of the Journal of Mormon History, the co-president of the Folklore Society of Utah, and the author of Terrible Revolution: Latter-day Saints and the American Apocalypse. Blythe holds a PhD in American Religious History from Florida State University. He is currently working on a book about how and why Latter-day Saints throughout Church history have located the events of the Book of Mormon. He is a convert to the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. He lives in Springville, Utah, with his wife and three boys. 

Alex Boyé  Multicultural, Multigenerational, Global Artist!

With over 1 billion views on his YouTube channel, Boyé’s diverse blend of African-infused pop music and vibrant dynamic visuals have captured a loyal legion of online followers turning him into a viral sensation!

Alex Boyé (born August 16, 1970) is a British-American singer and actor. He was named the “2017 Rising Artist of the Year” in a contest sponsored by Pepsi and Hard Rock Cafe.

Boyé was born in London, England, on 16 August 1970 to Nigerian parents. While pregnant, Boyé’s mother went to London while his father remained in Nigeria. By his own account, Boyé never knew his father. His mother remarried and worked for London Underground, cleaning tracks at night. One day his mother said she was going to Nigeria for a couple of weeks for a visit and did not come back for eight years.

Boyé was raised in the Tottenham neighborhood that has been described as “tough”. He spent much of his youth in foster homes with Caucasian parents.

As a teenager, he listened to and was influenced by Motown artists, including Stevie Wonder, Kool and the Gang, James Brown, Marvin Gaye, Nat King Cole, Jackie Wilson and Otis Redding. At the age of 16, Boyé was working in a McDonald’s in London when he was introduced to The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints by a manager. He was baptized soon afterward. Boyé first performed in public while serving as a missionary for the Church in Bristol, England.

After completing his mission for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, Boyé became a backup dancer, including for George Michael. In 1995, he formed and became the lead singer of Awesome, a European boy band.

Awesome performed at local dances and other small venues until 1996 when they won a vocal competition on Capital Radio, London’s largest radio station. Subsequently, Universal Records of Europe signed Awesome to a five-album recording contract. Awesome released three singles off their first album, Rumors, which made top-10 charts all across Europe.

The band sold 500,000 albums and performed alongside artists that included Bryan Adams, George Michael, Simon and Garfunkel, MC Hammer, and many others. But Boyé disliked the lifestyle of a touring musician. “I had this dream of being a musician, but it was taking me down a road that led somewhere I didn’t want to go,” he said.[1] Boyé decided to leave the band in 1999 to pursue a solo career. He lost all of the material possessions he had gained as a member of Awesome when the record company took the apartment, the clothes, the phone and the money.

In 1999, Boyé joined two other artists in London to discuss recording a demo tape of church hymns with a pop/R&B spin. One of the artists sat at the piano and hit upon a jazz sound for the hymn “Count Your Many Blessings” which became the signature song for the group. That evening they began to improvise church hymns and eventually created ‘Soul Saints’. Within a couple of weeks, the group had started recording the songs and gave performances at Hyde Park, London before going on to tour in Utah. Wayne Scholes was the group’s manager and Excel Records acted as a consultant while Soul Saints were in the United States.

In 2000, Boyé moved to Salt Lake City, Utah, to pursue a career in Mormon music. He released his first religious album The Love Goes On in 2001.

When the lead actor portraying Frederick Douglass in the Rodgers Memorial Theatre’s production of Frank Wildhorn’s Civil War dropped out three weeks before the play opened, Boyé was recruited as a replacement. With no prior acting experience and no knowledge of the Civil War, he learned his lines and united the cast. Glenn McKay, the theatre’s board president, had recruited black performers for the show from the Calvary Baptist choir and other area churches, but was having trouble melding them with his Davis County regulars. McKay said Boyé “saved the production.” Boyé followed that success with the role of Aminadab in the Lightstone Films production of David and Goliath. In 2005, Boyé received an award from the LDS Booksellers Association for his album Testimony.[8] Boyé also appeared in a 2008 episode of the BYU produced TV show The Writers’ Block.

Boyé was seeking a way to build an LDS audience when he met Craig Jessop, then conductor of the Mormon Tabernacle Choir, at an LDS music festival and he encouraged Boyé to audition for the choir. Boyé joined the 360-voice Mormon Tabernacle Choir in 2006 and, when accepted, became one of three black choir members. He also continued to pursue a solo career. He had two solo parts in the choir’s album Come Thou Fount of Every Blessing.

In 2010, Boyé performed the single, “Born to Be a Scout”, at the National Scout Jamboree at Fort A.P. Hill, Virginia.[12] Boyé was signed to Deseret Book’s Shadow Mountain label. In August 2010, he was a featured soloist in a concert connected at the re-dedication of a Catholic church in St. George, Utah.

Songs by Boyé have appeared in movie soundtracks including Charly (2002), The Dance, Baptists at Our Barbecue and Church Ball.

Boyé was featured in a video by The Piano Guys, released in January 2012 as “Peponi”, a cover of Coldplay’s “Paradise” on YouTube.[16] In early 2013 he did a cover of the Lumineers’ “Ho Hey” that also generated a large number of YouTube hits.

In early 2013, Boyé signed with Wenrick-Birtcher Entertainment (Eddie Wenrick & Baron R. Birtcher) as his managers. In March 2013, Boyé opened for a performance by Olivia Newton John at the Royal Albert Hall.[3] A documentary DVD entitled Front Man telling Boyé’s story has also been produced. In 2013, Boye released a song entitled “I Am Gold”.

In early 2014, he, along with the One Voice Children’s Choir, created an Africanized tribal version of the popular song “Let It Go” from the movie Frozen. The video went viral, propelling Boyé’s combined YouTube views to over 100 million. It was selected as YouTube’s best pop cover of 2014. He also released his Lemonade video on YouTube with more than 1.7 million views.

Boyé had a role in the 2014 film Saints and Soldiers: The Void. He also released a YouTube music video to promote the film. He attained some acclaim for his cover of Taylor Swift’s song “Shake It Off”, with over 600,000 views, as of January 1, 2015.

In December 2014, Boyé released an original Christmas song and YouTube video entitled “Newborn – Wise Men Still Seek Him”.

In January 2015, Boyé released an Africanised version of “Circle of Life”, with proceeds from the sale going to the koinsforkenya mission. In 2015, Boyé was awarded the Governor’s Mansion Artist Award.

In June 2015, Boyé and his band, Changing Lanes Experience, performed their version of Taylor Swift’s “Shake It Off” on the 10th season of America’s Got Talent. After receiving great comments from the judges, they advanced into the next round to perform on Judge Cuts Week. In August 2015, he and the band were eliminated on Judge Cuts Week 4 after performing their version of Mark Ronson and Bruno Mars’ “Uptown Funk”.

In September 2015, Boye was announced to be cast as The Heavenly Guide in the remake of the film Saturday’s Warrior. It was released in Utah theaters on April 1, 2016 before expanding it to various other states in the following weeks and months.

In early 2016 Boye and the BYU Men’s Chorus released a version of Christopher Tin’s “Baba Yetu”, the theme music to the video game Civilization IV with lyrics adapted from the Biblical Lord’s Prayer in Swahili.

Boyé appeared in a duet with Marie Osmond on her album Music Is Medicine that was released on 15 April 2016. The video for the song “Then There’s You” was released on the video streaming site Vevo on March 27, 2016 and features the duo performing in a Las Vegas backdrop at Caesars Palace Hotel and the Paris Hotel. Boyé was cast as Pastor Aiken in Drop Off, which was a family film.

Boyé was selected as the “Grand Prize Winner” of the Hard Rock Rising 2017 Battle of the Bands.[30] That same year, Boyé performed as the guest artist for the 2017 Mormon Tabernacle Choir Pioneer Concert, performing a mix of originals and covers.

In September 2018, Boyé released single “Bend Not Break”, produced by Randy Jackson (American Idol).Boyé met his wife, Julie, in an LDS singles ward[1] and they were married in the Salt Lake Temple on 6 January 2007. As of September 2019, they are the parents of seven children with another one due in January 2021.[citation needed][34] A video showing Boyé is part of the “I’m A Mormon” campaign launched by the LDS Church in Britain in the spring of 2013.

In 2009, Boyé began raising money to buy a house for a local refugee family with sales of his single, “Crazy for You.”

On 22 February 2012, Boyé became a United States citizen in a ceremony at the Rose Wagner Theater in Salt Lake City. He was surprised when he was invited by the judge conducting the ceremony to sing “The Star-Spangled Banner”.

Scott N. Bradley Founder, The Constitutional Commemoration Foundation

“The Book of Mormon and the Modern American Education System”

President Ezra Taft Benson taught: “The Book of Mormon was written for our day,” and he also taught that false educational ideas would threaten the Church in the latter days.  The Book of Mormon presents powerful warnings against the soul-destroying philosophies and precepts that are so highly organized, cleverly disguised, and powerfully promoted in America’s modern education system.  This presentation will introduce and discuss some of these threats that are destroying our faith and our nation.
“Book of Mormon Warnings Against Modern Threats to the United States Constitution.”

President Ezra Taft Benson taught: “The Book of Mormon was written for our day.  The Nephites never had the book; neither did the Lamanites of ancient times. It was meant for us. Mormon wrote near the end of the Nephite civilization. Under the inspiration of God, who sees all things from the beginning, he abridged centuries of records, choosing the stories, speeches, and events that would be most helpful to us…. If [the ancient Nephite prophets] saw our day and chose those things which would be of greatest worth to us, is not that how we should study the Book of Mormon? We should constantly ask ourselves, ‘Why did the Lord inspire Mormon (or Moroni or Alma) to include that in his record? What lesson can I learn from that to help me live in this day and age?’”
With their prophetic insight, it should not surprise us that these ancient prophets voiced powerful warnings about the threats that would be marshaled against our God-inspired Constitution in this day.  By applying the wisdom found within the Book of Mormon, perhaps we may expose the unexpected enemies of the Constitution, and prepare ourselves to confound their scheme; and unite in our defense of this God-given magnificent “Charter of Liberty.”
“The 1890 Native American ‘Messiah Movement’”

In Doctrine and Covenants 130:14-17 Joseph Smith records:  “I was once praying very earnestly to know the time of the coming of the Son of Man, when I heard a voice repeat the following:  ‘Joseph, my son, if thou livest until thou art eighty-five years old [1890], thou shalt see the face of the Son of Man; therefore let this suffice, and trouble me no more on this matter.’ I was left thus, without being able to decide whether this coming referred to the beginning of the millennium or to some previous appearing, or whether I should die and thus see his face.  I believe the coming of the Son of Man will not be any sooner than that time.” 

During 1890 there was a widespread movement among the Native Americans that came to be called “The Messiah Craze,” and which resulted in many tragic challenges, including the United States government officially violently suppressing the religious liberty of the native tribes.  This presentation will introduce events surrounding this phenomenon.

Scott Bradley Bio:

Scott Bradley and his wife Tamara have five children, and thirteen grandchildren. For thirteen years Scott worked as an executive at AT&T managing cutting-edge telecommunications projects and all facets of corporate projects; including strategic planning, and a leadership assignment responsible for delivery of secured communications for the U.S. Department of Defense (North American Air Defense Command—NORAD). A candidate for the United States Senate in 2006 and 2010, and Vice President of the United States in 2016, Scott holds a Bachelor of Science, a Masters of Public Administration, and a PhD in Constitutional Law.  For 16 years Scott served as an administrator at Utah State University as a Department Head and Director.  He is Founder and Chairman of The Constitution Commemoration Foundation, Inc., an educational organization which fosters increased understanding of the U.S. Constitution in the tradition of the Founding Fathers, and also encourages a return to the original intent of proper government as understood and practiced at the time of America’s founding.  He is the author of a book and DVD/CD lecture series titled “To Preserve the Nation” in which he reviews the foundation principles upon which this great nation was established, and which he hopes will foster a renewed dedication to those principles. Each week Scott makes numerous presentations on these matters, and each Thursday evening holds a Q&A webinar in which he addresses current events questions submitted by participants who attend from around the world.  His website offers hundreds of related videos and can be viewed at:

Joyce Brown Bio

Daniel Burdett UM Instructor
UM—The Science Supporting Joseph Fielding Smith’s Man, His Origin and Destiny

Daniel Burdett is a 3rd generation dentist from Ogden, Utah. 
Events considered significant: Married Jennifer Lindsay in the Salt Lake City Temple 1995, Father of four: Devin(22), Lindsay(20), Mikelle(17) and Nathan(15).
Secular Education: DDS—Creighton University 2005, LCSW—1999-2001, MSW—University of Utah 1997,BA—Weber State University 1995 , Ogden High School 1989
Religious Education: Institute Graduate 1995, CES “OPT” Teacher Farmington Jr. High 93-94, CES “OPT” Teacher North Ogden Jr. High 94-95, CES “OPT” Teacher Highland High 96
BYU Jerusalem Center Summer 1993, Served a mission to Hamburg, Germany 1990-92, Seminary Graduate 1989.

Mark Burr CEO Primary Water Technologies LLC
The Earth Hydroplanet, Primary Water, and Groundwater Exploration in Southern Utah

Mr. Burr was born in Guatemala when his father was an international development manager; between stints in California, Oregon and Virginia he also lived in Colombia, Egypt and the Philippines before returning to Washington, D.C. After serving four years in the U.S. Marine Corps, Mark graduated with a B.A. in Middle East Studies from the University of Utah in 1989 and was awarded Phi Beta Kappa. Following employment at the World Bank Group he attended the American Graduate School of International Management – Thunderbird and received his Master of International Management in January of 1993 after coordinating a one-month seminar in Kuwait on post-war reconstruction. Mark then worked for over a decade in export management and international sales, developing markets in the Middle East/Africa and Latin America/Caribbean for a broad range of US manufacturers, including seven years with Steelcase, Inc.–three as Country Manager in Saudi Arabia and four in Latin America and the Caribbean.

In July 2004 Mark was invited to work as Senior Advisor to the Iraqi Ministry of Industry & Minerals at the U.S. Embassy in Baghdad, serving as a State Department diplomat until June 2006. Upon leaving Iraq he launched his consulting firm and has been engaged by Grant Thornton in Iraq, by PIPC (UK) in Saudi Arabia, and by a number of manufacturing and service companies to develop markets in the Middle East. In 2011, Mark was a founding associate of J. Streicher Advisory, a sister company of the NYSE specialist firm J. Streicher & Co., through which he drives business development and advisory services in Washington, D.C. Mark then launched J. Streicher Ventures, now Primary Water Technologies LLC, together with J. Streicher CEO Tom Brown with the mission to be the first global water exploration and production (Water E&P) venture using a programmatic approach to explore for and produce earth-generated Primary Water using advanced remote sensing, geophysical data analytics, pinpoint locating and precision drilling. Initial projects were undertaken at the Riess Institute’s Totten Field in South Hamilton, MA; in Kurdistan, Iraq; Shobak, Jordan; and near the Salton Sea in California. More recently, projects have taken PWT to Nigeria, Madagascar, and the SW Utah – Arizona Strip region.

Chris Cannon: Former US Congressman for Utah

Trump or Sanders: Why Congress needs to claw power back from the Presidency. Or why the nuclear option of impeachment doesn’t serve America.

Christopher Black Cannon (born October 20, 1950) is an American politician who formerly served as a member of the United States House of Representatives, for the Republican Party, representing the third district of Utah from 1997 to 2009.

He was born in Salt Lake City, Utah and attended Brigham Young University (BYU) as well as J. Reuben Clark Law School of BYU. From 1980 until 1996 he was a lawyer, business owner, and venture capitalist, from which he became a millionaire. Other jobs include time as an associate solicitor for the United States Department of the Interior from 1984 to 1986, and time as Utah Republican Party finance chairman from 1992 until 1994. On June 24, 2008, he was defeated in the 2008 Republican Party third district primary by Jason Chaffetz, former chief of staff to then-Utah Governor Jon Huntsman Jr.

Angie Christensen Holistic Nutrition, Herbs, Homeopathy, Biomedical Interventions

The Do’s and Don’ts of Healthy Food Storage

Learn how to store food that will build your health and immunity when facing times of crisis.  This class is packed with life-saving details to help you learn:

• How to Avoid the “Bermuda Triangle” of Food Storage

• What foods can make you disease resistant during an emergency

• Which forms of food preservation retain the most nutrition

• Why you SHOULD store wheat when science is saying grains/gluten are bad for us

• The essential skills that will help you thrive while living on food storage

• What God’s patterns teach us about how we should gather food storage

Then whenever you have to live on your food storage, you will be prepared to thrive!
Don’t Can It and Kill It, Store It Alive!  Easy Fermenting for Food Storage

Erase symptoms of the flu in minutes, stop asthma wheezing, halt panic attacks, eliminate the pain of wounds and sprains, treat infection, stop vomiting, and so much more.  Homeopathy is one of the most common forms of medicine used world-wide because it can be used to treat just about anything quickly and inexpensively. It is also the most effective thing I have ever found for mental health concerns like depression, anxiety, phobias, learning disabilities, etc.  Come learn all the tips and tricks of this completely unique form of medicine and you will be prepared to manage your family’s physical and mental health at home and in an emergency.  
Don’t Can It and Kill It, Store It Alive!  Easy Fermenting for Food Storage

Why slave over a hot stove for hours when you are killing all those precious nutrients God worked so hard to put into your food? I will show you how to preserve your food ALIVE through fermenting and drying.  There are SO many advantages to this!

  1. It saves you time

  2. It saves you money

  3. It saves space

  4. No standing over a hot stove in the middle of August

  5. Your preserved food is still alive, so it is full of life-giving vitamins and enzymes

  6. You get trillions of probiotics to heal your gut and build your immune system in time for winter…for FREE

This approach is soooo much easier than you think!  I will even do a live demo so you can see it from start to finish in just a few minutes!  If you have been hesitant to start fermenting or have a dehydrator just sitting in your cupboard, then come get all the juicy details and leave equipped to simplify your food preparation this year.

Angie Christensen is a wife, mother of three adopted children and a passionate educator of holistic healing. Angie has been trained in holistic nutrition, herbs, homeopathy, biomedical interventions, neurofeedback, and energy therapy. Since 2014, Angie has taught thousands of people how to activate their body’s innate power to heal by providing the needed building blocks and eliminating the things causing stress and imbalance.  Her unique approach to nutrition, called Simply Divine Eating, teaches people how to get off the rollercoaster of diets by simplifying and personalizing healthy eating. Angie loves cooking and “editing” recipes to make them healthy. She teaches cooking classes and hosts cooking retreats to teach others how to give their favorite foods a delicious “makeover” in the kitchen. She also provides personal mentoring through her program Simply Divine Healing that gives individuals the tools they need to heal physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually.  Learn more at

Jill & Mark Clifford Owners of Legacy Tours and Travel Website:
Call Them Anytime; 801-683-0123

Legacy Tours has been conducting tours with Rod Meldrum since 2010. Owners Mark and Jill Clifford and Kris Kimball enjoy helping guests explore the amazing sites introduced in Rod’s book: Discovering the Book of Mormon in America’s Heartland. Mark, Jill and Kris love to travel! They realize there is no better way to understand a subject than to visit the sites, see the places and walk the paths of history. They believe you can have an incredible tour that educates you, inspires you and also lets you have unique and fun experiences.
Mark and Jill graduated from Brigham Young University. Mark has a degree in psychology and Jill has her degree in Humanities. Mark studied abroad in Russia and has traveled throughout Europe and Great Britain. Jill studied abroad in Israel, Austria and Prague. Mark has also been involved in real estate and hotels. Jill taught high school English. Mark and Jill have four children.
Kris Kimball is married with 3 children and 4 beautiful grandchildren. Kris loves to travel and has an unquenchable desire to seek after knowledge and truth. She traveled in 2009 and 2010 on humanitarian expeditions to Kenya which included building a school in Mygunami, a small village outside of Mombasa. Out of all of her travels around the world, Israel is her most favorite. She loves visiting the homeland of Jesus Christ, it always increases her love and testimony of her Savior.

KAMRON COLEMAN Professional Artist: Temple theology

Tracking Godhead Symbolism from Antiquity to the Latter-days

God speaks to His children in their language and their context, so representations of the Godhead in art and doctrine have changed over time. In Temple Theology, the Godhead is a familial council, revealing a world where humankind descends from holy beings, male and female, who created this life as an educative process of refinement that leads back, after trials, alienation and hardship, to the divine presence.

Temples ritualize ascensions to higher states of exaltation through the atoning sacrifice of a universal savior, Jesus Christ, and through feminine birthing symbols by the Holy Ghost, that culminate in reunification with our Heavenly Father and the genesis of creation: The Tree of Life. Bridging antiquity and the modern LDS temple, Kamron Coleman’s art teaches the precious doctrines of humanity’s literal kinship to our Creator and our destiny to become co-creators with God forever.


“The Anointing” by Kamron Coleman

Kamron Coleman (B 1972) began his professional art career as a permanent gallery artist in Washington State in his early twenties. He spent 19 years as a self-employed stonemason, sculptor, fabricator and finisher in many mediums for the construction industry. He secured Utility and Design patents for innovations in construction and wood-fired pizza ovens of his own manufacture. He went on to stand up the sand casting discipline at the world-renowned Walla Walla Foundry, where he pioneered radical metal casting techniques for elements of some of the most expensive contemporary art in the world.

Since meeting his wife, harpist Bethany Evans, Kamron moved to the Willamette Valley, Oregon, where he has collaborated directly with symphony executives to create symphony-specific fine art for fundraising. Kamron’s symphony work began in 2017 with his first attempt at oil painting of his life, an oil painting of Salem Symphony. In the first two years, he created more than 15 symphony paintings, including Walla Walla Symphony, Wichita Symphony, Portland Columbia Symphony Orchestra, Newport Symphony, Oregon Symphony, Spokane Symphony, Chicago Symphony, Rogue Valley Symphony, Vancouver Symphony Orchestra, Nashville Symphony, and more. Kamron’s work has raised thousands of dollars for symphonies in the Pacific Northwest and beyond.

Kamron’s greatest joy as an artist is to collaborate with symphony directors and musicians, and with people of faith to create and share art of comprehensible beauty, skillful technique, and intellectual depth.  

Posey Cowart Mother, Cosmetologist, Lover of the Lord and Book of Mormon
Presentation: How the Book of Mormon inspired me to follow Jesus
My name is Posey Cowart and I’m from Gilbert, Arizona where I  grew up A member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. After becoming a licensed cosmetologist, and attending 2 years of film school, I got married at the age of 19 to Ben Cowart from Savannah Georgia. It wasn’t until I was 30 years old that that I finally read the Book of Mormon for the first time in my entire life! I have been deeply studying the Book of Mormon for the past five years and hold a powerful and strong testimony of the truthfulness of it. I’ve left the world behind and seek to follow the Savior and hope to help others to do so as well. We currently live in Jacksonville, FL where we are raising 6 wonderful children. After having 4 boys, we were blessed with identical twin daughters. We aim to raise our children in righteousness and to follow Jesus Christ in all ways. 
They girls are absolutely perfect and all the boys are doing great. We have seen the biggest miracles. Ben currently owns his own Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR) business. He has 3 machines and so much work coming in. I can’t even tell you how many blessings and miracles we’ve seen to make it all happen. He’s staying very busy. Almost too busy. His work has been unaffected by the “pandemic” and we are just continuing on as usual. After Ben’s mom passed, his dad decided to move in with us. He arrives this week and we look forward to the company. We’re out in the country on 2 beautiful acres. We’ve been raising chickens and hope to get some bunnies soon to add to the dogs, cats and chickens ☺️ We really have no complaints! We’ve been getting together with the LaFontaine’s every so often. What a gift to have them so close to us! Thank you for all that you do!

Shawna Cox  Freedom Loving Patriot
Know The Law — How To Defend Your Rights

Shawna Cox, after being in LaVoy Finicums Truck, witnessing his murder, being shot at multiple times, tells how to “Stand”- Defend Your Rights.  Court cases- Acquitted and Dismissed time and again!

Cliven Bundy is an old west style Nevada cattle rancher who won the hearts of freedom-loving patriots across the world when hundreds flocked to Bunkerville, Nevada to stand with the Bundy family as they courageously stood to oppose tyrannical federal government overreach, physically attacking family members and killing cattle and calves.  His courage and strength of conviction are a monument to those who love liberty and eschew servitude.

Shawna Cox is a personal friend of Cliven Bundy, the Nevada cattle rancher that stood off a takeover of his family ranch by overzealous government officials in the BLM, who literally lived inside the Bundy Ranch House for over two months as she helped to answer questions and schedule the media.  She wrote the book, Last Rancher Standing, as an eye witness to the truth of what happened and the Miracles that took place there.

Sharon Dayton Author, Rancher, Composer and Lyricist

Fri April 10- 9:00 to 9:55 am Room A

Sharon R. Dayton, 86 year old retired rancher and Wyoming outfitter—soon to be great Book of Mormon author on the life and times of Teancum. Composer and lyricist of high school musical, “Friday Night” and country music, “Comin’ Home” and hymn music and working to create a national monument working with the US senators and representatives — remembering the Cokeville Miracle. A native Cokeville Wyoming resident whose wife and sister were hostages in the 1986 Cokeville Elementary School bombings and who knew many of the families, children and situations involved in that incident. (The rare male name Sharon not to be confused with the female gender.)

Greg Duerden Running for Utah Governor Independent Party

Greg Duerden is running to be Utah’s Independent Governor; to make change possible and to bring Utah’s government back to being proper.  We commit to, USING CONSTITUTIONAL SOLUTIONS to issues (e.g., Covid response was totally unconstitutional), being transparent. This campaign is all about change and proper government.  Utahns need an Independent truth.

The US Flag foretells an Independent Party: the Red stands for the Republicans, the Blue stands for the Democrats and the White stands for the Independent Americans.

We seek to improve Public Education (K-12 primarily) by paying K-12 teachers National Median Salary (without raising taxes!) statewide, funding more certified teachers, reorganizing State School Board (bringing Utah Charter School Board under the State School Board and eliminating the Charter School Superintendent) as the State Constitution mandates.
Our campaign has documented abuses of Utah GOP elected officials which have caused harm to the State of Utah and out state’s reputation – for details see  We fully support and advocate for the 15 Principles of Proper Government

Greg is married to Judith, after being widowed twice; they count 18 children, 73 grandchildren, 6 great-grands in their blended family.

Lonnie Crockett PhD Tax Law, Speaker, Author

How the Constitution Guarantees  our Liberty, not our Freedom
How the Constitution guarantees a Republican form of Government

Lonnie Crockett was raised in the great state of Alaska for the first 30 years of his life. As a boy, he hunted, fished, played baseball and was very active in Boy Scouting, earning his Eagle and Silver Palm awards. He even delivered news papers by dog team. He attended BYU for two years before serving an LDS Mission in Switzerland for 2 ½ years, then returned; married his wife Pam and today enjoys his ten children and 30 grandchildren. Lonnie moved to Utah to continue his education, acquiring a BS in Accounting and a BA in Business Administration and a BA American History. He went on to earn a Masters Degree in Taxation and his Ph.D. in Tax Law. “Dr. Crockett” as his students called him, has taught at Stevens Henager, Eagle Gate, Utah Career Colleges and Weber State University, teaching Accounting, English, English Composition, Business Communication, Auditing, and Pension and Estate Planning, Business Law and Individual and Corporate Taxation; and his favorite subject, American History. He has lectured extensively on the United States Constitution to many and varied groups including the Daughters of the American Revolution, Utah Youth Council, schools and other respected organizations. Today Lonnie owns and operates, with his wife Pam, an accounting, tax /business consulting and estate planning/asset protection practice which is nestled along with his home in the picturesque town of Huntsville, Utah, up in Ogden Valley. An avid reader of American History and Religious topic he also loves riding horses, skiing and our GREAT country .He is the author of two books: Emergency Preparedness Made Easy & The United States Constitution Made Easy…To Understand. And yes, Lonnie is a descendant of Davy Crockett’s brother, being Davy’s great, great, great, great, nephew.

David Doane Master’s Degree Middle Eastern Studies; Master’s Degree Agricultural Economics

“LifeWave: How to Increase Your Stem Cells, Boost Immunity and Reduce Pain, With the Light (Heat) You Emit”

The Lost Garden of Eden: From Missouri to Babylon and Back Again
Mulekites: Do Ye not behold that the seed of Zedekiah are with Us

David Doane holds a Master’s Degree in Middle Eastern Studies and a Master’s Degree in Agricultural Economics from Brigham Young University. He has traveled extensively in North America, Europe, the Middle East and India during his 35 years in the information technology (IT) industry.
His lifelong passion for the history, cultures and religions of the Middle East springs from his Jewish heritage and subsequent conversion to the gospel of Jesus Christ when he was 22 years old. His unique abilities to understand the meanings of scriptures spring from his Jewish heritage, extensive Book of Mormon research, educational experiences, and world travels.
Have you ever wondered who the Remnant are? What do the scriptures and Joseph Smith say, and what do the native Americans say about themselves? And, what is the role of the Remnant in the future?
Learn about how the Lord will personally gather His covenant people, the Remnant, fulfilling the Abrahamic covenant in part, as promised nearly 4000 years ago, and foretold in a number of native American histories.

Shawna Draper Author of 3 Books to Facilitate Healing from Sexual Abuse

“The Healing Power of Love” 
“Abuse, Multiple Personality, and Repressed Memory”

Shawna Draper is the author of three books; My Tears Fall Inside, The Silent Cries, and Hear My Cry: Writings From My Soul in which she shares her miraculous journey from a childhood of horrific abuse to one of healing. Although she suffered from sexual and satanic ritual abuse, her story is filled with the Spirit of God as she does not share details of that horror but rather how God directed her healing. Her uplifting message blends with the mantra of “To the Rescue” as her story focuses on the wonderful Christian neighbors and friends who reached out to her and helped her to learn that it was possible for others to actually love her. Her message gives hope to victims of abuse that no matter how bleak their life may seem now, or how traumatic their past has been, it is possible to heal and find joy and happiness. Her story also gives hope to those who are trying to support people in pain.
Shawna has presented to a wide variety of different groups including various Expos, business groups, high schools, healing groups, luncheon groups, book clubs, and church groups. She has been interviewed on K-TALK Radio as well as Blog Talk Radio. In addition, she shared her story in an hour program on a Spanish Radio station with a translator. She also gave a presentation at the Annual Federal Bar Association Criminal Law Seminar at the Federal Courthouse in Salt Lake City. She has presented in several different states including: California, Hawaii, Idaho, Texas and Utah.
Although she has both bachelor’s and master’s degrees in accounting, and worked in that industry for many years, she currently spends her time speaking to as many different groups as her schedule permits where she shares her inspirational story of hope and healing. To learn more visit her website at

Susan Edwards Oil painter, Singer and Songwriter


Susan Edwards is an oil painter, singer and songwriter. She says that because her brain has gotten foggy over the decades, the only way she knows how to truly communicate her love of God and His Son Jesus Christ and their love for us is through her paintings and music.

Susan’s experience includes working on a commercial series of paintings entitled “The Rising Generation.” That series depicted the love of Jesus for his little ones, temple marriage, planning for missions, etc. These pictures successfully sold worldwide for over 10 years.

Several years ago, Susan was invited to be part of a temple-mural painting team. She helped paint the endowment room murals for the Kona, Hawaii; Philadelphia, Pennsylvania; Baton Rouge, Louisiana; Meridian, Idaho and Fiji temples. Susan was one of the artists who helped create the baptistry mural in the Provo City Center Temple as well as a large painting in the Idaho Falls Temple.

Recently, she was commissioned to paint a painting for last month’s December, 2018 New Era. It was a painting about Gabriel announcing to Mary that she would be the mother of Jesus Christ.

Susan paints her testimony of the things that she has learned through the hard knocks of life. And, as part of that creative process, she also writes songs to go along with most of her paintings, which she can then share with others through her singing.

Her favorite mantra is, “Trust God in ALL things, including this!” And she says that, when things don’t go the way that she thinks that they should (which is most of the time), she asks God to show her the silver linings. And He does.

Art and music have been vehicles enabling Susan to draw closer to Heaven. Her husband, David, her partner in “rhyme,” co-creates with her the music and lyrics to each song. They look forward to sharing with you at this Expo.

Kay Fairchild  BA in English/Creative Writing, Author, Educator

Silk and Linen of the Nephites and Jaredites

Silk-moths native to the Americas; Why the Nephites and Jaredites were able to make linen cloth in North America; Other cloths native to America, symbolism of Linen and its importance to Old Testament-Israelites and Book of Mormon Nephite-Israelites and to us today.
Grains and Grapes of the Nephites and Jaredites
Were Nephite-Jaredite barley and grapes continue to grow wild in America; When corn came to North America; Other fruits and grains native to America.  Five potential candidates for the Nephite crops called “Neas” and Sheum”.

Kay was raised in Southern California, served an LDS Mission and received a BA in English/Creative writing. She is author of two books, “The Basic Principles Underlying the Bill of Rights” (2001), and “The Lord’s Economic System vs. the Economic System of Babylon” (2002).

She has written many articles including:
1992 Diet and Health
1997 Hebrew Holidays and Matching LDS Restoration Dates
1999 The False Traditions of Men vs. The Standards of God
2000 The Millennium
2000 Who You Are, Using Y-DNA and History
2017 The Y-DNA of Noah’s Grandsons by Tribes
2018 Post-Flood Spread of Mt DNA Around the World
2018 Jaredite Remnants
2018 Jaredite Tribal Names for Themselves. Similar to Algonquin Names for “Man”.
2019 Clothing Fabrics in the Book of Mormon
2019 Grains and Grapes of the Nephites and Jaredites

Avraham Gileadi PhD Hebrew Bible and Ancient Near Eastern Literature

“Isaiah’s Impact on Book of Mormon Prophets.”

It’s about what Isaiah passages in the Book of Mormon tell us, especially about our day.
“Where I Found Isaiah and the Book of Mormon.”
It’s about my conversion story and testimony of Isaiah and the Book of Mormon and many scriptural patterns in the Book of Mormon that draw on the endtime message of Isaiah.

Avraham Gileadi was born in 1940 in the Netherlands and grew up in New Zealand. He spent five years in Israel from 1968 to 1973 and was the first Israeli citizen to be baptized into The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints in Israel. He studied for a year in a rabbinic school in Jerusalem, where he learned the “manner of the Jews” or Jewish methodology. He obtained a PhD in 1981 in Hebrew Bible and Ancient Near Eastern Literature from Brigham Young University, with Hugh Nibley as chair. He has spent an entire career analyzing the Book of Isaiah and has published over a dozen books. He is the father of nine children and married Kendel Milburn in 2016. Hugh Nibley said of him, “Dr. Gileadi is the only LDS scholar I know of who is thoroughly competent to teach the words of Isaiah.”

Philip Gleason Founder & Director of the non-profit Academy of Self-Reliance; CEO of the Utah OSR Land Cooperative.  Chief Consultant at OSR Green, LLC.

1. Operation Self-Reliance: Preparing Every Needful Thing

  • Preparedness is more than a year’s supply,
  • Strategies for those with limited resources.
  • Acquiring a debt-free, self-reliant homestead, including:
  1. 2+ acres with water rights
  2. Passive Solar Home & Barn
  3. Greenhouse & Garden/Orchard
  4. Well, Power & Approved Sanitation
  5. 200+ Like-minded neighbors
  • Overcoming the 5-barriers to Self-Reliance.
  • Utilizing Utah Title 3 – Agricultural Cooperatives
  • A Pathway to preparing every needful thing.
  1. Utah OSR Land Cooperative: Self-Reliance in Action, a Template

2-acre Homesteads with 2 acre-feet of water rights

500+ acres for agricultural production

Community Land Trust for:

  • Education
  • Health Care Services
  • Child Rescue & Young Mothers Homes
  • Equine & Canine Therapy Barn

What it means to have like-minded neighbors.

About Philip and “Operation Self-Reliance”:

On a bitter cold night, as a young father, Philip found himself unable to keep his 3 baby girls warm, give them a meal, or even a drink of water. This experience set him on a course to understand and determine what it meant to “prepare every needful thing”.

Helping families transition from a lifestyle of dependency on cities for food, water, and power to a country culture of self-reliance is his passion. This is accomplished by providing a pathway to a homestead on 2-acres and more, with a passive solar home, a barn, a greenhouse, a garden/orchard, water and approved sanitation, while not being connected to any public utilities, surrounded by like-minded neighbors, and remaining debt free.

His decades as a building contractor and land developer with a passion for greenhouses and sustainable food production has led him to the creation of “Operation Self-Reliance”, a 4-step pathway to preparing every needful thing.

  1. Identifying like-minded people and essential resources and networking them
  2. Making available the knowledge & skills needed to be self-reliant
  3. Qualifying plans to make the transition to self-reliance and establishing agricultural cooperatives
  4. Providing opportunities to help and support OSR (Operations Self-Reliance)

Philip’s invitation to come and explore solutions that overcome the barriers in becoming truly self-reliant is extended to all that are willing.

Related websites:

The Academy’s Facebook page

The Academy’s public Facebook Group

Kay Godfrey The Epoch LDS Historian

Kay is a graduate of Brigham Young University. He holds degrees in Historic Archaeology and Anthropology as well as Law Enforcement and Justice Administration.

He has studied and researched the life of the Prophet Joseph Smith for over 35 years. He has done extensive “on-site” research in New Hampshire, Vermont, New York, Pennsylvania, Ohio, Illinois and Missouri. He has spoken to the issue of the “Trials of the Prophet Joseph” at numerous symposiums in Nauvoo, Il. and Independence, Mo. He has edited books for various authors on the historical accuracy of materials pertaining to Joseph Smith. Kay has served on numerous boards and foundations such as: Ancient American Archaeology, Missouri Mormon Frontier Foundation, the Foundation for Indigenous Research and Mormonism and the Nauvoo Historical Society.

The Author and Lecturer

Kay lectures regularly to zones of full-time missionaries on the topic of modern-day restoration, most recently speaking to the missionaries and investigators of the Oklahoma Tulsa Mission. He has conducted firesides from Calgary, Canada to Fort Smith, Arkansas.

He has authored a comprehensive four-part presentation detailing the life of Joseph Smith. This history is entitled: “Following the Footsteps of Joseph”. It is available in a three disk DVD set, produced through Digital Memorys of Kaysville, Utah. Kay’s material has been requested by such institutions as Oberlin College Archives, (Oberlin, Ohio) to be filed with the Spaulding Manuscript documents, Brigham Young University, in celebration of the bi-centennial celebration of Joseph Smith’s birth and the Joseph Smith Memorial Site, (Sharon, Vermont) as a teaching tool for new missionary couples.

The Tour Director & Boy Scout Leader

Kay has been conducting domestic Church History tours for Morris Murdock since 1995. He also takes groups to Israel and European destinations. He speaks Hebrew and his wife is fluent in French. Currently Kay serves as Director of Public Relations for the Great Salt Lake Council, Boy Scouts of America. He and his wife, Debra, live in Kaysville, Utah and are the parents of five children. Kay is dedicated to sharing his knowledge, research and testimony to groups of all ages. If you would like to schedule Kay as a speaker or have questions regarding one of Kay’s tours please contact him here.

Sasha Grove Presenter, Home Schooling Mother, Patriot
Kairos Generations – How the Book of Mormon Reveals the Own Due Time of the Lord

My presentation shows that the Book of Mormon proves the truth of the Bible (and vice versa) and pinpoints the specific time period in which the Lord does his mightiest works by the language, symbolism and genealogies contained in scripture.

Sasha Grove is a dynamic teacher and presenter, home schooling mother, Patriot, Truth seeker, and Sister Scriptorian.  Her unquenchable thirst for knowledge has led to exciting opportunities to share gospel insights in events and firesides with youth and adults.  She thrives on living in the last days and being the catalyst in other’s faith journey.

Sasha is a Wellness Advocate with doTERRA essential oils, certified Integrative Nutrition Health Coach, and blogger at, where she writes about liberty, natural health, motherhood, and latter-day living. She is the wife of Bryan, mother to eight children, and GeeGee to three perfect grandsons.

“This generation shall not pass, till all these things be fulfilled.” The words of the Lord sparked two millennia of deciphering the details of His return in glory. The day or the hour no man knoweth, but the generation that will experience it is clearly made known throughout the Old and New Testaments and confirmed in the Book of Mormon. Evidence of the exact generation appears in the genealogies of prophets and kings, in the Greek and Hebrew scriptures, and in Book of Mormon events which parallel American history. Not only do these patterns testify of Christ and the truth of His word, they declare the role we must play in the winding up scenes that will usher in the second coming of the Savior.

In Kairos Generations you’ll discover:

·       How and why the Lord marks the generations of mankind

·        The meaning of “the own due time of the Lord”

·       The Lord’s covenant with Israel revealed in ancient and modern genealogies

·       Another witness that the Book of Mormon is truly ancient Hebrew scripture

·       Compelling evidence that you and your children will be part of the final events before the Saviors return AND

·       Scriptural patterns that reveal your role in exciting latter-day events 

Ronald Gudnason Teacher, UM Instructor

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is Ronald-at-Ocean.jpgPresentation:
UM Science taught in Iceland—In School and Tours

Ronald has worked as a science teacher since 2012 for 18-19-year-old students teaching Physics, Astronomy and Geography. Many UM subjects are included in classes as curricula have been improved, abandoning pseudotheories and including UM scientific truths.

Since 2009 Ronald has been involved with tour guiding in Iceland; full-time for a few years then only in summer breaks since 2012. He guided his first UM GeoTour in 2019 finally being able to fully share the beauty of Iceland with the new discoveries of the UM at the same time.

From 2001-2007 Ronald served as a Coordinator for Seminary and Institute in Denmark for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

He received his master’s degree in Structural Engineering in 1993 from Stuttgart University in Germany where he worked for several years and then for one year in Reykjavik, Iceland.

He gained his second master’s degree, in Education in 2012. Ronald is married to Bettina Fingerle from Germany and they have 5 children.

Cassidy Gundersen Coach, Nutritionist, Speaker, Owner Spiro Health & Wellness

Word of Wisdom 101: How The Destroying Angel Can Pass By You 
In this class we will explore the scriptures and the words of the prophets to better understand the Word of Wisdom and how we can guard our families from the Destroying Angel in these last days.
How to Heal Any Disease: A Guide to the Scriptures and Modern Data 
Using scriptures and modern data, we find a fool proof solution to curing any disease. In this class we will explore the Lord’s prescribed path to finding health.

Cassidy is a doctorate student who will complete her PhD in health and nutrition with high honors in 2020. As owner of Spiro Health and Wellness, she is a nutritionist and health & wellness coach that specializes in helping to prevent and reverse chronic health conditions. She is also an author and speaker who addresses audiences around the world about nutrition and the Word of Wisdom. She has been featured as an invited speaker at the United Nations, Education Week and many news outlets around the country. She is also a writer for KSL and an educator for Living Scriptures.
Jordan Gundersen Author, Business Owner Spiro Health & Wellness, Entrepreneur
Freedom Through the Word of Wisdom – A discussion on the principles in the Word of Wisdom that lead to greater personal freedom as well as the implications of the Word of Wisdom on the last days. 
The Inspired Thomas Jefferson – A defense of Thomas Jefferson and his work from a Latter-day Saint perspective. 
Jordan Gundersen is the author of The Word of Wisdom: Hope, Healing, and the Destroying Angel along with his wife, Cassidy. Together they own Spiro Health & Wellness – a business that teaches people how to reverse disease with diet. Jordan graduated from Brigham Young University with a degree in political science and a minor in business. He is an entrepreneur by trade and is passionate about self-governance and freedom. 

Dr. Daniel Russell Guthrie Chiropractor 21 Years


That is where we produce our energy.  How to combat Auto Immune disease. The process of healing starts with drainage. We deal with many toxic chemicals in our world today. This means helping the liver, gall badder, kidneys, stomach and colon  function properly. The liver has so many functions and needs support continually. We need to be aware of  the signs of parasite infections and how they hide in the body and steal energy from the cells in the body.  We also will discuss heavy metals, bacteria and viruses and toxic chemicals. The key is in the Mitochondria, which gives every cell energy with the power of Oxygen.

Undergraduate school  Ricks, BYU, SLCC, Chiropractic College Western States Chiropractic College, Graduated 12-92, 21 years of experience.

Services provided

  1. Diversified Chiropractic manipulation
  2. Pro-adjuster Computerized Analysis Manipulation with computer instruments. An alternative method with no rotation or manual adjustments.
  3. Cervical and lumbar spinal decompression. This is a procedure where a patient lies prone or supine on a table. There is a gentle pull depending on the patient’s condition how much weight is applied. The pull holds and releases. This opens the joints up, lubricates the joint with synovial fluid and takes pressure off the spinal nerves.
  4. Class 3 and 4 laser treatments. This reduces inflammation, muscle spasms, pain and helps the body regenerate tissue.
  5. Stretch and strengthen exercises are taught to maintain the patient’s condition.
  6. X-ray is on site for patients who require this before treatment.
  7. Nutrition is encouraged and specific conditions are addressed. Standard Process is my main nutritional company that I offer.
  8. Our philosophy is to take a holistic approach to help the body and mind to repair and to be happy. This helps the patient to be more productive and have a better quality of life.

    Mindy Heckroth Founder United Women of God, Speaker, Educator
    Mindy is the founder of Mindy is a teacher and speaker who is passionate about helping families fortify their homes against pornography. Mindy is anxious to share resources and skills that give parents confidence to respond to any situation. Mindy is a wife and a mom devoted to her faith and family. For almost two decades Mindy witnessed the effects of pornography in the lives of individuals and families. Witnessing the wake of destruction and pain was heartbreaking. These experiences deepened her compassion and drove her to learn all that she could to help and protect those that she loves. Mindy is committed to helping other moms and families know how to navigate the topic of pornography. She has a non scary, actionable approach that will help any family fortify their home.   

Jae Heiner Masters of Engineering in Electrical Engineering, Doctorate studies at University of Colorado


Bio: – Jae Heiner 2019. Masters of Engineering in Electrical Engineering from BYU. Doctorate studies at University of Colorado, Colorado Springs

At age six or seven, his favorite books were about dinosaurs and satellites. So he became an electrical engineer and spent the last 39 years working in the Aerospace industry designing, building and flying satellites.

He’s always had an insatiable curiosity about the natural world. His father was a geologist trained to find Uranium, who ended up teaching high school earth science, physics and math. They spent much time talking about geology and rocks and how things got the way they are. Since being introduced to the Universal Model on Friday, 20 May 2005, Jae has been a researcher, experimenter, reviewer and teacher for the UM. The UM has completely redefined how he perceives everything scientific. He’ll be explaining why his Father stopped discussing the age and origin of rocks with him. He predicted of the UM experience, “Sounds interesting and dangerous.”

He married Lily Doughty 39 years ago, and have 8 children (four married) and 8 grandchildren. He’s an avid scouter with 5 Eagle Sons, and is NRA certified rifle shooting instructor and Range Safety Officer.

Mark Higbee Software Developer, Author

Zendreo Chronicles: Reaching Youth With Good Books

Mark Higbee is a software developer turned part time author who recently finished his first novel. He grew up playing sports and still enjoys playing ice hockey once a week in Provo, Utah at the age of 46.

His currently lives in Saratoga Springs, Utah with his wife and four cats. He loves  boating, camping, hiking and visiting national parks.

His goal as an author is to do more than just tell good stories. He wants to make a difference in the lives of the readers.

“Books are the building blocks of civilization, for without the written word, a man knows nothing beyond what occurs during his own brief years… A parent or a teacher has only his lifetime, a good book can teach forever.”
– Louis L’Amour
(Over 300 million books printed)

My mom (Vachele Higbee) goes to every Book of Mormon Expo, and recently she finished reading my book.  She got so excited that she convinced me that I need to share it with everyone at the expo. 

“At Thanksgiving Mark announced a surprise! He said that his book was done and asked the family if they wanted to read it, and to give him feedback.

I had never read a science fiction book, and I couldn’t remember reading a novel since I was a teenager, but I wanted to read his book.

I discovered so many wonderful teachings encoded in his book, such as having faith, and standing up for the right, keeping promises, courage, determination, life after death, a creator and worlds populated without number where all of the people look the same, the value of friendship, and that people can change, the importance of serving others, and the power of a father’s love for his child. I noticed that the main character didn’t ever give up! As I read I felt uplifted, and stronger and stronger.” –Vachele Higbee

Vachele Higbee  Author, Writer, Owner Lantern House Books
How The Book of Mormon Came To Be

Vachele grew up on a farm in the mountains of Mink Creek, Idaho about 17 miles northeast of Preston, which is just north of Logan, Utah. Vachele’s parents taught her to work hard, and her father encouraged her to write. Vachele attended BYU, where she met Jay Higbee. They were married in the Idaho Falls Temple. They have 7 children, 19 grandchildren, and 1 great-grandson.

Vachele loves to compile and write books. She is a published author. Miracles in American History – Stories Of This Land From The Time Of Adam was published by Digital Legend in 2014.


Vachele has 52 interesting books and DVDs on her website, Lantern House Books. They are available at Vachele has compiled 29 family history books, 12 of which are large and hardbound. Jay and Vachele have sold over 2000 family history books to relatives. Out of the 53 books that she has created, 17 of them are written for youth and children. Vachele’s goal is to strengthen them, and everyone else, with her books.

Besides writing, Vachele loves to play the organ. She also loves to visit with friends and family, and play with her young grandchildren. A favorite pastime of the Higbees is watching Book of Mormon Evidence, and other educational DVDs.

Come listen to Vachele as she shares ideas on teaching children values and principles from the story of how The Book of Mormon came to be. She will be sharing a story from her most recent book, The Gold Plates, and will identify six different principles that children can learn from this one story.

Hear how one man tried to get into a fist fight with the Prophet Joseph Smith because he didn’t want to stop printing pages illegally from The Book of Mormon. If you are looking for something your children or grandchildren can do on Sundays, you might be interested in some of Vachele’s books.

“I am a direct descendant of Martin Harris, so I have a keen interest in encouraging our youth to read The Book of Mormon. As a grandparent, I can think of no better gift. We need their heroes to become Book of Mormon and early Church heroes, instead of current celebrities. Most books  on the market for gospel study of The Book of Mormon are written for adults, or they are in storybook form for very young children. Very few books are available for older elementary school-age children and young teenagers, as well as for adults. The Gold Plates fills that void. I was fascinated, due to it being so concise, and to the point, with excellent attention to historical  detail.”  – Kent Linford (Harris) Pickering

Wayne Hill: Candidate for LT Governor Utah Independent Party

Wayne Hill: Born in Ogden, graduated from Bonneville HS and Weber State University. Veteran,  7 years Reserves and National Guard.  Wayne co-founded the Independent Party in 1992. The IAP  goal is to save the Constitution and Liberty. He ran for Utah County Commissioner, and U.S. Congress as an Independent. He is a Hearing Aid Specialist and has owned businesses in the private sector.

Wayne believes the Constitution is inspired and is a Covenant. He believes our current Governor and Lt. Governor have violated their Oaths and our liberties by their response to Covid.  Their actions should disqualify them from holding any office.

Wayne believes abortion is unconstitutional, it deprives the basic right of “Life,” and no God-fearing or Constitutional person should vote for anyone who professes abortion.  The Independent American Party is very Pro-Life and many see the solution is adoption.  Recently, a 10-year-old boy said he wanted to be adopted on TV and had 500 interested people agree.

Many in the IAP support President Trump.  Wayne believes by voting for Duerden/Hill,  you are voting to stop the spread of Covid and its lies, thus upholding  the Constitution and its truths.

David R. Hocking  President, Beacon Light Books, LLC.

Presentations Sept 2021:

Thurs 2:30
Fri 2:30 Lehite and Mulekite Voyages

The Phoenicia Expeditions of 2009-2010 and 2019-2020 support the Lehite and Mulekite voyages to the “Land Choice above all Others” by establishing 600 B.C. ship  building technology that could hold similar sized crews and travel distances. Presented are parallels to stop-over places that relate to Book of Mormon names and how mid-1800 artifacts found by midwestern farmers display ancient writing scripts associated with the two colonizers. Postulated is the premise that the People of Zarahemla were descendants of not only King Zedekiah’s youngest son Mulek, but  were passengers on a Phoenician ship, and as such, lost their native language by being assimilated within a Phoenician culture supporting the reason why “their language had become corrupted.’ (Omni 1:17)

An overview of the Annotated Edition of the Book of Enoch and how it validates Joseph Smith as a true Prophet, Seer and Revelator.

From November 1830 to February 1831 the Prophet Joseph Smith received revelations that would later be canonized as scripture titled, “The Writings of Moses”, and are included in The Pearl of Great Price of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. The preface to the chapters referring to Enoch states:

“It may be well to observe here, that the Lord greatly encouraged and strengthened the faith of His little flock, which had embraced the fulness of the everlasting Gospel, as revealed to them in the Book of Mormon, by giving some more extended information upon the Scriptures, a translation of which had already commenced. Much conjecture and conversation frequently occurred among the Saints, concerning the books mentioned, and referred to, in various places in the Old and New Testaments, which were now nowhere to be found. The common remark was, ‘They are lost books’; but it seems the Apostolic Church had some of these writings, as Jude mentions or quotes the Prophecy of Enoch, the seventh from Adam. To the joy of the little flock, which in all, from Colesville to Canandaigua, New York, numbered about seventy members, did the Lord reveal the following doings of olden times, from the prophecy of Enoch.” (“History, 1838–1856, volu

me A-1 [23 December 1805–30 August 1834],” pp. 80-81, The Joseph Smith Papers, accessed February 23, 2021, (

Later, in about April 1835, Joseph Smith received a revelation regarding the Book of Enoch:

“And Adam stood up in the midst of the congregation; and, notwithstanding he was bowed down with age, being full of the Holy Ghost, predicted whatsoever should befall his posterity unto the latest generation. These things were all written in the book of Enoch and are to be testified of in due time.” (Doctrine and Covenants 107:56-57)

Although chapters two through eight of the Book of Moses in The Pearl of Great Price are entitled “The Writings of Moses,” Joseph Smith did not indicate that he ever had the manuscript in his hands. It is assumed he received the “writings” through pure revelation via the Urim and Thummim. The Enoch passages act therefore as a “control” to his claim to be a Seer and Revelator. How? Later Enoch manuscripts—or fragments—that became available that support those revelations would validate his claim as a revealer of ancient writings. The Ethiopic, Slavonic and Hebrew books of Enoch show a mark of authenticity as each repeat similar themes as found in the Book of Moses. The Book of Jasher, likewise, establishes itself as an authentic ancient record as it also repeats many of those same themes. The many passages shown are from sources far removed from each other in time and place. These passages demonstrate that ancient texts have been preserved throughout thousands of years and substantiates consistency of the stories told. Importantly, they validate the revelations Joseph Smith received and solidify his credentials as a “Prophet, Seer and Revelator.”

David and his wife Teresa are parents to 3 children and “Grammy and Grampy” to 9 grandchildren. Born in Hyannis, Massachusetts, he has a rich New England heritage. As a young Deacon, he helped clear the Joseph Smith Memorial in Sharon, VT for camp grounds. Now living in Raleigh, NC, he enjoys being close to the “land of Lehi.” He loves gardening and is an accomplished guitarist, a talent he was able to use in the England South Mission in 1971-1973 as a member of the Family Portrait Singers, at BYU in the Young Ambassadors (1969-1970) and in several dance bands.

David received an A.S. degree in Electronics Engineering in 1971 and a B.S. in Microbiology in 1975 from BYU. He has worked for 43 years in Sales and Marketing in the Biotechnology industry. He has authored a book on hemoglobin disorders as part of the newborn screening programs utilized in State Health Laboratories. He has invented a 5-minute test to detect the various forms of Sickle Cell Disease in newborns, children and adults. The test requires no equipment and is being used in over 30 low-resource countries to help save lives.

Beacon Light Books, LLC, was formed to illuminate sacred texts. He has been reformatting scripture to help readers better understand them with increased comprehension. He is the Managing Editor of The Annotated Book of Mormon which has been created to help readers understand the everlasting gospel as explained in the text, together with what the modern prophets and apostles have taught about it. The text has been formatted so readers can identify natural conversations, poetic speech patterns, prophecies, and the words of God. The annotations include prophetic commentaries on quoted scripture and the use of colored text. These elements bear witness to the divinity of this ancient text by drawing upon Hebrew tradition—much different from the nineteenth century rural America known to Joseph Smith.

Clayton Holbrook – School of Hard Labor and Lifelong Study

Complete Presentation and demonstration of whole body vibration at the Life-Time Vibe booth #21. Discussion for maintaining health as you consider your preparations for the future. Know the numbers. Your body literally takes a beating and your health is determined in large measure by the choices you make.

Jacob Householder Financial Economics Student, Advocate of Free Markets & Conservative Politics

Presentation: Was Jesus a Socialist?
Jacob is a public speaker, researcher, and writer who believes America can be healed by making the Founding Fathers’ principles of successful government popular again through a grassroots educational movement. He is an advocate of liberty and has dedicated his life to restoring the Constitution. Additionally, he believes America can be healed through civil public discourse and proper education. Jacob seeks to unify America by promoting and highlighting bipartisan solutions instead of partisan problems.

Jacob Householder is a university student majoring in Financial Economics. He is an advocate of free markets and conservative politics. Jacob is currently Director of International Outreach for the Columbus Center for Constitutional Studies and organizes young adults to get involved in the healing of America through the Restoration Generation and affiliate organizations. He has assisted with the creation of half a dozen educational nonprofits over the past several years, including the Madison Liberty Institute in Rexburg, Idaho.

Jacob has assisted with various research projects, such as the Harvard Divinity School’s Religious Literacy Project. He is currently studying Financial Economics at Brigham Young University—Idaho and is preparing to apply to graduate school to attain a PhD in Economics.

Jacob is a UM enthusiast and recently spent a year helping launch the Universal Model, performing research and experiments, presenting at various UM events, and working to spread the message of “The New Millennial Science.”

Colleen Huston CMT, Master BEST Practitioner, ( Bio Energetic Synchronization Technique) Reflexologist, Bodyworker & Independent BEMER Distributor.
Presentations with Chris Allen 
Adding Life to your Years Colleen is a Graduate of The American Academy of Reflexology, Massage School of Santa Monica, The Utah College of Massage Therapy, & Morter Health System -Diplomate & Masters Programs.



Colleen Enjoys, providing services to her clients in both CA & Utah. Spanning a 28 yr career in this field of holistic wellness and alternative healthcare. She is currently practicing in Monterey, CA. She loves to investigate and make discoveries in areas concerning health and wellness.

First a wife, mother, & homeschooler, she enjoys serving her family, friends, and meeting the needs of her clientele, in her private, part time practice. She is an enthusiastic member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, and tries to be a Truth Seeker, as much as possible. She is currently serving as a Ward Missionary, in the Monterey II Ward. Colleen is a Heartlander, and always has been! She’s also become a UMer, and is a big fan of the research and work coming forward in the Universal Model. She, along with her husband John and family, at various different times, have gone on  Heartland / Cumorah Land Tours, with Rod Meldrum, Wayne May, & Rian Fisher. They also enjoyed a Maiden Voyage, Universal Model, Geo Tour,  to Iceland, with Founder & Author of The Universal Model, Dean & his wife Danette Sessions and Editor of UM, Russ Barlow. Ronald Guonason, was Iceland’s very
own and BEST Universal Model, Science Teacher, and Local Tour Guide on this amazing tour. Colleen along with her twin sister, and two adult children, also just went on a tour with Bruce Porter, to the Middle East, last fall. Learning about the Gospel in  Egypt, it’s connection to the Book Of Abraham, The Abrahamic Covenant, the Book of Mormon, and our Temple Endowment. She highly recommends going on all these tours! She enjoys attending all of the Firm Foundation Conferences she can and reuniting with her Truth Seeker, Heartlander, and UMer friends and family!

Colleen Discovered the BEMER last May, and purchased one for her family and private practice. It has taken her practice to a whole other level and has been life changing for some of her friends and clients. She is so excited to share it with others and be back at the Firm Foundation Conference this Spring, after a successful event last fall at the same conference. While there, she met Avraham Gileadi, and has been trying to study his books, lectures & the scriptures with the Book Of Mormon & Isaiah, in her precious spare time ever since. Discovering yet again more precious truths. When it comes to the BEMER, she is excited to share the great news and information, of what it can do for those who otherwise wouldn’t know about this amazing,  gentle, yet effective, cutting edge,  energetic therapy. BEMER increases blood flow by 30%. Delivering vital Oxygen and Nutrients, at the cellular
level, through the blood stream and through the blood cells, to all the other cells, tissues, organs, & body systems. It simultaneously pulls metabolic waste & toxins, including carbon dioxide and lactic acid from the cells, removing them through the body’s own intelligently designed elimination system. Allowing for an environment where the body’s own regeneration, rejuvenation, and homeostasis can take place.

Colleen Invites you to come visit The BEMER Group Booth, and see for yourself how easy it is to receive an 8 min free demo session, and why Rod Meldrum himself, has and uses one at home too. BEMER is a FDA Registered Medical Device, and is used in hospitals, clinics, therapy centers, and homes, throughout the world. Come see why every home should have a BEMER. 

Kevin Humphrey Independent brand partner with NuLife Ventures, LLC. Marketing the AVACEN.  Kevin has a B.S.E.E. B.Y.U. 1976, M.B.A. B.Y.U.1978, M.A. Clinical Psychology / Marriage & Family Therapy A.P.U. 2000. He has worked in the health and wellness field for the last 20 years. His company is Repower Your Star, LLC dba Microcirculation For Life.

Optimize Health, Vitality and Youthfulness                                                      
A Wellness Treatment from the Inside Out!
Microcirculation is the Vehicle that improves Nutrient absorption and removes Toxins 66% more efficiently, thus increasing oxygen in the blood!                                                                                               
AVACEN Medical is a 14 year old company from Carlsbad, CA. The AVACEN 100 has over 12 million safe treatments with zero adverse events.

AVACEN is the only FDA Cleared Class II Medical Device that is Cost Effective, Drug Free and Non-invasive, Safe and Effective, Simple to Use and Portable for head to toe (whole-body) WELLNESS delivered through the palm of the hand.

In Canada and Europe AVACEN is also cleared for pain relief from widespread Fibromyalgia. In 2017, AVACEN was awarded the European New Product Innovation Award for pain relief from widespread Fibromyalgia. AVACEN has also just completed an Autism Spectrum Disorder Fever Effect study at the Fielding Graduate School of Psychology in Santa Barbara. Also a Diabetes study at San Diego State University.

We have thousands of doctors throughout the country using the AVACEN. Dr. Nathan Newman, a world-renowned dermatologist and cosmetic surgeon in Beverly Hills, and innovator of the Stem Cell LiftTM has been using the AVACEN 100 for many years with over 5000 safe treatments to speed the healing process and reduce pain from the inside out. At the other end of the country we have Dr. Ian Goldbaum, DPM, a podiatric surgeon in Palm Beach, Florida who has used the AVACEN for his patients hundreds of times after their surgeries to speed the healing process and using less drugs.

Are you a person who seeks new proven innovative technology that optimizes your health, vitality and youthfulness? Are you struggling to find scientific based, cost effective ways to reduce overall pain? Are you seeking to accelerate recovery from injuries, surgeries and/or medical procedures? Do you search for ways to increase longevity and anti-aging? As a trained seeker of knowledge in emotional and physical wellness for nearly 20 years, we specialize in promoting cutting edge technology that increases overall health. Did you know that Microcirculation is a fundamentally key principle to optimal wellness that is essential to pain relief, accelerated recovery and longevity? Did you know that Optimum Microcirculation continually supplies our 500 trillion cells with Oxygen, Water and Nutrients that boosts our immune system? Did you know that most adults have a compromised Microcirculatory System by age 40? And did you know that Microcirculation is 74% of our circulatory system and the average adult has over 74,000 miles of capillaries which is over 3 times around the earth? A compromised circulatory system is like a bent straw, not much flow or like honey in the refrigerator versus honey left out on the counter – which has better flow?

WELLNESS and ANTI-AGING: Better and Deeper Sleep, Clearer Thinking, Reduces Anxiety and Stress, Overall Muscle Relaxation, Reduces Inflammation, Boosts Oxygen & Nutrient Absorption, Flushes Toxins from the Body, Increases Micro-Vascular Circulation and Improves Digestion.
ACCELERATES RECOVERY: Neuropathy, Reduces Poor Circulation, Reduces Lactic Acid Buildup, Optimizes Sports Performance, Prevents Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness, Improves Body Functions, and Faster Recovery from Injuries, Surgeries & Medical Procedures.                         
PAIN RELIEF FROM: Arthritis, Migraines, Muscle Soreness, Sprains & Strains, etc.

AVACEN increases microcirculation and blood oxygen in clinical studies by 66%. Similar to hyperbaric oxygen chambers which oxygenate the capillaries down to about 10 microns in size, the AVACEN will oxygenate the capillaries down to 4 microns in size are used in hundreds of HBOT Clinics. We off special pricing and discounts!

Kevin lives with his wife, Vicki and two adopted grandchildren (8 and 9 years old) in Herriman, Utah. They have 12 children, 32 grandchildren and 7 great-grandchildren. Kevin currently teaches Elder’s Quorum in his ward. Kevin has a M.A. in Clinical Psychology & Marriage & Family Ty, M.P. in Hemispheric Brain Integration, MBA BYU. Microcirculation For Life  For More information contact Kevin: (626) 755-3176, Herriman, Utah.
(video presentations) 

Ski Ingram- Patriot, Airborne Ranger, Combat Infintry, Bronze Star, Special Forces, Vice Detective,

Presentation: “America, Land of Promise and Destiny” 

Ski Ingram developed his love for America and her promise early in life.  He was raised in beautiful southern California, learning and living the gospel of Jesus Christ from his youth, and finding many opportunities to serve his church and community.

While preparing to serve a full-time mission for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints, his life took a sudden turn when he was drafted into the United States Army.  He trained with Special Forces before being sent to Viet Nam where he served with an Airborne Ranger company.  He served with the Army in Viet Nam, the United States, and Germany as a medic, a Ranger Scout, a weapons and demolitions expert, and a Range Safety Officer for a NATO training area. Ski was awarded several medals, most notably the Combat Infantry Badge (CIB) and the Bronze Star. After leaving the regular Army, Ski attended Officer Candidate School and was commissioned as a Second Lieutenant in the Army Reserves where he served for several years with 12th Special Forces Group.

 Ski returned to southern California, married his wife Diane, and raised four children.  After the military, he worked for 22 years as a police officer for the Long Beach Police Department.  Again, it was his love for country and his fellowman that prompted this career choice, which brought him great satisfaction.  He worked in law enforcement as a patrol officer, a training officer, a Drug Recognition Expert (DRE) and DRE instructor, a Narcotics enforcement officer, and an undercover Vice detective.  Ski received his degree in Criminal Justice and had numerous specialized training courses during his career in law enforcement.  Ski was medically retired in 2004 after receiving a career-ending injury.

 Ski was very involved in Boy Scouting throughout his life. He has been a Scoutmaster on two different occasions and held many positions on the District Committee, including District Chairman and Wood Badge Course, Director (Scoutmaster).  He has been awarded Scoutmaster of the Year and the Silver Beaver award.

 After retiring from police work, Ski moved his family to St. George Utah and opened his own private detective agency called Code 5 Enterprises LLC. He was appointed by Governor Gary Herbert to the state’s Bureau of Criminal Identification overseeing the licensing of private investigators in the state.

 Ski has been very active in the veterans community in Utah. He was the Adjutant for American Legion Post 90 in St. George, representing the Post by leading several community events. Ski was appointed by the Mayor of St. George, John Pike, to the city’s Veterans Advisory Board. Ski is a life member of five different Veteran Service Organizations and is a Patriot member of the NRA.

 While in St. George Ski began writing an opinion piece called “A Veterans Thoughts” each month for the local newspaper. He has also been published in Public Square Magazine and Meridian Magazine.

 Ski and his wife now live in Gilbert, Arizona where they are both active in their Ward. They both have had many callings in the wards and stakes where they have resided.   

Ski Ingram
Helping to make America Great

Greg M. Jarrard Author, Writer, Radio Personality
G.M. Jarrard is a writer, author and an owner of a small ad agency that for more than 40 years has focused on technology, health products, B2B marketing and politics. He has written dozens of biographies, managed a publishing company and worked as a copy editor at the Deseret News. His podcast, Latter Day Radio, can be heard on Spotify, Apple Podcasts, and other venues where he frames his podcast with the phrase “broadcasting from the intersection of faith and freedom”. Over the years, he has created paid political messages for candidates like Congressman Rob Bishop, former Sen. Orrin Hatch, former Gov. Mike Leavitt and Sen. Mike Lee, among others. 

He has lectured in Rostov, Russia to democratic party workers for the International Republican Institute, taught college courses in religion to young adults in Mainz, Germany (2015-2016) and completed a volunteer assignment with his wife Christie for the Kennedy Institute for International Relations in Geneva, Switzerland, creating materials to teach human rights in developing countries for the United Nations.

He lives in South Jordan, Utah, with his wife Christie.

Scott Jenkins Lawyer, BA History, Studied Duer and Dinka Language

Title of Presentation:  Discovering the Lost Tribes of Israel – Who they are and Where they went

Message: The presentation looks at the scattering of Israel to the East, the West, the North and the South and who they are today

Bio of Scott Jenkins:

  • Raised in Phoenix Arizona – parents from Cache Valley, Utah
  • BA in History 1974 – BYU
  • A law degree J. Rueben Clark Law School, 1977 and 40 years of law practice
  • LDS missionary to Uruguay 1969-71 – Spanish
  • Worked five years with Hmong people from Laos and learned Hmong language and Hmong legends; co-founded the 501c3 Hmong Heritage Foundation in 1983
  • five years in a Spanish speaking LDS ward with people from all over Latin America
  • A fan of the Old Testament studying it multiple times
  • 10 years working with refugees from South Sudan of the Dinka and Nuer tribes; studied Dinka and Nuer language; founded Southern Sudan Humanitarian in 2007, a 501c3 organization sponsoring two elementary schools in South Sudan
  • Visited South Sudan (twice), Mexico, Ecuador, China, Mongolia and Israel (five times)

Utahna Jessop- AHRF Trustee, Field Researcher, History Teacher, Library Administrator, Field Representative

Sacred Stones of the Patriarch Adam, Noah, Abraham, Mahonri, Joseph Smith and more.
Scattered along the sparkling river of history are various stones with seemingly “magical” powers. Stones that provide direction, protection, and translation; stones that shine like the sun, heal infirmities, and even unlock the mysteries like the all-seeing eye of our Heavenly Father. Join us for a glimpse into the spiritual life of items directed by the hand of God to enliven the soul and enlighten the mind of man.

Utahna Jessop is a writer, field representative and copy editor for Ancient American Magazine, and a trustee for the Ancient Historical Research Foundation. She has a particular interest in historical archaeology and ancient inscriptions, has participated in archaeological digs and given firesides on Native American history and prophecy, ancient cultures, petroglyphs, and the Book of Mormon. Utahna loves all things ancient, reading, and the great outdoors — especially hiking and exploring with her husband Shem, their ten children, and ten grandchildren.

Dr. Patrick Jones Veterinarian, Clinical Herbalist, Author and Lecturer

2020 Presentations:
Joseph, Brigham & Herbal Medicine: Prophets’ Perspectives on Medicinal Plants

Clinical herbalist, practicing veterinarian and traditional naturopath Dr. Patrick Jones discusses the experiences and views of the Prophets Joseph Smith and Brigham Young on the subject of herbal medicine. Learn how these great men felt about medicinal plants and how to identify and use some of their favorite herbs. Learn what herb Brigham said we’d be blessed to know in the Last Days!
Ten Plants That Can Change Your Life: Herbal Medicines In Your Own Backyard!  
Clinical herbalist and practicing veterinarian Dr. Patrick Jones discusses how to become a self-reliant herbalist. His focus is on being plant-based rather than product-based. This lecture will be a deep discussion of ten amazing plants that are readily available in your own yards and gardens. You’ll leave this lecture feeling empowered to recognize, grow and use these plants to work true medical miracles. You can be an herbalist!
Herbal Wound Management
Clinical herbalist and practicing veterinarian Dr. Patrick Jones discusses the management of wounds and infections using medicinal plants. You will be astounded at the sorts of wounds he has healed using only plants readily available in your own backyard. You’ll be even more astounded to learn how easy it is for you to do it yourself should the need ever arise!
Dr. Patrick Jones is a practicing veterinarian, clinical herbalist, traditional naturopath and sought-after author and lecturer. He is the founder of the HomeGrown Herbalist School of Botanical Medicine. His lecture style has been described as a cross between John Christopher and Steve Martin. When you leave his class, your brain will be full and your sides will be sore from laughing. His engaging and down-to-Earth style will leave you feeling truly excited and empowered to use these wonderful plants. Because of his veterinary credentials, Dr. Jones has had the opportunity to use herbs on all sorts of cases that would not typically be addressed by herbalists. Rattlesnake bites, gunshot wounds, serious infections and systemic illnesses of all kinds make up his daily herbal  practice for man and beast. Because of the miracles he’s seen over the years, Dr. Jones has an evangelical zeal to teach others about herbal medicine. His book The HomeGrown Herbalist and his school emphasize self-reliant herbalism and being plant-based rather than product based. Dr. Jones and his wife LoriAnn are the parents of 15 (mostly adopted) children. They live in Buhl, Idaho. More info at

Cindy Jorgensen Executive Isagenix International Health & Life Coach

Is there a Fountain of Youth?
Reset Your Metabolism: More energy, mental clarity & longevity- Can Aging Be Reversed?

Cindy Jorgensen is health expert mentored by Dr. Bill Andrews, Telomere Nobel Prize
Winning Health Scientist.

She has appeared on ABC, CBS, locally on KSL with over 25 years of nutrition and health
consulting experience. Author of her upcoming book, focusing on the power health plays in
transforming your life. Cindy is influencing thousands to enrich their lives with health principals,
nutrition and the power of faith.
Cindy’s legacy from her great great great grandmother, Emmeline B. Wells, a founder of LDS
Hospital and herbal practitioner of her time— handed down to Cindy her quest for healing the body
naturally —now backed by science.
Cancer survivor and speaker at the Napoleon Hill “Think & Grow Rich” Conference, Cindy carries
great great great grandma “Emmy’s” legacy of health and her torch of FAITH to thrive not just
survive while drawing on the Gift of the Administering of Angels as her inspiration.
Passionate about families, particularly her husband Bryce and sons: Clayton, returned missionary
from Rome, Italy and son Spencer Cannon, currently serving in Belem, Brazil.
Cindy has a quest for truth and when she discovers and learns it, she shares it with others in an
easy to understand format—giving them hope and a simple step by step solution.
Cindy speaks from her heart….empowering the lives of many all over the globe. Cindy’s
discoveries and revelations will change your feelings about nutrition so completely that you will
feel the change in your life.
Here’s Cindy’s presentation synopsis:
“Do you Want to Turn Back the Clock of aging while overcoming health challenges?”
…Finally there’s some answers.
Nobel Prize Health Science for Telomere and DNA support reveals the simple secrets to
reversing the aging process, restoring health and vitality.

Imagine, regaining your youthful energy and appearance, stamina,

Mental clarity and confidence!.
Reducing pain and stress
Resetting your metabolism
Overcoming difficult health challenges while being
Inspired, enlightened and renewed!
Join us and discover how this revolutionary anti-aging health science could turn back your

biological clock, naturally…Because it’s time you feel whole again!
Cindy’s discoveries and revelations will change your feelings about nutrition so completely
that you will feel the change in your life.
For more information:

Delores Kahkonen Educator, Teacher, Native American Iroquois Nation

An Illuminating Historical Church Account

The featured speaker will be Sister Delores Kahkonen, a Church member and a Six Nations/Iroquois Indian from
Canada. She will share her Native American genealogy in a very insightful and spiritual manner.  And will be providing further light and knowledge regarding the 1877 historical account of the eighty-five Indian Chiefs and ordinance workers of the St. George Temple.

Robert Kay MBA Hebrew Language & Culture

The Zohar of the Book of Mormon
The Book of Mormon and the science of the fathers

Robert Jacob Kay is a Jewish convert to Mormonism. Robert is an avid researcher of the Hebrew Roots of the Book of Mormon. Besides having a degree in Mathematics and an MBA he has spent many years studying the Hebrew language and culture. He was schooled in the Talmud and several esoteric disciplines of the Jewish people.

Franklin Keel Foreign Officer, Lawyer, Native American Activist, Director of the Eastern Region, Bureau of Indian Affairs. Video Presentation Here

Mr. Keel was inducted into the Alumni Hall of Fame of the University of Science and Arts of Oklahoma in 2018 for his “meritorious contributions to society which reflect an innate personal affinity for superior endeavor.”

In 2017, he was inducted into the Chickasaw Nation Hall of Fame. In 2018, he was listed as one of “100 Alumni You Should Know” by the University of Science and Arts of Oklahoma.

Mr. Keel was appointed in early 1997 as Eastern Regional Director of the Bureau of Indian Affairs. The Eastern Region serves 28 federally-recognized Indian tribes in locations ranging from Maine to Florida to Louisiana. He served there until his retirement from Federal Service in 2014 with the rank of Senior Executive.

Before joining the Bureau, he was a U.S. Foreign Service Officer in Athens, Greece, and also worked at the U.S. Naval Weapons Laboratory in Dahlgren, Virginia.

In addition to a law degree, he has done graduate work in International Affairs at The George Washington University and the University of Denver. He is an attorney.

Mr. Keel is co-author with Professor David Dye of the University of Memphis of a chapter entitled “The Portrayal of Native American Violence and Warfare: Who Speaks for the Past?” which appears in the book The Ethics of Anthropology and Amerindian Research –Reporting on Environmental Degradation and Warfare. Springer Press (New York, Dordrecht, Heidelberg, and London) 2012. The chapter advocates for the accurate and unbiased presentation and depiction of Native American warfare and violence in academia and popular culture.

Mr. Keel has spoken on Federal American Indian Law and Policy at several universities, including: Syracuse University College of Law, University of Tennessee School of Law, American University, Arizona State University, and Colorado College. He has also spoken to international audiences in Russia, Turkey, Mexico, Canada, and Greece. He and his wife Kathie have three sons and one daughter. He is Chickasaw and Choctaw.

Patricia Kent American Antiquities Researcher, Lecturer and Treasurer of Land Hill Research & Preservation Foundation

“Anasazi Ridge Petroglyphs Testify of Jesus Christ”

Patricia Kent is a down home country girl born and raised in Malad, Idaho. Patricia’s interest in the Native American culture began early in life as she would stumble upon arrowheads and other artifacts while walking through the plowed fields of her father’s farm in Southeastern Idaho. Her study of the Book of Mormon and her love of Native American history has led her to many wonderful adventures. Patricia worked at Mesa Verde National Park for five summers as an interpretive ranger and learning all she could about the Anasazi Indians that lived there. She has worked with the Forest Service on numerous archeological digs throughout the United States. Although she is not an archeologist by degree her desire to learn has given her the knowledge and experience to understand the importance of preserving our past.
Patricia began working with Paul Taylor doing research on Land Hill about seven years ago. It is a new learning experience each time she ventures up the hill to study the petroglyphs.
For the past 6 years she has studied the solstice and equinox interactions at Land Hill, also known as Anasazi Valley near St. George, Utah. Paul and Patricia have done extensive study in archeoastronomy (the interaction of light and shadow on equinox and solstices on ancient petroglyph panels). They are American Antiquities researchers, lecturers and volunteer site researchers for the BLM.
Presentation Title: Anasazi Ridge Petroglyphs Testify of Christ
Come experience the testimony of Jesus Christ as recorded by an ancient people in stone and light on a hillside in Southern Utah. Patricia will be sharing with you her latest research on the Virgin River Anasazi, their incredible culture and the message they left for all of us.

Kyung-Ran Koh CMHC, EMDR Licensed Clinical Therapist

Presentation: Fri Sept 2021 6:00 pm

‘Scrupulosity: Religious or Moral OCD (Obsseive Compulsive Disorder) and the Grace of God’

I will share with you how my experiences with the Book of Mormon Evidence Tour with Rod two years ago so much like my home of South Korea. I was in constantly in awe during the entire trip, witnessing the similarities between the mound city in OH and a city called Kyung-Joo near my hometown in Korea.  I have many experiences to choose from. Most of all I love the Book of Mormon
Oquirrhs RSAT & IOP, Division of Institutional Programming , Department of Corrections

A South Korean descent and convert to the LDS church, Kyung-Ran Koh has lived in the US since 1995. She has earned a ME.d in Counseling Psychology from the University of Utah in 2007. Before settling on her career path in counseling, Kyung has explored the fields of real estate, computer networking, and financial planning business. She currently works at the Utah State Prison as a Licensed Clinical Therapist treating trauma, PTSD, and substance dependence issues of the male offenders.

Kyung enjoys her church calling as a Sunday School instructor for youth in her church. Some of her callings she has served include a ward choir director and chorister for over five years (I am proud of being tenacious on these callings for many years), Young Women, Primary, and RS. She also extends her time and energy to serve the Korean community in Utah as a Board member of the Korean American Federation of Utah since 2019. Kyung was also a member of the UT-Arirang Korean Traditional Dance Team for four years, performing Koran drum dance, fan dance, and traditional dance at various events.

Betty “Red Ant” LaFontaine Navajo Educator, Speaker and Teacher

The Book of Mormon “The Light of Christ” 

Betty “Red Ant” LaFontaine is a full blooded Diné (Navajo) born of the Red Clay Bottom Clan, for the Salt Clan. Raised on the Navajo Reservation, she lived most of her youth in New Mexico in the traditional ways of the Diné. Betty is the middle child of eleven children, most of whom continue to live on the Reservation. Her father is Charlie (Man in the White Meadow) White, and her mother is Helen Yazzie White. Her ties to her family and homeland remain strong. Her family was taught by missionaries of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, and in about 1967 her mother was baptized by LeGrande Richards. Her mother later took out her endowments in the Mesa Arizona Temple. Helen served as a Relief Society President in her hometown of Crownpoint, New Mexico, and has always been very sensitive to the Spirit, despite her lack of a formal education. Betty did the Temple work for her father Charlie, after he passed away.
At age five, Betty began her formal education. While attending school she was taught English as a second language. She was not permitted to speak her native tongue during the school day. Betty’s mother Helen chose to have Betty attend the LDS Indian Student Placement Program, giving her access to a better education and an introduction to the modern world. During her seven years in the program, Betty met her husband of 38 years, Mike LaFontaine originally from Florida, and is of Chippewa heritage. Mike’s parents are Melvin J. and Dellene M. Peterson LaFontaine. Mike and Betty were sealed in the Salt Lake Temple in 1982 and they currently live in Orange Park, Florida where they have been for 25 years, spending time with their beautiful 5 children and 18 grandchildren.
As a modern urban Indian, Betty’s passion is to educate others about the realities of reservation life, and the history and culture of her people. Betty loves helping others become outstanding members of their communities, and especially loves strengthening her brothers and sisters in the LDS Church. As an Indian educator, Betty makes presentations about her native culture, life-ways, heritage to school assemblies, clubs, groups, organizations, and business employees. Betty has served in Relief Society, Young Women, and as a teacher in Sunday School, and Primary. She is from the tribe of Manasseh. Her testimony of the veracity of the Book of Mormon has engendered in her an interest in recent archaeological and DNA evidences and the ties she has to her heritage and native culture. Her Native American brothers and sisters are a chosen yet scattered people and her passion is to bring them home to the Savior where they may lead in building the New Jerusalem.

Tamara Laing MRET Author, Master Rapid Eye Technician

Hidden Pieces to Anxiety, Depression, Bipolar...
Women, Priesthood Power and Generational Clearing

What have the brethren taught about women and priesthood power? Learn what the scriptures teach about “iniquities of the fathers” to the third and fourth generation and “loosing the bands” from our necks. Interesting stories will be shared illustrating the use of this power to clear dysfunctional family patterns.

Tamara Laing, MRET  Author, Master Rapid Eye Technician

Tamara Laing is the author of two books bridging scripture and quotes by church authorities with principles used in Energy Medicine. Her first book, Healing Arts – A Gift from God (LDS Insight on the Light of Christ & Energy Medicine) is hailed by a medical doctor as “a treasure trove of healing” with “major groundbreaking insights into the whole field of energy medicine.” Tamara is a Master Rapid Eye Technician and gifted facilitator certified in several modalities. She credits God with leading her to Energy Healing to help a daughter with bipolar and, later on, a son with Lyme Disease.

Tamara’s second book is more hands-on: An LDS Approach to Energy Healing (Deep Emotion Release & Generational Clearing) which teaches how to SEE generational issues clearing in the eyes. She is passionate about healing principles of light (and light versus darkness) in the gospel of Jesus Christ and knows He is the source of all healing.

Tamara is a wife and mother of 5 children and 7 little grandchildren. She loves to read nonfiction. She enjoys being a facilitator to help people make peace with their past, release unresolved emotions, clear generational patterns and bring light to dark places. She empowers others to do the same by teaching HOW to raise one’s consciousness level to forgiveness, gratitude and praise in all things. Her books and CDs are available at or Amazon.

Guy Laing  Author, MBA  Marketing
Personal Revelation & You – The Light of Christ, Holy Ghost & Angels

Guy Laing is the author of two new books: The Tender Mercies of Personal Revelation and Ministering Angels sold on Amazon.

Guy graduated from BYU with an MBA in Marketing. He worked for 50 years in sales, marketing, and retail (beginning early in his father’s Photography Studio.)  Guy earned top salesman awards nationally from several companies. He has served three missions: to Sweden, a Family History mission, and a service mission to the Historic Cody Mural and Museum. He still speaks fluent Swedish. Guy served as a Boy Scout Leader for over 35 years and received a national award. He has served in two Bishoprics, a Branch Presidency, and many stake leadership callings. Spiritual gifts that have blessed his life are: the love of children and babies, hearing the voice of the Lord, and discernment. He loves to tell stories!

Guy has been married to Tamara Averett Laing for 40 years. Five children and seven grandchildren bless his life. Family, games, babies, temples, volleyball, vacations, and the Restored Gospel are his interests. He moved to Utah from Cody, WY and currently resides in Roy, UT.

Personal Revelation & You – The Light of Christ, Holy Ghost & Angels

Personal revelation, when followed, bountifully blesses lives. Class will be filled with uplifting stories on lightening our own loads as well as other’s when ministering to one another. Miracles are happening in our day!

Learn how the Light of Christ, the Holy Ghost, and Ministering Angels work synergistically to bless lives. Discover how amazing these eternal gifts are – they offer many sources of revelation for our sojourn on earth. Enjoy stories and examples of how the Godhead enhances and blesses us as we anchor our lives to the Savior while traversing the covenant path back to them. Revelation is vitally important in our own life, our family’s lives, our callings, our jobs, and other responsibilities.

Ernest Lehenbauer Entrepreneur, Photo-journalist, and Author of The Seal of Melchizedek


The Seal of Melchizedek: History, Meanings, and Mysteries

Ernest has 3 certificates of graduation from the Utah State University Institute of Religion, as well as a Bachelor of Arts in Political Science from USU. While in school Ernest started several businesses, including one of the original Mobile Mechanic services in Utah.

After moving to San Diego, he went on to become a Field Service Representative and certified Instructor/Mechanic for the largest MRAP armored-vehicle company in the Middle East, living and working in countries such as Afghanistan, Kuwait, and Iraq for most of the next 10 years. Simultaneously, Ernest blogged as a photo-journalist, sharing views of the Iraq War from an LDS contractor’s perspective. While living in San Diego, Ernest attended a fireside by an architect of the San Diego Temple on the symbol known as the Seal of Melchizedek. After noticing the ancient symbol in almost every country he visited, he started gathering history and research on the symbol. Now Ernest runs Seal of, and with his wife Peggy founded Seal of Melchizedek™ Jewelry & Art to celebrate and share the powerful messages of inspirational symbolism. Ernest has released his new book, Seal of Melchizedek: The Modern Rebirth of an Ancient Symbol.

Dale Lewis President Fortress Clothing

“Cold Weather Survival: Made EASY”

“WINTER SURVIVAL”   “Your Lifetime Supply of HEAT STORAGE”
“Renewable, Clean, Disguised, Low Cost Heat Storage”

Business Experience: Manufacturers Rep within the Grocery Channel, Nabisco, Frito-Lay. Founded WRLD Alliance, a telecommunications enterprise in 1997 and exited that business in 2007.
Dale has a passion for preparedness, he enjoys ranching (150 head of Black Angus cattle) gardening, and enjoys a honeybee hobby. Married for 30 Years to Karen Lewis, they are the parents of 8 children and several grandchildren.
Fortress is happy to offer THE solution to cold: FORTRESS- cold weather clothing, your “Heat Storage” solution. Renewable /Free Heat
Title: Preparing for the Cold… Tapping into your FREE / RENEWABLE Heat Source. Comfort in the Cold, Enjoy the Cold like a Polar Bear!!
Summary: Being Self Reliant isn’t just food and water! Come and learn How to Prepare for the Cold, Discover the FREE/RENEWABLE Heat Source that is untapped! Come and procure knowledge regarding “How to be COMFORTABLE in the Cold”

Ian Main Bachelor of Commerce, Teacher, Researcher

Presentation: “Archaeology and the Book of Mormon: A Cultural Perspective”

 “Archaeology and the Book of Mormon: A Cultural Perspective”. As someone who was converted to the Church through the Book of Mormon, Ian was eager to find any physical evidence which supported his spiritual belief. Unfortunately, through much of his life the focus of the Church was on Central and South America. This presentation will explain how the works of Rod Meldrum, Wayne May and others enabled Ian to embrace a new paradigm and embark on his own journey of discovery. It will also outline how academic research into ancient American cultures enables us to propose which ancient groups of North America were in fact the several cultural groups described in the Book of Mormon. 


Ian Main was raised in the Anglican Church. His family was surprised and a little sceptical when as a 16-year-old he was baptised into the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. A few years later he served in the England Birmingham Mission. After returning to his homeland of Australia, he married and now has four children and five grand-children.

Although he has held a variety of callings, including councillor to a Bishop, High Councillor, Elder’s Quorum President, High Priest Group Leader and Young Men’s President, his favourite has been teaching Gospel Doctrine because of his love for the scriptures. The growing understanding of the setting for the Book of Mormon has reinvigorated his thirst for knowledge and his enjoyment of that book.

Ian has a Bachelor of Commerce degree and his long career in business included working as Finance Director of a manufacturing company and ten years as General Manager of a Co-operative. A few years ago, Ian decided on a complete career change and now works as a sign language interpreter in Australian High Schools.

Ruth Packer Martin Teacher and Educator

Wilford Woodruff – St. George Temple

Ruth grew up in the San Francisco Bay Area. She is one of seven daughters with no brothers. Her and her husband and six children have lived in California, Oregon and Washington.

Seventeen years ago, when she became an empty nester, jer husband and she moved to Nauvoo, Illinois. Ruth has thirty-one direct line ancestors who lived in Nauvoo in the 1840’s and her husband and her presently have the privilege of living on the land owned by Abraham Hunsaker who is Ruth’s  Great Great Grandfather. He rented some of his acreage to Nathan Williams Packer who is also her Great Great Grandfather. ruth thanks them daily as she overlooks the Mississippi.

Ruth became interested in the Vision of Wilford Woodruff in 1992, because of a presentation she heard by Vicky Jo Anderson. Ruth wanted to know more about the men and women who demanded to have their temple work done in the St. George Temple. In those days without a computer, she researched some of their lives in an encyclopedia.

For over twenty years Ruth has done presentations about this sacred event. She is looking forward to sharing about it at the Expo with the exciting new information that has recently come forth. Come to the class and hear “the rest of the story.”

Wayne May President Ancient American Magazine

Book of Mormon  North America;  Archaeology 101
Mapping Zarahemla using Archaeology Sites.
Tracking the Jaredites to the Promised Land

Help Wayne Find Zarahemla. CLICK HERE

Wayne N. May was born and raised in Wisconsin. He is a 49 year convert to the LDS Church and has served in four Branch Presidencies, three Elder Quorum Presidencies, Seminary Instructor, Gospel Doctrine Instructor, Veil worker at the Oakdale Minnesota Temple, and currently is serving as Gospel Doctrine Teacher of the Menomonie Wisconsin Branch, Oakdale, Minnesota Stake. His wife Kristine is active with Wayne in the archaeological discoveries of the Midwest. Together they publish the quarterly magazine Ancient American which has been in continuous print for 27 years and covers the pre-Columbian Americas. Wayne and Kristine are the parents of seven children, and grandparents to twenty two.

Wayne is author of five books on the subject of Book of Mormon Archaeology in North America. They are titled; This Land: Zarahemla and the Nephite Nation; This Land: Only One Cumorah; This Land: They Came from the EAST; book four is This Land: America 2,000 B.C. to 500 A.D and book five is This Land: Willard’s Cumorah Land. Wayne gives firesides to members and non-members alike, wherever he is invited to present. He has been presenting information on the topic of North America’s archaeological data from New York to California since 1994 which demonstrates how it applies to the Book of Mormon timeline and diffusion in the Western Hemisphere.

Ben McClintock – Defending Utah Educating Citizens on the Principles of Liberty
“Secret Combinations and What YOU Can Do About It”
Ben McClintock is co-founder of the leading local organization working to educate citizens on the principles of liberty and to expose those conspiring to take away your freedom. (They are also expanding into other states).
“Ben has been featured in USA Today, Fox News and many other regional news papers throughout the west. He is the co-founder, membership coordinator and investigative reporter for Ben is a popular guest and regularly appears on radio programs throughout the state of Utah due to over 15 years of experience in original research, writing, speaking and organizational leadership. Ben is also a regular host on the Defending Utah Radio show, as well as a regular guest host other radio shows throughout the state.”

Heartland Happenings of 2019 and 2020

The New Book of Mormon Evidence “Come Follow Me” project
Official Launch of Book of Mormon Evidence Streaming!

Rodney L. Meldrum is a researcher, author, and national lecturer on the truthfulness of the Book of Mormon, with an emphasis on the scriptural and physical evidences recently discovered indicating North America as the most likely location where its epic history played out.

He served for seven years as senior scientific researcher on a natural sciences book, was President and CEO of High Country Gourmet, Inc., Orem, Utah, and more recently was Director of Business Development for Interact Medical, a leading LMS (Learning Management System) developer for surgeons and patients in the medical device industry.

He and his wife, Tonya, are the parents of four children. He is a fifth-generation member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, served a mission in Milan, Italy, and has served faithfully in many church leadership callings, most recently Young Men’s President, High Priest Group Instructor, and currently Sunday School President of his Provo, Utah, Ward.

Robert Messick Collector of Copies of the Book of Mormon and other Books
Presentation April 2021:  A Brief Timeline of Book of Mormon Printings and Editions
Main points of the presentation:
  • Highlights for what it took for Joseph Smith to print the 1830 Book of Mormon
  • The background on the 1837 Kirtland and 1840 Nauvoo Editions
  • Brigham Young’s role in printing the Book of Mormon
  • The background of Orson Pratt’s versing system that’s still used today
  • The RLDS editions and how they came to be
  • How church history has affected Book of Mormon Printing
  • Why 3rd Party editions (IE, the Annotated Book of Mormon) are valuable study resources
  • How the original and printers manuscripts have influenced the printing of even modern editions
Robert Messick is the creator of the YouTube Channel, “Book of Mormon Editions” which showcases various printings of the Book of Mormon and the history and stories behind them.  He is a collector of books, both old and new and loves sharing what he knows of unique and special editions.  His love for the Book of Mormon has increased from this project as he’s had to delve into why and how various editions were printed.  This has included an admiration for Salt Lake, other denominations and third party printings.   He first started collecting copies of the Book of Mormon to fill a bookshelf for a home and it has grown into a passion for helping others become aware of the legacy and influence the Book of Mormon has had over the years.  Robert is a family man and lives in Arizona.  

William P. Midgley Author, Speaker

The North America Model for the Book of Mormon, From Jerusalem to Cumorah:  A detailed, geographic history of the Book of Mormon.

William P. Midgley, the author, presents a fascinating work based on a systematic review of all Book of Mormon scriptures related to movements, directions, descriptions, and relationships; relying on emerging technologies that allow meaningful scrutiny of earth geography not only from above but at ground level.

1. Follow the fact-filled journey of William Midgley as he unraveled the detailed geographic
history of the Book of Mormon.
2. From the starting point to the ending point, Midgely’s journey is based on the proven
     premise that
     a. the translated text of the Book of Mormon is incredibly accurate regarding geography;
     b. certain clues are to be understood and applied in a very practical way;
     c. present day archaeological evidence and recent scientific findings are significant regarding the unique geographic features described and documented in 1830.   
3. Midgely’s genesis of the North America Model goes back 30 years;
     a. His keen interest in identifying the actual locations of Book of Mormon events intensified;
     b. His was Intrigued (25 years ago) by the comments of a former LDS Church member who’s
          loss of faith was based on NO evidence of a River called Laman, near the Red Sea.
      c. After seven years of searching, Midgley found evidence of the river and much more.  That search and find was the catalyst to discovering the real geographic history of the Book of Mormon – which Midgely simply titled “The North America Model”.
4. The “wise purpose” engraved in the plates was unknown to Nephi; but Joseph Smith’s
translation as 1 Nephi 9:3-6 is the Lord’s commandment to Nephi to engrave on the “other
” the “account of the reign of the kings, and the wars and contentions of my people”.
     a. That “wise purpose” was more than a narrative filler or
     b. was more than a required replacement for the lost 116 pages. 
     c. It was to provide precise physical clues affirming the spiritual witness of the Holy Ghost
of the stated purpose of the Book of Mormon:  “Another Testament of Jesus Christ” and
     d. Joseph Smith’s calling was authentic from heaven, true and that
     e. he was indeed the inspired translator of the Book of Mormon – which was to be the “keystone on our religion” and of vital importance to the restoring of the gospel in these the latter days.

While Midgley is a lifelong member of the Church descended from 1850’s Utah pioneer heritage, Midgley was born during the Depression and lived most of his life in and around Jackson County, Missouri, “the center place of Zion” (D&C 57:3).   He moved to Jacksonville, Florida, in 2005 from where he wrote The North America Model for the Book of Mormon in 2013-2020 with academic oversight provided by Midgley’s brother-in-law, Dr. Ronald W. Walker, BYU History Professor, Past President of the Mormon History Association, and respected author of several books on LDS history.

Midgley graduated from the University of Michigan, School of Architecture, in 1960 with a B. Arch; and he spent the next 50 years in the practice of architecture – 47 years as a registered architect and 38 years as founding principal of his own firms, the most recent being the 60+/- person firm, HMN Architects, Inc (Hansen Midgley Niemackl), with headquarters in Overland Park, Kansas. In addition to programming and designing complex educational, commercial and industrial projects for major regional and national clients and for local and state education clients at all levels, Midgley provided design services for a wide variety of religious clientele, including Catholic, Jewish, Baptist, Methodist, and Lutheran, as well as over 26 years on projects for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints throughout the Midwest.

The organizational and spatially attuned skills required for providing architectural services related to finding physical order for theoretically complex programs are the skills that Midgley brings to this work on geographic order found in The North America Model.   

Midgley has served in almost every local Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints calling including as Bishop, Bishop’s Counselor, Stake Mission President, Stake Executive Secretary, several High Councils, teaching all four years of Gospel Doctrine class in Sunday School and many other ward and stake auxilary and priesthood leadership positions.

Jeff Midgley  Emergency Medical Expert, Owner of TNT First-Aid Inc.

Preparing your Family for medical emergencies
Preparing your Family for medical emergencies
CPR training for families
Preparing your Family for medical emergencies

Jeff Midgley has over 24 years in Emergency Management and Emergency Medical Services. He has worked in Hospital Emergency rooms, ambulance, motorsports safety and Fire Department. Jeff is an American Heart Association Training Center faculty member and instructor for basic life support. Jeff is one of 8 national SFI incident response instructors. He has had training articles published on spinal immobilization in the field and head trauma in the field. Jeff teaches all aspects of emergency medical preparedness including Mass Casualty disaster training and triage. He has also served as a city wide emergency preparedness coordinator. He loves teaching and helping families and businesses prepare for when disaster strikes.
Jeff is Also the creator of the new Virtual Medic App. At a cost of only $2.95 you can have our app cached on your phone with realistic injuries and videos walking you through the treatment process step by step, giving you the confidence you need to properly care for the sick and injured. Jeff has also developed a new 40 hour survival medicine training course open to all skill levels and catering to those individuals that want to be able to do more in an emergency situation and be able to save lives of the ones they love.

Tristan Mourier Business Management, Speaker, French

Presentation: Many are called, but few are chosen”

“Tristan Mourier is a recent graduate from the Marriott Business School at Brigham Young University, his parents were early converts of the Church in Southern France and have been pioneers of the growth of the Kingdom there. He is the Youngest of 5 and at his mother’s grand demise, the only one that hasn’t provided Grandbabies yet, his Dad is a great supporter of Firm Foundation and he hopes that by being invited to speak at this conference he might win a couple of spots in the favorite child’s hierarchy. He served a mission in Eastern Canada, Chinese speaking and has lived in Asia for Work and Academic Research. He is passionate about Romantic Literature and Art. Tristan has a deep love for the Gospel and the Mindset of the Old Patriarchs. He first got publicly involved in the fight against secularism at BYU during the Honor Code protests of March 2020 and has since appeared on the FairMormon FairVoices Podcast and Defending Utah. 

, Former Policeman, Father, Author, Activist

Eric is a husband, father, author, former police officer, small business owner, and founder of the Utah Business Revival. He  organized several events this last year to promote freedom and Liberty. He also helped produce Non-Essential, a documentary focused on educating the public about our God given rights. 

The Salt Lake City Police Department placed Officer Eric Moutsos on administrative leave for voicing his conscience.  They broke their own policies, leaking info to the media in an attempt to tarnish his good name, and ultimately took his badge and gun. The public was misled.  

Were there ulterior motives for their treatment of this award-winning cop?  Was it a cover-up? 

Rumors circulated, after he became vocal in support of constitutional rights, that he was merely being insubordinate, yet nothing negative was ever written in his personnel file prior to his taking a stand.  He had the audacity to expose corrupt practices within the department during his time on the job, and since.  He challenged those practices and paid dearly for it.  

This book is based on the true story leading up to and following the destruction of a good officer’s seven-year career – a circumstance that played out in global media. 

This book is about issues as big as the US Constitution.  It is about what American society will and will not tolerate.  It is about loving those with differing opinions while maintaining one’s convictions.  It is about opening a dialogue that will lead to a better tomorrow. 

This book is about fundamental problems plaguing police agencies across the Nation, problems that lead to tension between citizens and those who are sworn to protect and serve them.  This work deals with police actions often misinterpreted as racism, but which actually stem from a system of quotas.  It exposes the funds for numbers dilemma and the complications inherent in such a system.

This book is about how to overcome adversity in the deepest levels of despair. How to become better by the opposition, which is inevitable when going against the toughest grains. This book is about finding the strength and courage to use the convictions deep in your soul.  To follow the dictates of your conscience in any circumstance.

Presentation: April 2021

Has anyone else noticed who the dark and fierce cultural “leaders” are turning into the enemies? Who are now the “bad guys” in the world’s eyes?

We are one of the only dispensations that have most, if not ALL of the written records relating to how civilizations were ultimately destroyed because of wickedness and corruption. God let us know most everything. Literally handed it all to us. This is not to mention any and all sources of information in the palm of our hands (phones), and we still don’t seem to get it; even with all the combined scriptures possible. 

I’m not just talking about scriptures about love and heaven, but unfortunately about the pain it takes to arrive in a heavenly state; things like overcoming sin, continual repentance, heartache, forgiveness, and the Eternal hell some will remain in, if they don’t choose to move forward toward the light. Being “Damned” simply means being stopped in progression. 

Further, these scriptures include wars that must be fought, spiritually and physically; These scriptures talk about the fight for freedom and liberty, corrupt as hell governments, “secret combinations”, death, control, fear, evil, and how the father of lies is behind it all. 

Even further, these scriptures (along with living prophets) show and tell we are near the final battles between good and evil, right before the Lord returns to GATHER everyone together; and when the devils (and their followers) will be DIVIDED and SCATTERED, into the darkness for 1000 years. The devil will always divide and God will always gather. Always.

How can we as Christians (whether LDS or another denomination) fully read scripture patterns of corruption and warning voices, written for our current day, knowing Christ is about to come, AND ALSO somehow believe the current government, politicians, “scientists”, and mainstream media have our best interests in mind? 

In other words, if the corrupt government and deep-state media AREN’T the enemy for the final days against the church before Christ comes, who then is the enemy? 

If Hollywood, most giant corporations, many professional athletes, colleges, who are all calling for “unity”, but in reality preaching true discrimination and segregation, especially towards believers, again who then is the enemy in the last days? 

Is it the Christian’s who are standing up to the ways of the world? Is it Christian who chooses to finally say “I’ve had enough!” .. “I’m going to speak out for my country!” Is that the people the scriptures warned everyone about that would attack the Latter Day Saints? The “fringe” patriots? The “crazy conspiracy theorists” who actually believe the scriptures? The loons who claim they can see spiritually what’s happening? 

The ONLY ones willing to fight for freedoms, while the very loud mouths who mock, and don’t understand they are using that God given right that will soon be ripped away by an agenda who doesn’t want anyone to speak in the end, except for the devil himself? 

Is it the people who are putting their lives and jobs on hold, yelling at the tops of our lungs, being cancelled out-of-society for DEFENDING the Constitution? Are they the enemy? Because it seems so. Those who believe in the Constitution and Bill of Rights? 

The people who express openly the crazy idea that a marriage between a man and a woman is sacred and holy, and no other pattern can operate in the highest part of heaven? Are they the enemy? 

The radical idea that killing a baby in the most sacred and holy place on earth, the mother’s womb, may just be an evil thing for everyone involved, dead or alive? Are those the dark enemies the scriptures talk about? The ones standing on the walls taking arrows trying to protect life? 

Because clearly groups like the Democratic Party aren’t dangerous at all. The party who will clearly do ANYTHING to take the power. 

The party who uses the BLM “movement” to hijack over 95% of all the funds coming to the organization, ironically ran by very rich white politicians who need to keep minorities down, by preaching how being a victim is the only way to survive. They can’t be the enemy! They are just helping. 

The party who kills millions of babies in the womb; the party that pushes socialism, the party that divides people into classes, shames anyone who disagrees with them, destroys families by government incentives to stay single, cancels real women, destroys bold conservative truthful women, confuses our God given identity into a smoorgasbord of 65 genders, uses women and minorities as pawns to appear diverse, when in reality they are the true racists and sexists and bigots. 

No, this group sounds like ticket that will get us straight into the kingdom of God, right? Oh wait, they also cancelled God over the years. There’s no way they are the enemy. Not possible. 

The bottom line is we are being deceived by satan on every level in society. Including by church owned media sources like the Deseret News, who use the church’s good name for their dark political agenda, whoever is behind the scenes. It’s sick.

We truly do live in the last days where “good will be evil and evil good.” So who is it? Who’s the reason why God’s anger is kindled for in the last days? 

The honest and scared man and woman standing up and speaking right now, even if they get fired or shamed by family and friends, OR the very corrupt world government “leaders” (and their wicked civilian mob armies, along with the wicked MSM) who, at every chance they can, will grab for more control and money? Who is the enemy? 

The ones scrambling backwards on defense trying to protect their jobs and homes and children, OR could it just be the perpetrators pushing forward with lie after lie after lie in every possible way to take our freedoms and Liberties? 

Who is the enemy? 

The good news is God isn’t the enemy, and He wins in the end. I testify if we just keep trying to listen to the light inside of our souls (our conscience) it will lead us directly back to Him.

Amberli Nelson BS Sociology, MA, Ancient Sacred Jewish Symbology Expert

New! Ancient Mysteries in the Heartland.
Part 1: The Mysterious Power of the Plates
Part 2: The Curse of Helaman  

Amberli Gustin Nelson received a B.S. in Sociology from Brigham Young University (’94) and recently completed her Master’s Degree in Athletic Administration from CUI (2014). A busy wife and mother of seven, Amberli has a deep and abiding love of truth, knowledge and greater understanding and therefore she thoroughly enjoys reading about and researching subjects she is most passionate about which include: sacred symbology, The Book of Mormon, early LDS church history, and Jewish religious customs, beliefs and traditions. She has become an expert on ancient Jewish practices, especially those involving the Laws of Moses. She delights in sharing this knowledge with others and does so with energy and enthusiasm. Amberli has discovered compelling new evidence that the ancient Hopewell Mound Builders may have been living the laws of Moses based on archaeological findings of the essential materials required for obedience to those laws. Her incredibly powerful new presentation was a tremendous hit at our Spring 2012 National Conference and she has some incredible new information to share. Her presentation was titled – Connections Between Jewish Family, Cultural and Religious Practices and Those of the Ancient Hopewell Civilization. Amberli has a life-long passion for researching ancient scriptures, customs and symbols – especially in connection with the Law of Moses. She delights in traveling, learning and in sharing her knowledge with others and does so with great enthusiasm and passion. Amberli and her family reside in Salem, Utah.

Rian Nelson FIRM Foundation Assistant, Author, Speaker and Map-maker
Presentation The Force of Fact as well as the Force of Feeling

Rian Nelson has always loved the Book of Mormon and its heroes, and after 40 years of searching for the location where Nephi and Moroni lived, served, and fought for their freedom has finally been realized. They lived right where the Prophet Joseph Smith said they did, in the United States of America.

Rian loves the Lamanites. He served a mission to Fiji and Kiribati, his parents met each other while each serving the Navajos, Apaches, and Hopis in New Mexico and Arizona, and his son served his mission among the Lamanites of Alaska. Discovering about new heroes, Zelph and Onandagus has inspired him. New found secondary evidences (Archaeology and Geology) has added to his previous testimony and inspired him to create art, maps, and handmade relics, to inspire others about the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

His passion for truth has been ignited by the description of a “mound” from Rod Meldrum, the location of the “narrow neck of land” from Jonathan Neville, the amazing “finds” from Wayne May, and the inspiration of the James Stoddard family. Rian thanks his friends Val Chadwick Bagley, Ken Corbett, and Kendra Burton for creating art, and cartoons of Rian’s favorite heroes, and a special thanks to Steve Blake who taught Rian a new talent; creating “cool relics.”

Rian is an author, editor, and speaker. His newest book called, Moroni’s America-Land Bountiful Edition. was published in 2019. He has written a previous book in it’s 6th printing titled “Moroni’s America-Map Edition“, edited by Jonathan Neville. Also with Val Chadwick Bagley as cartoonist, Rian is also the editor of “It Came to Pass Where? “, and a coloring book series titled “The Book of Mormon in America’s Heartland.” He has also been a major contributor of art and maps in the newly published 600 page “Annotated Book of Mormon” by David Hocking and Rod Meldrum.

Rian enjoys working with his good friend Rod Meldrum of The FIRM Foundation. Rian is the event coordinator for the Book of Mormon Evidence Conferences which are held twice each year. In April 2018 the event was held at Davis Conference Center in Layton, Utah where over 6,000 guests attended and listened to over 90 amazing speakers and 160 different presentations on subjects such as, Book of Mormon, Church History, United States Constitution, Signs of the Times, New Millennial Science, Self-Reliance and other LDS topics of importance.

Rian is married to his eternal companion Stacy, has two married children, Kinley (Tim) and Caden (Shireen), and a two-year-old grandchild named Brooklyn. He currently serves as a Sunbeam Teacher in Bountiful, Utah.

Contact Rian:
Cell/Text: 801-931-9031

Tatia Nelson Natural Medicines Researcher, Singer



5 steps to  supercharge your immune system starting TODAY!
Health is the best way to fight disease! Learn how to supercharge your immune system in 5 easy ways. Know how your immune system works and what it needs to function at its best.


What Pandemics Have Taught Us About Medical Self Reliance.
As we learn more about Natural and Conventional Medicine, why not use the power of both to further the health and freedom of our country? Learn your powerful role in a future of rising up to create a more educated and self-reliant plan for you, your family, and our country.
Tatia Nelson is a well-educated expert in many areas of nutrition and health. As a Natural Medicines Researcher, she writes and publishes articles on a myriad of nutrition and medical related topics. Tatia is a Master Herbalist, a Diplomat of Holistic Iridology, and has a Bachelor of Science degree from BYU. She currently formulates and works daily with clients and doctors to better the health of all who love a natural approach to life. Her husband also loves health and fitness and they have three delightful children.  

Jonathan Neville Author, JD, Lawyer, Educator – –

Presentation 1: A Man that Can Translate Joseph Smith and the Nephite Interpreters
RELEASE DATE: SEPTEMBER 22, 2020 Purchase Here:
Detailed new discoveries that explain: – How much of the Book of Mormon did Joseph translate before Oliver Cowdery arrived in Harmony? – Why did Joseph and Oliver say Joseph used the Urim and Thummim, while other say he used a seer stone? – What evidence is there that Joseph actually translated the plates?

Presentation 2- Infinite Goodness: Joseph Smith, Jonathan Edwards, and the Book of Mormon
RELEASE DATE: OCTOBER 13, 2020 Detailed new discoveries that explain: – How Joseph Smith translated the plates using his own language. – How the Book of Mormon fits directly within Christian tradition and fulfills the hopes and dreams of well-known Christian authors and ministers. – How the Book of Mormon is God’s gift to the entire world.

Presentation 3- Between these Hills: A Case for the New York Cumorah
RELEASE DATE: OCTOBER 27, 2020 A comprehensive discussion that explains: – Why Oliver Cowdery declared it was a fact that the final battles of the Jaredites and Nephites occurred in New York. – How the consistent teachings of the prophets about Cumorah has been corroborated by archaeology, anthropology, geography, and geology. – Why the New York Cumorah supports the divine authenticity of the Book of Mormon.

Jonathan Neville is a lawyer, businessman, educator and author who has written over forty books, including both nonfiction and fiction. He has studied Church history and the Book of Mormon for decades, but didn’t begin publishing in the field until 2015. As of July 2017, he has published ten books on these topics. He also writes for several blogs, including, and

Brother Neville approaches these issues like the criminal prosecutor he once was. He pursues the evidence wherever it leads and doesn’t simply “assume” anything or take anyone’s word at face value. When it comes to Church history, he follows the adage: “trust, but verify.” That process of verifying has led to some important new discoveries that he finds to be faith-affirming and corroborate what Joseph Smith said and what the Book of Mormon teaches.

For the last twenty-five years, Jonathan has lived in Utah, but he has lived in Europe for 8 years, in the Philippines, in California, Arizona, New Mexico, Nevada, Washington, Tennessee, and Illinois. He has visited over 60 countries on every continent—including a Chilean base in Antarctica. He travels frequently with his wife Beverly, a PhD and Division Director for the Salt Lake County Health Department who is also a college professor and author, a popular speaker at BYU Education Week, and the author of an article in the Ensign in 2015. They have eight children, seven grandchildren, and no pets.

Tim Ballard, author of the Lincoln Hypothesis among other books, says Brother Neville’s book titled Moroni’s America is “a definite game changer… finally a complete, honest, and faithful look at Book of Mormon geography that deals with all the tough questions.”

Brother Neville’s book, Whatever Happened to the Golden Plates?, explains how Joseph Smith actually translated two separate sets of plates—only one of which came from Moroni’s box in the Hill Cumorah. This new understanding of Church history helps explain details that have puzzled historians for decades.
Brother Neville has spoken at firesides and conferences throughout the United States and in Europe.

Vince Newmeyer  Electrical Engineer, Scientific Researcher


Safeguarding Your Children Against the Soul Destroying Philosophies of
Men. Subtitle (How Science Can Support and Reinforce Our Faith)

Vince Newmeyer’s Bio

Vincent Newmeyer was a curious child from the start, and has been a science buff his entire life. He attended BYU to study Engineering. Vince ran his own computer consulting company, designed and built solar power installations, and engaged in electronic technical work.

Vince took an intense interest in evolutionary thought and the challenges to it in 1998 and has studied it deeply since that time. As a result of his research, and the disconnect with the facts as he saw them, he started “The Catalyst Group” to bring to light the science that has been ignored and all too often eschewed. Vince sat on the Utah State science standard’s review committee and voiced his opposition to the 6-8 grade standards as they pushed a biased view of certain evolutionary paradigms. The standard were unfortunately adopted by our State Board of Education.  He also sat on the K-5 & 9-12 standard’s review committee and is now leading the opposition to the materialist dogma they push.

Vince started the website to help that effort as it relates to public schools, the, websites, and the YouTube Channels “LDS Science Elevated” and “Science Elevated.” These site are designed to help parents with children in the home, home schools, private schools, and for others curious about this topic.

As an amateur geologist and science enthusiast, he has done extensive reading and researching on topics in geology, biology, physics, astronomy, and earth sciences.

Oak Norton Founder Scripture Notes App

Presentation: 10x Your Scripture Study

Description: Are you ever frustrated with your scripture study efforts? Trying to find the time and motivation or having the right tool to really search the scriptures? Do you struggle knowing what to study? Can you even study the topical guide without using all your fingers and toes? In this presentation, you will see just how exciting and fun studying the scriptures can be with a tool that facilitates searching the scriptures in depth and lets you record all your insights in a way that generates more revelation.

Bio: Oak Norton is the creator of, a revolutionary new interface for studying the scriptures. The web app gives you powerful flexibility over how you study the scriptures and take notes. Over 20 years in the making, this application will change the way you study the scriptures.

Oak has served in various callings of the church but his favorite was teaching gospel doctrine and Sunday school to youth as teaching makes you dig deeper into the scriptures. Oak and his wife live in Utah and have 5 children. He enjoys listening to Audible books, playing soccer, disc golf, and studying the scriptures.




In a first at 21 Whiskey, we realize the “dream” of healing conversations between the sons and daughters of God descended from different experiences.  From Lehi’s Vision of the Tree of Life and the Zoramites of old to the true meaning of what it means to circumcise our hearts, the “how” of powerful healing is our focus. SPOILER ALERT: It’s all about love…

We must have far more than academic knowledge to be ready for the challenging days ahead. As members of this “Royal Generation” in this dispensation of times it is critical that our hearts be FULLY healed, rejecting false traditions, to effectively execute individual mission and purpose.  In this presentation Robin sits down with Author Mike Simpson of THE MIRACLE BRIDGE: Let Go and Let God Heal (WWW.THEMIRACLEBRIDGE.COM). Mike and Robin explore the origins of healing from egregious generational wounds, citing examples from Robin’s deeply personal healing journey that has made it possible for her to complete her earthly assignment of facilitating the healing of a nation.  (Learn more about this 21 Whiskey initiative at WWW.THEPROMISSORYNOTE.COM)


Robin is a 100 percent disabled veteran of Operations Desert Shield, Desert Storm and Southern Watch.  She served as a dedicated Instructor of Technology and Military Science in the fields of leadership and the profession of arms.  Her decorations and awards include Liberation of Kuwait Medal; Liberation of Kuwait Medal w/Saudi Palm; Kingdom of Saudi Arabia; Southwest Asia Defense Medal w/three devices; Global War on Terrorism Medal; National Defense Service Medal w/one device and ALS Instructor of the Year. 

Robin has received an Occupational Instructor certification from Air University, and AAS, BA and MBA degrees in the fields of Military Science instruction, training, leadership and development. She believes, however, that her most valuable experience has come from being battle tested and honed by the “Supreme Commander in Chief” in the field of life.

Pamela Romney Openshaw Author of Promises of the Constitution Website:

Conservatives and Progressives in the Book of Mormon

Pamela Romney Openshaw found her passion for the Constitution and yearning for the politics of good, moral government while serving as an elected delegate from Nebraska to President Carter’s 1980 White House Conference on Families. She saw how political forces can distort procedures and policies so that they appear to represent the will of the American people, but it became obvious that powerful forces for both good and evil operate in the hearts of those who lead.
Her love of country, family, and life itself led her to begin speaking publicly for the Right to Life movement and into a private study of the morality of public policy. This fascinating journey left her concerned, yet hopeful, for the future of our country. She remains optimistic about the strength, integrity and willingness to act with her fellow Americans in the conservative Christian cause.

A college degree in education opened the door to teaching: in elementary school, high school, and public school special education. Those endeavors have been shelved as she currently invests her efforts in teaching about our inspired, dynamic and currently embattled United States Constitution. Her greatest love, other than God, family, and country, is teaching—and she loves teaching the truth.

Dr. Craig J. Ostler Professor of Church History and Doctrine and Brigham Young University.

“Book of Mormon Translation Instrument Descriptions: Interpreters, Urim & Thummim, and Seer Stones”

“Living in the Last Days: Refuge From the Storm”

Presentation Outline:
What do the primary sources say about the translation instruments?
What names were given to the translation instruments?
When did the descriptions of the translation instruments change?

How did the Prophet Joseph Smith adapt names of the translation instruments in publishing revelations in the Doctrine and Covenants and the History of the Church?
Where are we today in our understanding of the Book of Mormon translation instruments?

Dr. Ostler is a Professor of Church History and Doctrine at Brigham Young University. Many years ago he served in the Bogotá, Colombia mission, and married his sweetheart soon after returning home. He and his wife, Sandy, have 7 children, 21 grandchildren, and counting. He has served in mostly teaching capacities in his Church callings, but also as a bishop and on three Stake High Councils. He was a committee member for the Church curriculum that has grown to become the “Come Follow Me.” material. Previous to teaching at BYU he taught in the Church Education System and is completing his 43rd year in education. He has published extensively on the history and revelations of the Restoration, and is an author of more than forty articles and books, as well as produced over 75 videos on Church history sites. He and his family lived in Jerusalem while he was a faculty member at the BYU Center for Near Eastern Studies in 1998 and again in 2008. He has directed many Travel Study programs throughout the United States to American Heritage and Church History sites, as well as Israel, Egypt, and Jordan

Burgess Owens Super Bowl Champion, Author, Speaker, Running for US Congress Utah District 4 

Winning Record on the Field

I Discovered the Heartland

Despite All-American honors and selection in the First-Round of the 1973 NFL Draft (13th pick overall), a winning record on the field eluded Burgess Owens as he not only persevered but learned to thrive through a dozen losing season
“You learn more than just character when you lose,” Burgess says about his twelve successive seasons of crushing disappointment. “You dig deep to find your motivation. You understand loyalty to teammates and dedication to a shared objectives, even when the wheels are coming off. You learn to be in the moment. Giving your best, regardless of the what’s happening around you. Words mean nothing. Attitude and action are everything.


Burgess speaks passionately about the power of what he calls “patient persistence,” coming to success by the countless successes already achieved even when the scoreboard suggests otherwise.

Following college, Burgess was the 13th player drafted in the 1st round by the NY Jets. He was selected that year as the Jets’ Rookie of the Year and to the NFL’s All-Rookie team. After being traded to the Oakland Raiders, Burgess lead the Raiders defensive squad in tackles on their way to the 1980 Super Bowl Championship.

Since retiring from the NFL, Burgess has devoted his time to mentoring and improving the lives of our next generation of leaders.  He founded Second Chance 4 Youth; a Utah based non-profit organization dedicated to helping troubled an incarcerated youth. Burgess is an outspoken advocate for conservative values and intends to return Utah’s 4th Congressional District back to Republicans.

W. Dennis Parker Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist – Board Approved: InstructorW. Dennis Parker CHT – Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist – Board Approved: Instructor, Examiner, and School Operator – Owns and Operates a Utah State Approved Postsecondary Proprietary School of Hypnotherapy, registered and bonded with the Department of Commerce, Author, Father of 11 Children and Grandfather to 40 Grandchildren. He understands families and current needs.

Learn How to Turn Anger Down and Off and Turn Love Up
You do not want to miss this workshop which has been a favorite at numerous conferences where ever parents and grandparents attend.  You will leave with invaluable, practical, and easy to use skills and tools for emotional control of yourself, and be able to teach your children and grandchildren to do the same. 
Dennis has been given an understanding of how the imagination works and how it can turn up appropriate emotional feelings, and turn negative inappropriate ones (anger – inappropriate arousal) down and off. The imagination is a control point over the emotions. He will explain these principles and you will experientially come to understand this new behavioral model, which gives immediate emotional control as it is utilized intentionally.  You will leave the workshop feeling better and enjoy more emotional control, being happier.
THE EMOTIONAL SKILLS AND TOOLS OF POSITIVE MIND MANAGEMENT TO OVERCOME PORNOGRAPHY  – Learn The Emotional Skills and Tools of Positive Mind Management for Emotional and Personal Control of Pornographic Influences!
I am taking the Mask off of so-called Addiction, as it relates to Pornography.  The word addiction used with pornography is deceptive in and of itself as it leaves other conclusions for the problem rather than what the Book of Mormon terms for it really are: captivated, snared, trapped, seduced, vexed, enticed, and bound, all which tie back into satanic influences.  Please come and learn in detail skills and tools that allow for more emotional control and how the adversary is accomplishing these things with so many people.  Once you learn how Satan and his minions are accomplishing these so-called addictions, then we will teach you what can be done about these adversarial plots.


Dennis’ latest book

‘Submit yourselves therefore to God. Resist the devil, and he will flee from you.”    James 4:7
You can be FREE of SATANIC Pornographic Influences at will, no more ‘white-knuckling it’!  Understand the strategic ‘tag teams’ of evil spirits Satan uses and how they operate to give us their compounding emotions when they attach to us.  Knowledge is power in these times of so many evil influences.  Be FREE of Pornographic evil spirits compounding curiosity, and lust.  Be FREE of Anxiety and Depression from evil spirits compounding boredom, loneliness, and isolation.  Be FREE of the Susidial Ideation Team of evil spirits compounding and promoting hopelessness, helplessness, and despair!  You will come to understand what to do and how you can assist yourself and others.

This presentation will teach you how to resist evil spirit entities and their attachments to us or possessions of us, and how to free yourself and others. You will learn information such as a person has had to use their agency and choice to accept the temptations and act out on them, which has allowed for these attachments, and now they must use their agency and discernment to release themselves from these satanic forces. We will teach you what needs to be done and how to do it. Knowledge is power in these things.

¶ My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge: because thou hast rejected knowledge, I will also reject thee…. Hosea 4: 6

“Where there is no vision, the people perish.” Proverbs 29:18

….‘and Satan shall have power over the hearts of the children of men no more’…. 2 Nephi 30:18

Over the past years, Dennis has assisted hundreds of young people to be free of emotional issues, pornography, self-abuse, and other behavioral problems to qualify for their Temple Recommends and Mission call.  He works with ecclesiastical leaders to assist many others, singles, and married couples, to work through these same issues and more.  He assists those in an identity crisis of belief to find the truths they are looking for to be happy, whole, and healthy.  He understands families as he and his wife Susie have 11 children and 42 grandchildren.  They just had their 47th anniversary. He is all about helping families overcome the negative satanic outside influences of this life and be free and live happily.

Dennis is a noted Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist registered with the American Council of Hypnotist Examiners since 1991. (CHT 191-219). He is a Board-Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist, Examiner, Instructor, and Approved School Operator. Dennis owns and operates “Certified Hypnotherapy Training School” in Farr West, Utah. CHTS trains students in Hypnosis, Self-Hypnosis, Suggestion Hypnotherapy, Clinical Hypnotherapy, and unique, proprietary, “Positive Mind Management Hypnotherapy”, and Protocols of Adversarial Resistance.  He teaches and qualifies students to be Certified Clinical Hypnotherapists through the American Council of Hypnotist Examiners, (A.C.H.E.).
CHTS is a Postsecondary Proprietary School of Hypnotherapy in the State of Utah, registered and bonded with the Department of Commerce. It is a professional trade school of hypnotherapy. Students who graduate from the school are certified through The American Council of Hypnotist Examiners.   A.C.H.E Hypnotherapist Certificates are recognized and accepted throughout the United States and in over 20 countries. Dennis teaches that when hypnosis and hypnotherapy are understood and are accomplished correctly in the clinic, it is what the scriptures call pondering and meditation.

Dennis explains that he has been given an understanding of how the imagination works and how it can turn up inappropriate emotional arousal. The imagination is a control point over the emotions. He will explain all of this in these two sessions. You will come to understand the new behavioral model which is more thorough than the normally accepted behavioral model. You will leave the classes feeling better and enjoy more emotional control, learning to be happier.

Dennis has worked in a number of health and mental health clinics as a Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist for many years before starting his own therapy clinic, ‘Positive Mind Management Services, in Farr West Utah’. This has given him vast experience in working with clients in real clinical settings. This real-world experience is what he gives to his students in the training and protocols he has developed at Certified Hypnotherapy Training School, CHTS. He promises students that they will receive the best Clinical Hypnotherapist training available anywhere, and be prepared to work in a variety of specialties with clients. He makes it all about hypnotherapist competency, to see that the public gets the benefits they are seeking through hypnotherapy from his graduates! He has trained many registered nurses, massage therapists, executives, managers, supervisors, and many others who just want to have the skills and tools to affect behavioral modification and help their family and friends. Many graduates set up their own full-time or part-time hypnotherapy businesses. He is a Key Note speaker and does Corporate Seminar and Workshop Training for executives, managers, and supervisors on Overcoming Stress and Anxieties in the  WorkForce improving employee productivity. Getting more productivity out of the current workforce is the best operational practice and this is a favorite training for the companies who have utilized this workshop already.

Darren Parry Educator, Historian, Shoshone Elder, Former Chair of Shoshone Nation
Bio: Darren Parry is the former chairman of the Northwest Band of the Shoshone Nation. He is the driving force behind the proposed Northwest Band of the Shoshone Nation Boa Ogoi Cultural Interpretive Center. Parry served on the boards of the American West Heritage Center (Logan, UT) and the Utah State Museum Board. He has also served on the Advisory Board of the Huntsman Cancer Center (SLC, UT). An educator by training, in secondary education with an emphasis in history, Darren graduated from Weber State University (Ogden, UT). During the last year (2019-2020) he ran for election, unsuccessfully, to the U.S. House to represent Utah’s 1st Congressional District. In 2017 he was a receipent of the Esto Pepetua Award from the Idaho State Historical Society, for one who has preserved and promoted the history of Idaho.
Pick up a copy from your local library, or purchase a copy on Amazon The Bear River Massacre: A Shoshone History by Darren Parry, (SLC: By Common Consent Press, 2019)
INTERPRETER CENTER PROPOSED:   To be built near the Utah-Idaho border        

In the middle of the Civil War (1861-1865) this horrendous event became “lost” or perhaps better said suppressed or justified by some white settlers as God’s will. This band of the Shoshone Nation, whose base camp was Cache Valley, save less than a hundred survivors, was annihilated.

Enter Mae Timbimboo Parry (1919-2007), grandmother of Darren Parry, who was the Northwest Band of the Shoshone’s matriarch, record keeper and historian. A granddaughter of massacre survivor Pisappih or Red Oquirrh (aka Yeager Timbimboo, born circa 1848, died 1937), Mae heard and felt the painful stories from her grandfather. She not only heard Red Oquirrh’s stories, she also listen to and recorded the stories of other survivors; she spoke, presented and lobbied in Boise, Salt Lake City and in Washington, D.C.; and she advised other historians, including Brigham Madsen and Scott R. Christensen (both listed in the recommended readings section). And like her grandfather, Mae told her stories to her children and grandchildren.

Mae, as Darren Parry describes her, “ran out of time,” and was unable to take her notebooks and do her final work, that is publish her accounts, her people’s stories, their perspectives, their knowing, regarding the massacre. Darren Parry speaks to senior public historian Brad Westwood, about his book, his loving story of his grandmother, the Timbimboos and the Parrys, and most importantly, about his people who died, and those who survived, the massacre on January 29, 1863 on Boa Ogoi.

Farrell & Rhonda Pickering  Jewish Culture and Astronomical Signs Experts


Isaiah Illustrated- Rhonda Pickering  

Finally, Isaiah is unsealed in our day! Isaiah Illustrated is to ISAIAH what the Annotated Book of Mormon is to Book of Mormon GEOGRAPHY! Come and see the poetry, the literary structures, the illustrations and the charts that will revolutionize your study of Isaiah. This class introduces a 650-page full-color, verse-by-verse, study guide based on the landmark research of Dr. Avraham Gileadi and presents tools that will unlock hidden layers in scripture. 

Adam-ondi-Ahman and the Return of the King!-  Farrell Pickering 

At the sound of a trump long and loud—as on Mount Sinai—Michael returns to open the way for the mission of the 144,000 and a count-down begins for the Return of the King. But what else happens when Michael stands? This council is the turning-point of the Redemption of Zion and the restoration of all things—including the return of Israel to the lands of her inheritance both here in America and in the Holy Land. Both the destruction of Babylon and the deliverance of Zion, what the Christians often refer to as the “rapture” is actually the beginning of the grand wheat-harvest resurrection.

Resurrection Appointments—The Fall Feasts of Israel and the 2nd Coming of Christ- Farrell & Rhonda Pickering

Many people know that the Spring Feasts of Israel (Passover, Unleavened Bread, and Firstfruits) were fulfilled in magnificent detail at the first coming of Christ. Some also understand that the Fall Feasts (Trumpets, Atonement, and Tabernacles) are appointments set long ago with Israel and Christ for His second coming. But do you know what the prophecies in the Fall Feasts are?  Will you recognize the signs of the times?

There is a story of the peoples of Israel that is woven into the background of all history and all prophecy. The sons and daughters of Lehi are just one of the branches in an epic tale whose scope is not just a country, not even the nations, but in prophetic events that will envelop the whole world. It is written in the stars. It is rehearsed in the ancient Feasts of Israel. It is encoded throughout the scriptures. Ether, Isaiah, Nephi, Mormon, and Moroni saw it—and so did Joseph Smith. Jesus initiated stage two in AD 33, and stage three is on the prophetic horizon. Do we understand how the vision of the fulfillment of covenantal promises made to Lehi and to all of the fathers of Israel unfolds? Do we know the backstory of the branches of the house of Israel well enough to fulfill Ephraim’s part?

A simple conversation… a multi-layered prophecy that would revolutionize the teachings and the missions of the early apostles… Here, Jesus would establish the beginning of a new era of time—and embed within their exchange of words, a code that details precisely when that era will be fulfilled. The mystery of the end times as revealed to a Samaritan woman could unravel what you thought you knew about the end of the time of the Gentiles and the beginning of stage three!

Farrell Pickering attended SUSC in the field of Engineering and excels in spacial skills and the logic of building. He has combined a love of the scriptures, numbers, and science to explore fascinating relationships about the treasures left for us in the heavens, in the earth, and in God’s Word.
Rhonda Pickering has taught seminary and administrated private schools for the past 30 years and is a passionate student of Isaiah, the ancient Feasts of Israel, and Biblical Astronomy.
Through our studies, we have developed a profound love and appreciation for the perfection of God’s Plan of Exaltation—past, present, and future. Many of these findings are profoundly intertwined in types and shadows in the Book of Mormon. It is our passion to share our on-going discoveries with others and to shine the light of hope for future generations. Come join us in the journey!

Kent (Harris) Linford Pickering Direct Descendant of Martin and Lucy Harris

The Hine Affidavit and the Lost Manuscript
Martin Harris and the Anthon Transcript

A Perspective From Martin’s Direct Descendant

Kent (Harris) Linford Pickering, Direct Descendant of Martin and Lucy Harris and Martin and Caroline Young Harris through a family intermarriage. (Harris is actually not in my legal name, but I added it to show my family connection)

I had the opportunity to view the initial pre screening of the move “Witnesses.” In the photo, I am standing with LDS actor Paul Wuthrich, who played the Prophet Joseph Smith in the upcoming movie. I highly recommend it.

For ease of viewing and time constraints, I divided my presentation into two parts.

I modified my topics right before the Expo due to the movies “Witnesses” and “Murder Among the Mormons” movies being released.

I am a direct descendant of Martin and Lucy Harris and also a descendant of Martin and Caroline Young Harris through a family intermarriage. I descend from Martin through my birth mother. The first descendants of Lucy Harris to join the Church come through my great grandfather, Alma Martin Harris, the grandson of Martin and Lucy Harris, who married Ida May Harris, the youngest daughter of Martin Harris and Caroline Young Harris. I knew my grandfather Frank Burton Harris Linford, who died when I was ten years old. His birth mother was Martin and Caroline’s youngest daughter Ida May, so one can see how close I am to Grandpa Martin!

Though not a recognized scholar with the usual accompanying university degrees, I have studied the life of Martin Harris extensively. I use an innovative approach, similar to that of my good friend historian Don Bradley, who authored the exciting new volume titled “The Lost 116 Pages, Reconstructing the Book of Mormon’s Missing Stories.” My research style is one of not merely being a chronologist, but one of trying to understand what interactions likely took place between and to members of Martin Harris’s family which led to known historical events. Like in my prior presentations, as a member of Martin’s progeny, I give my analysis and perceptions of some of the stories and accounts of Martin Harris’s family relationships with Lucy Harris Harris, Caroline Young Harris, and the Prophet Joseph Smith. Many of my thoughts have never been told in a public setting before.

I attended several Firm Foundation Conferences in the past, and noticed that little information was given on Martin Harris’s life. I volunteered to try and fill that void after talking with Rod Meldrum and Rian Nelson. I gave my first presentation in April of 2019. I also recently had the privilege of having Rod Meldrum invite me on his Come Follow Me podcast on section 19, which the Lord gave to Martin Harris.

I have been an avid Family Search indexer in the past and learned the value of digitized records. New information has recently been digitized and made available which gives new insight into the life of Martin Harris.

Here is a list of some of the questions I will cover in my presentations.

Presentation One: Martin Harris; The Hine Affidavit and the Lost Manuscript

1. Is it remotely possible that the Lost Manuscript may have been twice as long as originally thought?
2. Who was a member of the Colesville Branch and close friend of Joseph Smith and Martin Harris that most members have never heard of, who played an essential role in the Restoration according to his affidavit?
3. What is Kent’s new theory on what may have happened to the Lost Manuscript?
4. What is a relatively unknown fact about the location of the stone quarry for the Kirtland Temple?

  1. Who did the Lord send to accept the dedication of the Kirtland Temple?
    6. What is unique about why the Savior and the prophets who restored their Priesthood keys appeared in the Kirtland Temple a week after the dedicatory prayer, rather than on the day of the prayer?

Presentation Two: Martin Harris and the Anthon Transcript; A Perspective From Martin’s Direct Descendant

  1. What prompted Martin Harris to go to New York at the request of the Prophet Joseph Smith?
    2. Why was the Salamander Letter forgery of Mark Hoffman so hard to detect?
    3. What is Kent’s hypothesis of what could have happened to the Anthon Transcript?
    4. What was one reason Martin Harris may have felt emboldened and justified in asking Joseph for permission to borrow the Lost Manuscript?
    5. What is the most far reaching digitally indexed record in the history of the world that has recently become available?
    6. What is the eternal impact of the sacrifice of Martin Harris as the Ram in the Thicket of the Last Dispensation?

    Since I have found out so much more information on Martin Harris, I will also have another one or two new presentations on Martin Harris for the upcoming Fall Expo.

Natasha Pizorno Author, Researcher, and 27-year Licensed Educator

Presentation Title: The Book of Mormon Code, deciphering the hidden Hebrew messages in The Book of Mormon.

Natasha Pizorno is an author, researcher, and 27-year licensed educator. She is a graduate of the University of Nevada, Reno and Sierra Nevada College Graduate School of Education.

During a decade of cutting-edge investigation, Natasha discovered many significant, and previously unknown Hebrew cryptograms embedded throughout the scriptures.  Her new work, The Book of Mormon Code, deciphering the hidden Hebrew messages in The Book of Mormon, published in 2020 is a compilation of these enlightening sacred ciphers.

Natasha spent her youth traveling the world. She waded through the waters of Hezekiah’s tunnel, walked among the ruins of Masada and Rome, touched the petroglyphs of the Piutes, climbed to the top of Chichen Itza and Coba pyramids in Mexico, and entered the king’s chamber deep inside the Cheops pyramid in Egypt. Her extensive adventures sparked a lifelong interest in exploring our connections with the ancient world.

Natasha and her husband Robert have been married for 28 years and are parents of four amazing children. They are excited to reunite with their second missionary daughter who returns from Serbia in mid- April 2021.

Presentation Title: The Book of Mormon Code, deciphering the hidden Hebrew messages in The Book of Mormon.

Description of Topic: How and why would the entire Hebrew alphabet be encrypted throughout the chapters of 1st Nephi? The author of The Book of Mormon Code reveals her groundbreaking discovery of this extraordinary cipher she’s named, “The Alpha & Omega Code” and explains how it affirms the veracity and divinity of The Book of Mormon, and Joseph Smith’s prophetic gift of translation. In addition, she describes its profound implications for the convincing of the Jews that Jesus is the Christ. Once you know the code, you’ll never read the scriptures the same way again!

Bruce H Porter- Masters Near Eastern Studies, Author, Institute Teacher

Bruce H. Porter earned his bachelor’s degree in Ancient Near Eastern Studies from B.Y.U. and went on to receive his master’s degree in Middle East Studies with an emphasis in Semitic languages. He has studied Hebrew Aramaic, Akkadian, Coptic, Egyptian Hieroglyphics, and others languages, with a minor in ancient Near Eastern Religions. His graduate coursework was in the History of Religions, with an emphasis in Egyptian religion and textual studies.

Brother Porter has done extensive research for the BYU’s Religious Studies Center, on the Pearl of Great Price and the Book of Abraham, and been instrumental in the research and discovery of the Antonio Lebolo Will.  He has done scriptural research in the major museums and libraries of Europe, the Middle East, and the United States. Brother Porter has presented papers for the “Society for Early Historic Archaeology” and the “Journal of Egyptian Archeology” the Encyclopedia of Mormonism and has also co-authored a paper with Stephen Ricks that was published in By Study and also by Faith, a two-volume work honoring Hugh Nibley.  During his graduate work, he assisted in the research and writing of a documentary on Egyptian archeology for BBC. Brother Porter is also the author of many books which titles include: Prophecies and Promises, The Book of Mormon, An Everlasting Decree, The Threshing Floor of Faith. Class notes and study guides have been published on; The Book of Moses, A Scriptural Study Guide for The Book of Revelation, as well as other papers on specific scriptural and doctrinal topics. He is a sought-after speaker for presentations and seminars that are focused on the scriptures and the Book of Mormon.

Coupled with his writing and research, Brother Porter’s background has presented him with an opportunity to host lead and guided tours. Working for BYU Travel Study, Murdock Travel, LDS Travel and now for, with his focus being on Church History, Book of Mormon, and the Biblical World including Egypt, Israel, and the Mediterranean world.

Born in Mesa Arizona, Brother Porter has lived in Utah, Israel, and Southern California while working for CES.  He also served a full-time mission for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints in Southwestern England and Wales.  Semi-retired he now teaches adult religion classes in the Mesa-Gilbert area and continues his passion of scriptural research and writing.  He has served in many ward and stake positions throughout his life and continues to do so.  Bruce and his wife Margaret have ten children, and 25+ grandchildren, and are now living in Queen Creek, Arizona.

Brother Porter’s testimony, research, and message are dedicated to the truthfulness of the scriptures, and in particular the Book of Mormon, the divine calling of the Prophet Joseph Smith, and of course Jesus Christ and the necessity to Come unto Him for Salvation.  Because of this he is a sought after speaker, teacher, and tour guide.

Kevin Price, PhD biogeography (plant ecology)

Rapidly Emerging Technologies for Archaeological Site Surveys and Virtual Reality 3D Modeling: Looking for the Great City of Zarahemla 

Dr. Kevin Price grew up in the small town of Green River, Utah (watermelon country).  He served as a missionary for two years in the California, Anaheim mission under the leadership of Elder Rex C. Reeves.  He attended Rick’s College (now BYU-Idaho), then transferred to BYU in Provo where he met his wife, Melinda and was married in the Salt Lake Temple. He has two daughters; Kaylie is director of marketing for a company in Wisconsin and Julia is in her last semester at BYU in the School of Business. Kevin severed in his Kansas ward as the High Priest’s Group Leader, Gospel Doctrine Instructor and Secretary to the Young Men’s program. He now serves as the Emergency Preparedness Coordinator.

He did his Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees at BYU in Rangeland Ecology and Ph.D. at the University of Utah in Geography specializing in biogeography (plant ecology), remote sensing and geographic information systems (GIS) (or computerized mapping and analysis). He was a professor for 3 years at Utah State University, 19 years at the University of Kansas and 6 years at Kansas State University. He has conducted research throughout the world and has been the Keynote or Invited speaker on drone applications in agriculture and natural resource management throughout the world at over 100 conferences. He served as a scientific advisor to NASA, NOAA and a former US Secretary of State.

Kevin is currently the Chief Emerging Technologies Officer for Air Data Solutions with offices throughout the US. He analyzes drone and airplane acquired imagery including natural color, color infrared, thermal and LiDAR.

During his presentation he will introduce attendees to emerging mapping technologies and demonstrate how they can be applied to a variety of challenges with emphasis in archaeology.  His ultimate desire is to help find the Great City of Zarahemla which he believes to be in the US.

Richard Proctor Economist, Financial Expert

Protecting Our States From Federal Overreach.

I will discuss the Constitution and demonstrate where in the basic document the Constitution provides for States to keep unconstitutional laws, policies, regulations, executive orders, etc from being enforced in our states, and how our states are being held in financial bondage by the federal government along with steps to correct the situation.  Then I will cover the steps to free our states from overreach using the basic Constitution.

In case you were not aware, I have been a regular guest on the David Knight Show for the past 9 months, appearing at least twice a month.

Richard Proctor has been actively engaged in Economics for nearly 60 years, with a PHD in Political Economics. In the late 1960s and early 1970s he observed the creation of the two-tiered international gold standard resulting in the abolishment of our gold standard in 1971. He then observed the follow-on interest rate and inflation explosion of the 1970s. He can and will, upon request, explain the reasons behind the inflation of the 1970s.
He has followed the political shadow government since the 1960’s and has studied hundreds of books covering political economics and the effects of this shadow government on our lives. Some of these books were written in the 1700s and 1800s. He began writing in 2005 and produced an internet political newsletter every Tuesday for 6 years, from 2006 to 2012.

He has 9 books currently published with the 10th in process. The 9th book is Saving the Constitution and is one of a kind. It seems to be the only book of it’s kind as it discusses every paragraph in the Constitution as it was written, without including any of the supreme court decisions nor the invalid amendments. These books help individuals grasp what is happening in our society. One is strictly economics in an easy to understand style. It is written so even high school students and adults can finally easily understand the concepts of economics.

He has formed The Institute of Political Economics to help people gain graduate degrees in practical economics and political economics at an affordable price. The institute awards degrees up to and including doctorate degrees at annual tuition fees beginning as low as $350 per year. See the website at

James T. Prout Author: The “Last Days” Timeline

April 2021 Presentations:
#1  “When Are the TWO 1/2 Hour of Silences in Heaven?”
#2 “Ezra’s Eagle Update – Where Does Joe Biden Come in The Sequence?
#3 “The Church of God is About to Birth the Kingdom of God in a Time of
Lawlessness and Anarchy…The Election F**** Must Be Fixed”

James T. Prout is the author the book: The “Last Days” Timeline and is an expert on the specific last-days events. James is the founder of

Find out how you can prepare your family for the next event in the sequence. Prophecy is simply the future, shown to Prophets of God in advance. Why not help your family by knowing the signs-of-the-times before they happen?

James has spent 20 years studying the scriptures, and other authors. He pulls out the nuggets of truth and cuts through the clutter that has been recorded surrounding prophecy of the end-times leading to the 2nd coming of Jesus Christ. Let him help you discover the next domino to fall; so you can prepare your family for the next event in the sequence.

“What the Scriptures Say about Donald Trump – How Long Will He Last?”

Lenet Hadley Read Author & Lecturer


Helpful Answers to Challenging Gospel Questions: 
   – Like Polygamy”  

“The Lord has not told us when He is returning, but he has given many signs to show the time is near. The Book of Mormon has connections to these signs. Lenet will explain: 

After years of searching, Lenet has found surprising, satisfactory, and uplifting answers to many challenging questions. These include questions about:

* Why Polygamy for a time?
*Who are the Sons of Levi and what is their offering of righteousness?
*How did Asian DNA come to the Americas?
*Why are the dying testimonies of the three witnesses so powerful?
* Why did Joseph need to “study it out in his mind” to translate?
*Why is the Moundbuilder culture important to all Americans?
*When was Jesus born and why is that significant?
* Why do many youth leave their religious traditions and why is it concerning?

Lenet not only gives helpful answers, but demonstrates the way to find answers.

Lenet  Read is a much published author whose four books, over twenty articles, web site and scriptural blog have led thousands to greater scriptural understanding.  Her articles in The Ensign and other publications have revealed much scriptural symbolism. She’s shown how Israelite Holy Days were prophetic, even pointing to the exact day of the coming forth of the Book of Mormon. (See Annotated Book of Mormon, p. xix). Her Ensign Series and subsequent book How We Got the Bible is still available as an e-book through Deseret Book.

Her website:,  has videos of (1) How the Bible is a great Chiasm, with Christ’s Death on the Cross its turning point; (2) More Insights about The Final Days of Awe; and (3) Seven Biblical Prophecies of the Book of Mormon.  (Videos also posted on YouTube). Her scriptural blog: is featured on

Lenet Read graduated from BYU with a B.A. in English, and did Post Graduate Studies in Religion at the University of Florida. She has spoken at Education Week, CES Symposiums, and various conferences. She has served as both Ward and Stake Relief Society Presidents, has taught Gospel Doctrine in more than one ward, and Institute in two regions. She is currently a Temple Ordinance Worker and a Ward Temple and Family History Consultant. She has been blessed with five children, twenty-three grandchildren and eleven great-grandchildren.

David Read Patent Attorney, JD

“Nephites in North America: New DNA Evidence”
Despite popular belief, the currently available DNA evidence supports the Book of Mormon. Critics who attempt to rely on DNA evidence to attack the truth of the Book of Mormon misinterpret or misconstrue what the DNA evidence actually shows. In this presentation, Mr. Read will present more DNA evidence that has recently come to light supporting Book of Mormon claims.
As one example, Mr. Read will discuss further scientific studies which again confirm that mitochondrial DNA haplogroup X (previously publicized by Rod Meldrum) is found among Native Americans and originated in the Middle East. Indeed, one recent study found a variety of haplogroup X in Egypt that is just four mutations away from the type found in Native Americans, which undermines the critics’ previous claims that Native American haplotype X2a has “too many mutations” from the haplogroup X haplotypes found in the Middle East to fit a Book of Mormon timeframe for a migration from the Middle East to the Americas.
Mr. Read will also present new DNA evidence regarding Y DNA haplogroup R, which is a second non-Asian DNA type found in large numbers among some Native American groups. Mr. Read will present evidence showing that this non-Asian DNA type also predates Columbus and has a distribution pattern in common with haplogroup X. This means that there is now a second and separate line of DNA evidence that corroborates the haplogroup X information and is again consistent with the Book of Mormon.
Finally, Mr. Read will explain the significance of recent findings about an ancient Native American skeleton known as Kennewick Man, whose DNA is haplogroup X, but whose carbon dating has been commonly reported as being over 8,000 years old. Because of the reported carbon dating, Kennewick Man is now often used by critics to argue that haplogroup X in the Americas predates Book of Mormon timeframes. However, this again misconstrues the evidence. Mr. Read will demonstrate that a more complete analysis of the carbon dating for Kennewick Man shows that his correct age is within Book of Mormon timeframes and once again supports the DNA evidence in favor of the Book of Mormon.
David possesses many intellectual interests. Before finishing his juris doctorate in law and becoming a patent attorney and later a judge, he earned undergraduate degrees in chemistry and philosophy. Over the past 10 years, he has completed a considerable amount of research into the historical authenticity of the Book of Mormon with a particular emphasis on DNA evidence related to the Book of Mormon. Through this research, he has recently uncovered additional DNA evidence that corroborates and supports the historical authenticity of the Book of Mormon.
David is an accomplished researcher. Over his career as a patent attorney, he has collaborated with inventors in numerous scientific fields. These include pharmaceuticals, medical devices, firearms, computer software, hybrid vehicles, battery technologies, pollution control technologies, textile manufacturing equipment, diesel and gasoline engines, chemical testing equipment, agricultural chemicals, turbocharging systems, fuels, coal gasification, and power plant technologies. In each of these areas, he researched and came up to speed on the state-of-the-art knowledge in the field to thoroughly understand the new invention and the scientific consensus, interacted with experts in that field, and assessed and argued whether an invention was new or would be obvious to other experts in that scientific field. His work required him to reliably evaluate the state of established scientific knowledge in various scientific fields. He has taken that experience and applied it here to the DNA evidence related to Native Americans.

David lives in Michigan. He and his wife Barbara have five children: Amy, Charlotte, Sarah, Seth, and Matthew. David currently serves as the Sunday School President in his ward.

Stephen Reed Analyst, Business Management and Finance.

Presentation – “The Two-Cumorah Solution for a Flawed Book of Mormon Geography Model: 1844 – 1924” PRESENTATION: “THE TWO-CUMORAH SOLUTION”

As an Analyst for an International Bank for the past eleven years, Steve has a penchant for solving problems. He doesn’t accept the current dogma by Book of Mormon Scholars, despite their advanced degrees, claiming that the Prophet Joseph Smith learned the geography of The Book of Mormon from a travel book with pictures, published in 1842 by John Lloyd Stephens. (A travel book with pictures? Seriously? Is that the best analysis you’ve got?)

Then Book of Mormon geography miraculously turned into a restricted Mesoamerica setting with the original Hill Cumorah, not in New York, but located somewhere in Central America. With extra time available by working from home during the 2020 Pandemic and while lounging on his sofa using an iPad and an Internet search engine, Steve learned the true origin of the Mesoamerica Two-Cumorah Geography theory for The Book of Mormon. It’s simple. And it’s all online. All of it! You don’t need a library of scholarly books to understand it. In this simple analytical 40-minute presentation,

Steve will cover an 80-year time period starting with the death of the Prophet Joseph Smith in 1844, who had nothing to do with the Two-Cumorah Theory for The Book of Mormon and ending in 1924. You will be shown how the Two-Cumorah idea was actually a solution for a previously flawed geography model which placed The Book of Mormon in Central and in South America. Watch this presentation. You will learn who actually created the Two-Cumorah Theory for The Book of Mormon. It may surprise you. You will also be able to access the same online documents Steve found, while lounging on your own sofa. It’s that easy. No scholars required. After completing a two-year mission in Venezuela, Steve returned to BYU and graduated with a degree in Business Management and Finance.

He currently resides in Mesa, Arizona. Stephen would like to thank in advance, Jonathan Neville, for his kind encouragement and support. Brother Neville stated in an email: “You’ve done some great original research people need to know about.

Leslie Pearson Rees Gospel Researcher, Teacher, Speaker, and Author
Presentation: Ye Have Been Hid Finding the Lost Tribes of Israel Part 2

Leslie Pearson Rees was born in Moab, UT, and now lives in Draper.  The mother of 10, grandmother of 37 and great-grandmother of 12, she and her husband raised their family while moving all around this great country, living in many different states.  She has spent much of her life on her passion, studying the scriptures and history, and developed a deep love for both. She served in four different Relief Society Presidencies, but spent more than thirty years teaching Gospel Doctrine classes in many different wards.  A highlight of her life was serving as Assistant to the Matron of the Ghana, Accra temple, while her husband served as a Counselor in the Presidency from 2006 to 2008.

While still in her teens, Leslie became fascinated with the large amount of information on the scattering and gathering of Israel that is found in the scriptures.  She then began collecting numerous accounts of many people who claimed descent from those of the ancient northern Kingdom of Israel, followed by those from the nation of Judah. She has presented lectures on this subject in a number of different states, and finally put many of her findings from scripture, history and legend, into a book, Ye Have Been Hid: Finding the Lost Tribes of Israel.

Her family, the scriptures, Church history (especially Heartland discoveries), and some amateur sculpting remain her foremost interests in life.  Her family and her testimony of the Restored Gospel are her greatest treasures.

Lynn RidenhourPhD Baptist Minister Building Bridges Ministries

The Restoration and the Big Picture, Part One

The Restoration and the Big Picture, Part Two

Lynn Ridenhour, Southern Baptist minister, has for these past thirty-plus years, been preaching out of the Bible and the Book of Mormon. He is the founder of “Believers Building Bridges,” an inter-faith ministry dedicated to bringing together God’s people of all denominational affiliations. Brother Lynn especially has a passion to bring together reformation and restoration Christians. Believers Building Bridges is launching a national tour this year, visiting every state in the nation for the purpose of building bridges of understanding among God’s people.

The Restoration: The Big Picture, Part One

Dr. Lynn Ridenhour, Southern Baptist minister, shares how he “tells the Joseph Smith story” to his gang–protestants in general, and to non-denominational charismatic Christians in particular. This presentation was to be presented at the 25th International Book of Mormon Evidence Conference on April 9 – 11 in Sandy, Utah. But because of the Covid-19 virus, the conference will be presented online as a virtual conference. “I wanted my subscribers to have the opportunity to view my presentation,” says Lynn. “I’ll be making two presentations on the same theme: The Restoration: The Big Picture, Part One & Two.”

The Restoration: The Big Picture, Part Two

Dr. Lynn Ridenhour, Southern Baptist minister, in Part Two continues his theme “How I share the Restoration with my gang.” The title of his two-part series is “The Restoration: The Big Picture.” In this message Brother Lynn raises the thought-provoking question of “Joseph’s Calling: Restoring the Whole Christ to the Church.” Like his first message, this presentation was to be presented at the 25th International Book of Mormon Evidence Conference on April 9 – 11 in Sandy, Utah. But because of the Covid-19 virus, the conference will be presented online as a virtual conference.

Debbi S. Rollo, Author of Book of Mormon Rhymes: ISAIAH CHAPTERS”,


The Words of ISAIAH aren’t Good, they’re G.R.E.A.T.!
Five GREAT things to remember from the ISAIAH CHAPTERS in the Book of Mormon. 

Discover five main messages found in the Isaiah Chapters in the Book of Mormon that will bring a greater understanding of the words of Isaiah.  

This G.R.E.A.T. method of studying Isaiah will turn what could be a complicated and confusing experience into an inspiring and enjoyable one. Debbi uses many of the short and catchy rhymes from her new book, “Book of Mormon Rhymes – Isaiah Chapters: A Companion for Family Scripture Study”, to share and help explain Isaiah’s words in a fun and clever way. Isaiah’s words are a gift from God to help us prepare for things to come in these last days. In order to “delight” in the words of Isaiah, as Nephi did, we need to understand them. This presentation will create a new spark to learn, love, and appreciate some of the greatest words ever written, the Isaiah Chapters as found in the Book of Mormon.

While writing her first book, “Book of Mormon Rhymes”, Debbi skipped most of the Isaiah Chapters because she felt she did not understand them well enough. Feeling unsettled and impressed, she went back and wrote her second book of rhymes exclusively on the Isaiah Chapters. By studying and comparing Latter-day Saint resources from scripture scholars, commentary authors and church resources, Debbi discovered that Isaiah’s words truly are GREAT and felt strongly that they should be shared in a way that could be understood and enjoyed by all.  

Debbi is a convert to The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, baptized at age 21 by her husband, Craig. Not growing up with religion, when Debbi joined the Church she fell in love with scripture study, particularly the Book of Mormon, and recently, the teachings of Isaiah. Debbi volunteers with the Isaiah Institute, she loves to read and spend time with her family. Debbi is currently serving as Stake YW Secretary in Orem, Utah.

Great are Isaiah’s words
Said the Savior in verse one,
Of Third Nephi, twenty-three,
And searching them is fun!

Michael B. Rush: Speaker, Author, Timeline Research


Michael Rush Bio

Michael Rush grew up between the Rocky Mountains, and Central California’s Gold Coast.  He served a mission for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints in Chile, Osorno.  Michael graduated from BYU with a degree in accounting, and began his career in San Francisco working for Ernst & Young.  From there, Michael spent most of his career working for Nucor Steel, as the VP of Finance for their recycling division in the western United States. Nucor is America’s largest recycler. Michael currently works as the CFO for a private equity portfolio company based out of New York City and lives in central Tennessee.

Michael has always had an affinity for the House of Israel, and wrote his first bestselling book – A Remnant Shall Return in 2015.  That book has since inspired people in over 130 countries across the globe to learn more about the covenants and promises the Lord has made to restore the House of Israel in the last days.  Since his first book Michael has written three other books, Daniel 11, Revelation – the Vision of John the Divine, and Delight in Plainness – Nephi & Isaiah.  The primary purpose behind Michael’s writings is to help people to understand the ancient prophecies pertaining the House of Israel, and how those promises will shape the world in remarkable ways.  Michael believes that if you do not understand the covenants and promises regarding the House of Israel, you are not prepared for what is about to take place upon the earth.

Ezra’s Eagle Video Description

In this presentation, Michael Rush discusses the vision of Ezra’s Eagle from 2nd Esdras in the Apocrypha.  The Lord told Joseph Smith that the Apocrypha was mostly correct and that it would benefit those that would study it in the light of the Spirit.  The vision of Ezra’s Eagle is a prophecy about the Whore of Babylon’s rise to power, and how her influence will be felt by the nations of the earth in the last days.  It is a timely prophecy that is as current as today’s headlines.

The House of Israel Video Description

In this presentation, Michael Rush provides a sweeping overview of the history of the House of Israel and the covenants and promises that the Lord has made.  Most people think about the House of Israel in the context of missionary work, gathering Israel on both sides of the veil.  The 10th article of faith speaks of two components of this great latter-day work, the literal gathering of Israel, and the restoration of the lost tribes.  Michael explains the difference between the two.  The restoration of the House of Israel is prophesied to be more spectacular than the Exodus of Egypt. This presentation will place the seeker of truth on an incredible path of discovery!

The City of Enoch and the Context of the Last days Video Description

In this presentation, Michael discusses the need to search and ponder the scriptures in meaningful ways.  Just as the disciples on the road to Emmaus discovered that they only had a cursory knowledge of the scriptures, there is much that we do not understand because we have not sought for understanding.  Michael uses several scriptures regarding the City of Enoch and the New Jerusalem to demonstrate that there is much more to the events of the last days than most have ever considered.  Michael then provides a contextual background for the events of the last days.

Dean W. Sessions Author of the Universal Model and founder of the New Millennial Science Website:

1- The Coronavirus Truth. What is the Real Science and Politics behind Coronavirus?

2- Are Latter-day Saints Creationists? Why would some Latter-day Saints not Consider themselves Creationists?

Dean W. Sessions is the author of the Universal Model (UM) and founder of the Millennial Science Foundation. Sessions has a B.S. Degree in Science from Brigham Young University and in 1990, Sessions began studying in both archeology and geology where a number of important new discoveries in these fields were made over the next few years. From this initial research and experimentation, a number of inaccuracies in theoretical aspects of modern science was found leading to the realization that a complete revolution in science needed to take place.

As the director of scientific research and discovery for the Universal Model, A New Millennial Science, Sessions continued investigations in the 1990s with the aid of several research assistants. Thousands of peer reviewed scientific journal articles were gathered from all the general fields of science, as well as in-depth experimentation was conducted both in the field and in the laboratory. By 2000, the official writing and documenting of the Universal Model began. On 15 October 2016, Volume I of the UM was released to to the public. Volume I, II and III will contain a total of 32 chapters with a total of about 2,000 pages when completed. Mr. Sessions has spoken to thousands of individuals sharing the hundreds of new scientific discoveries found in the UM and explaining why we are such an important part of the wonderful Creation that surrounds us.

Celestia Shumway Homeschooler, Book of Mormon Researcher, BA Zoology
“Don’t Spend Your Money for that Which is Of No Worth: Using Book of Mormon Principles to Manage Family Finances In Joy and Without Tears.”

“Celestia Shumway is a wife and full-time homemaker and stay-at-home homeschooling mom of 7 seven children and grandmother to one, with four out of the nest and three still at home. She loves to learn about the Book of Mormon and many other topics including: real foods nutrition, the Hebrew language, homeopathy, natural healing, childbirth, breastfeeding, gameschooling, finances, homesteading, photography, blogging, music, classic literature, and so much more. She graduated from BYU with a bachelor’s degree in zoology. She lives in Provo, UT.”

Dallin Shumway Owner, Lionheart Movement, an organization that champions youth to embody their divine identities. 

Topic: You Have a Choice; Choose to Be Free.
As a teenager I came to a realization that not enough is being done to alleviate suffering throughout the world. I looked at my own life, and thought of all the comforts I enjoyed. I thought about the time and resources I had which could be employed to a higher purpose.
I believe that there is immense power for good among society’s youth; power we have yet to tap into. Think about it: youth, especially in their late teens, are generally free from the constraints of making a living or caring for a family. Yet they have the same capacity as most adults to plan, set goals, and work towards them. They have the capacity to understand complex societal problems. They have the capacity to envision what they might do to make a difference. If we walk hand in hand with them, we can harness their drive and their passion to make the world a better place.
Watch my presentation and learn how I have been doing just that over the past several years, and how the youth in your circle can get on board.”
Since I was very young my parents always taught me that God had a unique mission for me to perform in this life. As a teenager I studied the lives of great men and women from history who chose to live out the purposes God had for them. I knew that I was meant to be just like them. I began to follow in their footsteps when I was 17. That’s when I co-founded The Lionheart Movement, an organization that champions youth to embody their divine identities. We did so, mainly through seminars, and group and personal mentoring. Since returning home from my mission in Argentina, I’ve continued to build my career as a speaker, empowering my audiences. Currently, I’m 22 and am studying psychology at Utah Valley University. My dream is to start a non-profit that will change the way we, as a society, handle child abuse.  
If there’s one thing I’ve learned since starting The Lionheart Movement, and observing the people who’ve been a part of it, it’s that in any given set of circumstances we always have a choice; we can choose to be free. Even in the face of life’s hardest trials God has given us the ability to reach and hope for something greater. “Wherefore, men are free according to the flesh… to choose liberty and eternal life through the great Mediator of all men, or to choose captivity and death…” (2 Nephi 2:11.) As a speaker, this is what I teach. It’s a message that’s simple, but yet so difficult to remember when we find ourselves in the midst of trials. I teach it however, because I’ve come to understand that at the end of the day, every principle of mortal influence comes down the choices we make. You have a choice; choose to be free. For more information about The Lionheart Movement, check out this link:

Ken Skeem Speaker and Researcher

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is skeem.pngPresentations
Trilobite stony eyes couldn’t stand the Light of the Sun

The first trilobites of the creation days  third evening (550 million BC} were eyeless or had very small eyes.  By the morning of the third day[350 million BC] They had large exquisite eyes made of Iceland Spar.. By the The fourth Day creation of the Sun moon  the Trilobites   eyes had disappeared .They couldn’t stand the full sun and their eyes couldn’t adjust to Day and night.
Vitamin D Proves the Bible. 
The story in Genesis has the first Light of creation coming from the faces of  the water. The first Lights  were cool and didn’t have vitamin D Producing  Ultra violet  Light . Vitamin D is necessary for the Dinosaurs , great whales ,Birds and bony fishes. For their bones and eggs. The Vitamin D animals flourished after the sun 260 million years ago. Any one with children can have a laminated wall chart Dinosaurs in The Bible?

I am an almost rocket scientist; farmer. Studied ancient languages, geology, assays, astronomy and genetics. A divorced Great, Great, Great grandfather Who loves all his family. All of my children are boys except seven. I have two boys. I have a daughter who is real help on the farm. Sarah, Holly and Nate love the deserts, like all my family do. Some noteworthy accomplishments. A creation book in the beginning Reason Rocks& Religion, What no flood? Genesis fossil sets. Books to be out soon Light before the Sun. How the flood ended the Methuselahs – why did Adam and Eve enter an Ice age world? Daughter Holy discovered the Skeemella Clavula. Casting and Minter of Book of Mormon silver corn coins.

I love it when I see the puzzle of science fit with our ancient scriptures. I love it when early or current LDS church publications, or an unfamiliar meaning of a Bible word matches new science or geological evidence. I would like to share my insights with my family, friends and public, I pray they can, put their life of science and religion together to find balance and peace in the Gospel. If they take my writing seriously, they will correct and add to it. 3rd Nephi 22:13 Isaiah 54:13 And all thy children shall be taught of the Lord; and great shall be the peace of thy children.

Kimberly Smith- Writer, Researcher at the Joseph Smith Foundation

Presentation: How I resolved my questions regarding Joseph Smith’s Polygamy-Faith Crisis Solutions! 
Sept 2021

Kimberly Smith is a writer and researcher of church history. She is the Research Director for the Joseph Smith Foundation and author of several articles on the web including the article: “Answering the Claim: Did Joseph Smith Fight Plural Marriage”. 

I will be speaking on How I resolved my questions regarding Joseph Smith’s Polygamy-Faith Crisis Solutions!

Howard Carlos Smith Author, Speaker

The Book of Mormon with a promise for our day.

Have you ever stopped and wondered what God has done and in your life that you aren’t even aware of?

Howard Carlos Smith is a native of West Bountiful, Utah. He has a bachelor’s degree in automotive engineering from Utah State University and a master’s degree in industrial education from Brigham Young University. Many years were spent as a trainer in industry and a secondary education teacher. Over 15,000 students have attended his classes spanning a period of forty-five years.
Howard served a two-year mission for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints throughout Florida and Puerto Rico. He was one of three missionaries, in the early 1960s, to open the island of Puerto Rico to preaching the restored gospel of Jesus Christ.

Howard is the author of six books.

Keeper of the Prophet’s Sword. Joseph Bates Noble, a bodyguard and bishop to the prophet, was with Joseph as he made his way toward Carthage. Several miles out of Nauvoo the prophet gave Major Noble his personal Legion sword as a token of their friendship and told him to keep it safe. The sword was hidden away for over 165 years. It has been handed down from father-to-son in the Noble family. Howard is the great-great nephew of Joseph Bates Noble. Howard lived across the street from the Noble homestead and worked on the Joseph Bates Noble farm as a lad with his cousin Lamar and others under the direction of Lamar’s father Delbert.
Joseph Smith’s Sword and in That Day Miracles & Warnings. This book takes a glimpse into the spirit world and a ride into hell. It shares unusual experiences surrounding the Legion sword once held by the Prophet Joseph Smith. It speaks of the Prince of America with a focus upon the United States Constitution and many miracles and warnings. Let it be known the anger of the Lord is kindled and his sword is about to fall upon the world. It is not a day of many words. It is a day where changes are awaiting, even nigh at our very doors. There are no neutrals in the approaching war.

Angels and Translated Beings. Angels are children of God. An angel may be a resurrected being, translated being, disembodied spirit, unembodied spirit, or a mortal (such as you or I when being attentive to the spirit of God). Stories of help and comfort from angels are within these pages. You will realize there are angels in every faucet of your life.

Life is Quick in Passing. Enjoy the ride into this book and onto a bouncing basketball. Like a cake mix, it carries a certain blend from chapter to chapter. Life is quick in passing. Stay aboard, don’t jump off a moving ship for it too will soon fade away. In time each will enter upon the beach ball. It will be a new yet familiar world with family and friends and is far greater than what we think.

Two new books:

Our Times – Hidden Footprints Volume 1

Out Times – Hidden Footprints Volume 2

Tom Smokoff  Water Treatment Research Scientist

Learn how to protect your family’s water against the Deadly Coronavirus & Others

What Methods are there that will remove/eradicate an organism that small?
NASA Fast Flow Water Filter/Purifiers Remove 99.9999% of Bacteria & Virus. Gravity Water Filters and how they can be used effectively.

We are pleased to introduce Tom Smokoff  Co-founder of our company, Water Pure Technologies, Inc.

The company is based in Salt Lake City, Utah with an emphasis in Chemical & Mechanical Engineering, Research, & Manufacturing Water Filter Systems & Water Treatment Products.

Tom is a research Scientist, whose primary focus has been in the development of Mineral Ion Technology, used for long term point of use water treatments, and Electro-positive Adsorption (EPA) Nano Water Filtration Technology that was co-developed by NASA for use on the International Space Station. The company in also Certified by the Space Foundation also using this technology. The company has developed a complete line of Water filters and Water Filter systems using this space-age technology.

He has worked with Federal, State and International water quality projects as well as humanitarian programs.

Steven E. Smoot Author, Historian, Film Producer, Commercial Developer

Voices From The Dust Lost Civilizations 
Demographic Winter Demography is our Destiny 

Steven Edgar Smoot is President of the Family First Foundation and President of Excel Investment Corporation and Watchman Properties. He is Author of the book, Lost American Antiquities a Hidden History and co-producer of many documentaries, the two most known documentaries are The Lost Civilizations of North America and Demographic Winter the Decline of the Human Family. He has been an invited speaker on the Decline of the Human Family and Demographics at the European Union and at many World Congress of Families events worldwide. Steven has also spoken at many ancient origin conference’s on the silence and science surrounding America’s ancient civilizations. Answering the why, how and who questions as to why we haven’t heard more about these ancient mound building cultures. Steven will also be sharing findings showing how migration patterns and the trading of precious metals, tobacco and Indian slaves can answer an age old question as to how religious teachings and practices became common to ancient cultures on many continents. Inter-twined through each of his documentaries is a common thread that shows that society cannot always rely on today’s scientific and academic communities for scholarly truths. One would think that by using scientific methods that scientists would be encouraged to follow the evidences wherever they may lead and in time come to a truthful conclusion. But since the mid 1800’s as these documentaries reveal, Social Engineers have learned that they can use the sciences and their influential political positions as a powerful tool to crush dissent on the origin and evolution of man and a myriad of other social and political issues.

Summary giving bullet points and Search Engine Optimization key-words:
Topic’s Covered 

Demographic Winter Presentation


Demographic Winter – Demography is our Destiny 

  • Worldwide Tour of the Demographic Shift taking place
  • Data showing the World is headed towards a Demographic Tipping Point.  
  • The Huge Cost of Family Fragmentation 
  • World News Headlines: Pope calling Demographic Winter a Grave Disease 
  • Policies Change Societies – What’s Happening Worldwide? 
  • Outcomes; Family, and Faith Factors 
North American Discoveries Presentation: 
  • The Silence Surrounding North America’s Ancient Civilizations 
  • “Earth to Testify of the Truth of These Things” 
  • 1830 Indian Removal Act – A People Without a History 
  • Voices from the Dust Crying to be Heard
  • Ancient North America an Abundance of Evidence 
  • Evolutionary Stairway a Tool for Social Reform

Ryan Sorensen Cinematographer/Producer with Verum Films
Presentation: The Lost City Zarahemla: Expedition 1 The Crossing
Description: A documentary featuring the Heartland Research Group in their search for an area of crossing for Alma’s Army in the battle of Zarahemla

As a child, Ryan created news broadcasts and music videos with his brother and cousin, using his mom’s VHS video camera. After serving a mission in Canada, he fell in love with photography, hospitality, and his wife while working at a resort near Zion National Park. He earned a bachelor’s degree in Hotel and Resort Management from Southern Utah University, and has worked in hotels and resorts for the past 18 years. Recently, he has returned to his original passion for videography, founding Verum Films with his brother. They produce documentaries and love getting to know new people and researching new ideas. Ryan has a passion for studying the gospel, especially Joseph Smith and Book of Mormon geography. He is a member of the Heartland Research Group, which he joined in 2019. Ryan and his wife Melanie have three children and currently reside in Missouri.

James F. Stoddard III President – Joseph Smith Foundation Website:

1. Ezra Taft Benson & Leonard J. Arrington: Battling Over the New History

2. Reliable Primary Sources & the Seer ‘Stone in a Hat’
3. Is the ‘Miracle of the Gulls’ Story Reliable History? Faith Crisis 2: Behind Closed Doors
4. Latter-day Nephites in Scripture: The Scriptures Say You Are Likely a Nephite

James F. Stoddard III is the father of 10 children. He is a direct descendant of Asael and Mary Duty Smith, the Prophet Joseph Smith’s grandparents, and other LDS Church history figures. He is the president of the Joseph Smith Foundation, including LDS Answers, ZionTube, FAQs, Papers, InspiraWiki and Teachings of the Prophet Joseph Smith. He is the co-author of Seer Stone v. Urim & Thummim: Book of Mormon Translation on Trial and the producer or executive producer of seven documentary films. James has worked in private, public, religious, corporate and home education as well as Web development, software engineering, videography and natural health. He is the owner of IntegriVizion, a family business specializing in film production, Web development and graphic design. James spends any free moments working on Highland Cathedral Estate, a planned family retreat and learning facility with perennial gardens and walking trails specializing in experimental farming techniques and four-season food production. He currently serves on the Firm Foundation Executive Advisory and Strategic Planning Board. He also authors many papers and articles on the Web. James has worked as a release time Seminary teacher and as an instructor at the Provo Missionary Training Center (MTC). His research supports the writings and teachings of ancient and latter-day prophets.

L. Hannah Stoddard Director – For Our Day Film Series Website:

1. Ezra Taft Benson & Leonard J. Arrington: Battling Over the New History

2. Reliable Primary Sources & the Seer ‘Stone in a Hat’
3. Is the ‘Miracle of the Gulls’ Story Reliable History? Faith Crisis 2: Behind Closed Doors
4. Latter-day Nephites in Scripture: The Scriptures Say You Are Likely a Nephite

L. Hannah Stoddard is the co-author of Seer Stone v. Urim & Thummim: Book of Mormon Translation on Trial. She is the founder of Joseph Smith’s Legacy and the producer or director of six documentary films. In addition to directing Joseph Smith Foundation projects for over a decade, she is often invited to speak on various radio and video programs. Hannah helped direct her first documentary film, beginning at age 16. She has worked as a history and literature teacher, graphic design artist, software developer, videographer, project manager, agriculturist and research assistant. Her work focuses on Church history and doctrine, answers to Latter-day Saint faith crisis questions, educational philosophy, culture and defending the Prophet Joseph Smith.

Documentary Films – For Our Day: Covenant on the Land (2013), For Our Day Divinely Sanctioned Governments (2013), Statesmen & Symbols: Prelude to the Restoration (2014), The Prophet Joseph: More than we know (2015), Unlocking the Mystery of the Two Prophets: Revelation 11 (2017), Hidden Bloodlines: The Grail & the Lost Tribes in the Lands of the North (2017).

Zack Strong Author, Patriot, Public Speaker
1- Satanic Communism
2- Nephite Freedom Fighters, American Founding Fathers, and God’s Freedom Philosophy
Zack Strong is an independent author, dyed-in-the-wool Jeffersonian American, and all-around patriot. His mission statement is: “Defending Faith, Families, Freedom.” He produces a subscription-based newsletter at and writes articles on historical, political, and religious topics for his website Strong specializes in communism, secret societies, and the U.S. Constitution. He has written three books, including two on the communist conspiracy titled “A Century of Red” and “Red Gadiantons: What the Prophets Have Taught about the Communist Secret Combination that Threatens Mankind,” and a third on man’s relationship with God titled “The Lineage of the Gods.”


In 2014, Strong was the Independent American Party’s candidate for the U.S. House of Representatives in Utah’s 3rd District and has been involved in third-party politics, public speaking, and podcasting for years. You can find his Liberty Wolf podcast on YouTube. When Strong is not being censored and banned by Facebook and YouTube for his highly controversial views, he maintains several social media pages on the destructiveness of feminism and communism, the amazing achievements of the Founding Fathers, and the teachings of modern prophets.

Strong has lived abroad in Russia and Panama, speaks Russian and a fair amount of Spanish, and actively dabbles in other languages. He currently teaches English online and has years of experience as a substitute school teacher and an instructor of both youth and adults in his Church congregations. Strong’s teaching style is principle-based and focuses on weaving together religious and secular understanding to show the big picture that sometimes gets obscured by the minutiae. He finds joy in helping others discover the truth behind popular facades and Devilish deceptions. He loves bearing witness of His Savior Jesus Christ and of the Gospel’s inspiring Freedom philosophy.

Strong’s greatest passions are his God, his family, and his country. He believes that the family is the core unit in eternity and that society is only a reflection of its homes. As he says in his writings, “Society is won or lost at the dinner table.” In 2020, Strong became the ecstatic father of an incredible little girl named Emma after her beautiful mother and grandmother. He looks forward to homeschooling his children and training them in the ways of the Lord. Strong seeks to be a “fire kindler,” to borrow Sterling W. Sill’s term for “leader,” in both his home and society.

Martin Tanner JD, Radio Celebrity of Religion Today Show , Speaker, Researcher

Presentation: Why I believe in the Mesoamerican Theory of the Book of Mormon

(From the Editor) It is our privilege to have Martin Tanner as our special guest at this conference. As many of you have listened to him on the radio for years, you know he is always fair, well versed in many subjects, and defends the Gospel of Jesus Christ with his entire soul. What makes him unique to our conference is that he believes the Book of Mormon events happened in Mesoamerica. I think it is awesome that he has agreed to share his reasons why with our group. I feel there is too much wrangling back and forth on who is right and who is wrong about geography. We all love the Book of Mormon and we should love and respect each other. Thank you Martin for stepping up to the plate and sharing with us.

For 30 years, since 1990, Martin Tanner has hosted the Religion Today Show on KSL Radio, broadcast every Sunday at 6:30 AM, and 9:30 PM, available in podcast on, iTunes, Google Podcasts, Spotify and many other podcast sites. The Religion Today Show was again in 2020 rated number eight on the list of the 100 best religious podcasts.

Martin’s Religion Today Show topics include science and religion, Biblical archaeology, LDS doctrine and history, the Dead Sea Scrolls, Nag Hammadi Library, early Christian manuscripts, extra-Biblical Christian and Jewish literature, translation and transmission of the Bible and Book of Mormon, the Book of Abraham and many others.

Martin Tanner is a member of the board of editors of The Interpreter Foundation, an LDS organization which provides scholarly information on LDS topics and responds to critics.

Martin is co-founder and Chair of IANDS of Utah, a 501(c)(3) organization, that has been studying Near-death experiences since 1989. He is on the board of directors of The International Association for Near-Death Studies, headquartered in Durham, North Carolina.

Martin has published articles on a variety of religious topics and debated critics of the Church on TV, radio and university campuses, including Jerald and Sandra Tanner, Reverend James White, Kurt Van Gorden, Frank Zindler (then president of American Atheists), Anne Gaylor (founder of Freedom from Religion) and many others. Martin Tanner served in the Japan, Nagoya Mission. He received a BA in Finance from the University of Utah and a JD from J. Reuben Clark Law School, Brigham Young


Dr Tres (Tres Tanner III, PhD) Professional Life/Relationships Coach

Dr. Tres’ unique background & distinctive perspective helps him assist others in their relationships/personal development.  Perhaps you know those who might benefit.

The Professional experience to help others reach their relationship & personal goals.

 “The breadth of my professional experience helps me be more effective relating to many types of people & helping them succeed in their Family Relationships, Balance & Personal Development.”

Professional Experience:

  • 30+ years Life Coaching/Counseling Experience (mostly in Southern California as a Licensed Family Therapist).  Specialty areas: Couple issues, Life Balance, Low Self-Esteem, Depression
  • Author

          —ENJOY the Journey Along Your Marriage Highway (marriage enhancement book/system)

co-authored with wife, Susan; (Spanish translation—Felicidad Total en Pareja—published in Mexico & distributed throughout Mexico, Central America & the Caribbean islands)                                                                                                 

School Success System (parent involvement audio series with a national team of experts)

  —HOME/WORK (preventive mental health publication endorsed by six Fortune 500 cos.)

  • ‘Food-for-Thought’ (monthly 1-page pieces read by thousands world-wide)
  • developed materials fostering BALANCE juggling the demands of home & career and for those

wanting BALANCE –mentally, socially, physically, emotionally, temporally & spiritually

  • 8 years University Experience at several universities (Associate Professor,

Department Chairman, & Chair of University Faculty Development Committee)

Courses taught: Marital & Family Therapy, Personal Growth & Development,

Family Relations, Developmental Psychology, Child Development, Parenting,

Marital Dissolution, Human Development, Contemporary Issues in Family Life, etc.

  • 30+ years Speaking Experience as Professional Speaker, Lecturer, Seminar & Retreat Leader, Radio & TV Guest on variety of family relations, personal development, parent involvement/ educational partnerships topics throughout U.S. &–being fluent in Spanish–in Latin America
  • Business Owner/Entrepreneur (Counseling Clinic…Publishing Co…Developer-Costa Rica)

Education & Training:   

  • S. (Child Development/Family Relations)  (leadership scholarship)    1972
  • A. (Marriage, Family & Child Counseling)  (clinical internship)          –1973
  • D. (Family Relations)                                       (university fellow)          –1975
  • Post-Doctoral Internships (child counseling, self-esteem-building)  –1978-1980

A unique personal background that enhances my ‘walk the talk’ credibility.

“The totality of my overall experience–including my non-professional life–contributes significantly
to the ‘Life Seasoning’ I bring to bear in preparing programs & working with clients.”

Family Background:   Tres grew up in South Pasadena, California, the fourth of thirteen children in a remarkable family.  He feels extremely blessed to have been exposed to wonderful role models
both from his parents and siblings.  For example, nine of the thirteen Tanner siblings were High
School Student Body Officers; the others were Cheerleader, Varsity Soccer Team Captain, and two
Valedictorians.  All thirteen put themselves through college, attending such universities as Stanford,
Harvard, BYU, Cal (Berkeley), and UCLA.   All are successful in their own family lives & chosen life
endeavors, but most important are, “good human beings who are enjoyable to be around.”   They
maintain close, mutually supportive relationships with one another. 

Personal Life:  Tres and his wife Susan have many children–ranging from late 20s to late-40s—and grandchildren.  (His three oldest daughters have all attended college on scholarship.) 

He was a Rotarian for more than a dozen years and has also served actively in his church, & volunteered as an active parent in his children’s schools, (e.g., Elementary School Site Council, Middle School Drug Prevention Committee, and High School Advisory Board).  Some of Life’s Pleasures which Tres enjoys include:   Music of all kinds…the Arts…College Football… Designing Environments…Thought-Provoking Films…Creative Endeavors…the Joy of Learning & Discovery …and Connecting with all sorts of People–most especially with his ‘Beloved Soulmate’, Susan! 

Learning from Tough Times:  Tres has experienced many challenges.  He considers that much of his most important knowledge & wisdom have come from the mistakes he has made throughout life.

Rose Johnson Tsosie Speaker, Storyteller, Author

Growing Up Navajo-Living in a White World

Born on the Navajo Indian Reservation, Rose Johnson-Tsosie was born a twin. Both were adopted and raised in northern Utah by the Johnson family. Returning to Arizona 33 years later and while serving a mission she found her biological mother and 14 other siblings. She has many life experiences that are being told as award-winning stories that are heart warming, humorous and inspirational. Her book, “Finding Helen,” was published in May 2008 which tells of her Navajo mother and the painful mistake she made at the age of 13; her adopted “white” family, and the miracle of how Rose was able to reunite with her natural family. Rose has also been recognized in several books, “Surviving Two Worlds,” and “Reuniting with Beauty.” Numerous magazines and newspapers articles, including the Navajo Times, have been written her story. She is a recognized Navajo storyteller and author.

She was actively involved in Utah, Oregon and New Mexico Storytelling Guilds as a storyteller and workshop leader. In 2008-2011 Rose traveled through the United States with 75 speaking engagements. Her true Christmas story, “Do Angels Live Here?” was published in the Salt Lake Desert Newspaper, Church News. She spoke at 2009 Navajo Museum telling her stories of life.

For thirty-years in California, Utah, Oregon, and New Mexico Ms. Johnson-Tsosie is an active member and leader in Toastmaster’s International. She received her sixth Distinguished Toastmaster Award (DTM) in 2018. Rose also received Presidential Citation Award in 2007. Rose has presented at the Toastmaster district and region level; conferences numerous times and presented at the Toastmaster and International Convention in Phoenix, Arizona.
Rose is legally blind due to Glaucoma complications of Diabetes II. After six surgeries, she now is an advocate for Diabetes and Glaucoma.

She completed three missions for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints in California, Arizona and Family History/Genealogy Library specializing in Native American genealogy; along with guest workshop presenter at various genealogy conferences throughout the United States. She is also a trainer on researching American Indian genealogy and writing your own stories for both the church and independent groups. Today Rose lives in Santa Fe, New Mexico.

“Rose spoke to us about her life’s story. I would tell it all here because it is so full of miracles and blessings and crazy twists and turns that are more than fate but that would spoil her book, which, by the way, everybody should get a copy of. This woman had me captivated. She was dressed in bright purple and turquoise with a necklace made of carved stone bears. She had on dark glasses to protect her lack of sight but many times that night I felt like she was looking straight into my own eyes. I laughed with her jokes, I smiled at her triumphs. And yes, I cried with her discoveries.” Jamie Welch, Journalist for University of Utah, Nov. 2008

Boyd J. Tuttle MBA President, Digital Legend Press & Publishing

With Philip Beale – “Phoenicians Before Columbus Expedition – Mission Accomplished”
“In The Footsteps of Mulek (Part 1) “Phoenician/Book of Mormon Lessons Learned at Sea”
 “In The Footsteps of Mulek (Part
2) “Phoenician/Book of Mormon Lessons Learned at Sea”

A skimming primer of the more than 30 books and DVD’s in the Heartland Library. What the FIRM Foundation research has yielded since 2008 (“The Decade of Discovery”) Presented by the publisher, Boyd Tuttle of Digital Legend Press.

Boyd graduated from BYU with a degree in Engineering in 1986 and then earned his MBA from Lehigh University in Bethlehem, PA in 1991. After twenty plus years of working for a fortune 500 company in New York and Japan, Boyd retired early to start a publishing venture. Ten years later, Digital Legend Press has over 200 titles in print, many of which have become regional bestsellers with some receiving national attention. Many of those titles are presenters at this conference: Timothy Ballard, David Hocking, Ron Anderson, Rod Meldrum, Steve Smoot, Jonathan Neville, Bruce Porter, Gary Wright, David Allen, Stephen Spykerman, Doug Brinley, Leslie Rees, Lori Henderson, Dave Collingridge. And many others.

Boyd currently serves as Executive Vice-President of the FIRM Foundation and Education Liaison for the Universal Model. Digital Legend has been named “Official Publisher” of the FIRM Foundation. In that capacity Digital Legend has published no less than 30 individual titles (books, DVDs , etc.) that specifically support the goals and objectives of the FIRM Foundation. Tens of thousands of these titles have sold across the country and today they serve as the literary backbone and educational showcase of the Heartland library.

The most important book about the amazing Heartland reseach was recentely published by Boyd called, “Annotated Edition of the Book of Mormon“. For more information about that book visit here. More information on other publications visit:

Some of you may remember Boyd’s father, Elder A. Theodore Tuttle of the First Quorum of Seventy who passed away in 1986. Boyd and his family recently relocated from New York and now reside in Cottonwood Heights, UT where he and his wife Holly are the parents of nine children and 6 grandchildren.

Allan Wade Education Instructor

Not a Knot—UM Intuition Experiment

How God’s Design Strengthens Testimonies with the UM Living System, Vol II 

Allan Wade – Universal Model Education Instructor – Allan has been teaching the Universal Model – A New Millennial Science for many years and is currently a teacher.  As a former Biology teacher, Allan’s knowledge of the UM and its principles are far reaching. He is uniquely prepared in the learning and teaching of science to students of all ages. He loves the experimental, hands-on approach of personal discovery and as seen in his Facebook page, Do True Science, wants everyone to experience discovery for themselves.

Bob Webster Forestry, Instructor, Nutrition, Health
Mr. Webster will present an overview of how severely our Inspired United States Constitution has been dismantled during its initial quarter-century of existence.  After a brief summary of the 12 Basic Principles of Constitutional government,  by means of his  REDECLARATION OF INDEPENDENCE article, Mr. Webster will demonstrate both the seriousness of our Constitution’s demise and the potential restoration of it all in today’s terms.

Cal Riverside 1955-’57; BYU ’57-’58; Cal Poly Pomona ’61-62; Utah State ’62-’64; BS USU ’64 Forestry.

Forester USFS, R4, SE ID-W.Wyo. 1964 – 76;
Sales Supervisor ELCO Fireplaces Idaho Falls, ID. 1976 – 1978
Medical Nutritional Sales Rep, SE ID – W. Wyo. 1978 – 1982
Environmental Health Scientist, D7HD – SE ID – W. Wyo. 1982 – 2001; 3 -time State EHS of the Year.

Language – Spanish: 2-yrs HS; Uruguay ’59 – ’62 (LDS Mission);  Dominican Rep. 2006-’07 (LDS Mission);  
Other LDS Church service positions: Church Camps Forestry Mission – SE ID 2002.; Stk. Mission Prescy; Stk Exec. Sec. Sk Athletic Dir., Ward Choir Dir.; 70 & HP; Temple Worker  in 3 LDS temples;  FH Consultant; Ward Preparedness Supervisor.
Freeman Institute Instructor for Dr. W. Cleon Skousen, 1977, Idaho Falls, ID.
Student of Creation – vs – Evolution & author of an unpublished 10-chapter text, “Creation – vs – Evolution.
Author of numerous articles RE:  TRUTH – VS – TRADITION, under  Religion;  Science; and Politics.
Composer of poetry and music lyrics.
Lead Actor/Singer as Henry Higgins, in stage production, My Fair Lady, 2002.
Farm laborer, USFS Hot Shot Fire Fighter in So. Calif, & Tank Truck Operator; construction laborer; freeway landscaping laborer.
Avid Gardener – including goats, poultry and rabbits.
Handyman: Home remodeling, food storage and cellars.
Athletics Letterman in HS FB, BB and Track, and UCR FB  & BB.
Married in Logan LDS Temple & co-parent of 3 daughters and 6 sons; 22 Grands & 11 Greats.

David West Historical Fiction Author
Unexpected Proofs of the Book of Mormon

Bio: David J. West writes historical fantasy and weird westerns because the voices in his head won’t quiet until someone else can hear them. He is a great fan of sword & sorcery, ghosts and lost ruins, so of course he lives in Utah with his wife and children.

You can visit him online at:

Eleni Wilding Wellness Consultant

5 steps to  supercharge your immune system starting TODAY!
Health is the best way to fight disease! Learn how to supercharge your immune system in 5 easy ways. Know how your immune system works and what it needs to function at its best.
What Pandemics Have Taught Us About Medical Self Reliance.
As we learn more about Natural and Conventional Medicine, why not use the power of both to further the health and freedom of our country? Learn your powerful role in a future of rising up to create a more educated and self-reliant plan for you, your family, and our country.

Eleni Wilding is a seasoned Wellness Consultant with many years of experience in retail natural product sales. In 2007, she was hired to work with the top athletic and performance coaches in the western United States. As a nutrition specialist, she now teaches athletes how to maximize their performance through diet. She has worked with professional, college and high school athletes. With Eleni’s broad range of experience, training, and research, her private coaching practice has given her the opportunity to help many people with weight loss, in which she specializes. Eleni is a wife, mother, grandmother, avid hiker, and organic gardener.  

Robert Wright The Flood Museum Nuclear Engineer on Fast Attack Submarines. He earned his Bachelor’s Degree in Biblical and Theological Studies and Masters of Theological Studies from Liberty University. He is currently researching his Doctoral Dissertation.
Sept 2021 Presentations:


Speaker Bio:

With his wife Carol, Robert L. Wright is the founder, owner and operator of The Flood Museum in Nauvoo, Illinois. He is the author of Testament in Stone: Symbols of the Nauvoo Temple and Their MeaningMost Glorious of All: The Restoration and Revelation of Baptism for the DeadToken of the Bow: Enoch, Noah and Reclaiming the Rainbow, and A Flood of Hope: It’s OK to Believe.

Wright served in the US Navy as a Nuclear Engineer on Fast Attack Submarines. He earned his Bachelor’s Degree in Biblical and Theological Studies and Masters of Theological Studies from Liberty University. He is currently researching his Doctoral Dissertation. He has been a featured presenter at conferences in the US and Europe.

He and his wife Carol built The Flood Museum as a place to strengthen believer’s faith in Jesus Christ and the truthfulness of His gospel. They have been married for over forty years, and have six children, and seven grandchildren.

The Flood Experience

For the first time, attendees can experience The Flood Experience outside of The Flood Museum. This audio-visual experience demonstrates the scientific consistency of the scriptural account of the flood. See Noah’s World, the Ark, the Flood as never before, and learn about light, rainbows, and God’s powerful promise. This experience was created exclusively for The Flood Museum and has been seen by thousands, but never outside of Nauvoo, Illinois. You will be entertained, moved, educated and inspired.

The Same Jesus

The Jesus we know from the New Testament is the same Jesus who created the world. Learn how the events of creation are mirrored and fulfilled by the actions of Christ during his mortal ministry. The God of creation walked among the people of the Holy Land and demonstrated to them that He was the author of everything in creation. This understanding will strengthen believers and help each of us identify the attributes of God in our world and experience.

Job and the Pandemic

The reason for human suffering, and its effects on religious belief gains increased relevance in time of suffering, and even more so when the suffering is global in its affect. The recent COVID-19 pandemic has killed hundreds of thousands in this country alone, and many more worldwide. Many turn to their faith to sustain them, but the challenge for many others remains: how does a loving God allow such suffering? Job’s particular circumstances provide great insight into theodicy and the problem of evil as it relates to the innocent. Applying the theodicy revealed in the Book of Job can provide insights not immediately obvious elsewhere, and certainly not with the specificity and applicability offered there.

Dana Young Be Young Total Health

Presentation:An Ancient artifact Spotted Bee balm
danayoung.jpgOur journey started in 1995 when Dana Young began his scientific discovery into the world of alternative medicine and essential oils. After years of personal study and training with the leading experts and authorities of alternative medicine and essential oils, he was able to glean a broad understanding of the chemistry and science of essential oils. Dana is one of the very few people in the world who has been involved with every aspect of essential oil production. Because of this, he has extensive knowledge of the importance of the seed selection, propagation, cultivation, harvesting, distillation, and quality testing of essential oils. Dana provides a unique and robust understanding of essential oils that no other essential oil provider in the industry can offer. His knowledge and background of these medicinal plants provide Be Young with the highest quality essential oils on the market.

At the beginning of our journey, we were turnkey manufacturer, educator, and supplier of pure and high-quality essential oils. We offered our services on the contingency that the purity and quality would never be asked to be compromised. If it ever were, it would be an immediate means of a violation of the contract. However, not a single one of the several companies we provided our service for did not violate their agreement. With this experience, we set out to offer products under our conditions, with our commitment to purity and quality without compromise, and in 2009 Be Young Essential Oils was born.

Today, Be Young has evolved into a Total Health company. With the understanding that there is no silver bullet to health. It is an integrative approach and knowledge of the core barriers that prevent the body from feeling as good as it is designed to feel. Due to this understanding, Dana has partnered with talented industry professionals to bring aspects of nutrition, diet, cleanses, home and house care, beauty within, beauty without, and of course essential oils to combat the daily fight our body faces against these core barriers.

The same principles that governed our company in the beginning still guide us today. Because of our commitment to pure, all-natural, clean, and life-restoring products, Be Young has remained a debt-free company to prevent outside influencers from gaining control and compromising the product line. This means you will never find within any of our products any synthetic ingredients, harsh fillers, or artificial colors and flavorings. Be Young only provides a product that is used first in our family, then we offer it to you.

Be Young Total Health
Be Young Total Health P.O. Box 51  Nephi, UT 84648

All speakers and presenters represent and express their own individual opinions, and not necessarily the opinions of FIRM Foundation or it’s employees. No speaker represents the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

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