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Prices include access for adults and children living in the same home. Access to all new Virtual Videos will begin showing on April 9, 2021 at 9 am. All prior conference videos of over 700 are available immediately.

Current Subscribers Conference Add-On $30
As you already have access to our streaming site just click the One-Time $30 button (Left) and it will take you to Choose the $30 button and just fill in the information asked for. You will receive full access to the 2nd Virtual Conference. You will be able to access the conference as part of your streaming service, including the current 500+ expo videos you have been watching already. In other words your streaming service remains as is, and the new Virtual Conference Videos are immediately accessible on Sept 25, 2020 at 9 am by just logging into your account and clicking on the tab at the top “Categories” and then choose the drop down item #13 Sept. 2020 New Videos.
New Subscribers 3-Mo Access and Conference $45
If you haven’t yet subscribed to our streaming site, just click on the $45/Qtr. button (Upper) it will take you to Again choose the $45 button where you sign in (use your email and make up a 4 digit password) and then fill out the information asked for to receive full access to all 500+ previously recorded videos immediately. You can begin watching the conference videos on Fri Sept 25, 2020 by clicking the tab at the top of the website that says “Categories” and then choose the drop down item #13 Sept. 2020 New Videos The reason you are paying $5 more per month is to pay for your conference ticket over the next 6-mo. At the end of your initial subscription, you will be automatically charged $45 per quarter. If you continue the $45 per quarter package you will be able to access the April 2021 conference and future conferences. This means you will have full access to all 500 or more videos on the site plus all current and future conferences. *Does not include live attendance event ticket.